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  1. 1. OHOH
  2. 2. About Me iOS developer Runs Azukisoft Pte Ltd Author of http://www.amazon.com/Objecti ve-C-Memory-Management- Essentials-Gibson- ebook/dp/B00V8BMX7I/
  3. 3. What is OHOH? iOS social networking app Like Meetup.com But for smaller groups
  4. 4. Functionality Private chats Group chats Likes Comments Push notifications
  5. 5. Technology Stack Objective-C Cocoapods AFNetworking Parse for Push Notification Firebase/Layer
  6. 6. Objective-C Why use Objective-C? Last year Swift was not yet mature Legacy code was still in Obj-C No point switching to Swift
  7. 7. CocoaPods Has a huge library of supported components But tends to break when new version of Xcode is released Am looking into alternatives e.g Carthage
  8. 8. Parse Only for push notifications Easy to set up and test Tried Urban Airship, but had problem with missing push notifications Parse has not failed us. YET!!!
  9. 9. Private Chat/Group Chat Firebase for Chat Firebase good for real time use cases Chat is 1 of them But Firebase is not dedicated for chat
  10. 10. Private Chat/Group Chat So additional chat functionalities such as image upload is not supported It was a hassle managing data from between our DB and Firebase
  11. 11. Private Chat/Group Chat Switched to Layer But as with all cutting edge tech Code examples do not work out of the box 50% of their sample code have to be modified
  12. 12. Private Chat/Group Chat Layer is developed purely to create chat apps So image upload, video upload is all supported But can be a bit slow at time
  13. 13. AFNetworking Most popular iOS networking library we have seen so far Widely used Widely supported But still have issues
  14. 14. AFNetworking Issue due to Apples NSURL implementation Causes operation time outs even if network is ok https://github.com/AFNetworking/ AFNetworking/issues/2314
  15. 15. AFNetworking Also sometimes we have multiple alertviews about network errors Anyone encountered such errors before?
  16. 16. Backend Typical LAMP stack PHP as fast to get going MySQL as it is the standard Running on Linode Ubuntu 14.04
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