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November 2020 Steering Through Sukkot

Date post: 16-Oct-2021
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C O N G R E G A T I O N S H A A R E E M E T H November 2020 The Bulletin Photos by Bill Motchan Thank you to all who joined us for Steering Through Sukkot in October! People arrived at Congregation Shaare Emeth from all over town – in cars, vans and even motorcycles – to enjoy our first-ever drive- through sukkah experience. It was wonderful to see some familiar faces in-person for this socially distanced celebration of Sukkot. Steering Throu gh Sukkot Special thanks to our “Traditions with a Twist” committee for their organization: Jeffrey Bland, Susie Horowitz, Josh Hutkins, Jim Lammers, Michelle Novof, Vicki Platke, Anna Poger, Jennifer Rosenthal, Jen Scissors, co-chairs; Staci and Joe Gerchen, staff; Rabbi Lori Levine and Debbie Bram. Special sukkah assistance from Ted Houser.
November 2020 The Bulletin
Photos by Bill Motchan
Thank you to all who joined us for Steering Through Sukkot in October!
People arrived at
Congregation Shaare Emeth
vans and even motorcycles
through sukkah experience.
familiar faces in-person for this
socially distanced celebration
Steering Through Sukkot
Special thanks to our “Traditions with a Twist” committee for their organization: Jeffrey Bland, Susie Horowitz, Josh Hutkins, Jim Lammers, Michelle Novof, Vicki Platke, Anna Poger, Jennifer Rosenthal, Jen Scissors, co-chairs; Staci and Joe Gerchen, staff; Rabbi Lori Levine and Debbie Bram. Special sukkah assistance from Ted Houser.
Worship Schedule Please note that all worship services continue to be available exclusively online via live streaming from our website, www.sestl.org
You can join us from home via computer, tablet or smartphone at www.sestl.org/livestream
Friday, November 6 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service-Simchat Shabbat November Birthday Blessings
Saturday, November 7 9 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Georgia Bland, daughter of Karen and Jeffrey Bland, becomes a Bat Mitzvah 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Gabriel Cytron, son of Melissa and Jeff Cytron, becomes a Bar Mitzvah 1 p.m. Shabbat Afternoon Worship Daphne Kavadlo, daughter of Aura and Jesse Kavadlo, becomes a Bat Mitzvah
Friday, November 13 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Saturday, November 14 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Charley Heideman, daughter of Abby and Robert Heideman, becomes a Bat Mitzvah 1 p.m. Shabbat Afternoon Worship Abbie Weingart, daughter of Lisa Weingart, becomes a Bat Mitzvah
Friday, November 20 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Saturday, November 21 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Sophia Brooks, daughter of Michelle and Gary Brooks, becomes a Bat Mitzvah
Friday, November 27 6 p.m. Kabbalat Shabbat Service
Saturday, November 28 9:30 a.m. Torah Study 11 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship Mia Singer, daughter of Shana and Gary Singer, becomes a Bat Mitzvah
Office Closures The Congregation Shaare Emeth office will be closed on Tuesday, November 3 for Election Day.
The office will close Tues- day, November 24 at 5 p.m. and will reopen Monday November 30 at 8:30 a.m. in observance of Thanksgiving.
Scrip Cards for Sale
Congregation Shaare Emeth is selling scrip cards! Help support the temple by purchasing these cards. For each card that you purchase, the temple receives 3 to 12% of the sale. Available cards include Amazon, Dierbergs, Target,
Walmart, Bath and Body Works, Staples and many more exciting brands.
Please contact the accounting office at 314-569-0010 for more information.
“...the future is literally in our hands. We have the power to change the world”
Facing the Future Fearlessly
As I write these words, our nation is careening towards Election Day, the Global Pandemic continues to rage across the globe, and our lives continue to be upended by a daily
barrage of deeply troubling news stories. There is much to fear: this frightening pandemic is real and poses an ongoing threat to public health despite the denial and ignorance that fuel its unnecessary continuation, while growing prejudice, racism, extremism, white supremacy and hatred, promoted by ultra-nationalists here and
across the globe, environmental destruction and climate change, a flawed and often racist justice system, an increasingly fractured ideological divide across the nation and around the world, the deterioration of the norms and expectations of democracy that many of us have long believed in and come to rely upon, and much, much more.
At the same time, there is reason for hope and confidence, and reason to believe in the power of our values. We can change the future, by our ideas, our words, our voices, our dreams, our efforts and yes, by our votes. By now, many if not most of us have already cast our ballots through absentee, mail-in or early voting. To those who have acted upon our values and voted, thank you. To those who have not yet done so, please vote.
A well-known folktale tells of a wise old man, with a reputation for great wisdom. A young boy, intent on fooling the old man, came up with the idea to capture a bird and hide it in his hands and challenge the old man to tell him if the bird was dead or alive. If the wise man said the bird was alive, the boy would crush the bird in his hands, so that when he opened his hands the bird would be dead. But, if the wise man said the bird was dead, the boy would open his hands and let the bird fly free. No matter what the old man said, the boy would be right and would prove the old man wrong. The boy walked up to the wise old man and asked, “Old man, old man, what is it that I have in my hands?” The wise old man said, “You have a bird, my son.” And he was right. The boy then asked, “Old man, old man, tell me: Is the bird alive or is it dead?” The wise old man looked at the boy, thought for a moment and said, “That, young man, is in your hands.”
So, too, the future is literally in our hands. We have the power to change the world. We can bring change and the future we wish to see. And even if our chosen candidates, issues and policies are not chosen by the majority, we can remain engaged, using our voices, our vision, our hopes and our values to continue to work for the future we want to see.
A famous Israeli folk song, Ani V’atah, reminds us: “You and I will change the world. You and I then all will follow. Others have said it before me. But it doesn’t matter - You and I we’ll change the world. You and I will try from the beginning. It will be tough for us, no matter, it’s not too bad. Others have said it before me. But it doesn’t matter. You and I we’ll change the world.”
We are a hopeful, optimistic people. We face the future fearlessly.
James M. Bennett, Rabbi [email protected]
Counting Our Blessings
humbly. These words, from the prophet Micah, inscribed on the
Torahs in our chapel, provide us with a backdrop as to how we accomplish our congregational mission, even within the confines of a global pandemic. It is a simple formula when you give it some thought.
Do Justly. We are privileged as a community, some more than others, some even more still. Yet, as a Shaare Emeth community, we still find ways to come together to fight for those whose best day may just be what we would consider to be our worst day. We are led by amazing clergy and staff who encourage us to uphold our traditional Jewish values that do not command we solve a problem, but that we never stop fighting for solutions to better the world.
Love mercy. It is not incumbent upon us to choose whether or not we give to someone less fortunate, or to assume why someone’s circumstances are what they are. Mercy is deserved regardless, without fail. We show mercy as a congregation when we understand that someone else’s circumstances may be beyond their control. We show mercy when we don’t question, but rather we do what is right, and act as a mensch.
Walk humbly. Over the years I’ve often answered, when fellow congregants ask why I love Shaare Emeth, that one of the main reasons is no matter what is happening outside of our walls, that within our walls, within Shaare Emeth’s sacred spaces, we all remember why we are here, and we all tend to treat one another with a mutual respect so we can equally have access to our spiritual fulfillment. The hope is that when we go back out into the real world, that we can translate what we’ve learned, whether through an educational program, a sermon we’ve heard, or a life event we are celebrating or mourning, into something positive.
