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Date post: 23-Dec-2014
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Air Pressure Basics Laura P. Dickey Stamford Public Schools
  • 1. Air Pressure BasicsLaura P. DickeyStamford Public Schools

2. Barometer BasicsLesson Objective: Students will describe how a barometer works. Students will state the relationship between temperature and pressureCT Standard: Explain how changes in temperature, pressure, moisture and density of air create weather. 3. Using ActiVotes for Pre-test 4. Setting up barometers 5. What happened withthe barometers?What caused theballoon to rise andshrink? 6. What causes air pressure?Student A:The temperature helped increaseand decrease the pressure insidethe jar. 7. Showing evidence of thebarometer changeStudent B Cold air will have aheavier air mass than hot air.Student C In the jars under thelamps the balloons are rising.