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October 29, 2017 Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary .October 29, 2017 Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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October 29, 2017

Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parishioners,

St. John Chrysostom once said, Do you wish to know if the people of any place are righteous? Look what sort of a pastor they

have. If you find him pious, just and sound, believe the people will be the same, for they are seasoned with the salt of his

wisdom. This teaching reveals to us that a priests work in a parish is not just running around organizing things and people,

balancing parish and school budgets, preaching, celebrating the sacraments, and in short, doing things and staying busy. St.

John Chrysostom says that a priests role within the community goes much deeper, that actually there is a profound spiritual

connection between a priest and the community in which he serves. Priests dedicate themselves to growth in the spiritual life

and personal holiness, and the community should follow through his example, teaching and inspiration. The presence of a

priest within a parish community and in the life of the Church is essential. May Our Lord raise up many and holy priests to

serve in His vineyard!

This weekend we celebrate Priesthood Sunday. It is a special day set aside to honor the priesthood in the United States and a

day to reflect upon and affirm the crucial role of the priesthood in the life of the Church. We should all pray for vocations to

the priesthood because priests do not suddenly materialize in the heavens somewhere and beam down to earth. Rather, they

come from families, from our families. There is a family in our parish with five children, three of whom are currently either in

religious life or in some stage of preparation to enter into religious life. I asked them what their secret was and they said that

they pray daily for their children, together as a couple, that they may follow Gods will wherever it leads them. They also pray

together as a family almost every night and make weekly Mass a priority. It seems almost natural that a religious vocation

would spring from this sort of prayerful and faithful environment within the home. This is great advice for all parents, to pray for your

children to be open to Gods will, whatever it might be; to pray together frequently as a family and make Sunday Mass a weekly priority for

everyone. When children see and experience an active prayer life in and through their parents, it will make a lasting impression upon them

and most certainly inspire them to consider a vocation if Our Lord calls them.

Queridos Parroquianos,

San Juan Vianney una vez dijo eso sobre el sacerdocio; Un buen pastor, segn el Corazn de Dios, es el tesoro ms grande que Dios puede

conceder a una parroquia, y uno de los dones ms preciosos de la misericordia divina. Nosotros sabemos que cuando hay una parroquia sana,

santa y vibrante, hay siempre a su corazon, un sacerdote sano, santo, y vibrante. San Juan nos recuerde en esa cita que la presencia del

sacerdocio en la vida de la Iglesia y de la iglesia particular es esencial; si la Iglesia no tuviera sacerdotes, tampoco tendra los sacramentos, de

Eucaristia y ella no existira.

Este fin de semana celebramos en los EEUU el Domingo que se llama Domingo de Sacerdocio y recordamos hoy la importancia de la presencia

del officio del clero en la vida de la iglesia y tambin la importancia de rezar por mas vocaciones al sacerdocio. Hay una familia en nuestra

parroquia que tiene cinco hijos. Increblemente, tres de ellos actualmente estn en la vida consagrada o en los inicios de la formacin. Esperan

que sus dos hijos restantes sigan viviendo en el pas seguiendo los pasos de sus hermanos. Les pregunt cul era su secreto. Dice que

diariamente rezan juntos como pareja para que sus hijos sigan la voluntad de Dios, donde los lleve. Tambin rezan juntos como una familia

casi todas las noches y asistir a Misa semanalmente es una prioridad. Parece casi natural que una vocacin religiosa pueda surgir en este tipo

de oracin y en ambiente fiel dentro del hogar. Esto es gran asesoramiento para los padres; a orar por sus hijos a Dios para que sigan la

voluntad de Dios lo que podra ser, para orar juntos con frecuencia como una familia y asistir a la misa seminal como prioridad para todos.

Deseo que Que muchas vocaciones broten en nuestras familias!

In Christ / En Cristo,

Fr. Cal Christiansen

We need Adorers for:

Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Tuesdays from 5:00 a.m. to 6 a.m.

Wednesdays from 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m.

Fridays from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. and

11:00 p.m. to Midnight

There is a true need for substitute Adorers

every now and again to fill in for those who

cannot attend their regular, weekly hour.