If seven months ago you would have asked anyone being considered for a lay leadership position, an elected position, a business owner, anyone at all who would stand to be in a leadership role, if she or he would be excited about the premise of leading in the world as we find ourselves in today, I imagine you would be met with a resounding amount of hesitation. I also imagine many would decline the challenge. But, it is in environments like we are in today, uncharted territory, that we are able to assess our own leadership capabilities. We are vulnerable, and we fill many roles; as parents, as employees, as clergy, as lay leaders, as caregivers, as those who need to ask for help just as much as those who are able to give that help.
I am extremely proud of what our team at Shaare Emeth has been able to do, and continues to do, since our world was turned on its head in March of this year. I vividly remember my last in-person meeting at temple, just as the pandemic was creeping into the news. We knew we must continue to do what Shaare Emeth has done for 150 plus years, and lead by example. One of the most difficult parts of the decisions that are made in this environment is that there will always be congregants who are pleased, and those who are less pleased. And, this is ok. As badly as my fellow board members and I would like to please everyone, I know we can only assess on an ongoing basis the state of our community, and determine to the best of our ability thru guidance of trusted experts, how we can safely and reliably provide to our congregation so that we remain true to and fulfill our mission.
We are regularly scenario planning so that we can be better prepared for when we re-emerge. And we hope that this is sooner rather than later. On a regular basis we hear about a different organization doing this, or another organization doing that. All I can promise to you is that those charged with leading our organization, congregation Shaare Emeth, will focus on doing what is best for our membership, always.
No one is immune from the financial toll that the pandemic has placed upon us. We know that many of our members are facing difficult personal and financial challenges. If you are in need of our help or support, please ask; we are here for you. Our congregation is still strong, though the pandemic has dramatically affected our budget’s bottom line, as our preschool, camp and religious school income has dramatically declined due to pandemic induced restrictions. We know that our 2021 budget will also be affected. There is no question about this. If you are able to help, if you can be even more philanthropic right now than you have been before, if you can contribute more to our congregation, your congregation, at this time, please do so. We need you.
In closing, thank you to our clergy, thank you to our staff, to our volunteers, to our Board of Trustees, and most importantly, to you our congregants. I look forward to countless opportunities to be together with all of you virtually until the day we can be together again physically, as one big Shaare Emeth family. L’shanah Tovah, I wish you all a year of peace, healing, of Shalom.
Josh Wallach, President
Notes from Our Cantor It was devastating when I learned
that the aerosolization of singing contributed to the spread of
COVID-19 at a much higher rate than simply talking. It makes sense: the volume of air and breath being moved by singing is significantly higher than talking. But the idea that it would impact
every facet of our Congregation’s programming, especially music, was a hard pill to swallow. Together with my incredible colleagues at Shaare Emeth, we worked hard to produce a High Holiday experience that attempted to capture the essence of those holiest days of the year: connection.
We missed seeing you in your seats, greeting you in the lobby, or whizzing past in the hallways going from place to place. I felt profound feelings of loss and disappointment that we couldn’t pray together, and feelings of loneliness while staring at an empty sanctuary instead of a full congregation where I belonged. Thankfully the highs of gratitude, love and appreciation have helped me understand this crazy year just a bit better.
I am filled with overwhelming gratitude for the members of our community who made our High Holiday experiences so meaningful and beautiful. Commitments were different, technology was challenging, syncing voices and music to a beautiful video was tedious – but we couldn’t have done it without you.
I am particularly grateful for the musical collaboration with Lucy Greenbaum, our Youth and Music Coordinator, and with Orin Johnson, our collaborative pianist. Lucy’s musical and technical prowess is only matched by her genuine care for our community and her collegiality. Orin is a kind and gentle soul with unparalleled keyboard skill to bring melody and song to life beyond expectation. For these two colleagues, I share my heartfelt thanks and love.
Seth Warner, Cantor [email protected]
For all of these givers of their time and talent, their energy and literally their voices, you have our entire community’s profound gratitude:
Instrumentalists: Orin Johnson, collaborative accompanist David Brinker, flute Christopher Bachmann, cello & bass Ron Steiner, guitar Charlie Dent, percussion Brook Bisillion, piano Bjorn Ranheim, cello
Vocalists: Brook Bisillion Dick Brickson Larry Carson Lucy Greenbaum Ben Kweskin Sara Levine Josh Mannis Greta Rosenstock Brittany Rotskoff Amy Shapiro Patrick Siler Ben Silvermintz, choir director Sharon Silverstein Lindy Unell Simon Warner Shayna Warner Sharon Weissman
V’ahavta Chanters: Georgia Bland Beckett Friedman Charlie Glass Tristen Kaplan Becca Myers Sophie Nixon Simon Preuss Parker Wachler Abbie Weingart Audio & Video: Rich Ellington Gary Koester Grant Mankowich Chris Sauer
Sue Matlof* Pam and Ron Rubin*
Gold Sponsor The Bohm Family Joan and David Bohm Lee Bohm Sue and Rob Bohm The Clergy of Shaare Emeth Rabbi James Bennett Rabbi Andrea Goldstein Rabbi Rachel Bearman Rabbi Educator Lori Levine Cantor Seth Warner Joy and Jay Liss Brenda and Joseph Pereles*
Silver Sponsor Gail and Charles Eisenkramer Sharon Greenberg* Debbie and Mike Lefton* Marilyn and Ken Steinback* Kathy Zigler*
November 7 at 7 p.m. Online The annual Heart & Soul event is an evening to celebrate Shaare Emeth, recognize outstanding members and their impactful community work and raise support for the Congregation. This year, we are excited to honor Patty Croughan and the Eisenkramer Family.
Featuring Andy Cohen Andy Cohen is an American radio and television talk show host, producer, writer, host and executive producer of Bravo's late-night talk show.
The Virtual Celebration will include online entertainment and our annual awards presentation accompanied by food options that can be delivered, picked up or even waived to add to funds raised.
Because Heart & Soul is Congregation Shaare Emeth’s biggest fundraising event, please fully support our community by purchasing a ticket for each person who will view the Virtual Celebration.
There are several ways to participate at various price points. Different food and delivery options accompany each ticket level. Look for your invitation to arrive soon to learn more about this unique virtual event.
Congregation Shaare Emeth Presents
Saturday, November 7, 2020 / 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
The Eisenkramer Family L’dor Va’dor Award
Patty Croughan The Harris Frank Community Service Award
Patty Croughan Harris Frank Community Service Award Recipient
Throughout her life, Patty Croughan has incorporated the
values of the Harris Frank Community Service Award both her professional work as a psychotherapist and her volunteer work. Her drive to help others led her to a rich volunteer career at Shaare Emeth and beyond. She served on many Temple committees, and eventually as Shaare Emeth President from 2001-2003. She chaired the very successful Capital Campaign which funded the remodeling of the administrative and educational wing of the Temple. She has served as the Board Chair of the Jewish Federation of St. Louis, working to expand the organization’s umbrella to be more inclusive and responsive, conducting an expansive community study, and building the relationship between St. Louis and St. Louis’ sister community in Israel, Yokneam-Megiddo. In accepting this award, Patty wishes to pay special tribute to her late husband, Jack, who shared her values of community service and giving back. Jack began the Impaired Physicians Program of the Missouri State Medical Association as a support to physicians struggling with mental health and addiction. Patty shares this award with Jack, as they were each other’s biggest cheerleaders.
