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    Friday - October 5, 2018 6:00 pm Shabbat Alive Potluck Dinner - 6:30 pm Shabbat Alive ServiceLed by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-Vogel

    Saturday - October 6, 2018 Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick - 9:15 to 9:45am SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AM Led by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-VogelParashat Bereshit - - Genesis 1:1 - 6:8Haftarah - Isaiah 42:5 - 43:10 Kiddush Following the Service

    Friday - October 12, 2018 - 7:00 pmLed by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-VogelOneg Shabbat following the service hosted by Melissa Ladenson & Cheryl Bardowell in honor of Emily & Sam’s B’nai Mitzvah

    Saturday - October 13, 2018 Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick- 9:15 to 9:45amSHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AM Led by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-Vogel Sam and Emily Ladenson, son and daughter of Melissa Ladenson and Cheryl Bardowell will be called to the Torah as B’nai MitzvahParashat Noach - - Genesis 6:9 - 11:32Haftarah - Isaiah 54:1 - 55:5Kiddush Following the Service hosted by the Ladenson/Bardowell Family in honor of Emily and Sam’s B’nai Mitzvah

    Friday - October 19, 2018 - 7:00 pm -Led by Rabbi ReznickOneg Shabbat following the service hosted Roberta & Phil Gold

    Saturday - October 20, 2018Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick - 9:15 to 9:45 amSHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AM Led by Rabbi Reznick Parashat Lech-Lecha - - Genesis 12:1 - 17:27Haftarah - Isaiah 40:27 - 41:16Kiddush Following the Service

    Friday - October 26, 2018 - 7:00 pmLed by Rabbi Reznick Oneg Shabbat following the service hosted by Paula Kaye in honor of being cancer-free for 34 years and Ellen Weiss & Cherrie Lubey for Cancer Awareness

    Saturday - October 27, 2018 Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick - 9:15 to 9:45 amSHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AMLed by Rabbi Reznick Parashat Vayera - - Genesis 18:1 - 22:24Haftarah - II Kings 4:1 - 4:37Kiddush Following the Service

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 1

  • I can’t believe it is alreadyOctober. I am amazed that wehave almost completed our firstHigh Holyday experiencetogether. I am so grateful to ourincredible Cantor, ChoirDirector, Choir, Staff, Board andmany volunteers who made thisHigh Holyday season soincredibly special. Thank youeveryone who joined us, got the

    word out and helped create meaningful experiencesthroughout this season. I look forward to so many moreincredible, prayerful, thought provoking, and joyousexperiences with you all at Emanu El in the years tocome!

    This morning I woke up, stepped outside and in mybackyard there was an overcast chill, and cool breezeblowing. I was shocked and thrilled to have the morningmist require me to bundle up for the first time in months.This time of year we prepare for a transition of season,and begin a new Jewish year; it is great time to rebootyour commitment to Jewish community. There are somany ways to do that. If you were inspired by the HighHolydays, we invite you to join us for more prayerexperiences, come Friday nights, or try out Saturdaymornings, reach out to friends and ask them to join you ata service or temple event. Open your home to host aShabbat Alive, or attend some adult education classes.Help us reach out to more young families, or host a studysession with the rabbi in your home. There are so manyopportunities to help and be of service. We invite yourpartnership as together we try to build a stronger, moremeaningful Jewish experience for all who are a part ofCongregation Emanu El.

    Our community is only as good as our members.Together we build this Jewish community one person, oneexperience at a time. If you find that there is somethingmissing in our programming that you would like to seehappening, please reach out, set up a meeting with me andlet’s work together to meet your needs. We have workedvery hard to create new programming for our children andyoung families with additional Tot Shabbat and ShabbatAlive experiences once a month. We will be adding anIntro to Judaism/Conversion class soon because there hasbeen so much interest from the community. We will alsobe creating a Women’s Torah Study group mid year andsome new volunteer mitzvah opportunities. Know that weinvite your meaningful participation, to build thiscommunity into the great mecca of Jewish learning,prayer, spirituality, communal service, and healing that itcan be for the Inland Empire. But this community canonly be built with your active participation, so make aneffort this year to create something meaningful for youand your family here in our Congregation Emanu Elcommunity.

    I wish you and yours a meaningful, connected, joyous5779!

    Shanah Tovah,Rabbi Lindy Reznick

    Gratitude - Hoda’ah Our High Holy Day season

    always concludes withheightened celebration onSimchat Torah when we sing,dance and rejoice with ourTorahs - the sacred scrollscontaining the teachings thathave guided and sustained usthroughout the centuries.

    The proverbial ‘gates’ arenever really closed until the end

    of Sukkot - so just as we still have time to approach thosewhom we may have hurt or wronged, I want to formallyacknowledge the many people who gave of their time andtalents during these High Holy Days - especially withregard to the music of the service and chanting during theTorah service.

