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Numerology for Prosperity

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Table Of Contents Chapter 1: An Introduction to Numbers and Numerology The Science of Numbers What is Numerology? Why Numerology? Chapter 2: A Timeline of Numerology Origin of Numerology History and Types of Numerology Modern Day Numerology Chapter 3: Number Reference Guide Number 1 Number 2 Number 3 Number 4 Number 5 Number 6 Number 7 Number 8 Number 9 Chapter 4: Numerological Calculations Birth/Destiny Number Personality Number Heart/Soul Number Personal Year Number Master Numbers Chapter 5: Pinnacles and Challenges Pinnacles Calculations Pinnacles Results Challenges Calculations Challenges Results Chapter 6: Love Compatibility Chapter 7: Professional Prosperity and Wealth Auspicious/Lucky Days Careers, Business and Individual Wealth Chapter 8: Winners Luck Lucky Colors Lucky Birth Stones Lucky Lottery Conclusion References 3 3 3 5 6 6 6 10 11 11 14 18 21 25 28 31 33 36 39 39 39 40 42 45 47 47 47 49 50 54 56 56 57 59 59 59 60 61 62


Chapter 1: An Introduction to Numbers and NumerologyThe Science of NumbersNumbers are all around us and they are the link to all facets of life. Numbers order everything in creation and their vast complexity defines the structure of the universe. Numbers, in all of their infinity, are capable of plotting a course on a map, calendaring days and seasons, counting time and giving proportion to nature. Think of Da Vincis discovery of bodily proportions, astronomers plotting the stars, and the navigators dependence on the compass. These are just a few examples that reveal the ubiquity of numbers and their power.

The study of numbers can be traced back to ancient times from the Greeks in Europe, the Chinese and Japanese in Asia and the Persians in the Middle East. As time has evolved the interconnections between these studies have meshed into a mathematical canvas where one can paint countless possibilities based on the findings of ancient philosophers, mathematicians and engineers.

Within the numerals lie enormous powers to create and to destroy things. This science was jealously guarded from falling into the hands of a charlatan by our ancestors. The complete secrets of Numerology are 108. In India a lot of importance has been give to this number. A mantra is complete if chanted 108 times or multiples of it eg.1008 times. There are 27 stars in the universe, and their rays can tremendously affect our earth. And every star is divided into four sections. Thus 27 multiply by 4 is 108. So when a mantra is chanted it must reach all the sections of the stars before it can become potent. Only the meanings of numbers


from 1-78 of the 108 secrets and their occult meaning left India to Egypt. In the Egyptian pyramids the occult meanings of the numbers were drawn as pictures giving birth to the Tarot Cards. The remaining secret meanings of 30 did not leave India at all.

Rosicrusions experimented and researched greatly on numbers. They formed Rose Cross society specially for numerology. The Hebrews learned the knowledge of numbers from the Rosicrusians. The Greeks were fascinated by this system and attracted the attention of Pythagoras. Pythagoras traveled to the East and spend many years studying this ancient knowledge of divination. His students have to follow very strict rules, before they were taught this sacred knowledge. They have to follow the art of silence for three years before they were qualified to learn. The Chaldeans living in the ancient Babylonian considered the number 9 as sacred and did not give any value to the alphabets. Till today we still follow the Chaldean system of assigning the values to alphabets. This method is based on the sound vibration.

Numbers are holistic and they link the past, present and future. Just like the seasons and their infinite cycle, numbers are forever linked allowing for the wheel of time to revolve. If a volcano erupts in one part of the world, there wont be rain somewhere else, if there is drought during the summer, there wont be a fall harvest. This affects us humans not just physically but emotionally as well. People are known to be rather high strung when its a full moon, or depressed after a lengthy dark winter. This potential chain of events is what keeps the universe linked as numbers interconnect us all.


What is Numerology?The word, numerology, is the science of numbers. The word comes from the Latin root, numerus, which means number and the Greek word, logos, which refers word or thought. These number-thoughts, or numerology is an ancient method of divination where numerical vibrations are charted in order to determine or predict the pattern of trends for the future. Just like a blueprint, the number chart acts like a guide to understand your inner universe. Through the practice of numerology you will delve into your subconscious, develop your intuition and remove the veil from your psychological patterns and personality in order to put yourself on a path toward a prosperous life purpose with direction and goals.

