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  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul



    Numerology for Soul Awakening


    Vitae Bergman

    Burkeshire Press

  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul



    Published by Burkeshire PressPrinted by Lulu, Inc

    Copyright 2004 by Vitae Bergman

    All rights reserved under International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions including the right ofreproduction in whole or in part in any form.

    Manufactured in the United States of America.First Edition

  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul




    Dear Reader, in this book you will find a useful tool forself-discovery. Numerology is an ancient and time-honored process by which much about your self may beuncovered.

    Numerology may be employed for many diversepurposes. Here, it is used as a means for an individual tobecome more closely identified with his/her Soul Self andthereby grow into being an instrument for Soul Purpose.


    Souls are eternal. They are rays of the Divine, or what some callSupreme Consciousness, or what others call God.

    Souls, having emerged from the Divine, are pure expressions of theDivine. God, being Omniscient [all knowing, which is to say,Supreme Consciousness], Omnipresent [everywhere, which is tosay, in every atom, every molecule, every aspect of the manifestworld and the spirit worlds], Omnipotent, [all powerful, which is to

    say the only support of all that is], so too are these qualities inherentat the core of every Soul.

    Souls, however, emerge from and become individuations of the

  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul



    Divine. And, as such, they move around and get involved in variousactivities, one among which is involvement with the manifested,earth plane of existence.

    It is here, in the physical world, to which Souls have been attracted,where they lose their identification with the Divine. Here, Soulstend to become ego-bound. They become immersed in earthlypreoccupations, develop desires that spellbind their consciousness,that propel them into ever deeper emotional, psychologicalinvolvements with themselves and with other incarnated Souls,until, finally, they totally forget their Divine origin.

    Ultimately, at some point in the eternal journey of the Soul, therecomes anawakening. Soul desires to return to its origin, to uncoverits true core Self. It is then that Soul comes into the physical realmwith a purpose of healing itself from the many scars and woundsand desires and obsessions that have developed over the eons offascination with life on earth. Soulmust needs now come to earthand heal itself, to grow back into its original wholeness so it canreturn to its Divine origin and merge once again with God.

    This, then, is the Divine Drama.

    Young Souls abound on the earth plane. These are not interested infinding God. Indeed, they are fully intent on total involvement withthe material life. They are the ones who hunger after the things ofthis world.

    Old Souls are those among us on earth who hunger for God.

    Their sense of purpose converges on healing, repairing,

    purifying. Souls such as these, involve themselves in spiritual

    practices, as a means of doing the work. They study

    themselves to see what needs to be perfected.Only when we identify with Soul Purpose do we find ourselves

    living a harmonious, joyous life.

    Regardless of our external circumstances, whether we are financiallywell off or not, whether we enjoy a prestigious position in the worldor something less, whether we are in a good relationship with our

  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul



    fellows or not -- regardless of these outward signs -- unless we areliving in accordance with our Souls desires and working toward

    our Souls fulfillment, we will never really truly feel connected withour true potential.

    I encourage you to read this book many times. Learn to make yourown numerology chart step by step. Dwell on each segment,studying your growing chart, meditating upon its significance untilintuitive insight blossoms and you then become increasingly awareof your Soul essence and its purpose for this life sojourn youordinarily call your life.

    Deepen your practice by making charts for your friends and family.Eventually, in a fairly short time, you will become an expert reader.Your psychic faculty will blossom.

    Thank you for purchasing this book, my humble contribution toour evolutionary process. It is an honor for me to be of service inthis manner.


    Vitae Bergman

  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul




    A Quick Overview


    1.) Relates to the ego self, the individuality aspect, the

    will, and willingness to explore.

    2.) Relates to the dual nature and analytical aspect of

    self, and/or qualities of balance and harmonyleading to inner peace.

    3.) Relates to creative, expressive, imaginative, physical,verbal and artistic actions.

    4.) Relates to foundational aspects [like four legs of table]stability, self-discipline, orderliness.

    5.) Relates to action, versatility, courage to move forward,

    energetic equation.

    6.) Relates to caring, compassionate qualities, service, self-responsibility.

    7.) Relates to wisdom, detachment, intellect, occultsciences, metaphysical activity, scientific activity,


    8.) Relates to authority, power, executive ability,leadership.

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    9.) Relates to altruism, tolerance, compassionate,humanitarian action, high spiritual development,

    mystical union with Self.

    Numerology, as here used, addresses issues of soulpurpose [soul desire], personality traits that serve the soulurge [or, ones personality traits may be in opposition tosoul desires, thus causing friction and struggle in the life.],

    destiny of the entitys present incarnation, the lifeexpression in the later years of the sojourn [end goal], andthe energy expression which is determined by the date ofbirth, together with traits of temperament [how oneinteracts with the world], and finally challenges facedduring early years, and achievements [pinnacles] made inthe mature years.

    Soul desire numbers are derived from examining thevowels of a given name.

    Personality expression is derived from examining theconsonants.

    Destiny experience looks at the combined numbers ofvowels and consonants.

    End goal of life is derived from the Destiny number andthe Birth number.

    Missing numbers [so-called Karmic numbers] addresswhat needs to be integrated into the life expression, eitherin current life sojourn, or the next, or sometime.

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    When adding up the numbers, all digits are combineduntil a single number remains.

    Note: while 10 reduces to 1, the indication, when 10occurs, corresponds to the idea of Alpha/Omega, the endof one cycle and the beginning of another.

    Final Note: there are three master numbers:11 = Self-Mastery22 = Master Teacher

  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul



    1st Lesson:

    Introduction to Self-UnderstandingTHE NATURE OF OUR ESSENCE

    Quantum physics tells us that matter is in actuality adenser form of energy. Thus, what reveals itself to usthrough our senses as solid, is in actuality a frequency

    vibration. The body-mind-soul organism, whom we knowas ourselves, expresses in the physical world through aunique frequency vibration. Each one of us has a personalsignature, as it were, which constitutes the essence of ourbeing.

    Becoming more aware of our unique expression, offers us

    the opportunity of aligning ourselves more harmoniouslywith that expression, thus bringing our true-life purposeinto focus.

    We are all aware, to a lesser or greater degree, of howliving in this world is a learning process by which wegradually gain wisdom and understanding. The "School of

    Hard Knocks" eventually knocks sense into our growthcurve.

    Sooner or later, through hardship and struggle, the lifeforces compel us to get on track with our reason for beinghere. Sooner or later, we learn our most productive way oaccomplishing what we came here to do.

    There are tools available, however, that we can make useof, which will guide us to awareness (clarity of purpose)

    ith less stress, fewer "wrong turns." Numerology is one

  • 7/30/2019 numerology for soul



    such tool.


    Pythagoras, the mystical mathematician, refined and builtupon earlier understandings regarding the quality of

    vibration inherent in the nine numbers we ordinarily usesimply for counting things.

    Each number, one through nine, carries a vibration that

    has a certain meaning relating to the nature of theuniverse, and the nature of being in terms of the humanexpression. The sequence of the numbers follows aprogression akin to growth, i.e. the development of anindividual.

    One [1] relates to the energy of outward expressing

    personality, the beginning of a developing consciousness,the ego-self.

    Two [2] relates to the energy of duality, of analyticalthinking; and as well to the balancing energy of analysisand synthesis, in other words, harmony.

    Three [3] relates to the energy of creative activity, notjust solely artistic activity such as painting or writing orsome other art form, but also in the field of creativeinteraction with life in general and with individuals andgroups.

    Four [4] relates to the energy of stability, like the four

    legs of a table, thus providing a stable platform for fu

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