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October 11th

Date post: 21-Mar-2016
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Here are the stories of App State's Club Sports as told by the athletes in this issue of the Club Sports Illustrated.
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Page 2: October 11th

For more information on any of the club teams, visit the website:clubsports.appstate.edu

email us [email protected]

or call us at theStudent Recreation Center(828)262-2100

Director of UREC:Joe [email protected]

Director of Club Sports:Erin [email protected]

Publicity Programmer:Marcie [email protected]

Executive Officers:Jessie [email protected]

Ashley [email protected]

Tyler [email protected]

THE OCT 11th Edition of the Club Sports Illustrated

Edited by Jason SharpeDesigned by Marcie Ried


ON THE COVERThe Women’s Basketball hosted a tournament Oct. 5th at the SRC and came out undefeated.













FEncing- Competitive Skirmishes

women’s ultimate- Results from Itchfest

snowboarding- How to Wax Your Board

women’s basketball- Undefeated

Men’s ultimate- Developing at Phenomenal Rates

Women’s soccer- Why Join a Club Sport?

Triathlon- Coming to an End

Equestrian- How to Stay Stable

Women’s Lacrosse- Testing Their Skills

Executives’ corner- From Jessie

Upcoming events- Happy Homecoming!

Page 3: October 11th

FEncing- Competitive Skirmishes

women’s ultimate- Results from Itchfest

snowboarding- How to Wax Your Board

women’s basketball- Undefeated

Men’s ultimate- Developing at Phenomenal Rates

Women’s soccer- Why Join a Club Sport?

Triathlon- Coming to an End

Equestrian- How to Stay Stable

Women’s Lacrosse- Testing Their Skills

Executives’ corner- From Jessie

Upcoming events- Happy Homecoming!

“We need to work on our fielding a little as well as our hitting. If we want to be a powerhouse team in this conference, we need to have our bats swinging and our gloves flashing.” 10





Page 4: October 11th

04 CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED /// October 11th, 2013


On October 5th, the Appalachian State Club Fencing Team hosted a meet with Wake Forest University. The team, as well as several visiting fencers, engaged in a joint practice led by Wake Forest University’s coach. During the practice, advanced footwork drills and other maneuvers were reviewed. After practicing, some bouting occurred, which was a nice opportunity for intercollegiate free fencing between clubs that do not encounter each other often. Of the several bouts that occurred, Appalachian State’s Club Fencing Team won a slight majority. Team members look forward to future meetings with Wake Forest, and hopefully the next will include more competitive skirmishes.

In the meantime, the team is preparing for their home tournament in November. Working with Wake Forest’s team this past weekend gave the Fencing Team another valuable contact, and the team expects to see the Demon Deacons again when they host the Yosef Open. However, before the Open, the team will be training hard and setting up some more coaching sessions.

Written by Bennett Hatfield, President


Page 5: October 11th

October 11th, 2013 /// CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 05


Written by Ingrid Humphrey, Secretary

Over the weekend of October 4th and 5th, the Appalachian State Women’s Ultimate Team traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, to compete in Vanderbilt University’s Ultimate Tournament, Itchfest. The Nonads competed against four teams they have never played before and finished with mixed results. At the end of games Saturday, the Nonads had a 2-2 record for the tournament, losing games to Alabama and Vanderbilt, but winning games versus Lipscomb and Rhodes. Due to a downpour Saturday night that lasted into Sunday, tournament play on Sunday play was cancelled. The weather left the Nonads with no other options than to have an extended, enjoyable team breakfast at Waffle House. Afterwards, they started their drive home to Boone early.


The Nonads were a little disheartened to not be able to play another day, especially after driving so far, but they are proud of what they accomplished on Saturday. Both losses occurred after a lasting fight from the Nonads, with each team member giving their all on the field and encouragement from the sidelines. With an increasing number of players willing to “lay out” to get the disc, the team certainly thought they figured out the reason this tournament was dubbed Itchfest – the Bermuda grass fields were brutal! All itchiness aside, the Nonads returned to Boone proud of their wins, and hopeful that they will meet Vanderbilt and Alabama again for a chance at redemption.