Adorers have doctors appointments, get

sick, and things like that, too!

Perpetual Adoration

Please call Jean or Tony Luke at (425) 670-1941 if you can help

with this most purposeful and worthwhile ministry!

Pray a Rsary with Us fr

the Ed f Abrti

i us befre daiy ass day

Tuesday Thursday ad Friday at 730

a.. i the Church fr a Rsary t pray

fr the abiti f abrti. Wedesday daiy ass wi

be at 900 a.. because sch has recveed.

Wedesday asses wi be at 900 a.. whe sch is i

sessi. Pease csider iig us i this st wrthy

tie f prayer

Please offer your prayers for our brothers and sisters who are ill:

Esther Anderson Aylesworth, Barry, Pricila Cabiles, Alice Cannon,

Allan de Castro, Baby Hudson, Corazon de Castro, Diane Carringer,

Lee You Chee, Angela Dunkailo, Eliza, Kyle Earp, Stephanie Farmer,

Ann Felix, Payton Haggett, Michelle Harvey, Mary Kay Heid,

Joan Heng, Tim Hutton, Tina Kester, Virginia King, David Kolb,

Bob Kolve, Clay Kolve, Gerri Kolve, Matthew Kolve, Mike Lawson,

Michael Leong, Jean Luke, Amanda Manning, Oscar Mendoza,

Dick Meinhart, Elizabeth Herres-Miller, Michelle Miller,

Pat Murphy, Adrian Ng, Linh Nguyen, Joyce Olson, Howard Paull,

Jerry Paull, Peter, Bee Poh, Valentine Powell, The Priano Family,

Angie Roberts,Felix Ramos, Margarehta Schalk, Dena Schnexnayder,

Lita Shanahan, Tom Snyder, Antonia Adamson-Springett,

Rudy Sutlovich, Lewin Tankel, Alberto Tcruz, Terence,

Tammy Theobald, Gean Thompson,Laura Thompson,

Scott Thompson, Pat Weber, Alan Wood, Mark Wood,

The Zambrano Family, & Mary Zgodzinski

We especially pray for the Lords mercy for all those who were previously on

the prayer list and remain chronically ill; also for their families and those who

take care of them. If you have recently become critically ill or injured and

would like your name in the bulletin prayer list, please call the parish office or

have an immediate family member make the call for you. Names will be

removed after three months, or sooner at your request. You are welcome to

return names to the prayer list if theyve been removed.

Will you Say a Prayer?

When youre in the Adoration Chapel, please take a copy of the bulletin

with the prayer list with you (below) or find a copy of this list posted

in the Chapel, and say a prayer for the sick and infirm in our parish

family. This can be accomplished by simply saying, Please, Lord, keep

the people on this list near You and Your will be done, or, quietly read

each name to yourself and say, Lord, please show mercy on these people

who are sick.

By doing this each time youre in the Chapel, there will be prayers

going heavenward for each and every person on this list, 24-

hours a day, 365 days a year.

Prayer is a Very Powerful Resource for All of Us!

Your Pro-Life Committee Submits these Quotes with Love

God did not make death, and He does not delight in the

death of the living.

Certainly, from the moral point of view, contraception and

abortion are specifically different evils: the former

contradicts the full truth of the sexual act as the proper

expression of conjugal love while the latter destroys the

life of a human being.

The above quotes were taken from:

The Gospel o Life - Chapter 1

Pope St. John Paul II

Please Join Pope Francis, Share the Journey!

What YOU Can Do

Millions are fleeing war, persecution and poverty. Join Pope Francis,

open your heart and share the journey by walking with them in

prayer and support.

1) Pray - we pray as individuals and as communities for migrants

and refugees in our global Church. Find resources at:


2) Learn - Pope Francis asks us to learn about migrants and

refugees who hold a special place in Gods heart.

3) Invite - Host a gathering for your local community that includes

migrants and refugees, and invite speakers to share stories.

4) Assist - Migrants and refugees need material support for trans-

portation, legal fees, child care, shelter and simple household

items. Consider organizing a day of service fundraiser.

5) Reach out - Minister to local ethnic communities and raise pub-

lic awareness and support about ways parishes and schools can

stand in solid

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