The Harris Frank Community Service Award has been established to recognize members of Shaare Emeth who have demonstrated exemplary service to the Congregation, the St. Louis Jewish community, and the greater St. Louis community.
The Eisenkramer Family L’dor Va’dor Award Recipients
Since they joined Congregation Shaare
Emeth in 1965, Gail and Charles Eisenkramer have demonstrated a heartfelt and continuous commitment to their Shaare Emeth community and to the greater Jewish community. Gail is past President of the Shaare Emeth Sisterhood and current President of the National Council of Jewish Women. Charles is the past President of Congregation Shaare Emeth, The JCCA and The New Mt. Sinai Cemetery Board and currently serves on the Enterprise Bank and Trust Board of Directors. Charles also served eight years on the national Board for the Union for Reform Judaism. They are the proud parents of Jill Bernstein and Chuck Eisenkramer, and the proud grandparents of Elissa, Stacy, and Jordan Bernstein, and Seth and Jacob Eisenkramer. They have handed down their commitment to the Jewish community to each member of their family, emphasizing the importance of engagement, leadership, and philanthropy.
The L’dor Va’dor Award recognizes and honors families whose dedication and commitment to Congregation Shaare Emeth has continued for multiple generations. This family has had a significant and meaningful impact on the congregation through engagement, generosity, and leadership.
Heart & Soul
One of St. Louis’ most beloved entertainers will join Congregation Shaare Emeth for its biggest fundraiser of the year.
Andy Cohen, whose rise to TV stardom began right here in St. Louis, will appear as the featured entertainer for Congregation Shaare Emeth’s 2020 Heart & Soul virtual celebration.
Cohen is an American radio and television talk show host, producer, and writer. He is the host and executive producer of Bravo’s late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Cohen also has a pop culture channel on SiriusXM Radio named Radio Andy.
Heart & Soul Sponsors Bronze Sponsor
Berger Memorial Chapel
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Ellen and Ron Gross
Jackie and Ken Kleban
Fran and Chuck Mannis
Julia and Larry Mendelow
Renee and Sam Silverstein
Rosalie and Bob Stein
Mona and Larry Swedroe*
Stacey and Josh Wallach*
Sue and Al Wallach*
Jackie and Ken Kleban Susan and Alan Witte
Committee Amy Bennett Teri Brandvein Dick Brickson Ronnie Brockman Richard Cohen Ron Cytron Ann Mayer Eisen Sharee Feldman Sherri Goldman Marsha Grazman Debbie Lefton
Bill Livingston Fran Mannis Sue Matlof Sherri Newstead Brenda Pereles Anna Poger Eunice Reichman John Reichman Larry Rothman Marsha Rothman Johanna Schillinger Ann Sheinbein
Rosalie Stein Executive Director
Even though we can’t be together in person, we can still welcome Shabbat as a community!
You’re invited to join Mitzvah Moose, Rabbi Bearman, Brandi Cartwright, and Miss Holly on Zoom for a special Shabbat celebration that has been made especially for families with preschool aged children.
We’ll sing and dance, read a story, and say the Shabbat blessings together. If you liked the Boker Tov services on the High Holy Days, you’ll love Tater Tot Shabbat!
Register online at: bit.ly/tater-tot-shabbat.
Join Rabbi Goldstein, Abby Bennett and Debbie Bram for a fun 45 minutes to hear a story
about gratitude and create your own family gratitude bucket to use during the month of November.
Once you register, we will send you the small list of supplies needed for this interactive, family-friendly program. We encourage parents and children to attend together!
Register online at: bit.ly/bucket-full
Join us on Zoom to bake a seasonal Thanksgiving quick bread with our member Lorry Blath, cooking
connoisseur. One loaf will be for you and the other will be for the Gift of Gratitude for our seniors. Once you register, you will receive the list of ingredients.
Register online at: bit.ly/baking-up-some-love
Donate supplies or assemble and deliver bags to our congregational seniors who
are either homebound or living in retirement homes to let them know how much we are thinking of them during this time. All supplies are needed by November 13, and volunteers will deliver bags on November 23 and 24. Questions can be forwarded to Debbie Bram at [email protected]
Register online at: bit.ly/gratitude-gifts
You are invited and encouraged to join our Shaare Emeth Mental Health Initiative and
MOSHE for the next in our ongoing series of webinars on mental health concerns during this difficult time. We encourage all who wish to join us in this confidential gathering to hear mental health practitioners in our community address the concerns so many of us face. Please tell others who may be interested that all are welcome.
Register online at: bit.ly/semhi-november
To register for any of these events, please contact Stacy Jespersen at [email protected] or 314-692-5302.
Weekly Meditation Sits Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m. – Noon November 10, 17, and 24 Thursdays, 5-5:30 p.m. November 5, 12, 19, and 26 Join Rabbi Andrea Goldstein for one or both of these unique weekly Mindfulness Meditation sits. Incorporating lessons from the weekly Torah portion, as well as stories, rituals and symbols of the season, Rabbi Goldstein leads participants in practices that open our hearts and minds to the possibility of continual growth and change. No meditation experience necessary.
Mi Shebeirach Moments  A Service of Healing and Hope
Saturday, November 14 at 4:30 p.m.
To be asked to pray for someone is to be charged with affirming their humanity totally and unconditionally, and with cultivating empathy for them. - Rabbi Shai Held
During this continuing time of uncertainty, physical distancing and loss, it can be powerful to gather (virtually) where song and prayer can express our deepest longings and hopes. Join Rabbi Andrea Goldstein and Lucy Greenbaum for a service that includes prayers for health and well-being, offerings of gratitude to health care and front-line workers and songs of peace for ourselves and all the world. Whether you are dedicating your prayers to a particular loved one, or simply wish to pray on behalf of the community, all are welcome at this brief and beautiful service.
November Offerings from the Jewish Mindfulness Center of St. Louis
More Than Giving Thanks: Cultivating Gratitude from Within Friday, November 20, 2020, 9-10 a.m. As Thanksgiving approaches, some find the notion of gratitude to be a bit of a challenge. How do we give thanks in a world that seems so broken? How do we give thanks when we feel frustration, anger or despair? In this workshop, Rabbi Andrea Goldstein leads participants in learning, activities and meditation designed to deepen an authentic sense of gratitude for our lives.
Jewish Education Dear Families,
November has always been associated with elections for me. Some of my earliest childhood memories
are of going with my parents to vote. In every election, from our local municipal elections and the school board to the state or presidential races, my sister and I went
with them to the voting booth. It was always exciting to go to our local polling place and go behind the curtain. It always felt so powerful and special! I think these experiences also taught me about the importance of exercising your right to vote in our country. By joining in at each election, even when very few other people were there voting alongside us, I learned that I had a responsibility to make my voice heard.
The lead up to this month’s election has been full of frustrating moments, divisiveness and fear for everyone. As citizens who should have the power to affect change, it has often been disheartening and it may have been difficult for us to feel like we could make a difference at all. By the time you read this, Election Day 2020 will finally be here, or it may have already passed. It is hard to predict what will happen, but I do hope that each and every one of the members of our community exercised their fundamental right to vote for candidates and issues they care about this year. Voting is not just a democratic value; it is a deeply Jewish one as well. The great sage Hillel taught, “Do not separate yourself from the community.” In a democracy, we are all in this together. Opting out of voting means abdicating our responsibility to one another. It is our obligation as people who believe in justice and integrity to vote, to act, and to help choose our community’s leaders.
