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Open Air Innovation

Date post:28-Oct-2014
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Presentation by @noelito and @mindfulmaps
  • 1. Noel Hatch & Emily Wilkinson

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. cometoyoursensesproject.wordpress.com
Twitter: @cometosenses
10. 11. Come to Your Senses is anongoing,interdisciplinary creative project which aims to:
Collaboratively visualise emotional, experiential and sensory data in context.
Highlight the importance ofawareness -emotions, feelings and physical presence.
Provide aform of advocacy and voice for a community- help people tell their stories and put them on the map.
Illustrate how people feel about their everyday environments as well as places visited for the first time.
Facilitate authentic and artful communication.
Collect information which is not gathered by traditional research methodsand examine representation of this information in an accessible way.
12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. How did people feel about Brixton Village?
18. What kind of sensory experience did they have?
19. What about the combinations?
20. What other themes emerged?

  • Authentic advocacy: Give people the opportunity to be heard and tell their story

22. Uncover the unseen: reveal underlying issues and topics 23. Value feeling as well as need: Collect emotional, sensory and experiential data and take it as seriously as facts and figures 24. Stimulate new ideas and behaviours: Encourage deeper interaction with spaces 25. Design empathetic spaces: Think about what conditions would encourage people to share and interact in the spaces they use everydayTips for open air innovation
26. 27. Thanks! Stay in touch :-)
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