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Overcoming Obstacles

Date post:23-Jun-2015
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Presentation on defining Obstacles and steps to overcome them.
  • 1. OBSTACLESWhat are they?Where are they?Where do they come from?How do we manage them?Created by Michael D. Kerwick

2. An Obstacle is Webster defines assomething thatstands in the way orobstructs progress. Obstruction Hindrance Impediment Created by Michael D. Kerwick 3. Discussion Session #1 Review definition of Obstacles Discuss personal definitions Discuss road block graphic What does Wall represent? What emotions are characters conjuring? Are there any routes around the wall? Created by Michael D. Kerwick 4. Daily Obstacles Grid Exercise Created by Michael D. Kerwick 5. Daily Obstacles Grid Sample SocietyEmployeeFamilyEconomy Issues Issues Growth: Supervisors/Politics PersonalCompany/Personal ManagementIssuesLoved Ones Friends Co-workers FaithGoals: FulfillmentCompany/PersonalFinancesMotivation Satisfaction Created by Michael D. Kerwick 6. Discussion Session #2 Compile grid of Daily obstacles Identify/review common road blocks Review/discuss methods of overcoming: Stumbling blocks vs. Stepping Stones! Concede or Conquer? Are you a victim of, or victor over your obstacles? Created by Michael D. Kerwick 7. Obstacle Management How we manageobstacles on a dailybasis determines whetherwe move or standstill!Created by Michael D. Kerwick 8. Obstacle Management Sometimes we can feel as though we are on a sinking ship with no hope for salvation. What happens when we feel this way? Created by Michael D. Kerwick 9. Obstacle Management How we feel aboutourselves willreflect in how wesee ourselves. How we seeourselves is howothers will see us!Created by Michael D. Kerwick 10. Obstacle Management If Perception is reality, then How do we change our Reality? Created by Michael D. Kerwick 11. Applying The 5 Ps* to ManagingObstacles Purpose Pride Patience Persistence Perspective * Adapted from: The Power of Ethical Management by Kenneth Blanchard and NormanVincent Peale. Created by Michael D. Kerwick 12. Purpose The reasons for whichwe existan intendedor desired result Aim Goal Determination Design Created by Michael D. Kerwick 13. Pride the state or feelingof being proudSelf-esteemSelf-respectEgoVanityCreated by Michael D. Kerwick 14. Patience The bearing ofannoyance,misfortune, painwithout complaint,loss of temper or thelike Composure Stability EnduranceCreated by Michael D. Kerwick 15. Persistence The act of continuingfirmly in somestateor purpose orcourse of action inspite of opposition Indefatigable Pertinacious TenaciousCreated by Michael D. Kerwick 16. Perspective The facts known to onein having ameaningfulinterrelationship The faculty of seeingall the relevant data ina meaningfulrelationship Created by Michael D. Kerwick 17. The Most Difficult Obstacles are the ones weplace in front ofourselvesMDK Created by Michael D. Kerwick 18. Daily Creed Lord, let me committhis dayto not be theone who gets in myway! MDKCreated by Michael D. Kerwick

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