The sacred duty to vote and participate is not just about us. It is about ensuring our future. That is why it is so important to teach our children about their right to vote and help them learn what they can do to make a difference, right now. As parents and trusted adults in the lives of young people, it is our obligation to lead by example and engage their natural curiosity. In the Talmud, it says that parents have certain mitzvot (commandments) they must do for their children— teaching them Torah, making sure they have a way to make a living, even teaching them to swim! I would add to that list teaching them that they have a voice and the power to make a difference. It is not just acceptable to talk about big topics and questions at the dinner table related to politics, leadership and government. It’s an amazing opportunity! We are teaching them how to be educated citizens and wrestle with what they believe. There is also so much we can do to include them right now. When we talk about our plans for Election Day, participate in protests, write postcards together to advocate for different issues, show up to work the polls, notarizing ballots for our neighbors, and more, we are showing them what they can do to make a difference.
At camp, youth group, and more, many of our kids have learned an amazing song by Elana Arian, written only in the last couple years. In it, she sings, “I have a voice. My voice is powerful. My voice can change the world.” This is my Torah for November 2020. We must remember this lesson, no matter what, and we must do our very best to carry it out in how we live our lives. Only then do we fulfill our obligations to our children.
Rabbi Lori Levine, Rabbi Educator [email protected]
A MOSHE Message It’s been a while since you may have heard from Men of
Shaare Emeth, but be assured that MOSHE is alive and well. Here is what we have been up to:
First and foremost, we say a huge thanks to our now Immediate Past President, Gene Jacobson, for guiding MOSHE over the past two years. A big thanks to Bill Livingston for a great job as Treasurer. Ken Levine has taken the leadership as the current
President, Neil Elias is our new Treasurer and Gene Jacobson is our Secretary. We have an opening for the VP, if you or anyone would like to step into a leadership role in the next few years.
During this pandemic, we have had to pull back on our plans to meet in person and have fun while doing good. When the pandemic is behind us, we can again start being social, MOSHE has many opportunities to help out within Shaare Emeth and in the greater St. Louis community.
MOSHE is partnered up with the Shaare Emeth Mental Health Initiative to bring information and wellness to the community while trying to navigate through the pandemic. MOSHE held its golf outing in October and looks forward to many more events as the St. Louis community re-opens up.
We have plans for more culinary adventures in the future to be announced, as well as continuing our participation in great events like the Purim Carnival, Annual Hanukkah Dinner and the Shaare Emeth Family Picnic.
If you need further info on MOSHE or would like to be on the email list for upcoming events, please contact President Ken Levine at [email protected] or call 314-249-0093. If you are a member of Shaare Emeth and over 18, you are already a member of MOSHE (Men of Shaare Emeth).
With Respect,
St. Louis Jewish Light Unsung Heroes
Congregation Shaare Emeth wishes a hearty “mazel tov” to all seven of the St. Louis Jewish Light’s
2020 Unsung Heroes.
This annual event honors St. Louisans of any faith who dedicate themselves to the local community through volunteer efforts, as well as impactful regional organizations. You can stream this celebration live at stljewishlight.com at 7 p.m. on Thursday, November 19.
Here are 2020’s honorees:
• Ronnie & Allen Brockman* • Mark Dana • Aleeza Granote • Sheryl Kalman • Steve Rosenblum • Alan Spector* • Back to School! Store (presented by the National Council of Jewish Women – St. Louis)
* Shaare Emeth Members
The Jewish Food Pantry Needs Our Help
You can help the Harvey Kornblum Jewish Food Pantry during the coronavirus pandemic
by donating money or donating food. Below are some suggestions for food items the pantry needs for the month of November:
1. Macaroni & Cheese 2. Kosher Non-Perishable Foods
3. Canned Chili, Beef Stew and Protein-Rich Foods
4. Dry Spaghetti, Tomato Sauce and Other Canned Pastas
5. Canned Vegetables (corn, green beans, peas, carrots)
6. Peanut Butter & Jelly 7. Canned Fruits 8. Personal care items such as: Deodorant,
Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer
Currently, the need is great so please help in any way you can. Thank you.
For further information, please contact Louise Levine, 314-368-5902.
Guest authors answer questions about Judaism, Jewish practices and Jewish thought. If you have a question, contact Subie Banaszynski, Interfaith Coordinator, at [email protected].
What is BDS? Rabbi Jim Bennett responds: The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, often called BDS, is an ideological movement that claims that its objective is to utilize international pressure to end what it describes as Israeli apartheid and colonialism. The movement states that it is dedicated to ending Israel’s occupation and colonization of Arab lands and dismantling the security barrier separating Israel and the West Bank, fighting for full equality for Arab Israelis and the return of Palestinian refugees from the 1948 War of Independence (and their descendants) to their former homes in Israel.
Accusations are often made against the BDS movement that it seeks to undermine Israel’s legitimacy as a Jewish state. Many people believe that by actively working against the Jewish State, the BDS is engaging in anti-Zionist and even Anti-Semitic rhetoric.
The Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism puts it this way:
“The Reform Jewish Movement, deeply rooted in its love for Israel and desire to see the Jewish state live in peace and security with its neighbors, opposes the movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel.” Both the Union for Reform Judaism and the Central Conference of American Rabbis have passed resolutions opposing BDS, noting that the BDS movement does not recognize the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state, opposes the two-state solution, and does not propose active strategies towards resolving the Israel- Palestinian conflict.
Reform Judaism encourages partnership, engagement, and active participation in dialogue over rejection and isolation. While we believe in the right of free speech, we do not support those who would deny our freedom along the way.
For Those Who Might Be Curious…
Providing professional, compassionate care to
the St. Louis Jewish community for more
than 115 years.
314-361-0622 bergermemorialchapel.com
Your home may be worth a lot more than you think! Don’t wait until spring when the market is flooded with new properties and your home value drops. Call 314-764-7621 or email [email protected] to
get your home analysis now!
[email protected] SelectSiegelHomes.com
Maxwell Siegel: Your Community Jewish Realtor
Stuart Imber *Interest rates are at historic lows, if you know
anyone who is looking to purchase or refinance I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to help
Membership Responsibility We’ll all remember 2020 as the year that the world changed.
At Congregation Shaare Emeth, we have had to quickly and diligently adapt how we operate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this unprecedented year, your membership to our congregation means more than ever before.
Log in to our ShulCloud page (sestl.org/shulcloud) to renew your membership by November 13. You will be able to fill in your pledge card online and set up a payment plan at a membership level of your choosing.
Read below for additional options that the temple provides to its members to pay for temple membership responsibility, appeal and general donations.
For more information, contact Rosalie Stein, 314-692-5353 direct line or [email protected]
Individual Retirement Account - IRA For those of you who are at the stage where you must take a required IRA minimum distribution, give some thought to Congregation Shaare Emeth! Did you know that you can gift a portion or all your yearly required IRA withdrawal tax free vs. an outright withdrawal to yourself and being taxed a percentage of that required distribution wherever it goes! *
Gifting Appreciated Securities A gift of appreciated securities generally qualifies you for an income tax charitable deduction equal to the market value of the gifted securities, and it may also help you avoid the long-term capital gain tax on your unrealized capital gain. Usually a sale of appreciated securities results in a tax on your full gain – in other words, you keep only part of the profit. But if you give those same appreciated securities directly to a qualified nonprofit – including Congregation Shaare Emeth– there is no tax on your gain. **
Is your company an LLC? If you currently have a small company and are interested in direct tax donation giving for advertising for the congregation, please contact Rosalie Stein at 314-692-5353 or [email protected]. This direct giving will provide you an opportunity for full tax donation benefits. ***
* Check with your IRA administrator or your advisors for more information.
