Nomad Camps

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  1. 1. Nomad Camps A mysterious group of nomads have settled across all of Camelot! Similar to Mercenary Hideouts, you can find Nomad Camps scattered throughout the map. Trade peacefully with the nomads for a small fee and receive a gift for doing so, or acquire your gift through force by defeating them in battle. However, beware as the nomads are not without fight! Each Nomad Camp is equipped with a Champion and Throne Room, making them fearsome and challenging opponents. Come prepared with your best equipment or risk certain defeat!
  2. 2. Based on above you have 3 options. Trade Peacefully with Gems or an item like Lesser Lucky Token ( Trade Item subject to change for each Nomad Event) In bot under NOMADS tab you can easily trade
  3. 3. Fill in the cords of a NOMAD camp, then enter the amount to Trade. In this event LLT were the items to Trade, so enter the amount of LLTs you want to trade, and hit DO Trade And the Trades with the Nomads are done till the amount you entered has been traded with the Nomads.
  4. 4. Defeat the Nomad Camp by force. Event Dates: June 11th @ 3pm PDT - June 12th @ 3pm PDT In this JUNE event above Troops are used. With Below TR When you study the Enemy TR, you see that you have to over come Range / Range debuff, Combat speed, Defense & Accuracy. The Tr and Troops are probably subject to change for each Nomad Event
  5. 5. Defeating The Nomads: ( June Event) 400k arch with champ 500k balli/catas without champ Both require a decent amount of range (buff/debuff) and attack/acc You need atleast this in your TR ( for June event) 900 range 700 range debuff 3054 attack 6.16% acc defense debuff or combat speed debuff will do nicely.( for June Event) Example ( no sac) The Tr and Troops are probably subject to change for each Nomad Event
  6. 6. My Setup I always prefer to use a peace time TR so you can continue to do other things like crafting, training, upkeep etc.
  7. 7. Those are the cards I have equipped, you may have similar cards, so you have to fiddle a bit around. Following are the TR stats Used BUT WITH SACCED ARCHERS
  8. 8. Battle Stats Non Battle Stats
  9. 9. The event is 24 hrs, and I started a bit later with testing, so this lasts for the event time remaining. Besides everybody should have enough archers, sacrificing 1 million should not be a problem, or you use more archers and you will be fine too. Will Show some more examples of Attacks that were possible. This of course with different TR Presets.
  10. 10. Mixed Waves ( No Sac)
  11. 11. Heavy Cav + Siegewall High Def+Attack Debuff + Combat Speed Archer + 1 Soulsstealer ( Thnx Annasz) This is a Special TR custom built for defeating June Nomad Camp Event
  12. 12. The Goodies Event Dates: As per June Event Attacking and defeating the nomads will grant you one of the following: Guinevere's Hourglass Masters Token +18 Masters Token +19 Masters Token +20 Masters Token +21 Lesser Orb of Metallurgy Greater Orb of Metallurgy Journeyman Smith's Token Smith's Token Expert Smith's Token Forgemaster Token +12 Forgemaster Token +13 Forgemaster Token +14 Forgemaster Token +15 Trading Lesser Lucky Tokens with the nomads will grant you one of the following: Arthur's Hourglass Red Dragon Wings Auras of Authority Auras of Dominion Divine Inspiration Portal of Order Forgemaster Token +12 Forgemaster Token +13 Forgemaster Token +14 Forgemaster Token +15
  13. 13. Trading Gems with the nomads will grant you one of the following: Lesser Lucky Token Lucky Token Masters Token +20 Masters Token +21 Witch Rider of Rennes Rallying Window Percival Kaelyn Noble Stag Nomad Camps are not replacing Merc Camps, they're just another event similar to Merc Camps with their own twists. They do incorporate Champions, yes. They certainly do not disappear or move around after being attacked The Tr and Troops are (probably) subject to change for each Nomad Event
  14. 14. : Sharing is knowledge, and a lot of players are not sharing. Yes it gives you and edge, or advantage, but it leaves also many people clueless. The objective of these tutorials, is to teach, learn, educate players so ALL players have a better under understanding of the game. The more players participate, the better the overall experience is for all players. More attacking and defending means lively domains full of activity.
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