    Deep appreciation goes to our choir members for theircommitment and many hours of preparation, under ourdedicated Choir Director, Jerry Ripley’s baton: MichelleAnctil, Grace Harris, Sheri Maltzman, Marg Shattuck,Barb Smith, Lisa Wise-Wolk, Chel Zipperstein, GeorgePetite and Kevin Posalski. To our multi-talented MichelleAnctil, who kept us awake and on our toes with thepenetrating sounds of the shofar, we are also grateful forher Torah chanting, in addition to Susan Damron, NicoleSmith and Wei Wei Xia, who chanted at CongregationEmanu El for the first time. Thank you, as well, to ourEnglish Haftarah readers Rhian Beutler on Rosh Hashanahand Nancy Sidhu on Yom Kippur.

    To my dear clergy partner, Rabbi Lindy Reznick:Mazal Tov on your first High Holy Days at CongregationEmanu El! Thank for for your inspiration, positiveenergy. openness in exploring our new Machzor togetherand willingness to engage in creative, sacred forms ofworship. It is a joy and a blessing to be teaming with youas we look forward to the new year ahead! Together, wealso look forward to an exciting B’nai Mitzvah service thismonth, as twins, Emily and Sam Ladenson will lead us inworship and chant from the Torah for the first time in thearms of our community!

    Because the High Holy Day Unetanetokef and B’roshHashanah prayers in particular, remind us of life’schallenges and uncertainties - it is all the more important,to quote the Yiddish saying ‘nor af simchas’...[we shouldonly meet up at simchas]...in that we hope you will takeadvantage of all the joyous events coming up atCongregation Emanu El that center around the reading ofour precious Torahs!

    We give thanks for a Torah of life - the way ofkindness, mercy and truth. May compassion be our source of sustenance now,as in our people’s past. May our souls withstand times of crisis, and ourhearts the inclination to do evil.May the covenant of Abraham and Sarah strengthenour will to do what is right.May the qualities of mercy and goodness, love andforgiveness flow through our lives.And let us be strong in a perilous world; let us openour hearts to the path of Torah.

    Machzor HaNefesh, Mincha K’riat HaTorah - based inpart, on the prayer Av Harachamim,12th century prayer

    Chag Sameach!

    Cantor Jennifer Bern-Vogel

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 2

  • I’d like to begin by wishing each of you a healthy and happy New Year. Rabbi Reznick, CantorBern-Vogel, Jerry Ripley and our Choir provided an inspiring and powerful beginning to our newyear, 5779.

    I’m pleased to announce that our annual Kol Nidre Appeal thus far has yielded $27,8000. If youhave not made a pledge yet, or would like to increase your existing pledge, you can do so through theTemple office. I set an ambitious goal of $30,000 this year. I’m confident that over the next severalweeks we can reach that goal through your always present dedication and generosity.

    In case you missed it below is an excerpt of my Kol Nidre address to our congregation. We read:

    “On Rosh Hashanah it is written, on Yom Kippur it is sealed. Who shall live and who shalldie.” Pre-ordination is a pretty heady concept. But is our “lot” in life also pre-ordained? And what

    power do each of us have to truly change the course of not just our lives, but the world around us? We’re taught that we cantemper judgment’s severe decree through repentance, prayer and charity. But can we also change our “lot” in life?

    In 1965, Dodger pitcher Sandy Kofax was scheduled to pitch game one in the World Series between the Dodgers and theTwins. As it often does, the game fell on Yom Kippur. Sandy Koufax’s “lot” in life was to be a professional baseball player –to lead his team to victory in the World Series – yet Sandy Koufax was a Jew. His dilemma: Whether to pitch, or not to pitch,on Yom Kippur?

    Sports Illustrated wrote, “Koufax was the kind of man boys idolized, men envied, women swooned over, and Rabbisthanked, especially when he refused to pitch game one of the 1965 World Series because it fell on Yom Kippur.”

    In a moment, Sandy Kofax’s “lot” in life changed and perhaps most important, Kofax in a huge way, changed the lot ofthe Jewish people in America. Sandy explained that while he wasn’t a particularly religious man, he felt he needed to set anexample for all the young Jewish children who looked up to him.

    The Jewish Week wrote: “A generation of young Jews considered him the GREATEST Jew in America. In an erawhen many Jews thought it was best to keep their Judaism quiet, Koufax’ act gave countless Jews courage to beoutwardly Jewish”

    U.S. synagogues in 1965 were dotted with Holocaust survivors, many who didn’t know a curveball from a Matzah Ball. Yet they knew and treasured the name Sandy Koufax. While American anti-Semitism existed in Koufax’s day, it was

    rather subtle. Jews faced hidden quotas in schools and were stymied in the work place. Still, there was heightened optimismabout the future of Jewish life in America. Hank Greenberg faced the same dilemma some 31 years before. Greenberg’s refusalto play for the Detroit Tigers in 1934 on Yom Kippur came under generationally very different circumstances than thoseKoufax faced. In the 1930’s, American anti-Semitism was intensified by The Great Depression, political developments abroad,and a large influx of Jews immigrating to America in the early 20th century. The courage of Sandy Koufax, profoundlychanged the “lot” of many Jewish lives that summer day inside Chavez Ravine.