** Gifts of appreciated securities can be a great way to pay Temple dues, support the Annual Appeal or give an unrestricted gift.
*** Please check with your accountant or financial planner
STEVEN B. GORIN Thompson Coburn LLP
Attorneys at Law 314 552 6151
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Owners and Individuals
In the Temple Family We express condolences to Shaare Emeth members and families who have recently lost a loved one, and sympathy to Shaare Emeth members who have had a death in their extended family.
Rabbi Rachel Bearman on the death of her grandfather, Leo M. Bearman
Rabbi Jim (Amy) Bennett on the death of his sister, Dr. Joann Bennett
Harvey (Carol) Derfeld on the death of his brother, Mark Derfeld
Jeremy (Sarah) Klaven on the death of his grandmother, Ruth Klaven
Bruce (Betsy) Levitt on the death of his mother, Louise Levitt
Jody (Mickey) Waldman, Evan (Kami) Waldman, Todd (Diana) Waldman, and Corey (Rachel) Waldman on the death of Jody’s father and Evan, Todd and Corey’s grandfather, Sidney Guller
Richard Waddington
Dr. Norton Kronemer Husband of Shirley Kronemer and father of Mark (Cathleen) Kronemer
Perpetual Memorials A memorial has been established for:
Ethel Warshafsky Established by Janice and Gary Sherman and Myra and Stephen Radinsky
Clarice B. Lynford, Ralph S. Lynford, and Bernard Blumenfeld Established by Terry Lynford
The names of those remembered by a Perpetual Memorial will be read during the Friday Shabbat Services. They will also be remembered by yahrzeit date reminders sent to designated family members’ homes and are automatically included with the Perpetual Memorials in our memorial book on Yom Kippur. For more information on establishing a Perpetual Memorial, please contact Stacy Jespersen at [email protected] or 314-692-5302.
Mazel tov to these members… Myra and Stephen Radinsky on two of their grandchildren being Semi Finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Congratulations to Andrew Felton and Samantha Radinsky.
To share your simcha, visit www.sestl.org/simcha or call Stacy Jespersen in the Shaare Emeth office, 314-569-0010.
NOVERMBER 6 Edward Adler Fredda L. Ash Morris Ash Priscilla Schaeffer Ayers Sol Steiner Bearman Sylvia Chused Berman Sherry Lynn Berns Kalman M. Bernstein Lee Bernstein David M. Blumberg Rosie Bondi Solomon Bondi Martin Brand Clara R. Broner Abraham L. Brown David Brunswick Rita Bunn Nathan H. Burgheim Fannie Croney Cohen Gertrude Cohen Melford M. Cohen Harry Davis Charles Druck Leatrice J. Elias Susan Hoffman Enari Marvin Feldman Richard M. Firth Chana Anita L. Fischer Salwin Fischer Ethel W. Freeman Olga Freeman Irving Nathan Friedman Leon J. Galperin Arleen Garland Alan Marc Gerstein Percy Gill Simon Gimpelson Edythe Goldberg Irvin E. Goldberg Mildred E. Goldberg Alex Gross Jack Grossman Sidney O. Grossman Lena Gutman Abraham Harris Joseph Harris David Harrison Samuel Inger Jessie Glik Jacobs Sara Kaiser Louis Kantor Ethel M. Kerman Sarah Liese Knol Charlotte B. Kopitsky Mae Krasner Carrie Levy
Paula Faye Lite Anna Loebner Gizella Weiss Loewenstein Irene Emilie Lowy Bernice Q. Mange Henrietta Marcus Louis Moll Sophie Neal Janet Fishman Newman Mary Passen Sam Pasternak Paul Prywitch Sidney Pultman Abram Rader Sandra Iris Redler Joel Lawrence Rosenberg Chester Roskin Sol G. Ross Molly Rudman Morris M. Sachar Albert A. Schaap Shirley L. Schloss Jacob Sheinbein Isaac Sichel Fannie Fleischer Smulian Doris Stone Edna Tauben Jack Toder Jann Shapiro Wagner Sol Weber, M.D. David Owen Wohl Dr. Herbert Bernard Zimmerman
NOVERMBER 13 Hyman I. Alport Nadyne Gogel Ash Sarah Roselman Baker Eugene Stanley Barenholtz Ruth E. Barron Irvin V. Barth Joseph Beil Lillian Beil Selma Guggenheim Bloch Rueben Brooks James Tilden Brown Ruth Sacks Cohen Sam Cohen Harry A. Collinger Claire Malloy Croughan Mabel Croughan Jay Paul Davis Maurice Boyar Davis Arianna Rose Dougan Abraham Dressner Edward M. Elgas Fannie Emas
Ben Esrock Rose Fischmann Yetta G. Fleischmann Arthur Carl Foster Nathan Fott Albert Frank Rose Loebner Freedman Eleanor Freund Hattie Gill Louis Glaser Gladys Goldman Sophie Ruth Goldman Sarah Florence Goran Joseph Hartmann Samuel Intrater Albertina T. Jacobson Jacob Kahn Marvin Kenkel Jacob A. Kiem Ida Kirshon Fred Kisslinger Morris Kofsky Josephine Schlesser Korach Paul Kraus Phil Kutler Lotta Kuttner Simon Kuttner Ben G. Landau Edward J. Lawson William George LeMaster Mildred Lerner Mary Levin Julius Lewinsky Ida Magid Lois Malashock Rebecca Maltz Leon Marglous Anna L. Marks Madelyn Mendell Victims Velke Mezerici Harry Midows Hannah Morris Hyman Muchnick George Pastel Gertrude S. Posdamer Max W. Redler Helen Reichman Jessica Reif Harry Rittenberg Dr. Raymond Ross Sophie Rovics Gussie Schuchat Rubinstein Millie Saenger Adolph Sanofsky Jane Schachter
Marjorie Scharnhorst Sam M. Schnidman Eli C. Seigel Jeanette Loeb Shapiro Isadore A. Sherman Nat Sherman Erna Silberstein Louis Silverstein Rabbi Moritz Spitz Erna Stein Lillian Strauss Bettye E. Susman Freida Taubman Susan Jayne Tobias Max Weisl Sophie Winner Abraham Wolff Sadie Yaffe Dr. Robert Yanover Al Yavitz Sol Zvibleman NOVEMBER 20 Phyllis Abelov Jane L. Abramson Emmy Baer Harry H. Barbach Bradley Barbarash Ruth Bernstein Louis Blumenfeld Robert Blumoff Marvin Z. Brasch Mildred Brooks Dr. Melvin A. Cassel Edward Cohen Jake Cohen Lillian Cohen Melvin Coppersmith Ethel Edelman Raymond Phillip Emmer Bernadine Feldman Bertha Feldman Jack Sidney Fiman Leona Fishman Rose Lerner Fox Ruth Harris Frank Bessie Hanna Gardner Beatty Goodman Elaine Reznik Gralnick Sydney Greenberg Simon Gutfreund Idelle Hirsch Charles Horwitz Charles Rudy Jacobi Abe Klein Harry Kowarsky Simon Kozloff
