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Online Social Engagement. Introductions What is social networking? Social networking statistics The...

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  • Online Social Engagement
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  • Introductions What is social networking? Social networking statistics The social landscape Social networking websites Social bookmarking Online video Blogging Mobile search Question and answer session
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  • Social media describes the technologies, platforms and methods in which users share content online. Social media relies on user-generated content and allows users to share, discuss and participate in the conversation. It also allows people or businesses to become both readers and publishers of content. Interaction also plays a key role in social media with communication between fellow users increasing content levels and further spreading the word. Social media is fast moving with a constant stream of new technologies being created allowing for greater interaction and new ways to share content online. Social Networking
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  • 80% of all the UKs online population visited a social networking site in 2009 The highest level of penetration was with the age group of 25-34 year olds of which 90% visited a social networking site over the period of a month. Interestingly, this was higher than in the 15-24 year old range this demographic is usually presumed to represent the highest user figures. Of this group of teens and early twenty-something's, 86% of internet users visited a social networking website. Overall, the average UK internet user spent 4.6 hours on social networking sites over a one month period. Social Networking
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  • Social networks continue to dominate online activity and usage across the globe and this is no more evident than here in the UK. A recent report from ComScore reveals some very interesting UK Social Media Stats: Of the 36.9 million UK internet users in May 2009, 29.4 million visited at least one social networking website. Social Networking
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  • Social Networking Websites
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  • There are now 20 million Facebook users in the UK Facebook Advertising platform This latest total was reached very recently and is up by over 10 million unique users from January 2008 (18 months ago). Even more staggering though, Facebook User numbers in the UK are also up by 1 million users on a month ago. It is often assumed that Facebook is a social network for teens, this is clearly not the case. It is the twenty-something's that by far top the age group for most usage with almost 7 million users in the UK. There are also almost 9 million Facebook users in the UK who are aged 30+, almost 44% of users. As well as fan pages and profiles, interaction can also take place via well targeted ads. Facebook launched a new platform which allows unlimited ad versions targeted by city, sex, interest, sector etc.
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  • Further research into Facebook user stats and Facebook user demographics in the UK. The snapshots below show key UK Facebook user demographic breakdowns.
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  • In the UK, Bebo is the one of the most searched for brands and has enormous brand equity. In January, Bebo had 22.4 million unique visitors worldwide with visitors averaging more than 3 hours and 30 minutes on the site during the month. To date in 2009 there were 11.4 million unique visitors from the UK to Bebo - accounting for the largest proportion of the sites worldwide traffic. Bebo is the number 1 Social Networking site for young people between the age of 16 24 in the UK.
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  • Bebo is the UKs second most searched for and used social networking website, below are tables taken from a recent Hitwise report:
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  • V Bebo v Facebook Although Facebook has the greater number of users in the UK, Bebo has the biggest impact in 16 24 years in the UK, particularly in Scotland.
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  • Social Bookmarking
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  • Social bookmarking is tagging a website and saving it for later. Instead of saving them to your web browser, you are saving them to the web. And, because your bookmarks are online, you can easily share them with friends. Digg is pretty much the most popular social bookmarking site. Statistics from Quantcast estimate that Digg receives about 21 million unique visitors a month. The digg audience is mostly males (63%) between the ages 23-34. Stumbleupon brings in 1.2 million unique visitors a month. The audience is male biased (51%) and has a relatively equal spectrum in age. 30% of traffic comes from ages 18-34, 33% from ages 35-49, and 33% from ages 50 and up.
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  • Online Video
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  • The total number of videos viewed online in the U.K. in April 2009 grew 47 percent versus year ago to 4.7 billion videos. With 44% of 16- 24 years olds in Scotland using sites such as YouTube and Google Video regularly. Online Video
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  • Video is now a key component of the online landscape in the UK. Top 10 UK Video Websites 1.YouTube: 62.9% 2.BBC iPlayer: 11.2% 3.Google Video: 2.0% 4.MegaVideo 1.5% 5.MSN Video: 1.4% 6.Google Video UK: 1.3% 7.Channel 4 TV: 1.3% 8.Metacafe: 1.2% 9.Vuze:1.2% 10.Daily Motion: 1.1% Online Video
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  • The introduction of Google Universal Search has been paramount to the success of online video in the UK. Google now allow videos to appear in the search results, running alongside traditional listings; for example if we search for the keyword Darth Vadar, we see the following results on www.Google.co.uk Online Video Other search engines are now incorporating this into their search listings.
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  • MicroBlogging
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  • So what is Twitter? Twitter has proven to be a fantastic source of traffic for content driven sites, and the media companies with a strong presence on the service are using it to great effect. Websites that have benefited most from Twitters success is twitpic, a service which allows users to upload photos and pictures to their Twitter profiles. The site was the biggest recipient of UK traffic from Twitter during May, picking up 1 in every 13 downstream visits from the social network. UK Internet visits to Twitpic have increased 250 fold over the last 12 months, and it is now the third most popular photo website in the UK behind Flickr and Photobucket. Microblogging
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  • UK Internet traffic to Twitter, the micro-blogging service and social network, has increased 22-fold over the last 12 months. During May 2009 www.twitter.com ranked as the 38th most visited website in the UK and the fifth most visited social network. Microblogging Currently 6.2% of Scottish users aged between 16 24 are using Twitter
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  • So what is Twibbon? Twibbon is the easiest and most powerful way to promote awareness of your cause on Twitter. The service overlays a small icon onto supporters profile images to create a Twibbon, making an impactful online statement. The users Twitter account automatically tweets to let everyone know about their affiliation Twibbon Twibbon has over 250k supporters in less than 5 weeks since launch on 16 th July 2009. Many celebrity supporters using Twibbon including Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross and Kirstie Alley.
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  • Mobile Internet
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  • Mobile internet use has gained a great deal of popularity over the past year, with mobile devices accessing the internet doubling in less that a year. Recent research has shown that one third of the people who accessed the internet from their mobile device in January 2009 did so on a daily basis (22.4 million people out of the 63.2 million mobile Internet users). The majority of usage is by young male adults aged 18 to 34, while 40 percent of females aged 18-24 engage in the same activity. At the beginning of the year, maps were among the most downloaded applications (by 8.2 million users), while search was one of the most popular along with SMS-based news and information (14.1 million users).
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  • As the end of 2009 approaches, it is now clear that a third of young people (16 35 year olds) regularly access Facebook and Twitter on their mobile. By far the most popular in terms of usage is Facebook, which is used more often than Twitter and Bebo combined. It is predicted that 44% of mobile users will access the internet via their handset by the end of 2009. Other recent predictions from researcher Juniper also suggest that mobile application downloads will reach almost 20 billion by 2014. A study conducted by Lightspeed research for the Internet Advertising Bureau found that in the UK, 25% of social media site users were updating their profiles and pages through their mobile phones. This is set to grow further. Mobile Internet
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  • To Summarise
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  • Social media and social networking is at the core of search in the UK. Understanding and interacting with the online community will be essential to the success of any brand name or user online. Within the search community we should encourage interactions to increase awareness and create an online stir. In only 5 years, the social landscape has changed dramatically and users are now embracing that. As we approach 2010 we will see dramatic changes in social networking, to the benefit of all internet users. Summary of Social Networking
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  • On Twitter: http://twitter.com/PSDigital Via our weekly bog: http://perfectstormdigital.wordpress.com/ View some of our work here: http://www.perfectstormwork.co.uk Follow Perfect Storm!
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  • Thank you! Over to you!
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