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Orchestral Musicians

Date post: 05-Nov-2021
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Year 7: Unit 1 - Lesson Four
Page 1: Orchestral Musicians

Year 7: Unit 1 - Lesson Four

Page 2: Orchestral Musicians

Orchestral Musicians Learning Objectives

• To further explore the work of professional practitioners

• To develop creative responses to live performance

• To understand the link between music and imagination

Page 3: Orchestral Musicians

Recap- Instrumental families

Can you remember the five

instrumental “families” found

in an orchestra?

Page 4: Orchestral Musicians
Page 5: Orchestral Musicians
Page 6: Orchestral Musicians
Page 7: Orchestral Musicians
Page 8: Orchestral Musicians
Page 9: Orchestral Musicians

Orchestral Musicians

Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner

Ride of the Valkyries comes at the beginning of Act 2 of Die

Walküre, the second of the four operas that make up Der Ring

des Nibelungen or The Ring Cycle. The whole thing took 27

years to compose and takes over 15 hours to perform. If you

want to settle in and listen to the whole thing, make sure

you've got plenty of snacks and drinks!

Page 10: Orchestral Musicians

Orchestral Musicians

Page 11: Orchestral Musicians

Practical Task: Pink Panther Theme

Listen to the Pink Panther Theme from this video or from the video on the website.

Think about what do you think could be happening in the scene.

Page 12: Orchestral Musicians

Main Activity

Practical Task: Pink Panther Theme

In groups, create a story that links to the Pink Panther Theme.

For example, the story could be about a masked robber creeping

into a museum to steal something.

Use the storyboard to draw out your scene section by section.

Remember to add detail to explain what is happening in each


Page 13: Orchestral Musicians

Main Activity

Practical Task: Pink Panther Theme

Things to consider:

Characters- How many will there be? Who are they? What is their purpose in the story?

Genre- Is your story going to be a comedy? Fairy tale? Mystery?

Structure- Consider how your story begin? How will your story end?