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: Trends & Technology Timeline 2010+ (infographic)

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A roadmap for the exploration of current and future trends.
  • 1.TIME ZONESTRENDS & TECHNOLOGY TIMELINE 2010+A roadmap for the exploration of current & future trends Personal responsibilityPeople renting dreams Communitytheatre in the round takesCompulsory LEGENDoff (again)paternity testsFirst child born in spaceInheritanceZONE 1: 2010-2015 (+ some predictions to stir things up. More at nowandnext.com)Printable TV screensInvisibility cloaksPrison ships Children become luxury objects 1. Society Turkey, Iran and MexicoConvergence of healthcare Contents of British Library available on a postage stamp-sized chip Letter writing First human clonee-voting in supermarkets Disintegration of EUbecome key powersand financial planning 2. GeopoliticsZONE 2: 2015-2020Digital cashSingle globalDigital cash widely embedded in clothing Hunger for shared experiencesFolk-art revivalIncreased immigration to solve skills crisis Collapse of free tradeGovernment PR budgetsexceed military spendingPulsebombs widely e-currencyAnimals suing humansBaby licences Growth of Tech-No movementDesire for controlCulture of immediacy ChequesResurgence of hobbies & craft 1/3 of all military vehiclesFunction based tariffsembedded inhuman body Widespread outbreaksnow unmannedfor electricity3. Energy & raw materials Global population hits 9 billion Most people Online funeralsSearch for meaning Digital celebritiesof panic Virtual protests Growth of G2Revival of far-right politicsPeople able to record everyZONE 3: 2020-2025Rising rage Expecting lesshave multiple(Mondays to Fridays only) Face recognition doors Widespread use of nano-materialsevent from birth to death Brain drain from hedge funds to scientific R&D (energy #1 priority) presences Pastism NostalgiaBio-mimicryAirborne networks 4. Science & technology Wealth asylum seekersShape shifting materialsMolecular machines Fully sensory internetIncreasing influence ofCosmetic brain Calorie taxesFood passports10-mile diets oil states on US politicsWorlds first thorium reactor surgeryConvenienceWell-being ProvenanceTraceability Regionality Green politicsZONE 4: 2025-2035opens in India Indulgence AuthenticityGrowth of virtual communities Biotechnology Energy harvesting buildingsEpidemic of new5. HealthcareRise of N11 countriesMiddle Class unrestOpen source intelligence gathering Virtual waterGenetic prophesy at birth mental disordersRising levels of autocracylinked to uncensored Whole life financial planning linkedGlobalisation unravelling Lunar dimming streetlights Intelligent vending machinesuse of digital devices Growth ofBusiness sustainabilityto whole family model Government Growth of state control Carbon trading 6. Retail & leisureZONE 5: 2035-2050micro-insurance largest determinant ofRobotics Local energy transmission networks e-servicesFirst Internet courtstock pricePower shiftEmergence of Gross NationalMen behaving like womenArtificial eyesMeltdown of globalEmergence of Growth of bartering EastwardsHappiness metrics Shopping 2.0 financial systemOnline communitiesGenetically Gross National AgeingCustomer service avatars Womb based therapy 7. Economystart physical enhanced petsHappiness Speech recognitioncommunitiesRFID Small indulgences Third spacesbecome common place Redefinition of health tometrics Notes on time travel75-year mortgages Pre-pay currency cards Last CD is Micro-finance Widespread cuts inMonolinesEDLP AuthenticityCarbon chaosNegawattsClean coal Rare earthsinclude happiness/well-being Shift tolocal Figurative This map is a broad representation of some of revolution in the published Paper statements & bills public services trade8. Environmente-ink comes Face recognitionFree-tailing Re-regulation the trends and technologies currently visible.Retirementarts asneoclassicismof age Investment in renewable energyHalf the world now living under double Increase in pigouvian taxes Brain gyms Growth of outsourcingConspicuous non-consumptionto Africa Improvement works are carried out at weekends andreturns BionicOlympics A graphic novel Acute labourwomen behaving like menMercantilismIncreasing longevity digit inflation travellers should check to see whether lines are stillwins the Booker shortages in Prizeaged-care sectorSynthetic biology Infrastructure under-investmentNetworked riskBroader definitions of health9. Financial se operable before commencing any journeys. HelpfulMove to global pricingNuclear power renaissanceHome-based healthPeak landfill of consumer goodsJust-in-timeSeasonality Cities painted suggestions concerning new routes and excursions(driven by shopbots) shoppingToo much choiceBlurring of sectors Sensory experiencesLife story labellingUrbanisationMedical tourism Obesitywhite toincrease reflectivityConsumer e-healthPensions funding crisis are always welcome. 