Pauline Ruth Krasner Ida Adele Landau Audrey J. Leventhal Selma Levi Henrietta Maas Levy Jeanne Lincoff Max Lippman Evelyn Jaffe Lookofsky Hedwig S. Maas Dr. Joseph Magidson Esther Jacobs Marmor Samuel Messenberg William L. Meyer Samuel Milton Roberta Sue Morrison Gary Pasternak Barbara Kutler Peck Ann Poger Leo Edward Price William S. Robinson Melba Koplar Rosen Joseph Rosenbaum Adolph Rosenfeld Leo Segal Samuel N. Shanfeld Sue Shepard Aida Louise Shucart Rudolph Singer Pearl Lipsitz Soffer Irene Gertrude Sokol Isador A. Solomon Henry A. Steiner Morris Steiner Dorine Myers Stockner Agnes B. Tobias Bertha Varon Frances Weinberg Bernice Weltman Samuel White Mayer L. Winkler Dr. Ray J. Wolff Rae Wolff Donald Zarfas
NOVEMBER 27 Sol Baker Frank Balk Gertrude Blumoff Ervon Brasler Nancy M. Brickson Meyer Burman Agnes Casper Ronna Croft Freda Cronheim Eve Dann Stuart H. Dann Paul Dardick
Sam L. Demoff Harriet Fainsod Sidney Howard Feldman Samuel E. Fleischmann Kathryn Geigerman Billie (Zigler) Gelb Sol Geller Elaine Glassman Lillian Weiner Glassman Milton L. Glucksman Sarah Goldberg Ann Simon Goldman Marie Goldman Sam Grazman Florence Cadwell Hoffman
Rose Weinstein Hoffman Arline Inger Mary Jaffe Dora Kaiser Arthur Kash Victor Clayton Kelly, Jr. Robert L. Kisslinger Shirley Estelle Koffman Louis Kohn Edwin G. Kohner Harriet Kolchinsky Joseph Lazar Betty Rae LeMaster Bertha Levin Phillip Levine
Chester Arthur Lewis Lillian F. Liberman Robin Sue Light Lizzie Loewenstein Janet Rolfe Lorber Johanna Mayer Sandra Mayer Teresa Manning Mehro Frank Middleman Henry Minkoff Morris Movshin Minerva Hearst Paster Bernard Pasternak Sadie Alice Pattiz Harry Louis Pearl
Sam Philipson Rose P. Pierce Lawrence Sherman Recht Jay Reichman Anne Reiss Ethel Rhodes Nettie Levy Rittenberg Sarah Klearman Rogul Minette Rubenstein Hyman A. Rubin Jennie Salus A. Herman Schlanger Betty Shanfeld Beatrice Sherberg Bertha Siegel
Joseph A. Steiner George Stiffman Nan Lauren Strauss Sadie Wolpert Stutson Tillie Suffian Minnie Surinsky Benton Taylor Gloria Thal Harry L. Tobinson Sarah Victor Dorothy Steinback Vittert Morton Wachtler Esther Weiss Milton Yawitz
RABBIS’ SPECIAL FUND A DONATION: To be used where most needed in the current pandemic
Sheila Cohen IN APPRECIATION OF: Rabbi Bennett for using his platform to speak up for those whose voice cannot be heard
Amy & Emily Bornstein Rabbi Bennett for officiating a beautiful funeral service for Jack Berman
Dee Berman and Family Rabbi Bennett for officiating at the wedding ceremony for Alex & Aaron Kaatz
Betsy & David Rudolph
Rabbi Bennett for helping Jack Imber prepare to become a Bar Mitzvah
The Imber Family Rabbi Bennett for his time and energy in helping Elle Kerner prepare for her Bat Mitzvah
The Kerner Family Rabbi Bennett for officiating at the wedding ceremony of Stephanie Weiss & Michael Zorensky
Karen & Mark Zorensky Rabbi Goldstein for guiding Arden Poger to become a Bat Mitzvah
The Poger Family Rabbi Goldstein for her support as Emily Rosen prepared for her Bat Mitzvah
Marissa & Howard Rosen Rabbi Goldstein
Lauren Weinberg Rabbi Goldstein for officiating a beautiful funeral service for Stan Zerman
Adele Zerman The Clergy and Staff and wishing the Shaare Emeth Community a L’Shannah Tovah and healthy 5781
Arlene Goodman Rabbi Bennett, Rabbi Goldstein, Rabbi Bearman, Rabbi Levine, Cantor Warner & Lucy Greenbaum for outstanding services under difficult circumstances
Rita & George Heymann
IN HONOR OF: Rabbi Bennett for receiving the J Street Rodef Shalom Award
Patty Croughan Rabbi Bearman for her wonderful Torah Study classes during the month of Elul
Sharon & Richard Cohen Rabbi Goldstein for inspirational High Holiday Services
Debbie Hirschfelder Clergy and Staff for all they do and with good wishes for the new year
Brenda & Jay Baron Rabbi Bennett, Rabbi Goldstein, Rabbi Bearman, Rabbi Levine, Cantor Warner, Lucy Greenbaum and Staff for inspiring and meaningful virtual High Holiday Services
Drs. Nanci & Jim Bobrow; Lynn & Dr. Carl Lyss
The Rabbis of Shaare Emeth for beautiful and meaningful services for the High Holidays and a Happy New Year
Carole & Jay Goldstein Sandy Brooks for her Special Birthday
Margie Lazarus Dr. Harvey Lehrer for a speedy recovery
Phyllis & Steve Kamenetzky Julie & Jason Sachman on their recent marriage
Ellen & Dr. Larry Paskar
Carol & Bruce Canis; Earl Salsman
Sharon Katz on the marriage of Greg and Samantha Maloney
Nancy & Sidney Hirsch IN MEMORY OF: Leo Bearman
American Conference of Cantors Leadership Team; Suzanne & Bill Bierman; Ronnie & Allen Brockman; Susan & Harry Burack; B’Yachad Rosh Chodesh Group; Sharon & Richard Cohen; Sheila Cohen; Gail & Charles Eisenkramer and Family; Sharee & Mark Feldman; Paula, Mike & Dan Geigerman; Stacy & Jon Jespersen and Family; Phylis Kahn; Koski & Lydon Families; Jackie & Marty Lipsitz; Jerri & Bill Livingston; Marcia & Carl Moskowitz; Brenda & Joe Pereles; Sheri & Fred Seigel; Kathy Zigler
Dr. Joann Bennett Carol & Ted Barr; Suzanne & Bill Bierman; Sandra & Ken Birenbaum; Arleen & Howard Bly; Lisa & Barry Borstein; Teri & Harvey Brandvein; Ronnie & Allen Brockman; Susan & Harry Burack; B’Yachad Rosh Chodesh Group; Sharon & Richard Cohen; Sheila Cohen; Linda & Ed Dahl; Sharon & Warren Danziger;
The tributes listed here are those made for $10 or more and processed August 27th to October 1st, 2020. A tribute gift made in another’s names is a lovely way to honor a friend for a recent simcha (joyous occasion), to honor the memory of a deceased loved one on their yahrzeit (anniversary of death), or to show appreciation for someone. To make a tribute donation, please visit www. sestl.org/give/. Hardcopy forms are available in the Shaare Emeth main office and at the South Lobby reception desk or can be printed.