    The beauty of our heritage, and the courageousness connected to it, is something that I have cherished since my youth. Forall of these reasons combined, I have maintained a strong Jewish identity throughout my life. If Sandy Koufax and HankGreenberg could change the course of American Jewish history, image the power each of us has to change our “lot” in life, andthat of the Jewish people. This can be done in many ways: By Supporting your local Shul, ensuring your children get a JewishEducation, observing Shabbat, or by making a personal commitment to be a part of the Jewish experience to ensure the healthand survival of the Jewish people both locally and around the world. I can still recall where my family sat during the HighHoly Days of my youth at our temple in Arcadia where my father was President. I remember festive Hanukkah dinners andPassover Seders held at the Foothill Jewish Temple Center and the wonderful smells that spread from the temple kitchencourtesy of resident cook Sarah Schwartz. Our heritage is filled with many great smells which trigger rich and beautifulmemories. To be a Jew means holding tight to these memories and traditions while working to honor those memories andtraditions still to come. The memories I carry with me as a Jew permeate every corner of my life. It is what drives me to be abetter husband, father, son, brother and member of the Human Community. It is what compels me to lead this congregation asyour President. I believe this Temple can be impacted, and changed, one member at a time. I have stood here before stressingthe importance of making Temple, This Temple, Our Temple a higher priority in our lives. It’s not impossible, but rather achoice.

    My hope for this New Year 5779 is one filled with hope and optimism for each of you and our beloved CongregationEmanu El, too much has been sacrificed so that we may live unobstructed Jewish Lives. The magnificent ark behind me andthe awe of this beautiful, Holy Sanctuary is far too sacred, much too important for us to not reprioritize this house of worshipin each of our daily lives. Our ability to Pray, rejoice, shed tears and embrace fellow congregants is vital to our “lot” in life asJews. May each of us always remember the importance of this and strive to honor that ideal and work toward propellingCongregation Emanu El into the future. In the years to come, may your lives be filled with a goodly and Godly portion. Mayyou have a pleasant “lot” of your choosing, and may we all rejoice in our rich and beautiful heritage.”

    Shanah Tovah!Greg Weissman

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 3

  • Temple Board of Directors Meeting

    October 18, 2018, 7:00 pmMembers of the congregation

    are always welcome._____________________________

    Sisterhood Board MeetingSunday, October 7, 2018, 10:00 a.m.

    All Sisterhood Members are welcome

    Simchat Torah and Consecrationon Monday

    October 1, 2018

    5:30 pm - Dinner6:15 pm - Service

    Join us for a delicious Italian dinner before Simchat Torah services.*

    Simchat Torah celebrates the conclusionof the reading of Deuteronomy and

    beginning of reading of Genesis. We willunroll an entire Torah scroll to see the

    inside. Join us to sing, dance, and celebrate with the Torah.

    Join us as we celebrate Consecration andwelcome our new students to the

    School for Jewish Living

    *PLEASE RSVP to the templeat 909-307-0400 for the dinner.

    Shalom!I would like to thank our

    wonderful clergy and staff forenabling our congregation tohave beautiful High HolidayServices. And I would like tothank our congregation forcreating such a warm andwelcoming environment.

    Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-Vogel gave us beautiful prayers and music to worship by but the congregation’s engagement and support made the synagogue a warm and welcoming place to be.

    Our Yom Kippur Pledge Drive occurred last month. If you were not able to answer our calls, e-mails or texts to state your pledge, it is not too late! Simply call the Temple office and give our amazing Administrator, Judy Filsinger, your pledge amount. Join your fellow congregants in this annual fundraiser. As I have said before … “Please stand up and be counted – give as generously as you can – show your pride in our Congregation and the history of Congregation Emanu El in the Inland Empire”!

    Our September financial statements have been reviewed and approved by your Board of Directors. The Board continues to monitor all expenses carefully and does not spend the money unless it is necessary to keep the building functioning safely or has been approved in the Budget. If you would like to review the financial statements, please contact me, and I will be happy to review them with you. The information is always available to any congregant.

    As the end of the year approaches, please remember your Temple while making any year end donations. Any additional contributions will assist us in balancing the budget for this fiscal year.