Page 6: October 11th

06 CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED /// October 11th, 2013

The Snowboard Team would like to present one of the most important aspects of boarding that sometimes flies under the radar: Proper waxing is fundamental to keeping a snowboard in top condition while you ride. A good coat of wax will help you maintain speed on flat areas and make it easier to gain enough speed for park features (rails, jumps, ect...). Waxing your board also helps keep the base (bottom) of your board from becoming dry which takes away from how long the board will last. You should wax your board every 3-5 times you ride. You can tell it is time to wax when white patches appear on the base, showing you that your board is too dry.

What you will need:• Level work area• Base Cleaner and cloth • Flat iron (a normal household iron will be ruined by the wax and not give an even coat)

• Block of snowboard wax• Scrapper• Scuff pad (like the kind to do dishes with)

• Brush (optional)


Written by Tyler Grandis, President

Page 7: October 11th

October 11th, 2013 /// CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 07

Step 1Clean it upHopefully you have been putting your snowboard to good use and it is lacking wax and a little bit dirty. You will first put your board on a level surface and clean it up. You can purchase base cleaner or just wipe it down if you don’t have any. You may want to run the iron over it quickly and use the scrapper as explained below. A clean base allows the wax to absorb into the board properly.

Step 2Apply the waxYou will need to heat up your iron first and pick your wax. Heat up your iron just enough to melt the wax, if it is smoking at all then it is too hot. All purpose wax is always a good choice but there are other kinds for different temperatures if you are competing in races or trick competitions. You will then place the wax against the iron over your board and it will start dripping off the iron. You want to go around the edges, which loose the most wax while riding, then cris-cross through the center. At this point you can put your block of wax down.

You will then take the iron and place it on your board and slowly drag it along the whole board coating the board evenly with the wax. You should make sure to always keep the iron moving because you could burn your board if it is in one place for too long. After you have evenly spread the wax you will let it cool for 30 minutes to 1 hour or any length of time longer than that. Many think the wax sets in better if you leave it on overnight.

Step 3Scrape it and brushYou will then take your scrapper and drag it along the base from the nose end to tail end. Scrape the wax off in long strides, short strides will make it patchy. Don’t be afraid to put some elbow grease into this to get the wax off. After you have gotten most of the wax off take your Brillo pad and brush it from tip to tail to get any extra wax off. A brush can also be used after this step in the same way the put some grooves in the wax in the direction the snow is going (tip to tail). Long even strides are key to all of this to allow for more speed.

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08 CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED /// October 11th, 2013

Women’s Basketball

The SRC saw some heavy competition on October 5th as the Appalachian State Women’s Club Basketball team used their home court advantage on Saturday to post a 3-0 undefeated record in this past weekend’s home tournament. The Women’s Club Basketball team played Duke for the second time this season, wining by five points, crushed Elon by 20 points and brushed past UNC-Chapel Hill with a two-point win to top off the day. Although the team had some tough match ups, they ultimately pulled through by utilizing team chemistry and serious intensity to finish out with three wins.

This was the team’s first time winning an entire tournament, and it was special that they achieved the feat in their own gym. One of the team’s goals this season was to win their first tournament, and now they can officially say that they have met one of their goals for the season! The team is very appreciative of all the support from students and parents that came to watch them play and win the tournament!

UNDEFEATED Written by Elena Kacan, Secretary

On October 12th, the Mountaineers will travel to Chapel Hill, N.C., for another one-day tournament. They will face UNC-Chapel Hill again after defeating them this past weekend, as well as play games against High Point and ECU. The team knows it is early in the season and believes they have much to improve on, but starting out with 5-2 record is a great way to open the season!

Practice this week will consist of reviewing existing plays and potentially implementing a new motion offense and press break. Conditioning is important and will be stressed, and also on the agenda are plans to work on fast breaks and to improve communication.