Each and every person has a unique combination of numbers based on the name and birth date of that person. By charting these numbers, one can identify personal strengths and challenges, as well as discover things like good relationship compatibility, the best career path and even ones destiny. Those who practice

numerology believe that by studying your own number charts you will have a more positive and satisfying life because you can accurately chart your lifes course through the use of science and number vibrations.

Why Numerology?Once you learn how to use numerology successfully and implement it in your daily life you will soon see how it can guide you on a path to personal fulfillment and enjoyment. Numerology can be used to find a compatible partner, choose a career, determine your destiny and allows for full advantage of lucky days, events and years.


Chapter 2: A Timeline of NumerologyOrigin of NumerologyThe system we follow Numerology today has its origins from the Chaldean Empire in ancient Babylon. We now call this modern day Iran at the mouth of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Just like various ancient civilizations such who are remembered for leaving their mark like the pyramids of Egypt or the Roman coliseum, the Chaldeans are remembered for their knowledge of the stars. The

Chaldean form of numerology isnt as prevalently practiced because in modern numerology practitioners focus on western forms because its more flexible in interpretation. But when it comes to the true beginnings of numerology, we have to give that credit to the Chaldeans. In this book, although other methods will be mentioned and explained, the primary focus will be on the Chaldean method of number charting as it is more accurate.

History and Types of NumerologyOver time, numerology has been developed all over the world. The Chinese use the I Ching, the Japanese use Nine Star Ki, there is Hebrew Kabbalah and New Kabbalah, Chaldean, Pythagorean and Abracadabra. Although practiced in different ways, the common thread they hold is the use of numbers to perform divinations.

I Ching Chinese The I Ching is an ancient text the Chinese use to perform divinations. The name compares two Mandarin words, yi and jing which mean, divination and book respectively. The book is comprised of 64 hexagrams, which symbolize conditions such as happiness, tranquility and innocence. It essentially identifies order 6

to what would be considered chance events. Depending on the numbers the person is dealt, Taoist philosophy is offered to that person based on the meaning of the numbers. The odd numbers; 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 represent Yang and are masculine. Where as the even numbers; 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 represent Yin, the feminine. The sum of these celestial numbers is 25 where as in popular western numerology methods have a sum of 22.

Nine Star Ki Japanese The number 9 in Nine Star Ki numerology refers to the nine numbers in the Lo Shu Square that you see below. In this standard chart, the number five is always in the center and each year the pattern changes for a possibility of nine different combinations. The Ki system also relates each number to a specific color as well as the five elements; earth, metal, fire, wood and water. Depending on what star stood centrally in the square during your birth will determine your characteristics and personality. 4 6 1 3 5 8 7 9 2

Hebrew Kabbalah Kabbalah teaches that every letter, word, number and scripture have a hidden meaning, a mystic meaning. Based on the Hebrew alphabet and mysticism, this form of numerology only interprets the persons name and not birth date. In addition, there are only 22 number vibrations because of the alphabetic origin of the language.


New Kabbalah New Kabbalah is a revised adaptation of Hebrew Kabbalah but used the modern Roman alphabet instead of the Hebrew alphabet. This new method is more concerned with events in the life of person instead of the persons character and uses modern Pythagorean methodology to ascertain periods of time.

Abracadabra In the Abracadabra method, the persons name is used to create a series of triangles to arrive at numerical values used to predict events. This particular method is the least popular of the forms of numerology. It uses combinations of numbers in the form of a pyramid.

Pythagorean The famous, Ancient Greek mathematician and metaphysician, Pythagoras, developed the Pythagorean method of numerology. Although he is most noted for his work on numbers and the Pythagorean theorem he also did in-depth study on metaphysics and strived to find the mathematical link between the two. In the west, this is the form of numerology that is most practiced as it has its roots in Ancient Greece. In addition, it is a bit more user-friendly as the divinations are calculated based on

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