    Sincerely,Kathy Rosenfeld

    Once again beautiful Jewish calendars are beingmade available to the members of our congregation.These are provided by Hillside Memorial Park andMortuary of Los Angeles. The calendars are availablein the temple office. We are grateful to themanagement of Hillside Memorial Park andMortuary for their generosity.

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 4

  • How lovely and uplifting these High Holy Days have been. I believe that my experience was not justdue to the leadership of Rabbi Lindy Reznick, Cantor Jennifer Bern Vogel, Jerry Ripley and the choir, butalso the participation of the rest of the congregation. When we all come together to pray, the depth of theexperience is wonderful. I find this true when the members of Sisterhood work together to promote theaims of our organization at the local, national and international level. Therefore I am looking forward toour Paid Up Membership Brunch on Sunday, October 28 at 10 a.m. here in the social hall. Members whohave paid their 2018-2019 dues are our guests, and you can pay your dues at the door. We also honor ouroctogenarian members, of which we at present have 13. If you have celebrated your 80th birthday, orknow of someone who has, we would like to add her to our “honor roll”. Please let me know.

    To someone who thinks Sisterhood’s only role is cooking and baking, I encourage you to attend our brunch on October 28to hear Julia Weinstein of the Women of Reform Judaism Pacific District, who will address “Empowering Women, BuildingCaring Communities, Advocating for Progressive Jewish Values Worldwide”. A delightful catered brunch will be served, andreservations are a must. RSVP by October 22 at [email protected] or (909)307-0400. You will be receiving emailreminders of this important event, but please don’t delay in making your reservation. And save November 18 for a miniprogram: “Creating a Caring Community for Loved Ones Facing Difficult Diagnoses”: A Workshop Presented by Jenna Fieldsof Sharsheret. Of course everyone is invited to all Sisterhood events.

    First Vice President Karyn Lehmann, myself and Past President and Gift Shop Manager Lisa Wise Wolk will be attendingthe WRJ Pacific District Convention in San Diego from October 18-21. This will be the third district convention for me, and Ilook forward to meeting with women from other communities to exchange ideas, and also to learn and pray together. LisaWise Wolk, who has served as a Pacific District Director and Officer for 10 years, will be leaving the district board. It will bea distinct pleasure to be there to honor her.

    I hope everyone received a honey greeting from Sisterhood this High Holy Days. If you did not, there are still a few left inthe office. You are invited to drop by and pick one up. The support of congregants for our honey greeting was terrific. If youneglected to put your name on the greeting list, you will have a chance again next year! Jill Weissman worked hard to realizethis lovely project, and thank you to her and those who helped her out.

    The next Sisterhood Board Meeting will take place at my house, 7124 Amberwood Lane in Highland at 6 p.m. on Sunday,October 7. The time has been moved to the evening so that members can participate in the Redlands Believe Walk. Allmembers are invited to attend, and if anyone has a suggestion for Sisterhood, we welcome your input. You could also contactme through my email address: [email protected]

    Finally, I thank those families who have sponsored the flower arrangements for the High Holy Day season: Margie Orlandfor Rosh Hashonah to welcome Rabbi Lindy Reznick; Jeffrey and Dr. Jeanne Raynes and their family for Shabbat Shuvah inmemory of Elayne Raynes; and Lisa Wise Wolk and Kerry Wolk and their family in memory of Larry and Evelyn Wolk and alltheir loved ones who came before.

    I hope to greet everyone at a Sisterhood event this year,

    Leslie SoltzPresident, Sisterhood

    Shanah Tovah Congregation Emanu El! The School for Jewish Living school year has commenced, and it has been so wonderful to see ourfamilies again. Students have started their curriculum and met their new teachers, and everyone wasengaged in learning and happy to be with their SJL friends again. Please say hello to our new teachers ifyou see them - Leah Volchok is teaching our 4th – 5th grade class and Rachel Kahn is co-teaching withAddie Swedlove in our 1st – 3rd grade class. We welcome back our incredible teachers from last year,Marla Drake in our Pre-K – Kindergarten class, Ricky Kalmanovich in our 6th – 7th grade class, AddieSwedlove in our 1st – 3rd grade class, and our amazing teaching assistant, Juliette Marcus who is moving

    from class to class this year. Looking ahead, we will join together at the Believe Walk on October 7th. There will not be classes this day as we will be

    together at the walk. We are also looking forward to celebrating Simchat Torah together on October 1st - we will have dinnertogether and enjoy a fun filled service to celebrate beginning the teachings from our beloved Torah again in a new year. Wewill not have our Shabbat Alive service in October due to Simchat Torah, but we will join together to usher in Shabbat duringTot Shabbat on October 26th from 6:00-6:30pm.

    I am looking forward to a fantastic new year at the School for Jewish Living. We have an outstanding staff and suchwonderful families – I know we will enjoy all this school year has to offer.


