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  • Nomad

  • Nomad

    Nomad assumes no liability or responsibility for injury or damages resulting from misuse, neglect, alterations, the alteration or use of parts not of our manufacture or the use of ammunition that is faulty, handloaded, reloaded or not made by a recognized company that manufactures ammunition to SAAMI specifications and standards.

  • Nomad



    To unload your Nomad single barrel shotgun make sure the hammer is in the full forward uncocked position then simply pull back on the trigger guard ratate the barrel downward to expose the cartridge the guns automatic extractor will push the shell out of the barrel’s firing chamber so that it can be easily

  • TO ORDER PARTS FROM THE FACTORY SERVICE CENTER To order parts, you can fax, phone, ma�l, or e-ma�l your order to us at one of the below numbers/ addresses.

    Fax Number: (830) 773-5893 Phone Number: (800) 290-0065 E-ma�l Address: customerserv�[email protected]�cantact�cal.us Ma�l�ng Address: Call or v�ew onl�ne for serv�ce address

    Please prov�de your name, address, c�ty, state, z�p, your dayt�me phone number and e-ma�l address. We w�ll need the Model #, Ser�al #, Gauge/Cal�ber, F�n�sh, Part # and Part Name.

    We accept most major cred�t cards, money orders, and bank drafts.

    SERVICE OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.A. For Amer�can Tact�cal Internat�onal firearm parts and serv�ce requ�rements outs�de of the Un�ted States, customers are requested to contact the closest Amer�can Tact�cal Internat�onal stock�ng dealer/ d�str�butor.

    WARRANTY SERVICE RETURNS PROCEDURE: Amer�can Tact�cal prov�des warranty serv�ces, repa�rs and parts for our �mported and domest�c brand products. If you bel�eve your Amer�can Tact�cal product needs serv�ce, please contact our Customer Serv�ce Department at 1-800-290-0065 to obta�n a Return Author�zat�on (RA) or ema�l our customer serv�ce at customerserv�[email protected]�cantact�cal.us

    All firearms (p�stols, r�fles, shotguns, and lower rece�vers) be�ng sent �n for serv�ce must be reg�stered through the Amer�can Tact�cal webs�te or by ma�l�ng �n the firearm’s warranty card to rece�ve warranty serv�ces.

    F�rearms that are not reg�stered can be serv�ced, but w�ll be subject to charge.


    Service Instructions


  • PLEASE REGISTER YOUR FIREARM’S WARRANTY ONLINE AT: http://www.amer�cantact�cal.us/warranty.html

    What �s not covered under warranty?

    We w�ll not cover damage of your firearm caused by:

    • Fa�lure to prov�de proper care and ma�ntenance

    • Acc�dents, abuse or m�suse

    • Barrel obstruct�on

    • Hand loaded, reloaded or �mproper ammun�t�on

    • Unauthor�zed adjustments, repa�rs or mod�ficat�ons

    • Normal wear and tear

    What �s excluded from th�s warranty?

    Amer�can Tact�cal excludes and w�ll not pay �nc�dental or consequent�al damages under th�s warranty. By th�s we mean any loss, expense or damages other than to repa�r defects �n the firearm or replace the firearm. No �mpl�ed warrant�es extend beyond the term

    of th�s wr�tten warranty.


    Any firearms requ�r�ng serv�ce outs�de of the scope of manufacturer warranty requ�re a m�n�mum $25 sh�pp�ng and handl�ng fee for return sh�pp�ng expenses. Th�s fee must be pa�d pr�or to �ssuance of a RA from Customer Serv�ce. It �s the respons�b�l�ty of the owner of the firearm to pay sh�pp�ng expenses �ncurred for the firearm to return to Amer�can Tact�cal’s fac�l�ty.

    Once �nspected, you w�ll rece�ve a serv�ce quote for the cost of parts and labor for any fees requ�red to serv�ce the firearm. No serv�ce work w�ll be performed w�thout author�zat�on follow�ng �ssuance of the quote. Should the serv�ce quote be accepted, all fees must be pa�d pr�or to return of the firearm to the customer. Should the serv�ce quote be refused, no work w�ll be performed and firearm w�ll be returned to the customer �n the cond�t�on �n wh�ch �t was rece�ved. If no response to an �ssued quote �s rece�ved by Amer�can Tact�cal w�th�n 30 days of �ssuance, the firearm w�ll be returned to the customer �n the cond�t�on �n wh�ch �t was rece�ved.

