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Online Presence: Developing your online presence

Date post:08-May-2015
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'Strategies for online presence' presentation given for the 'Developing your online presence' workshop provided by ITLP, IT Services, University of Oxford.
  • 1.Strategies for Online PresenceMoving forwardsOnline Presence: Developing your presenceITLP: http://courses.it.ox.ac.uk/detail/TWODKate Lindsay | @ktdigital

2. What do you want to do?I want to raise the profile of my researchI want to know more about whats going on in my fieldI want to get feedback on my ideasI want to be part of a communityI want to build a communityI want to get a job / funding 3. What do you want to do?Know your objectives and make them measurable Increase web traffic by Increase citations by Increase downloads by Increase connections by Increase invitations by 4. Who do you want to engage with?Choose your audience, discover your communityMonitor your communityLook for keywords, advocates, and influencersCraft your content to your audience and make it shareable. 5. What do I want to share?Content is king Choose themes and topics Select media types Re-post and comment on others content Make it shareable. Create a content calendar Map content to existing publicity 6. Is my online presence supporting my objectives?Review your tools, critique your presence 7. What challenges am I facing? Takes up too much time Difficult to keep track of different profiles Negative responses Not enough buy in from Department Difficult to tell if its working. 8. Top Tips for Time Management Build traction by targeting your chosen audiences andcommenting on their content Keep one profile and keep it up-to-date. Post regularly (but do not overload) or post for impact(e.g. guest blog post, join a Twitter chat, a LinkedIngroup) 9. Top Tips for Time ManagementSpread your time evenlyConsider opening hoursPost at key times (e.g. between 10-3pm).If you have multiple platforms use an aggregator e.g.Hootsuite, TweetDeck 10. Responding to negativecomments 11. Where next? Expand content types Expand platforms Cross link 12. How am I doing?Measure your impact Revisit your objectives Keep an impact file Collect analytics and social media metrics Google Analytics Google URL Builder Social Media Channel Trackers Hootsuite Crowdbooster Seesmic Twentyfeet 13. Culture24: Measure your impactonlinehttp://weareculture24.org.uk/projects/action-research/how-to-evaluate-success-online/ 14. Altmetric: http://www.altmetric.com/ 15. Benefit Value Impact Model by Simon Tannerhttp://www.kdcs.kcl.ac.uk/innovation/impact.html

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