    Jillian SnyderDirector of Education & Youth

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 5

  • Shabbat Alive Potluck Dinner & ServiceFriday, October 5, 2018

    at the templeShabbat Alive is acommunity dinner

    followed by aparticipatory, musical

    Shabbat service.

    These services are earlier, more casualand include a potluck meal provided by

    the community for the community.Potluck items should include main dish,side dishes , salads, desserts and drinks.

    Dinner begins at 6:00 pmShabbat service begins at 6:30 pm

    Please RSVP to the temple and let us know what you are bringing!

    October 26th(last Friday of the month)

    6:00 pm

    Join Rabbi Reznick and friendsat Congregation Emanu El for aShabbat filled with songs, story

    and a little nosh.

    Bring your littles and your bigsto celebrate Shabbat with us in

    our fun family friendly briefservice.

    Mental Health Awareness in Action

    Did you make any vows for the new year?Here’re a few more. If you like them, you couldadopt them for your own. If many of us adoptthem, we might make our Emanu El communitya kinder and wiser congregation. See how theystrike you:

    I vowTo expand my heart so that everyone canfit inTo listen carefully when someone speaksto me from his/her heartTo speak to someone when I think I needhelpTo embrace people who struggle to livein the world (like most of us at times)To learn more about mental illness,mental differences like autism anddementiaTo keep a sharp eye out for suicidalthoughts in family and friends and inourselvesTo learn how to respond to a mentalhealth crisis, like some of us did bytaking the Mental Health First Aid courseTo reach out and include us all

    Do you like these vows? Please take them.They’re free (though not always easy.)

    Heidi Nimmo and Nancy Sidhu Co-Chairs, Mental Health Awareness In Action

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 6

  • B’nai Mitzvah

    October 13, 2018

    Emily Ladenson

    Hey there! My name is Emily Ladenson andI'm in eighth grade at Competitive EdgeCharter Academy. I am super excited toannounce that my b'nai mitzvah with mytwin brother is coming up on October 13!Aside from studying for this special day,some of my hobbies include listening tomusic, Hap Ki Do and makeup. I have beenpreparing for months and cannot wait toshare this day with my friends and family.

    Samuel Ladenson

    Hello. My name is Samuel and I am aneighth grade student at Competitive EdgeCharter Academy. I really like to read. Ihave a twin sister with whom I will behaving my bar mitzvah. I am really excitedfor this special day.

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 7

  • Sisterhood’s Autumn Brunch

    Sunday, October 28, 201810:00 am to 12:00 noon (9:30 check-in) in the Social Hall

    Catered Brunch Buffet and Program

    “Stronger Together”:Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ)

    Past, Present, Future

    Empowering Women, Building Caring Communities, Advocating for Progressive Jewish Values Worldwide.

    Presented by Julia Weinstein, WRJ Pacific District

    OUR Sisterhood is an affiliate of WRJ. This is the Annual Paid-Up Membership Brunch.

    No charge to members of Sisterhood. Non-members $15.

    RSVP by Friday, October 19th at [email protected] or (909) 307-0400

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 8

  • Wednesday October 17th6:30-7:30 p.m.

    Congregation Emanu El -Raynes Learning Center

    We will be offering our first session in our intro to Judaism class forthe year.

    This class is great for anyone who wants to learn more of the basicsabout Judaism, who enjoys learning or has burning questions about

    our faith, or who is interested in converting.

    Our class is required for those interested in converting, but open toall who want to learn, conversion is not required to attend.

    In our first session we will discuss the curriculum, commitment,costs, timing and dates. Please join us if you are able.

    RSVP to Judy in our temple office, so we can add you to our classlist.

    I look forward to learning with you and accompanying you on your Jewish journey.

    Rabbi Lindy Reznick

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 9

  • Featured New ArrivalsJewelry and kippot hand made by local LA artistsnew home decor/gift giving and fair trade items.

    See the 500 year old art of Eglimose.

    The Gift shop has new items coming in monthly .

    It's a Mitzvah.... find gifts for all occasions at your CEE Sisterhood gift shop.

    Take the easy, quick gift shop survey!! Now...... before something else comes up......

    Gift Shop Short SurveyThen come into to gift shop for your raffle ticket.

    One per family. Drawing for surprise gift EXTENDEd to Sunday, October 28, 2018

    Join our sisterhood for the 2018-2019 year and get 15% discount ( on most items ) all year long.

    New Year/New You....Volunteer your time and have fun learning new skillsby helping in the gift shop.



    Open Sundays during School for Jewish Living when in session (checktemple calendar).

    Gift shop can be open by appointment if you call the temple off ice andarrange in advance with one of our volunteers.