    All payments can be made through Amer�can Tact�cal Customer Serv�ce v�a Cred�t/Deb�t Card or by ma�l�ng a money order addressed to Amer�can Tact�cal.

    Warranty Defects �n workmensh�p or mater�al & fa�lure to funct�on as des�gned and spec�fied �n th�s manual


  • First Name:


    Marital Status:


    Some High School



    Trap / Skeet

    Gun Collection

    Upland Birds

    Big Game

    Sporting Clays

    Sporting Clays


    Small Game



    Big Game




    Small Game

    Please Visit www.AmericanTactical.us/warranty.html to register your firearm

    and fill out a brief questionnaire. To register by mail, detach and mail this page.

    Find the address at www.AmericanTactical.us or give us a call at 800.290.0065



    Home Defense

    Home Defense

    Completed High School (or equivalent)

    Associate’s College Degree

    Bachelor’s College Degree

    Master’s College Degree or Higher

    Some College

    Single Married


    Contact Information

    Additional Information

    Purchase Information

    Last Name:





    Date Purchased:

    Place of Purchase:


    Serial Number:

    Purchase Price:

    Color / Finish:

    Caliber / Gauge:

    Magazine Capacity:

    Number of ATI Firearms you own:

    NOTICE: All information on this form is confidential and will not be sold or given to any third parties.

    Go to Facebook.com/AmericanTactical for constant updates and promotions

    Additional Notes:

    This ATI Firearm will be used for (Fill all that Apply):




    Number of Firearms you Own:

    Including yourself, what is the total number of people living in your household?

    Your Level of Education:

    What are your Household Shooting Interests?

    Date of Birth: / /


    American Tactical Product Registration Card


  • Amer�can Tact�cal’s LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY �s �n

    effect for any firearms reg�stered for warranty beg�nn�ng

    January 1, 2015. Th�s warranty extends to any and all

    parts of the firearm as or�g�nally sold by Amer�can

    Tact�cal, but does not extend to firearms altered after

    the�r or�g�nal purchase, firearms damaged through

    abuse, m�suse or lack of proper care and ma�ntenance

    or firearms used other than for the�r legal �ntended

    purposes. If a firearm cannot be repa�red, Amer�can

    Tact�cal w�ll replace �t w�th a brand new �dent�cal

    firearm. If a replacement firearm �dent�cal to the

    returned firearm �s not ava�lable, Amer�can Tact�cal w�ll

    replace �t w�th a firearm of equal value to be determ�ned

    at our d�scret�on. The Amer�can Tact�cal LIMITED

    LIFETIME WARRANTY does not allow for monetary

    compensat�on for firearms purchased by the end user at

    the reta�l level. Any and all cla�ms for monetary return

    must be addressed w�th the reta�l locat�on from wh�ch

    the end user purchased the Amer�can Tact�cal brand

    domest�c or �mported firearm and w�ll be subject to

    the terms and cond�t�ons of the reta�l locat�ons returns


    Amer�can Tact�cal �s not l�able for any returns or

    cla�ms pol�c�es of �ndependent reta�lers sell�ng

    Amer�can Tact�cal brand domest�c or �mported


    All firearms reg�stered pr�or to January 1, 2015 are

    st�ll subject to the prev�ous 2 Year Amer�can Tact�cal

    Warranty pol�cy. Once exp�red, firearms reg�stered

    pr�or to January 1, 2015 w�ll be subject to the pol�cy

    deta�led below �n the sect�on labeled SERVICES


    NOTE: All Amer�can Tact�cal Omn� Hybr�d and

    M�lsport AR rece�vers have a l�fet�me warranty regardless of reg�strat�on date.

    If you do not have on-line access, use the back of this card Registration will be used for product registry in the event your firearm needs service or repair.

    Please Visit www.AmericanTactical.us/warranty.html to register your firearm and fill out a brief questionnaire.

    Thank you for choosing an American Tactical firearm.

    Registration and Warranty Information

    Please Register Online!

    American Tactical Lifetime Limited Warranty





    on all


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