Page 9: October 11th

October 11th, 2013 /// CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 09

Page 10: October 11th

10 CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED /// October 11th, 2013


Written by Austin Olive, Secretary

On October 5th, the Appalachian State Men’s Ultimate Club Team traveled to Charlottesville, VA, to participate in the Cavalier Cup. The team started strong on Saturday with a win over Eastern Mennonite, before facing a game with Virginia, a regional opponent whom the Nomads had never played before. The game versus Virginia was hard fought and filled with intensity that was almost palpable, and the Nomads pulled out a close 12-9 win. The next opponent was NC State, who has been the Nomads’ biggest rival over the past few years – every game the team played against them last year was exciting and fun. This game was no different. The Nomads came out strong against the Wolfpack, but could not keep up, resulting in a loss. The Nomads then forged on and won their last game of the day, placing them in the championship bracket for Sunday.

On Sunday, the team came out strong against Old Dominion, easily defeating ODU 15-8. The next game pitted the Nomads against familiar foe N.C. State. Looking for revenge, the Nomads came out strong, but just like Saturday, could not keep up, resulting in a loss. The final game of the day was against Richmond, which resulted in an easy victory. With the win over Richmond, the Nomads earned 3rd place in the Cavalier Open.

With this tournament behind the Nomads, the team is very optimistic for the future of the season. All players are developing at phenomenal rates. The next tournament is the Wolfpack Invite on October 19-20 in Raleigh. With two weeks of preparation ahead of the team, they are looking to come out strong and show everyone what Appalachian State Ultimate looks like.


Page 11: October 11th

October 11th, 2013 /// CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 11


Written by Teagan Miller, Secretary

The end of a very short, but intense competition season has come. Five members of the team made a long journey to participate in the Revolution3 Half Full Olympic distance triathlon in Columbia, Md. This was a very important competition for the team, as it was the Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Triathlon Conference Championship. The team showed a great effort in this race with Josh Fischer and Teagan Miller finishing within 10 seconds of each other’s total time, and both times were in the top 30% of males competing. Anna Gannett finished 12th overall for the female competitors. The race was held very close to the nation’s capital, and was a fun-filled trip for team members as they were able to do some touring in the big city.

The next competition for the team is the USAT Collegiate Nationals in Tempe, Ariz. Despite the end of the season, training and team events will not cease – so begins the start of bitter cold walks to the pool in the morning, cold-weather spandex, running gloves and wool socks. This is the time of year that intensity drops down and mileage goes up. Many members of the triathlon team will be cranking out miles on the bikes for a few more weeks, but as the snow ensues, the inevitable long bike trainer rides and dreaded treadmill runs will shortly be upon team members.

Being on the ASU Women’s Club Soccer team has been one of the best programs that I have been involved in during my college career. I think I speak for all the members of the team and other sports clubs when I say that. Being a part of a club sport builds long lasting friendships, with people with similar interests, and is great especially for freshmen. I know when I was a freshman, I started off having a difficult time meeting people and finding a group of friends who I felt most comfortable with. Then I came to Club Soccer and hit it off right away. Now I am still friends with my teammates, even those who stopped playing on the team. I wish more people would come out and get involved. Some people are turned away because they think it is too much of a commitment, but we are not varsity sports. If you love whatever game you play and just want to have fun, then you should come get involved. All are welcome. Come have the time of your life with some great friends!

WHYshould students

join a club sport?

Written by Bailey Pages, Women’s Soccer Vice President


Page 12: October 11th

12 CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED /// October 11th, 2013

How to Keep Stable

Written by Chloe Paddison, Vice President

The competition style of the Collegiate Equestrian sport is definitely what sets it apart from other sports. No matter what sport you are competing in, you are bound to experience nerves in some way or another. When the Equestrian Team competes, we arrive at the hosting school’s barn with our tack (equipment) and show clothes polished and ironed to a tee. We anxiously await our individual divisions to be called to the draw table. The draw table is where we blindly draw a horse’s name out of a pot. This is a horse supplied by the hosting barn. The rider that has drawn this horse is challenged with the mission of completing both a flat class

(walk, trot and canter) and a jumping course (approx. 7 jumps), or a dressage test, on a horse that they have never even sat on. We are given manuals at the beginning of the show that contain brief horse descriptions such as, “no spur or crop,” “does lead changes,” or “can get the added stride in the lines.” We do not know anything about the particular horse’s attitude or personality. We do not know if they are a quick mover or sluggish, or if they have a tendency to stop at jumps or get spooked from the crowd. This is our sport- connecting with any kind of horse—no matter the size or training level—in a matter of minutes, and competing against 6 other riders for a perfect ride.


