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Date post:28-Aug-2014
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  • Vorstellung Forschungsgruppe Agile Knowledge Engineering & Semantic Web (AKSW) Dr. Sren Auer
  • Research Group Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web Founded 2006 Initially hosted by the chair for Business Information Systems (Prof. Klaus-Peter Fhnrich) Now transition to Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI) An-institute at Universitt Leipzig Combines competences and resources of 8 University chairs from Computer Science and Economics faculties as well as industry and sponsors AKSW aims: Contributing to the advancement of science in Semantic Web, Knowledge Engineering, Software Engineering Cost efficient, high-impact R&D, which proves usefulness at an early stage Bridge the gap between research results and applications AKSW actively educates students in Semantic Technologies and serves the community by (co-) organizing events such as Conference on Social Semantic AKSW Vorstellung Web, I-Semantics, Scripting for The Semantic Web workshop series etc.
  • AKSW Team Dr. Sren Auer, Head, everything currently especially DBpedia, Cofundos, Triplify Thomas Riechert, wiss. Mitarbeiter, Software Engineering and teaching Jens Lehmann, doctoral student, DL-Learner, DBpedia, Machine Learning Sebastian Dietzold, doctoral student, OntoWiki, xOperator, RDF-LDAP and Data integration Axel Ngonga, doctoral student (2006), Text Mining, Knowledge Management Thorsten Berger, doctoral student (2007), Software Engineering Michael Martin, doctoral student (2008), Semantic Web Applications Sebastian Hellmann, doctoral student (2008), Machine Learning Jrg Unbehauen, doctoral student (2008), Software Engineering Alumni Dr.-Ing. Muhammad Ahtisham Aslam, Ass. Prof. COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Lahore, Pakistan Permanently ca. 10 student assistants, bachelor/master/diplom students AKSW Vorstellung
  • AKSW Funded Projects SCMS: Semantic Content Management Systems for Enterprise Knowledge Management and News Mining Cooperative research project; 24 month / 2009-2011 Funding agency: Eurostars Participants: Semantic Web Company, Digital Trowel, OpenLink Software Ltd., Netresearch OntoWiki: Semantic Collaboration for Knowledge Management, E-Learning and E-Tourism Cooperative research project; 24 month / 2008-2010 Funding agency: European Union FP7 / Research for the benefit of the SME program Participants: OpenLink Software Ltd., Business Intelligence GmbH, B2 d.o.o., Vakantieland LE4SW - Regionale Technologieplattform OntoWiki fr soziale, semantische Kollaboration Cooperative research project; 24 month / 2009-2011 Funding agency: BmbF (German Ministry for Education and Research), Programme Regionale Wachstumskerne / Potential Participants: Universitt Leipzig, Business Intelligence GmbH, Netresearch GmbH & Co. KG, Ebrosia GmbH SoftWiki: End-user driven, distributed Requirements Engineering for agile Software Development Cooperative research project; 42 months / 2006-2009 Funding agency: BmbF (German Ministry for Education and Research) Participants: Universitt Duisburg-Essen, T-Systems MMS, ProDV AG, LeCoS GmbH, QA Systems GmbH, ISA Tools GmbH Vakantieland Semantic Collaboration Platform for Tourist Information Industry / public funding; 36 months / 2006-2008 Funding agency: SenterNovem (Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs) AKSW Vorstellung Participants: Universitt Leipzig, Vakantieland
  • Impact beyond the Scientific Community DBpedia.org knowledge extraction from Wikipedia Impact: 300 posts about DBpedia in the Blogosphere (according to Technorati), ca. 100.000 visitors of the DBpedia website in 2007, on average 350 daily visitors. DBpedia became the most popular dataset used with Semantic Web applications and research prototypes and is for example extensively referred in official W3C standards such as RDFa. Cofundos.org open-source innovation and resource pooling Impact: more than 10.000 visitors in Oct 2007, 62 Blog posts (according to Technorati), Cofundos news announcements in major news channels (e.g. Heise.de, Golem.de, Linux.com), more than 300 registered users, 100 projects, 10k pledged donations. OntoWiki.net social, semantic collaboration platform Impact: more than 8.000 downloads of the OntoWiki software (since 2004) / 773 in Sep 2007, on average 3.000 monthly visitors of http://Ontowiki.net, users include SAP, OpenLink SW, T- Systems MMS, ProDV AG. Triplify.org - semantification of Web applications Impact: more than 1.000 visitors on the Triplify.org Website in the first week alone, Numerous blog posts e.g. in the no 1 Web technology blog ReadWriteWeb, Triplify configurations for major Web applications such as Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress, WackoWiki AKSW Vorstellung
  • Ausgewhlte Partner und Projekte Linke dGe o Data .o rg AKSW Vorstellung
  • Semantic Leipzig Basic Research Applied Research Applied Research Applied Research Technology Transfer Product Development Business Scenarios Knowledge Management Semantic Web Infrastructure Logical Foundations & Reasoning Semantic Search Service Engineering & Management Social Software & Web 2.0 Machine Learning & Text Mining eGovernment AKSW Vorstellung
  • AKSW Linked Data Web Bausteine DL-Learner OntoWiki Machine Learning for Collaborative creation of Vakantieland explicit knowledge via Building Data Web applications Ontologies Semantic Wikis SoftWiki Distributed, stakeholder driven OWLDB DBpedia Requirements Engineering Extending DBs for ontology Semantification of handling / revealing implicit Wikipedia OpenResearch.org information A semantic Wiki for the sciences RDF Query Subsumption Triplify xOperator & View Maintenance Semantification of (small) Combining Instant Messaging Scaling database backed Web Applications with the Data Web Triple Stores Grundlagen Anwendungen Marrying databases with RDF Werkzeuge Bringing the Data Web to and ontologies end users AKSW Vorstellung
  • The Semantic Data Wiki Agile, distributed knowledge engineering Not a Wiki with semantic extensions (Semantic MediaWiki, IkeWiki), but an ontology editor using Wiki Concepts: Make it easy to correct mistakes (ant intelligence) Activity can be watched and reviewed Everything can be undone AKSW Vorstellung
  • SoftWiki Problem: Requirements Engineering with large, spatially distributed stakeholder groups Solution: comprehensive ontology for representing RE relevant knowledge + adapted OntoWiki application Application of text-mining methods for duplicate detection Lohmann, Heim, Auer, Dietzold, Riechert: Semantifying Requirements Engineering The SoftWiki Approach. In I-SEMANTICS 2008. AKSW Vorstellung
  • Vakantieland* One of the largest tourist information sites in NL (>100.000 daily page views, >20.000 points of interest) Traditional relational DB system was to inflexible to capture the increasingly heterogeneous content types Development of an OntoWiki based Data Web application Geo-data integration from OpenStreetMaps Semantic-Search Integration of DBpedia data Comprehensive performance tuning * work with Ceriel Jakobs, Michael Martin partially funded by SenterNovem AKSW Vorstellung
  • OpenResearch.org Semantic Wiki for the Sciences Based on SMW Support for scientific content types Events (Conferences, Workshops, etc.) People, research groups, science genealogy Journals Funding calls Additional categorization schemes include scientific field (not limited to CS) and location/region Semantic annotation and structuring of these facilitate search (e.g. SE conferences by acceptance rate) Already one of the largest KBs of science meta-information more than 7.000 pages/entities AKSW Vorstellung
  • xOperatorconnecting IM & Data Web Semantic overlay network for Instant messaging Naturally solves s
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