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Online Marketing presentation

Date post:19-Oct-2014
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Online marketing


Presented by Sam shetty Nov 2012


The Digital landscape

Online marketing, Which one is right for me ?

Planning your SEO implementation

SEO process


Social media

Mobile websites

Q & A

Expected online spend in Australia

$21.7 billion Forecast of total online spend by Australians by 2015

In 2011 expected online shopping expenditure in Australia to reach $13.6 billion

Expected $6 billion spent by Australians on overseas websites

* PricewaterhouseCoopers Digital Media Research report July 25th 2011

The Traditional Shopping Process is

Source: The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive

Linear, predictable, analog, brand-controlled


The New Purchase Journey is

Source : The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive

Non-Linear, multi-channel, digital, consumer-controlled


Website traffic is meaningless unless it converts into leads

Website Traffic

Timing is important

The digital world

Critical questions

For answers we need to understand lifecycle

Every customer goes through steps

The customer lifecycle

Lets say Susan comes to your site

She discovers you via a Facebook post

Next time she uses an organic search

Who gets the credit ?

Measurement issues ?

So - what are my options?

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

SEA - Search Engine Advertising

SMM - Social Media Marketing

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the volume or quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural (organic or algorithmic) search results.


How do search spiders crawl the web?

How do I influence Google to crawl my site ?

Avoiding the 5 second bounce

Make sure they stay! Tell them Who you are? What you do? Why is it important to them? What to do next?

5 seconds before a potential customer hits the Back button

The life of a Google query

The life span of a Google query normally lasts less than half a second, yet involves a number of different steps that must be completed before results can be delivered to a person seeking information.

SEO setup

Google Analytics

Google webmaster tools

Google Insights

XML sitemap generator

Google + local

Social media setup

Google Analytics

Google webmaster tools

Google Insights

XML Sitemap

Google + local

Social media setup

Search Engine Optimisation

Indexing your website Google analytics Keyword research (Keyword research report) Competition analysis Setup web ranking report Site structure Sitemap Google + Local business results On-page optimisation Image optimisation Directory submission Article submission Link building Social media setup Blog

Keyword optimisation

Long tail keywords

Keyword optimisation

How many keywords per page ?

Keyword strategy

Keyword research

Free tools : Google External keyword tool Paid tools : Word tracker, Semrush, Keyword discovery

Target Long tail keywords and generic keywords

Target 2 to 3 keywords per page

Use Google adwords to test your keyword selection

How do I get more links ?

Exact match domain names dying slowly

Need for speed

Dont just aim for ranking go for CTR

Link building is almost dead ???

http:/googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/06/our-new-search-index-caffeine.html While there was some significant contention about issues like paid links and ads vs. content, the voters nearly all agreed that social signals and perceived user value signals have bright futures.

What Do SEOs Believe Will Happen w/ Googles Use of Ranking Features in the Future?

You tube & Video optimisation

You tube accounts for about 28 % of all Google search results

You tube appears often on Google SERP results Create a branded you tube channel for your business Each video on your site should have its own page,

indexable by search engines Write descriptive keyword rich keyword titles for your

videos on You tube Provide video description for context, share video

features Cross promote your videos on other social channels

SEO limitations

Takes longer to get near the top

Google is always one step ahead

Flash websites are much harder to optimise

High competition for the best keywords

Difficult to rank high for generic keywords

Is there something else I can use to get around these problems?

What is search engine advertising/ PPC

a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine

result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid

placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion.


Why should you consider?

What will drive my traffic ?

*Via Forresters

Interactive Marketing

2012 Report

Where should I advertise ?

The process


A well executed PPC campaign sends targeted

traffic to your site.

Plus, sites that rank both high in Paid and Organic results

receive more clicks.

24/7 Advertising

Paid search ads start running

immediately and continue to run

24/7.Potential buyers or customers

will always be able to find you.


PPC advertising has advanced controls:

Day-parting: You can choose to have your ads run only at certain times during the day.

Geolocation: You can target your ads to run in certain locations only.

Calculating your target CPA

1. Determine Your Conversion Rate

2. Calculate Your Gross Profit

3. Calculate Your Target CPA

4. Calculate Your Net Profit

5. Determine Maximum CPC

Figure out your conversion rate

Conversions / Site Visits = Conversion Rate

If a site received 4,000 site visits in a month, and generated 80 conversions, the conversion rate would be


80 / 4,000 = .02

How is Quality score calculated ?

What does quality score influence ?

Getting on top of paid listing

3 Types of Landing Pages

Tips on improving ROI

Run a negative keyword campaign

Spread media across Google, Yahoo & Facebook

Focus on Display ads , remarketing campaigns

Location, Location , Location

Make an offer they cant refuse

Utilize long tail keywords

Timing is everything

Home page is not a landing page

Quality score is key

Monitor it regularly ( Keep on testing )

Is PPC right for me ?

Does your business have a unique selling point ?

Do you stock products ?

Do you need to feed your sales team with leads ?

Low cost of lead acquisition

Do you need to measure ROI ?

Ability to focus on specific locations , time zone

Ability to change your marketing message daily

Better conversions

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a term that describes use of

social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis or any

other online collaborative media for marketing, sales,

public relations and customer service.


What is social media

How is social media used ?

Australian social media users

Time spent on each channel

Pain points in social media

But, we know what we want

Measuring success

Linkedin coverage

What matters?

Why is so important ?

What to share ?

Your online profile ?

What can I get from linked in ?

What can I get from linked in ?

Most people do this

Social media setup

Create a Plan

Own Your Name

Set Up Your Microhouses

Enable Social Sharing

Create Rules For Engagement


Set up a Process To Watch The Action

Budgeting for social media

Key factors about social media

Attraction: How to draw people to you

Retention: How to keep people coming back

Conversion: Moving from liker to buyer

Measurement: Making wise decisions

Is your business ready for social media

What goals do you hope to achieve from a social media marketing effort?

What measures of success will be used to evaluate a social media marketing program?

Do you employ a full-time community manager?

Have you identified and engaged and/or networked with influential's in your target industry on social web sites?

Is there a user generated content component of your web site? Profiles, comments, reviews, content sharing:

text, image, video or audio?

Conversion rates

What is conversion rate?

The percentage of your visitors who end up reaching a given goal.

Typical goals include, making a purchase, submitting an inquiry form, an

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