    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 10

  • Jewish Chanting and Meditation

    Wednesday October 24th 5:15-6:15p.m

    University of Redlands Meditation Room Larson Hall - 210

    Please Join Rabbi Reznick at the Universityof Redlands Meditation Room for a class on

    Jewish Chanting and Meditation.

    We will open our hearts and bodies to thespiritual experience that chanting our

    ancient Hebrew prayers can do for us.

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    Join us for an entertaining luncheon

    Featuring ComedianPatrick Hinifin

    Wednesday – October 14th11:45 a.m.

    Congregation Emanu El1495 Ford Street, Redlands

    Patrick Hanifin started out as a professional surferand owned a very successful surf shop in SouthernCalifornia. His friends were shocked when he sold itto become a standup comedian. Going from wavesto the stage proved to be another successful movePatrick, AKA Saint Patrick, for his squeaky cleanimage, is a demand performer at corporate events,clubs and organizations across the country.Blending his arsenal of comedy coupled withhysterical and original material, he’s able to offer hisaudience a unique way of looking at the worldthrough his style of humor.

    Seniors for Seniors

    Lunch cost: $10.00 per personReservations must be made byCalling or e-mailing the temple

    (909) 307-0400 – [email protected]

    Reservation Deadline: Monday - October 15th

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 11

    Congregation Emanu El welcomes Rabbi Jan Offel of the Union for Reform Judaism. Rabbi Offel works every day to strengthen congregations within the Reform Movement.

    Rabbi Offel joins us for Friday’s Shabbat Service and Saturday’s Torah Study. Together, we’ll explore new and exciting changes in the Reform Community. It’s inspiring and exciting!

    REFORM 2020November 2 and 3



    On Tuesday, October 30, 2018, a 24-hour onlineevent will be held at www.givebigsbcounty.org,designed to generate funding for nonprofits in thecounty and create a culture of philanthropy andgiving throughout the Inland Empire. Beginning at12:01 AM on October 30, donors, friends,Congregation Emanu El members and non-membersare encouraged to go online and give to theirfavorite local causes and charities and celebratetheir donations (if you are inclined) on social mediausing #GiveBIGSBCOUNTY.

    Since inception in 2014, GIVE BIG SB COUNTYhas raised $1.3 million for local nonprofits. In 2017,nearly 4,000 unique donors gave to more than 100nonprofits totaling $315,759, surpassing the 2016total of $271, 044.

    For the first time we are bringing GIVE BIG toCongregation Emanu El, to help bolster funding forJewish children’s programming. “Our School forJewish Living provides the foundation for ourcommunity’s children to learn about what it meansto be Jewish, culturally, historically, religiously, inevery way,” said Rabbi Lindy Reznick.

    For more information or if you have questions aboutGIVE BIG, contact Cheryl L. Bardowell,760-408-2178.



    OCT. 30, 2018

    One Day,

    One Click,

    One Community:










    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 12

  • We rejoice with those whose birthdays occur in October and wish them a Mazal Tov:

    1-October Gloria Aswal1-October Jeanette Swedlove1-October Francisco Acevedo5-October Ira Vogel6-October Philip Holder7-October Gary Eirew9-October Kat Grossman9-October Claudette Guy10-October Lillian Gaunt12-October Emily Ladenson (13 years old)12-October Samuel Ladenson (13 years old)14-October Leslie Soltz14-October Melissa Ladenson15-October Phyllis Newman15-October Howard Grossman15-October Leah Sukenik

    18-October David Cohen19-October Zeeda Nierman19-October Lisa Mazal 20-October Robert Klein21-October Emily Beasley22-October Ava Lalezarzadeh24-October Carl Mitchell24-October Jack Smith (9 years old)25-October Vickie Becker25-October Jay Hodes25-October Hannah Lewis25-October Jordyn Stiles (16 years old)26-October Ann Sheppard26-October Josephine Raynes (7 years old)30-October Steven Eirew

    We extend a hearty Mazal Tov to the following whose wedding anniversaries occur in the month of October:

    8-October Joel Feinstein & Elizabeth Tungka-Feinstein16-October Margy & Orville Spears16-October Cheryl & Howard Sukenik26-October Dip & Nancy Sidhu

    Grow a Leaf on OurSimcha Tree

    Do you have a special occasion to commemorate? Anniversary? Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Birthday? Graduation?

    Celebrate it with the entireCongregation Emanu El community!

    Purchase a leaf on our beautifulSimcha Tree for your special occasion.

    Call the temple office to order your leaf today!

    OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 13

  • On occasions of joy or sorrow a contribution to one of our temple funds is always appropriate.

