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October 2009 - GSO News

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Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2009
  • The GSO NewsVolume 1, Issue 1, October 2009

    www.mcg.edu/gradstudies/students.htmMedical College of Georgia Graduate Student Organization

    The GSO News

    Inside this Issue

    Welcome Back from the GSOPresident

    2009/10 GSO Officers

    2009 Start! Augusta Heart Walk

    Current Student Spotlight

    Alumni Student Spotlight

    Clinical Nurse Organization

    GSO Camping Trip

    Student Accomplishments

    GSO Bingo Night

    Welcome Back from the GSO President!

    My fellow graduate students,

    Its a new academic year and weve got a

    lot planned for you, already!

    This year, the Graduate Student Organiza-

    tion (GSO) is proud to welcome you back

    with its long awaited issue of the GSO

    Newsletter. Here, you will be updated

    with the latest news about MCG graduate

    students, read our interviews with recent

    alumni and senior students, learn about

    our organizations activities, and even an-

    nounce your own personal news!

    Our main objectives for this year are to

    improve the communication between

    GSO and its approximate 500 members,










    to connect graduate students from differ-

    ent programs at MCG, and establish new

    relationships with graduate student orga-

    nizations at different institutions around

    the state of Georgia. In doing so, GSO

    continues to advance interests of graduate

    students, identify and protect their rights,

    and make sure their voice is heard at dif-

    ferent institutional levels. GSO is equally

    committed to the community at large or-

    ganizing service and fundraising events,

    and creating many volunteering opportu-

    nities for graduate students year round.

    Please, feel free to contact us any time at

    [email protected] or join our blog on

    facebook at Students of MCG GSO, let

    us know whats on your mind and how

    we can serve you better. Finally, I want to

    thank my fellow GSO Officers and vol-

    unteers for their sincere dedication and

    enormous efforts. We all wish you a very

    successful year.Moataz (Taz) Elkasrawy

    2009/0 GSO OfficersSamuel Herberg

    In addition to the GSO presidents wel-come note, the GSO officers would

    also like to take the opportunity to

    briefly introduce themselves. Here we

    provide you with some basic informa-

    tion about the work we do at MCG and

    highlight the goals each one of us is ea-

    ger to achieve within this academic year.

    President Moataz (Taz) Elkasrawy:4th year BIOMED PhD student in Dr.

    Mark Hamricks lab, research interest in

    toOfficers, pg. 2 phot



    by M


    z E




  • The GSO News 2

    2009 Start! Augusta Heart WalkColleen Carey

    On September 29, individuals from all

    over the CSRA participated in the Amer-

    ican Heart Associations annual Heart-

    walk, and among them was Team GSO.

    As many of you may know, the American

    Heart Association is one of the premier

    voluntary health organization in not

    only working towards the prevention

    and treatment of heart disease, stroke

    and cardiovascular disease, but also in

    raising awareness about cardiovascular

    health. In the past, research funded by

    the AHA has contributed to discoveries

    and advancements such as CPR, pace-

    makers, bypass surgery and many others.

    The AHA is also an invaluable source of

    funding to the MCG community and an-

    nually contributes approximately $6 mil-

    lion to researchers here at MCG. This is

    more than to any other institution in the

    southeast and signifies the importance

    of the research being done right here

    on campus that ultimately will benefit

    all communities.


    bone regeneration and fracture healing.

    Goal(s) for this year: To make sure our

    GSO services reach all 500 graduate stu-

    dents at MCG, to establish better commu-

    nication between students from different

    graduate programs, and to act as an invalu-

    able link between them and the different

    administrative levels at MCG. Ultimately,

    I wish GSO becomes part of graduate stu-

    dents positive intellectual, social, and cul-

    tural experiences here at MCG.

    Vice president Samuel A. Herberg:2nd year BIOMED PhD student in Dr.

    William Hills lab, research interest in

    stem cells for tissue regeneration.

