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October 24, 2013

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Section U of the October 24, 2013 edition of the Summerland Review
  • Support Rotary's fresh water campaign to provide fresh, healthy drinking water to the third world countries, and providing disaster relief to all parts of the

    world. For more information on Rotary Projects go to www.rotary.org.

    ROTARY WORKSin our Community and Abroad

    Full service law Firmsuite 203-383 ellis street Penticton

    Phone: (250) 492-2425 Toll Free: 1 -877 492-2644Preston motts online law office: www.pmottlaw.com

    michael welsh, Preston mott and Harry Grewal

    Hundreds of millions of people have been immunized for polio in all countries all over the globe thanks to Rotary.



  • Nick Zaseybida

    Murray Scheidl




    Garry Hollingshead

    Brenda Hamilton

    Doug Carnegie

    John Bubb

    Paul Barber


    Ingrid Stevenson

    George Sutton

    John Topham

    Bob Van Balkom

    Michael Zang

    Vickie Ohmenzetter

    George Nagle

    Preston Mott

    Bob Wareham

    Michael Weis


    Summerland Rotary Club membership

    David Cassidy

    Enabelle Gorek

    Murial Hanson


    Rotarys 4-Way TestIn our

    daily lives, we as Rotarians worldwide fol-low the well-known Rotar-ian motto called the 4-Way Test.

    o Is it the truth?

    o Is it fair to all concerned?

    o Will it build good-will and better friendships?

    o Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

    The Rotary Club of Sum-merland will continue to look for places of need, help-ing those people less fortunate than ourselves.

    For addi-tional infor-mation please click to Rotary.org as well as the clubs page on Facebook.

    Don Gemmell

    Denese Espeut-Post


    Sue Eden

    Insurance(250) 494-6351

    Would like to congratulate the Summerland Rotary Club

    for all their good work10102 Main Street

    Box 1350, Summerland, BC V0H 1Z0

    Monday - Friday: 8:30 - 5:00 Saturday: 9:00 - 3:00

    Colin Powell and staff are proud supporters of the Summerland Rotary Club

    Serving the community of Summerland for over 32 years!Locally owned and operated!

    7519 Prairie Valley Rd.Located in Summerfair Plaza

    Open 7 Days a Week 8:00 am - 9:00 pm

    250-494-437613229 Henry Avenue

    250.494.7811Reservations Recommended

    for groups of 6 or more


    Thank you to the Summerland Rotary Club for all they do

    for the community of Summerland. We are pleased to host your

    weekly meetings!

    Hwy 97 South Summerland(250) 494-4444

    Toll Free 1-877-245-4406www.summerlandmotel.com

    Thank you to the SummerlandRotary Club for all the great work that they do! Come and join us! - John Lathey

    Proud Member of the Summerland Rotary Club

    Email: [email protected] Club Members:The key to our success rests in people like you who embody the spirit

    of greatness. Thank you for all

    your support.

    Come Camp With Uswww.agurlakecamp.com

    R O T A R Y2 www.summerlandreview.com Thursday, October 24, 2013 Summerland Review

  • We are proud to support the Rotary Club of Summerland

    B E L L , J A C O E & C O M P A N Y

    Joe Jacoe Kathryn robinsonPat bell

    b o x 5 2 0 , 1 3 2 1 1 n . V i c t o r i a r d . 2 5 0 - 4 9 4 - 6 6 2 1

    B a r r i s t e r s s o l i c i t o r s N o t a r i e s P u B l i c

    We are proud members of Rotary.....Another way we serve.

    Brenda NicoRon


    Summerland 250.494.7752

    ProvidenceEvery Life Tells A Story

    Rotary Club of Summerland

    Thank you to the Community of Summerland for all your continued support and the Summerland

    Review for your coverage of our events.

    For more information on our club contact Roch Fortin: 250-462-0570

    R O T A R YSummerland Review Thursday, October 24, 2013 www.summerlandreview.com 3

    Summerland is an even better place to live, thanks to the Rotarians.14001 Rosedale Ave.250-494-6431

    [email protected]

    by John Lathey

    Dear Summerlanders:On July 1, this year, it became

    my privilege to become the president of the Summerland Rotary Club, a position that has been held in the past by many prominent Summerlanders.

