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History of NSIC National Small Industries Corporation Ltd. (NSIC), an ISO 9001 Ltd. certified company, since its establishment in 1955, has been 1955, working to fulfill its mission of promoting, aiding and fostering the growth of small scale industries and industry related small scale services/business enterprises in the country. country. Over a period of five decades of transition, growth and development, NSIC has proved its strength within the country and abroad by promoting modernization, upgradation of technology, quality consciousness, strengthening linkages with large medium enterprises and enhancing exports - projects and products from small industries. industries. NSIC operates through more than 120 offices, supported by a team of over 500 professionals spread across the country. To country. manage operations in African countries, NSIC operates from its office in Johannesburg. Johannesburg.

Schemes & ServicesNSIC carries forward its mission to assist small enterprises with a set of specially tailored schemes designed to put them in a competitive and advantageous position. The schemes comprise:position. comprise:


Marketing Support ProgrammeNSIC has been trying to act as a major agency to bring SMEs closer to various Governmental purchasing agencies, with the intention of creating confidence in the purchasing agencies about SMEs, and their capabilities to supply goods and services of requisite quality, economic prices and adherence to agreed delivery schedules. schedules.

Tender Marketing It participates in bulk local/global tender on behalf of Small Scale Industries/Enterprises. It is aimed at Industries/Enterprises. assisting SSIs with the ability to manufacture quality products but which lack brand equity & credibility or have limited financial capabilities. capabilities.

Technology Upgradation Excellent technical support is provided to SSIs/SMEs through five NSIC Technical Service Centres. These centres have been Centres. recognised by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for ininhouse R&D. NSIC has set up a Technology Transfer Centre. The R&D. Centre. latest information is provided to on-line connections and networks onof computers on matching technology seekers and technology providers are arranged through the Technology Transfer Centre. Centre. NSIC has set up a NSIC-STP Complex under Software NSICTechnology Parks of India (STPI). Software Technology Parks (STPI). facilitates small scale units to establish their units for the 100% 100% export of software and also act as the major point to activate software exports directly through NSIC. NSIC-STP Complex at NSIC. NSICOkhla, New Delhi is one of such Parks set up by the National Small Industries Corporation under the Software Technology Parks of India to promote small entrepreneurs in software development. development.

BuyerBuyer-Seller meets Bulk and departmental buyers such as the Railways, Defence, Communication departments and large companies are invited to participate in buyer-seller buyermeets to enrich SSI unit's knowledge regarding terms and conditions, quality standards, etc required by the buyer. buyer. These programmes are aimed at vendor development from SSI units for the bulk manufacturers. manufacturers.

Hire Purchase Scheme Supply of indigenous and imported machinery and equipment on easy financial terms with special focus on women entrepreneurs, weaker sections, handicapped and ex-servicemen and SC/ST exentrepreneurs. entrepreneurs.

Export of Products and ProjectsNSIC is providing a complete package of export assistance, testing facilities, pre-shipment credit facility, preexport incentives etc. apart from exposure to the products etc. of SSEs in trade fairs, buyer and seller meets etc. The etc. Corporation has been endeavoring to increase share of Indian industries in purchases to United Nations Organization, it being the largest single buyer in the world. world.

The major areas of operation are: are: Export of products such as handicrafts, leather items, hand tools, pipes/fittings, builders hardware etc. etc. Supply of Small Industry projects on turnkey basis. basis.

Financing SchemeThis Scheme aims at augmenting working capital of viable and well managed units, on selective basis in case of emergent requirements to enable them to paypayoff their purchase of consumable stores, spares and production related overheads particularly electricity bills, statutory dues. dues. Financing for procurement of Raw Material (Short term) Financing for Marketing Activities (Short term) Finance through syndication with BanksBanksIn this NSIC makes arrangements of forwarding of the loan applications of the interested small enterprises to the banks and shares the processing fee. fee.

Performance and Credit Rating Scheme for small industries To enable small enterprises to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of their existing operations and take corrective measures to enhance their organizational strength. strength. NSIC is operating a Performance and Credit Rating Scheme through empanelled agencies like ICRA, ONICRA, Duns & Bradstreet(D&B), CRISIL, FITCH, CARE and SMERA. Small enterprise has the SMERA. liberty to choose among any of the rating agencies empanelled with NSIC. Rating agencies will charge the NSIC. credit rating fee according to their policies. The benefits policies. to small enterprises are as follows: follows:

An independent, trusted third party opinion on capabilities and credit worthiness of SSI units. units. Good rating to enhance the acceptability of the SSI units with Banks. FIs, SSI's customers and buyers. Banks. buyers. Facilitate prompter credit decisions from Banks on proposals of SSI units. units. 75% of the credit rating fee subject to a maximum of 75% Rs. 25,000/ Rs. 25,000/- will be reimbursed to the small enterprise having a turnover upto Rs.50 lakh by way of grants. Rs. grants. 75% of the credit rating fee subject to a maximum of 75% Rs. 30,000/ Rs. 30,000/- will be reimbursed to the small enterprise having a turnover above Rs.50 lakh to Rs.200 lakh by Rs. Rs. way of grants. grants. 75% of the credit rating fee subject to a maximum of 75% Rs. 40,000/ Rs. 40,000/- will be reimbursed to the small enterprise having a turnover above Rs.200 lakh by way of grants. Rs. grants.

Technology supportTechnology is the key to enhancing a company's competitive advantage in today's dynamic information age. Small enterprises need to develop and implement a technology strategy in addition to financial, marketing and operational strategies and adopt the one that helps integrate their operations with their environment, customers and suppliers.NSIC offers small units the following support services through its Technical Services Centers and Extension Centers Advising on application of new techniques Material testing facilities through accredited laboratories Product design including CAD Common facility support in machining, EDM, CNC, etc. etc. Energy and environment services at selected centres Classroom and practical training for skill upgadation. upgadation.

New initiative of NSIC

Incubation of unemployed youth for setting up new small enterprises I implementing of performance & credit rating for small enterprise Arranging credits need for SSI Insurance of export credit for small enterprises. enterprises. Reaching out to small enterprises New infrastructure project to facilitate SMEs in marketing their products. products. International cooperation

NSIC Technical Services Centres are located at the following placesName of the Centre Focus Area

Chennai Howrah Hyderabad New Delhi Rajkot Rajpura (Pb) Aligarh (UP)

Leather & Footware General Engineering Electronics & Computer Application Machine Tools & related activities Energy Audit & Energy Conservation activities Domestic Electrical Appliances Lock Cluster & Die and Tool making

International SupportNSIC facilitates sustainable international partnerships. partnerships. The emphasis is on sustainable business relations rather than on one-way onetransactions. transactions. The features of the scheme are: are: Exchange of Business / Technology missions with various countries. countries. Facilitating Enterprise to Enterprise cooperation, JVs, Technology Transfer & other form of sustainable collaboration. collaboration. Identification of new export markets by participating in sector- specific exhibitions all over sectorthe world. world.

ConclusionOn the future outlook, increasing the reach of NSIC to a larger number of micro and small enterprise and providing them the integrated support services will be the main focus. It will be NSICs endeavor to focus. strengthen small enterprises to meet the demand of global competitiveness, which is the key to the future of small enterprises in the present context. context. We can now understand what are the various strategy and plans implemented by NSIC for the development of SSI, and also their initiatives towards the upliftment of SSI in India. Thus, making them one of the India. corporations dedicating towards the welfare and development of society by means of promoting young entrepreneur and decreasing the level of unemployment through imparting guidance to unemployed youth through their training programs. programs.


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