10. Food & drink Globalisation Declining fertility Anxiety If you wish to travel outside of Zone 1 you are advisedDisappearanceRobocops in Local shoppingPrice polarisation (High / Low )Urban/rural divide LonelinessGrowth of private to bring comfy shoes and a camera. Travellers are alsoof checkouts shopping malls Virtual libraries Device convergenceLocalism Micro-power generation currencies Plastic bridgesIncreasing interest rates advised to bring their own supplies of food and water Blurring of scientific disciplines Stored value cards TelemedicineHome as refugeiPills MetabolomicsPeak Uranium11. although weapons are unnecessary if you keep to well Pets outnumber people globallyMalicious intent detectors Online micro-paymentsDomestic energy dashboards Modular spacesIdentity theft Rising economc Driverless lorries trodden paths. Also note that travel into Zone 5 is not Robot populationBasic forms of AI Growth of securityprotectionism First moon hotel available for people aged over 75 years of age. surpasses humanDigital mirrors algorithmsMicro-financeIndustries consolidating globallyDebtDecline in real wages 12.populationFirst internet addiction clinicMind control toysPersonalisationUse of fake information DepressionIslamic finance Payments to as a weapon P2P lendingDebt StressPersonal nooksenter most cities Pilotless airliners A3 and A5 Prints of this mapAverage lifespan Unexpected increase Death of distance Health & safety hysteria Information pandemicsMobile payments Sense of entitlement Services outsourcingby private vehiclePeak copper 13. Home & family Full colour prints of this map are available 100 yearsin fertility ratesHome/work convergenceBasic forms of AI Web 2.0Volatility Healthcare rationingSimplicity Unsupervised adultsVictim cultureShift to knowledge intensive industries Brain holidaysSocietal feminisation Large screens to anyone that asks nicely. A small charge isSpinning diskHome swap holidayseverywhereFully levied to cover print and postage costs only.Empathy memory devicesMachines that can judge emotional state of userCloud storage Home/street immersiveFull concentrationT.I.M Robotic surgery Data level domestic waste gamingIncreasing regulation Contact< [email protected] >stating Devices re-programming themselves & compliance security IndividualismDroughtsBelievers versus heretics processing 30% of all booksAll ads now whether youd like A3 or A5 size and saying25% of companyHQs now virtual Widespread use of brain Single person households Tightening security in light of experienceContactless paymentsFloodingUser filteringUser generated contentnow digital personalised scans in job interviews Energy storage which country the map is to be delivered to.Online video Micro-bloggingDigitalisation Binge drinkingBio-simulations Delivery is available to anywhere in the world.Virtual currenciesGrowth of digital narcissism Shorter formatsReal-time car insurance All televised sport Atternatively, just print this out yourself Physical newspapersNear extinction of quality journalism Digital dietsGrowth in passenger numbers Constant digitalPrediction markets Telepresence Wilder weather Emergence of green nationalismnow short format ( A3 minimum recommended )become luxury itemsspawns philanthropic fundingDomestic tourism distraction Online medical recordsGreen IT e-booksSeabed miningChildcare robotsVoluntourism Fuel-cell carsFace recognition rear view mirrors (linked to ignition) Hypersonic SourcedFace recognition doorsQuiet paint 4 billion mobile phone subscribersSustainabilityGesture-based computingairliners Material for this map has been soured from a Medical tourism Intelligent packagingEnvironmental 3-D teleconferences Collapse of number of publications including Future FilesWireless re-charge Low-cost competition Fair trade Shifting centres of economic activitychange Hybrid fuelsBio-fuel backlashChinese banking Cyber-pet vets Video wallpaper Aged care robots Wind power Return of food inflation and food riotssystem and Whats Next Holographic storage Outsourcing backlashFractional ownershipSpace tourism Dining Rooms ModestyGreen citiesConsumer e-health Slow foodCautious optimism Urban car sharing Laboratory grown meat in supermarketsRobotic insects forcrop pollinationCompanies re-thinkMega trend Computers withVerbal searchIncreasing inflation 2-speed economies Increasing complexityElectricity shortages OHS&E CHIME liquidityafter moving parts Green buildingsComfort foodsFragrance cartridgesOcean dead zones Affective computingSustainable tourismGlobal hospital brands Lunar dimming streetlights in mobiles workplace stress claims TrendUbiquitous computingWater labellingNano-solar End of low-cost inputsAll vehicles fitted with GPSOil at $200 Eco-cynics Gen X start to outlive their offspring Fuel-cell phones Most people have 2+ careers80% of global energy requirements still met by oil/coal/gas Holidays at home packages Facebook vacations(meet your online friends in person) a barrel Prediction Augmented reality Phone spam Human organ farmsSkills shortages bite contact lenses Wearable computers Resources increasingly acquired on a no questions asked basisSolar energy generating windows DNAGlobal sensor network Urban (ve

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