Tributes Josef Davidson; Gail & Charles Eisenkramer and Family;Iris Elliot & Dave Plengemeier; Sharee & Mark Feldman; Friedman & Vatury Families; Paula, Mike & Dan Geigerman; Gail Glaser; Sherri & Rick Goldman; Carole & Jay Goldstein; Barbara Greenspoon, Irene Greenspoon (z’l) & Melvin Greenspoon (z’l);James Groman; Debbie & Kent Hirschfelder; Jackie & Marty Lipsitz; Stacy & Jon Jespersen, Gerry Weinman and Family; Amy & Jim Kalishman; Dolores Kling; Sue & Mark Koritz; Koski & Lydon Families; Barb & Rich Kramer; Jerri & Bill Livingston; Marsha & Bob Luhrs; Mark Margolies; Sue Matlof, Michael Cohen & Greg Matlof; Gail & Robert Mielziner, Jr.;Jean Millner & Dr. Steven Brown; Marcia & Carl Moskowitz; Sherri & Steve Newstead; Brenda & Joe Pereles; Marilyn & Gary Ratkin; Marsha & Larry Rothman; Peggy & Alan Schaffer; Judy Schenberg; Karen Suroff & Oscar Schwartz; Ava & Steve Schwedt and Family; Heidi & Brian Seigel and Family; Sheri & Fred Seigel; Sherry & Barry Shafman; Andy & Stan Shanker; Carl Shulak; Merle & Dale Singer; Jane & Hal Sitrin; Nancy & Robert Taxman; Julie & Neil Tzinberg; Dolores Vermont; Barbara & David Victor and Family; Jody & Mitchell Waldman; Ginny Weiss; Rita & Barry Worth; Kathy Zigler
Jack Berman Carol & Bruce Canis
Betty Chrestman Nancy & Sidney Hirsch
Sylvia Corn Ruth Satz
Vicki Gershon Greg Rosenthal
Elaine De Waskin Glassman Steven B. Ungar
H. Neal Harris Fran Poger
Morris Kevrick Teri & Harvey Brandvein
Richard Levin Barbara Levin and Family
Madelyn & Hyme Mendell Ellen & Dr. Larry Pasker
Alan M. Millner Jean Millner & Steve Brown
Max Minoff Marilyn, Jerry & Brandel Minoff
Pierce Moonshine Merilyn Moonshine
Nancy Satz Ruth Satz
Erin Smith Merilyn Moonshine
CANTOR’S SPECIAL FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: Cantor Warner for helping Jack Imber prepare to become a Bar Mitzvah
The Imber Family Cantor Warner for his time and energy in helping Elle Kerner prepare for her Bat Mitzvah
The Kerner Family Cantor Warner for guiding Arden Poger to become a Bat Mitzvah
The Poger Family Cantor Warner for helping Emily Rosen prepare for her Bat Mitzvah
Marissa & Howard Rosen Hillary Hinz for sharing the Selichot services with her, and the joy and memories they provided
Kristine Dennehy IN HONOR OF: Cantor Warner for uplifting us with his beautiful voice during the High Holiday and for a Happy New Year
Carole & Jay Goldstein Cantor Warner with warm wishes for the New Year
Kay Schlesinger Jeffrey Barnett with warm wishes for the New Year
Kay Schlesinger Richard Cohen on the occasion of the New Year 5781
Connie & Gene Kahn Linda Dahl with warm wishes for the New Year
Kay Schlesinger Rabbi Frank & Darlene Muller on their Granddaughter Molly becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Peggy & Kenny Brown Linda Yatkeman on the birth of her Granddaughter, Jillian
Marti Reichman Sharon Weissman with warm wishes for the New Year
Kay Schlesinger
Bob Garland BEMA FLOWERS IN MEMORY OF: Martha Nierman
Mark Winer Aarolyn Litvag
Barbara Greenspoon, Irene Greenspoon (z’l) & Melvin Greenspoon (z’l)
Julie & Joel Mayer Elaine Unell
Barbara Greenspoon, Irene Greenspoon (z’l) & Melvin Greenspoon (z’l)
Cookie & Mike Fishman, Judy Taxman
Sharon & John Tureen BROCKMAN-SIEGELMAN GEMILUT HASADIM FUND IN MEMORY OF: Helen & Oscar Brockman, Evelyn & Sidney Goldberg, Wilma & Caroline Siegelman & George Siegelman
Ronnie & Allen Brockman BUILDING MAINTENANCE FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: The Shaare Emeth Staff for sustaining us during the pandemic
Suzanne & Bill Bierman
The Silk Family LIBRARY FUND IN HONOR OF: Miriam Dennison on her new Grandchild
Dolores Kling IN MEMORY OF: Dr. Joann Bennett
Robyn & Tim Hunter Esther Bly
Constance Levy GOLDBERG CAMP SCHOLARSHIP FUND IN MEMORY OF: Ruth & Buddy Block and Dora & Ronald Rothman
Robin & Mike Prywitch
IDA & HARRIS KRAMER SOCIAL ACTION FUND IN HONOR OF: Lucy Greenbaum to thank her for her beautiful and joyful voice
Carole & Jay Goldstein IN MEMORY OF: Selma Kramer
Gail & Bob Garfield; Jennifer Schwesig & Kevin Mellick; Norm Schwesig; Linda & Michael Zoller
Tom Schlesinger Norm Schwesig; Linda & Michael Zoller
RABBI JEFFREY B. STIFFMAN LECTURE FUND IN HONOR OF: Esther & Al Applebaum on the marriage of their Grandson Brian Weber to Sarah
Elaine & Jordan Rudolph Marsha & Simon Koski on their Granddaughter Claudia becoming a Bat Mitzvah
Anita & Buddy Waxman JOAN AND HARRY SELTZER FAMILY FUND FOR IMPROVING WOMEN’S LIVES IN HONOR OF: Samantha Korenfeld for a Happy and Healthy New Year
Marla Blanton and Family Brandon Schupp on his Birthday
Joan Seltzer The Schupp Family for a Happy and Healthy New Year
Marla Blanton and Family Dede Seltzer on her Birthday
Joan Seltzer Dede & Garry Seltzer and Family for a Happy and Healthy New Year
Marla Blanton and Family Garry Seltzer on his Birthday
Joan Seltzer Joan Seltzer for a Happy and Healthy New Year
Marla Blanton and Family The Seltzer- Hoffman Family for a Happy and Healthy New Year
Marla Blanton and Family IN MEMORY OF: Elaine Gressman Samson
Dede & Garry Seltzer and Family Harry Seltzer
Joan Seltzer
Kathy Zigler LISA’S STAR FUND FOR CAMP EMETH IN HONOR OF: Susan Meltz to congratulate her on the marriage of Karyn to Chris Murphy
Barbara & David Victor and Family
The Sher Family Marla Blanton and Family
Maddie Olivia Silk to congratulate her on her Confirmation
Tina & Scott Silk LISHA GAYLE PRESCHOOL FUND IN MEMORY OF: Florence Goldford
Doris Alport Andrea Myles
Sue & Joel Picus MANN FAMILY HUNGER FUND IN HONOR OF: Janet Loiterstein on the marriage of her Grandson
Ann & Ashley Loiterstein IN MEMORY OF: Vicki Gershon
Eileen Rosenthal Richard Waddington
Lisa Schechter-Bierman & Richard Bierman
