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NORTH STAFFS REFS QUIZ February 2015 QUIZ North Staffs Refs Club.

Date post: 02-Jan-2016
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NORTH STAFFS REFS QUIZ February 2015 QUIZ North Staffs Refs Club



February 2015QUIZ North Staffs Refs Club

Question 1Can you name the clubs that Harry Rednapp has managed? ANS.1.Bournemouth 65-722.West Ham 94-013.Portsmouth 03-04 and 05-084.Southampton 045.Tottenham Hotspur 08-126.Queens Park Rangers 12-15

Question 2 Who is the only player to have scored against all of the present Premier League teams ANSJermain DefoeQuestion 3A corner is taken and the ball is headed clear into open play. As you go with play, you are aware of a commotion behind you and you turn to see two attacking players-still in their opponents penalty area-throwing punches at each other. As you blow you whistle to stop the game, players from both sides quickly move in to restore order between the two players. When you stop play, the ball is at the halfway line. What action do you take ?Send off both players for violent conduct and award a free kick to the opposition at the halfway line, as they had the advantage at the timeCaution both player, as the fight was between two players from the same teamSend off both players for violent conduct and award an indirect free kick to the opposition at the point where the two players were fightingUse the stepped approach and call over the captain. Admonish the players in front of the captain and warn them as to their future conduct. Restart play with a dropped ball at the halfway line ANSC

Question 4Can you name three players that have scored more than 40 headed goals in the premier league?ANSAlan Shearer 46Dion Dublin 45Peter Crouch 45

Question 5 ?Which Port Vale player was the last to score an Hat Trick?

ANS.Ben Williamson 2014 in the Capital One Cup against Hartlepool in a 6-2 winUnintentional double-entendresi.e. Coleman balls1. Ted Walsh Horse Racing Commentator----- This is a really lovely horse. I once rode her mother2. A New Zealand Rugby Commentator-----------Andrew Merhtens loves it when Daryl Gibson comes inside of him3. Pat Glen Weightlifting Commentator---------And this is Gregoriava from Bulgaria. I saw her snatch this morning and it was amazingQuestion 6

ANS.Swansea (Gary Monk) West Bromwich Albion (Tony Pullis)

If two teams met in the Premier League, a Welsh team who had an English Manager and an English Team who had a Welsh Manager. Who would the two teams be?ANSPickles

ANSSteve GerrardQuestion 7Who am I?

Question 8Sometimes to impede the long throw expert at a throw in, the opposition stand a player in front of the point from which the throw is to be taken. In the game you are refereeing, you are aware that a player is standing the required 2 metres away, but as the thrower is about to release the ball, his opponent jumps towards him, impeding the throw as it is taken. What action do you take?a. Stop the game. Caution the opponent and award an indirect free kick, to be taken 2 metres form the touch line.b. Call the captain over and tell him to get a grip of the jumping playerc. Stop the game. Warn the jumping player and give an indirect free kick from the touch lined. Stop the game. Caution the opponent for Unsporting Behaviour and restart the game by having the throw in taken again


Question 9?

ANSDavid Icke

Which TV sports presenter declared himself to be THE SON OF GODQuestion 10

Answer Carlos Tevez of Argentina with 84 Premier League goals

Which South American player has scored the most premier league goals?

Tie BreakerName the only footballer to have played for Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United?

Ans Peter Beardsley