Page 13: October 11th

October 11th, 2013 /// CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 13


Everyone has heard the expression that a horse can sense your nerves and feelings.There are approximately 30 horses for a 120-rider competition. Throughout the show day, you can watch multiple people draw the same horse. The horse is different every time and it is all based on the rider’s ability to connect with that horse. The skill that we all train so hard to achieve is broken down into many aspects including: • wearing the correct equipment• leg placement• seat placement• hip angle• elbow to wrist placement and function• placement and movement of our hands in

relation to communicating with the horse’s mouth

• posture in our back and shoulders• eye placement• movement and rhythm in sync with our horse• findingthecorrectpaceanddistancetojumps

All of these skill components play a major factor in how the horse listens and responds to the rider, which determines a successful ride.

Page 14: October 11th

14 CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED /// October 11th, 2013

Women’s Lacrosse

Written by Molly Lancaster, Vice President

Women’s Lacrosse recently hosted our first home tournament of the year. We hosted Western Carolina, Wake Forest, and Charlotte Women’s Lacrosse Club. It was a great opportunity for us to play some teams that are not in our conference and a chance for us to test our skills. We had a great turn out for our games, being that it was Parents Weekend, and we all had a great time playing for some fans.

Our next games are scheduled for October 26th and 27th at ECU for their annual fall tournament. We are looking forward to this tournament because it will be our first games of the year against some new conference teams. Until then, we are going to continue practicing hard and conditioning so that we can come away with some key wins at ECU.


Page 15: October 11th

October 11th, 2013 /// CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 15

Executives’ CornerA WORD FROM JESSIEWritten By Jessie Harrelson, Executive Officer

At the 4th Council meeting of the year this week the Council Representatives showed how dedicated to our program they really are. We had multiple items that needed to be voted on, and no decisions were made without great thought and discussion. We also got to approve the new Club Sports logo that Marcie, our Publicity Programmer, has been working on for weeks. It looks great; I’m excited to start sporting our new logo!

As far as our teams go, it seems like we have an incredible group of athletes here at App State. From the updates we get at Council, the competition reports we get each week, and just hearing how practices are going it seems like our teams are all really great at what they do. I hope everyone keeps up the good work, I’m so proud to be working with such an amazing group!

Page 16: October 11th

Upcoming eventsMark your calendars + support

your fellow mountaineers

16 CLUB SPORTS ILLUSTRATED /// October 11th, 2013

OCT 12:CLIMBING Competition at Triple Crown Boulder CompetitionCYCLING Race at Beech MountainWOMEN’S BASKETBALL Tournament at UNC-Chapel Hill WOMEN’S VOLLEYBALL Tournament at UNC-Chapel Hill

OCT 13:EQUESTRIAN Showing at Virginia TechMEN’S + WOMEN’S RUGBY Alumni Match at State Farm Fields

OCT 20:EQUESTRIAN Showing at Virginia Intermont

OCT 27:EQUESTRIAN Hosting the Intercollegiate Dressage Association Show at Foothills Equestrian Center, Hickory, NC

NOV 1: EQUESTRIAN Show in Greenville, SCMEN’S BASEBALL Greenville Tournament

NOV 9-10: ULTIMATE Blue Ridge Blowout at State Farm FieldsFENCING Tournament at the Quinn Recreation Center

NOV 16: SWIMMING Home Meet at SRC Pool

NOV 17: CLIMBING Competition at SRC Climbing Wall

Happy Homecoming Weekend!