The Babchick Family; Judy & David Capes; Vicki Gelber Groswald; Cheryl Kirsch; Shelly & Tom Smith; Jordan Sider; Helene Spetner; Elaine & Marc Tenzer; Beth Tzinberg
Shirley Mosinger Cheryl Roth Stein
Pam & Norm Davis MICHAEL MATLOF FUND FOR HOMEBOUND SERVICES IN APPRECIATION OF: The Shaare Emeth Clergy & Lucy Greenbaum for the inspirational and uplifting High Holiday Services
Linda & Bill Levin Sue Matlof for for the live stream services, especially this year
Sheila Cohen Sue Matlof for establishing the Michael Matlof Fund for Homebound Services
Harriet Summer & Allen Sherman Live streaming services
Rochelle Karty IN HONOR OF: The Rabbi’s and Cantor for beautiful Holiday Services
Wendy & Sanford Wax Jay Baron for a speedy recovery
B’Yachad Rosh Chodesh Group Michael Cohen for a speedy recovery
Harriet Summers & Allen Sherman Barbara & David Furman for their Special 50th Wedding Anniversary
Carole & Jay Goldstein; Ellen & Ronnie Gross
Harvey Lehrer for a speedy recovery Carole & Jay Goldstein
Harriet Summers for her Special 75th Birthday
Diane & David Freyman; Sue Matlof, Michael Cohen & Greg Matlof; Judie Shiff; Diane & Steve Weinstock
Alan Witte for his Special Birthday Sue Matlof & Michael Cohen
Rita Worth for a speedy recovery Barbara & David Furman; Carole & Jay Goldstein
IN MEMORY OF: Leo Bearman
Sue Matlof & Greg Matlof; Sandy Sher; Janice & Gary Sherman
Dr. Joann Bennett Sandy Sher; Wendy & Sanford Wax
Miriam Goldberg Berney, Norman Berney, Gladys Cohen & Morris Cohen
Lynne & Mark Berney Selma Kramer
Wendy & Sanford Wax
Donna & Ed Karfeld OPERATIONS ENHANCEMENT FUND A DONATION: In gratitude for blessings to Benjamin through the years
Renee Roodman In appreciation of the health and love of our family and friends
The Silk Family IN APPRECIATION OF: The Rabbis, Cantor, Lucy Greenbaum and Staff for the Services and to wish a Happy New Year
Phylis Kahn Debbie Bram and the Caring Committee for the Holiday thoughtfulness
Eleanor Barbach IN HONOR OF: Barbara & Harvey Cotlar on their Special 60th Wedding Anniversary
Sherri & Rick Goldman IN MEMORY OF: Leo Bearman
Renee & Sam Silverstein Dr. Joann Bennett
Janice & Gary Sherman; Renee & Sam Silverstein
Jack Berman Sandy Steinback Engber
Bess Borushek Brenda & Jay Baron
Greta Forsman Alpheus Forsman
Dr. Jerome Levy Carol & Dr. Jeffrey Schulman
Sophia Levy Eleanor Levy
Nathan Prywitch Mark Margolies
Ben Wishnuff Gloria Sirkin
Stella Wishnuff Gloria Sirkin
RELIGIOUS SCHOOL FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: With gratefulness to Hashem for all our blessings
Linda & Bill Levin IN HONOR OF: Jake Goldman to congratulate him on his Confirmation
Sarah Siegel & Paul Stein Jodi Granok for helping Jack Imber prepare to become a Bar Mitzvah
The Imber Family Audrey & Harvey Gershenson on their Grandson Sam Manlin becoming a Bar Mitzvah
Cookie Goldberg IN MEMORY OF: Leo Bearman
Linda & Bill Levin Dr. Joann Bennett Linda & Bill Levin Selma Kramer Sue Steiner & Mark Lebedun Ruth Silverberg Sharon & Mike Silverberg Michael Worth Rita & Barry Worth FAYE & ROBERT SIEGEL SETYG PROGRAM FUND IN MEMORY OF: Selma Kramer
Patti & Bruce Garber Tom Schlesinger
Patti & Bruce Garber Faye Siegel and Marilyn & Larry Herman
Paula, Norman & Elena Hertel SAM & GOLDYE ROSEN MUSIC FUND IN HONOR OF: Barbara & David Furman on their Special 50th Wedding Anniversary
Rita & Barry Worth
Wilma & Harvey Gerstein IN MEMORY OF: Dr. Joann Bennett
Bonnie & Steve Rosen Sylvia Dansker
Bonnie & Steve Rosen Adeline Greenberg
Julie & Ron Kramer Sam Rosen
Bonnie & Steve Rosen
Simeon Prager & Michael Sherberg SHIRLEE GREEN PRESCHOOL FUND IN MEMORY OF: Ward Brandvein
udy & John Brandvein Gladys Crown
Allison Marks Judi Garland
Judy & John Brandvein Arline Kalishman
Marcia & Steven Feit SISTERHOOD WOMEN’S PROGRAMMING FUND IN HONOR OF: Kay Levin for a speedy recovery
Jerri & Bill Livingston
IN MEMORY OF: Leo Bearman
Gail Glaser STANLEY LYSS & ESTHER LYSS-GREENSTEIN LIFELONG LEARNING FUND IN APPRECIATION OF: Rabbi Bennett, Rabbi Goldstein, Rabbi Bearman, Rabbi Levine, Cantor Warner, Lucy Greenbaum and the Shaare Emeth Staff for inspiring and meaningful virtual High Holidays services
Lynn & Dr. Carl Lyss IN MEMORY OF: Dr. Joan Bennett
Lynn & Dr. Carl Lyss Mel Brown
Lynn & Dr. Carl Lyss Esther Lyss-Greenstein
Melissa & Todd Edelman; Enid Weisberg-Frank & Dr. Bruce Frank; Beverly Friedman & Avery Seidel; Marsha & Steve Funk; Emily Hawthorne and The Brockman Family; Carolyn Henges; Jonathan Kolle; The Korein Family; Jocelyn & Andrew Lyss; Elizabeth Maurer; Daphne Minkoff & Noah Tratt; Barbie Barenholtz Present & Ron Present; Kim Rosenthal; Sandra Sher; Helene Spetner; Deanna & Lee Witt; Aleene Zawada
Lorie Kleiner Eckert
Cathleen & Mark Kronemer Dr. Norton Kronemer
Debbie Braunstein; Barry Brimer; Ronnie & Allen Brockman; Allison Creighton; Gail Glaser; Avi & Evan Goldfarb; Rich & Isabel Goldstein and Family; Jay Kirschbaum; Karin Krakover; Deborah & Shmuel Israel; Ina Landsbaum; Debbie & Mike Lefton; Louis Lesser; Cissy & Sam Levitt; Jerri & Bill Livingston; Julie, Steve, Joey & Kaitlin Mathes; Robert Niedorff & Susan Niedorff Reinglass; Susan & Steven Novack; David Pahlmann; Edith & Robert Prywitch; Dr. Irwin Roseman and Family; Louise & Rick Rovak; Rhonda Seligman; Janice & Gary Sherman; Lee & Mark Scissors; Smith Moore & Company; Craig Spigel; Barbara & Norton Sterneck; Mark Zoole
Judy & Stan Kolker – Listings August 27th to October 1st, 2020 – Every effort has been made to include accurate, up-to-date information on these listings. To report an error or omission, please call the Shaare Emeth office at 314-569-0010.
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