    Contribution can be made to the following funds:

    Home of Eternity Cemetery FundTemple Fund

    Rabbi Reznick Discretionary FundRabbi Cohn Discretionary Fund

    Cantor’s Discretionary FundWilliam Russler Memorial Archives Fund

    Mortgage Reduction FundSisterhood Pulpit Flower Fund

    Rabbi Hillel & Rita Cohn Campership FundLionel Heller Music Fund

    Landscape Fund

    We gratefully acknowledge these contributions to our various temple funds:

    TEMPLE FUNDIn observance of the Yahrzeits of…Stanley Mishook by Anita LampelHelen Goldfeder by Mildred HodesEsther Kushner by Les KushnerNancy Kushner by Les KushnerSamuel Kushner by Les KushnerWilliam Schapiro by Irene SchapiroArnold Schapiro by Irene SchapiroArnold Schapiro by Claudia and William SchapiroRay Briant by Harriet BriantBertha Goldschlager by Harriet HermanMichael Weiss by Ellen WeissSamuel Schnitzer by Denise and Mark SchnitzerIn honor of …Birth of William Carter Strain grandson of Julie andMark Strain by Vickie and Steve BeckerBirth of William Carter Strain grandson of Julie andMark Strain by Ellen WeissMarriage of Donna Strain and Elena Ferri by EllenWeissMarriage of Donna Strain and Elena Ferri by Vickie andSteve Becker

    SISTERHOOD PULPIT FLOWER FUND In observance of the Yahrzeits of… Rae Myers by Roberta and Philip Gold

    HOME OF ETERNITY CEMETARY FUNDIn observance of the Yahrzeits of …Rose Miller by Judy and Morry MillerIn memory of …Abram Hodes by Mildred Hodes

    RABBI HILLEL COHN DISCRETIONARY FUNDIn honor of …Rabbi Hillel Cohn’s special birthday by Phyllis NewmanRabbi Hillel Cohn’s special birthday by Vickie and SteveBeckerMarriage of Katherine Havard and Jeremy Rozansky,grandson of Rita and Rabbi Hillel Cohn, by Vickie andSteve Becker

    LANDSCAPE FUNDIn observance of the Yahrzeits of …June Hyman by Jill and John ArnsteinRichard Hyman by Jill and John Arnstein

    LIONEL HELLER MUSIC FUNDIn observance of the Yahrzeits of …Mary Heller by Carol HellerHerman Kritzer by Carol Heller

    HIGH HOLIDAY DONATIONIn memory of …Abram Hodes by Mildred Hodes

    SCHOOL FOR JEWISH LIVING FUNDIn observance of the Yahrzeits of …Miriam Dunn by Leslie and Charles Levine

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  • The following Yahrzeits will be observed during the month of October: Those with a () are inscribed on the Wallof Perpetual Memorial:

    October 5-6 October 12-13 October 19-20 October 26-27

    Mina BarnettMary BlumenthalMorris Clayman

    Rebecca CowanClaude ErlangerSheyna GershmanMonia Golant

    Max Goodman Moses GoodzHarold HarrisJack Kaplan Philip KasselHannah KatzHyman KatzSimone Keir Robert KingMary KleinWallace LebeckMaurice Lichtenstein Hilda MccrawRose MillerRose MillerRae Myers Adele NahmDorothy Neumann Frank NickersonEverett OlenickAbram Rosen

    Samuel Schatz Edward SchnitzerAbraham SilvermanEleanor Smith

    Joyce WakefieldAnna Walt

    Samuel Zelen

    Gertrude Altheimer Herman ArleinLina BeckerRichard Becker1st Lt. David BernsteinLena BernsteinPauline BerzoskyBeatrice Bettinger

    Ben BlackwellMorris Bogdanow

    Robert BryceMaxine DavidsonRalph Davidson

    Nathan FrankelRose FremlandArnold Frisch

    Florence HarrisPaul HarrisTerrlyn Holder

    Harold JaffreyCecile KatzMorris KriegerLouis Lempert Myra MarashinskyNorma MaskinJack NelsonHedwig Neuburger Nathan PasmanGeorge PhillipsLeelah Raynes Dorothy SapersteinJoe Scher

    Gene Selig Harry ShermanJulius Spears

    Harold SweroloffMax UfferMark WalderStephanie WechslerMichael Weiss

    Edward AbramsonMaxwell BernsteinLore BlumenthalRosa Blumenthal

    Sol BuchbandRuth EleichfeldLeo Frankel

    Edith GoldbergCarl GoldsteinSolomon Helfman Benjamin KaplanWilliam KlemtnerRena KnopfSadie LawrenceArmand LehmannNettie LevinDora Lichtenstein

    Mira Bronia Marmor Myer MedoffHelen MishookJoseph ModesLily Pinsky

    Jon PlautFaythe Printz

    Beverly ProtessArthur RobinJenny RosenbaumLouis RowelskyPaul RowelskyRuth RowelskyIsidore Rundberg Samuel SchwartzLouis SecofskyJacob Sentob Margaret SevcikLouis Sharelson

