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Date post:14-Apr-2017
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Change in Workforce Management due to Generational Differences

Oil & Gas Strategic Future

Table of content

The problem : Generational Gap Aspects of Generational Gaps Workforce Diversity Safety and health Issues Work-life balance The solution : Global sharing and Discussion How Oges works for the solution ?Access to Oges References


ProblemGenerational DifferencesSenior employees with expertise moving outNew Recruits with long-term potential reluctant to join

Aspects of Generational GapMajor areas exhibiting generational differences in an Oil and Gas firmWorkforce diversitySafety and health IssuesWork-Life Imbalance


Workforce DiversitySenior and junior employees face incompatibility with each otherVarying beliefs and work patterns for both the segmentsNo overlap of knowledge transitionGap widening with time


Staff profile of Oil and Gas Companies in Middle East Source: (PWC, 2008) Massive Diversity between Ages

Safety and Health IssuesEmployees under 21 years of age and over 55 years of age most vulnerable to health hazardsTakes 10 years on an average to gain expertise in handling riskYoung crowd reluctant to join Oil and Gas firms de to risks associated

contd.Marginal increase in industry-wide recruitment in the last 6 years

Source: www.sbc.slb.com (2015)

Work Life BalanceSenior Employees accustomed to traditional work patternYoung employees keen on better living conditions at par with other modern industriesDemography hampering with work life balance

Solution: Global sharing and discussions to reduce cultural gaps



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