    Over the years, Summerland Rotary has dedicated itself to help improve both our own com-

    munity of Summerland and also help improve the lives of people in numerous far-flung lands.

    While many of you might be familiar with Rotary Beach here in Summerland and the clubs work with the Parkdale housing complex, both Rotary inspired, I wonder how many lives have been made easier by the instal-lation of water tanks by the thousands in Kenyas Rift Val-

    ley, designed here in Summer-land by a local Rotarian, and the number of people who have received free dental care from a local Summerland dentist and well-known Rotarian and his wife, who travelled to numer-ous third-world countries to use their skills to help those who otherwise would have no hope of receiving dental treatment.

    Summerland Rotary con-

    tinues to organize and provide volunteers to staff the local Meals on Wheels service, in addition to funding bursaries for local students, fund exchange students and provide ongoing support for the Summerland Asset Development Initiative.

    Overseas, we support the Rotary Foundations drive to eliminate polio and provide funding for the improvement of a school for disabled chil-dren in Mexico.

    Thats just a snapshot of what Rotary does and has done in the past.

    I am conscious of the fine example of selfless service set by Summerland Rotarians of the past, and it is the job of present day Rotarians to emulate and improve on their legacy.

    We have numerous schemes of help and improvement we would like to pursue, such as the Trail of the Okanagans pro-ject, inspired by a local Rotar-ian, to improve our commun-ity and undertake overseas aid projects. Our only constraint is how quickly we can recruit new members and our ability to fundraise fast enough.

    As president, it is my job to spread the word of Rotary both locally and wherever I travel. I would encourage anyone who would like to improve their

    community to come and join us. We have fun as well.

    On behalf of the Rotary Club of Summerland, which this year celebrates its 68th birth-day, I would like to thank all Summerlanders for their help and support and feel sure that we can count on you to support us in the future.

    John Lathey, PresidentSummerland Rotary Club

    Rotary Club dedicated to service

    Contact Rotary











    Providing serviceSummerland Rotary Club president John Lathey pours tea for Pat Smith during the Pioneer Tea. The tea is held each spring to honour those who have made a long-term commitment to the community.


    13011 Lakeshore Dr. South, Summerland, BC Phone 250-494-8180 Fax 250-494-8190


    Proud Supporter of the

    Summerland Rotary Club.

    proud sponsor of Swing for Kids golf tournament for Agur Lake Camp


    to the Summerland Rotary Club

    R O T A R Y4 www.summerlandreview.com Thursday, October 24, 2013 Summerland Review

    Telephone: (250) 494-8238email: [email protected]

    9536 Main St., Summerland

    The best Little Hall in Summerland

    Great place for your family or sta Christmas party.


    Thank you Rotary for all you do in Summerland

    and the world.

    by Christine Petkau

    We all know that opening your eyes to the possibilities around you can reveal new opportunities.

    Within communities, Rotary Clubs have often been the first to see these opportunities and point them out to the rest of us.

    A case in point is local Rotar-ian and bike enthusiast, Don Gemmell.

    In 2008 Gemmell completed a Rhine bike tour and returned to Summerland determined to see if something like that could be repeated in the Okanagan. Could we recreate even a small part of the same conditions that contributed to a very sizeable European sport tourism sector?

    With Gemmell as its cham-pion, the vision to create a world class bike network link-ing every community in the Okanagan region caught hold.

    In November of last year, Gemmell presented his vision to the rest of the Summer-land Rotary Club. The idea of attracting cyclists from des-tinations around the world and providing tremendous eco-nomic and recreational benefits to the region was irresistible. The Rotary Club was quick to see the possibilities and bring their considerable support to the table.

    Through their efforts seed funds were obtained and they committed to take on the Sum-merland portion of the pro-posed trail.

    Fast forward to spring of 2013. Through the efforts of Don and the Summer-land Rotary Club, the idea

    expanded, more people became aware of the project, key organ-izations became involved and a committee of interested par-ties began to meet regularly to move the idea forward.

    A new trail group has now been formed to move the vision forward. The Valley Bikeway Development Society will spearhead the creation of a 1.2-kilometre lakeside trail in Summerland as the first pro-ject. Phase 1 of the new trail would extend from Lakeshore Drive to the Summerland Beach RV P

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