    Abraham Sheppard Harry ShermanBertram Spears

    Paul SpitzerHeinrich Strauss

    Charles Tannenbaum Bessie TravesLillian Weinstein George WixenLazarus Wolk

    Estelle Zamell

    Yetta AbramsJoseph Allen

    Walter AppelbaumBruce BogostBurton BrinSara Ceizler

    Benjamin Davidson Milton EffronClaire FeigensonSamuel Feldstein

    Irving FinklerEva FrostMariano Fusco

    Stephen GinsbergRebecca Helfman Benjamin HenringCelia JosephMichael Alan KatzLucien LehmannIrene Lubelsky Rose MarxJoel Mayfield

    Rose MilgramCharles ReymanMilton RobinMary Salow

    Bertha SilvermanHarold SimonLeona SoltzHerman StelzerAnn StewartEdith SuchowSidney VinesHoward Waldman

    Descygne Wise

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  • 1495 Ford Street - Redlands CA 92373(909)307-0400

    www.emanuelsb.org email:[email protected]

    LINDY REZNICK - RABBI - (909) 307-0400 ext 1000 - [email protected] BERN-VOGEL - CANTOR - (909) 307-0400 ext 1001 - [email protected]

    HILLEL COHN - RABBI EMERITUS - [email protected] FILSINGER - ADMINISTRATOR - (909) 307-0400 ext 1002 - [email protected]


    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEEGreg Weissman - President • Stuart Sweet - 1st Vice President • Joel Feinstein - 2nd Vice President

    Dr. Susan Damron - Secretary • Kathy Rosenfeld - Treasurer • Stacy Knox - Financial SecretaryMembers-At-Large: Steven Becker, Marv Reiter, Paul Zipperstein

    Craig Beasley - Immediate Past President DIRECTORS

    Steven Becker • Harriet Briant • Jay Donenfeld • Harriet Herman • Margie OrlandMichael Reiter • Susan Shimoff • Julie Strain • Justin Swant • Scott Wilkie

    Leslie Soltz - President, Sisterhood

    Member of Union for Reform Judaism (URJ)

    OFFICE HOURS - Monday-Thursday 9:00AM to 5:00 PM; Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM THE BULLETIN - CONGREGATION EMANU EL

    Published monthly by Congregation Emanu El, 1495 Ford Street, Redlands CA 92373. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Congregation Emanu El, 1495 Ford Street, Redlands CA 92373

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1495 FORD STREET · REDLANDS · CALIFORNIA · 92373 · (909) 307-0400 OCTOBER 2018 TISHRI-HESHVAN 5779 VOLUME XLVII - NUMBER 1 Friday - October 5, 2018 6:00 pm Shabbat Alive Potluck Dinner - 6:30 pm Shabbat Alive Service Led by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-Vogel Saturday - October 6, 2018 Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick - 9:15 to 9:45am SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AM Led by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-Vogel Parashat Bereshit - - Genesis 1:1 - 6:8 Haftarah - Isaiah 42:5 - 43:10 Kiddush Following the Service Friday - October 12, 2018 - 7:00 pm Led by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-Vogel Oneg Shabbat following the service hosted by Melissa Ladenson & Cheryl Bardowell in honor of Emily & Sam’s B’nai Mitzvah Saturday - October 13, 2018 Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick- 9:15 to 9:45am SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AM Led by Rabbi Reznick and Cantor Bern-Vogel Sam and Emily Ladenson, son and daughter of Melissa Ladenson and Cheryl Bardowell will be called to the Torah as B’nai Mitzvah Parashat Noach - - Genesis 6:9 - 11:32 Haftarah - Isaiah 54:1 - 55:5 Kiddush Following the Service hosted by the Ladenson/Bardowell Family in honor of Emily and Sam’s B’nai Mitzvah Friday - October 19, 2018 - 7:00 pm - Led by Rabbi Reznick Oneg Shabbat following the service hosted Roberta & Phil Gold Saturday - October 20, 2018 Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick - 9:15 to 9:45 am SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AM Led by Rabbi Reznick Parashat Lech-Lecha - - Genesis 12:1 - 17:27 Haftarah - Isaiah 40:27 - 41:16 Kiddush Following the Service Friday - October 26, 2018 - 7:00 pm Led by Rabbi Reznick Oneg Shabbat following the service hosted by Paula Kaye in honor of being cancer-free for 34 years and Ellen Weiss & Cherrie Lubey for Cancer Awareness Saturday - October 27, 2018 Torah Study led by Rabbi Reznick - 9:15 to 9:45 am SHABBAT MORNING SERVICE AT 10:00 AM Led by Rabbi Reznick Parashat Vayera - - Genesis 18:1 - 22:24 Haftarah - II Kings 4:1 - 4:37 Kiddush Following the Service OCTOBER 2018 PAGE 1
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