    Goal(s) for this year: To improve the

    interaction and communication within

    GSO as well as between the GSO and all

    MCG graduate students, school officials,

    and GSO representatives of other Georgia

    universities. Also, to create and publish a

    welcoming booklet for all incoming new

    graduate students with the idea of making

    the transition to Augusta and MCG as

    smooth and fun as possible.

    Secretary Crista Royal:5th year BIOMED PhD student in Dr.

    Richard Whites lab, research interest in

    estrogens signaling pathways and physi-

    ological effects in resistance arteries in

    models of postpartum and menopause.

    Goal(s) for this year: To help improve

    communication between the different

    graduate programs and increase

    job networking opportunities for

    GSO students.

    This year Team GSO, captained by Davies

    Agyekum and made up of both graduate

    students and faculty, worked very hard to

    raise a team total of $1003 towards the to-

    tal event goal of approximately $170,000.

    We would like to extend our thanks to ev-

    eryone who help to support this cause as

    we, as a research community, understand

    firsthand how the funds raised will con-

    tinue to allow for advancements in cardio-

    vascular research to be made. Your gener-

    osity in the face of this uneasy economy

    goes beyond helping our team reach goals

    and in fact goes as far as touching the lives

    of those affected by cardiovascular disease

    and stroke. Because of your support, those

    facing cardiovascular disease or stroke

    will have an organization that is better

    equipped to educate and assist them. We

    hope that next year you choose to join us

    again in supporting this fight against heart

    disease and stroke. O

    from Officers




    by M


    z E




    toOfficers, pg. 4




    by M


    z E




  • The GSO News

    Current Student Spotlight

    In future issues the Current Student Spotlight will continue to highlight current graduate stu-dents throughout each department in the School of Graduate Studies with regards to their current research. If you would like to nominate someone to be featured please email us at [email protected] with Student Spotlight in the subject line.

    Limor RazParamita Pati

    Limor Raz is a fourth year Biomedical Sci-

    ences PhD student in the Neuroscience

    program. She is doing her dissertation

    research in the laboratory of Dr. Darrell

    Brann, where she studies mechanisms of

    neuroprotection in stroke as wells as estro-

    gen down regulation of free radical pro-

    duction and estrogen epigenetic modifica-

    tion of proapoptotic factors. Some factors

    that led Limor to choose her lab include

    her interest in the nature of the research,

    interaction with her mentor, and the envi-

    ronment of the lab.

    Limor originally moved from Israel to Co-

    lumbus, GA at the age of twelve. She at-

    tended Columbus State University where

    she majored in Biology. When asked why

    she decided to attend MCG, Limor said

    she wanted to be in a medical school

    environment with a clinical perspective.

    MCG is an excellent school, and it has

    a very friendly environment. Limors

    recent major achievements include win-

    ning the American Physiological Society

    First Place Research Recognition Award

    for her poster presentation in July 2009

    and a publication in press in the Journal

    of Neuroscience.

    Moreover, Limor has been involved in a

    number of other activities at MCG. She

    says her most rewarding experience while

    being here was giving an evening seminar

    on Estrogen Neuroprotection in Stroke to

    students in the MCG Student Education-

    al Enrichment Program (SEEPs), which is

    a summer program for undergraduate stu-

    to Limor, pg. 5

    Heather CathcartJessica Osmond

    Heather Cathcart is a Biomedical Scienc-

    es graduate student in the Cellular Biol-

    ogy and Anatomy Department. Heather

    dergraduate, and graduate students,

    especially in the laboratory. I enjoy the

    interaction involved in teaching, and

    I always end up learning something,

    too. Additionally, she added, I also

    love when I design and execute an ex-

    periment independently and it works

    the very first time. That makes up for

    all the days when the experiments do

    not work.

    While at MCG, Heather has been

    actively involved in GSO and has par-

    ticipated in SGA events. Away from

    campus she enjoys traveling and cook-

    ing for friends. Last year she took up

    dance lessons and rowing classes on the

    Savannah River. Heather is also a long-

    time fan

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