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Oxfam great gifts with real rewards unwrapped catalogue

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  • 1. WHOISOXFAM AUSTRALIA? HELPING O THERS WHEN THEYRE IN A TOUGH SITUATION IS WHAT WE DO BES T. WHATS MORE, WEVE BEEN WORK ING WITH COMMUN ITIESTOHELP THEM BUI LD LAS TING SOLU TI ONS TO TH E PROBLEMS THEY FACE SINCE 1953. FIND OUT MORE AT WWW.O XFAM.ORG. AU Okay, you might not want that crown we use to fight poverty. Most gifts When you buy a rice bank, calf, and I might be exaggerating a bit Youre in the catalogue are already located in cattle manure, chicken, chicken family, thinking, "Listen, Im just looking to buy a the country where we are working, so duck, fishing ponds, piglet, start a small great gift with real reward." But as you theyre not impacting on our global business or three little pigs, youre flick through the pages and peruse the footprint eitherl helping fund programs that give people incredible life - changing gifts, remember a livelihood. When you purchase an Oxfam Unwrapped that by choosing to purchase a gift from gift card, your tax-deductible donation Or you can help Oxfam act quickly in this catalogue, you will be joining will fund a range of projects that your times of emergency by buying an hundreds of thousands of others, all of gift represents. For example, when you emerger,cy hygiene kit, a mossie net, whom have contributed to ending buy gifts such as a goat, a couple of a canoe, a water-quality testing kit, a injustice and world poverty. goats, a goat family, farmer education, donkey or a solar light You can also a farmers pack, food basket, fruit trees, support our campaigning by purchasing seeds, "Two ducks, a pig and a goat" or Fairtrade education, save a river or our Im glad you asked. When you buy an a veggie garden, youll be contributing GROW card. Oxfam Unwrapped gift, your donation to our agriculture projects. helps support Oxfam Australias life- Or, if you purchase an Aboriginal health changing work around the world. And the card, Aboriginal womens circle, an person for whom you are buying said gift aeroplane, Aussie Rules footy, breakfast rece ives a sensational gift card for a child, clean water, a cooking stove, explaining how their gift is helping others. midwife essentials, orphan care, safe refuge for women, water for a school or a well, you will be funding our health projects. To support our education projects, you just need to purchase the gift of a Straight Talk card, guitar lessons, notepads Oh you I We dont actually ship goats or and pens, literacy classes or toys. any animals overseas, but all Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are real items that2
  • 2. AND THIS IS HOW YOU OlDER A CARD THREE CHOOSE OlDER WRITE IN AND ACAID YOUICAID YOUICAID YOU"IE There are many to choose from. Theres an orde r form at Youve bought your card, DONE the back of t his catalogue. now you just need to Some are cheap Not only have you You can also ord er online. Its quick, personalise it. and others will found th e perfect re qu ire deeper easy and saves Oxfam Aust ra lia money. Oxfam ca n have t he gift for the person pockets. But Simply go to www.oxfamunwrapped.com.au card delivered to you. who has lots, but every single gift E-cards are ava ilable online too . O if yo u order online, r, yo uve also foun d wi ll chang e th e Or you ca n order over the phone on sim ply type out a the perfect wa y to life of so meo ne FREECALL 1800 034 034 messa ge to be printed help those with a livin g in po verty. [Mon to Fri, 9a m to Sp m AE ST]. ins ide, then well send it little. Now thats a directly to your recipi ent. gift with real reward. You can even head int o an O xfam Shop and buy a card in-store. To locat e your Every card also includes nearest store call lBOO 03l! 034 or an explanation about t he go to www.oxfamshop.org.au role your specific gift plays in fi ght ing povert y, so your rec ip ient will know just how good a cause it is. IUYACAID. SEND IT TO AFIIENDOI LOVED ONE. YOUR DONATION HELPS FUND OXFAM"S WOIKAIOUND THE WORLD.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people sho uld be aware that th isdocument may contain images or nam es of people who have since passed away. ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED .COM .AU J
  • 3. c GOAT FAMILY Whats better than one go at th at can provide orphan s in Mozambique with nutritious milk and an educati on? Four goats. Goat family- UW90AIASKET CUNNING PLOTOF GOOD Ev eryone loves vegetables and this car d ha s some rig ht on the cover.If you, like most of us, think a hamper Whats more, when you buy th is cardis the go-to gift for someone difficult yo ull help a South Af ri ca n communityto buy fo r, may I present to you the beat malnutrition by planting a plotultimate gift hamperl This food basket of beetroots, spi nach, ca rrots,gift card not only provides food to poor onions an d pot at oes.comm unities in Sri Lanka, it also bringstogether dive rse ethnic communities Veggie garden - UW04and promotes mutual understandingand respect. See if you can pick one upat a department store that can do that.Food basket - UW89 SEEDS "I dont think theyll app reciate see ds as a giftl" I hear yo u t ut. But han g on I Recall, if yo u will, a boy who th ou ght hed gotten a raw deal when he was given seeds. His name was Jack and if you remember, he was in fact thrilled by a very large beansta lk. And these seeds are so rt of magical too. They will be giving a family in Sri Lanka the leg-up they need to st art their own home-gardening business. And theyre only 10 bucks. Seeds- UWOS .
  • 4. MONEY GlOWS TWO DUCKS. FARM SKILLSON TREES A PIG ANDA GOAT Know som eo ne with a gree n thumb? Or even som eone who is such a bad gardener theyThis card doesnt ju st get you one poverty- Give someone this little bundle of joy and could kill a cactus? Well this gift of farmingbusting fruit tree, it gets you plenty- youll be giving a communit y a source of trainin g is perf ect for bot h of them. It willdelivered to a village where theyre nee ded milk, eggs, garbage disposal [pi gs), pest be helping someo ne in East Timor gain themost. These fruit trees, such as guava, control [ducks) and of co urse, more little ski lls needed t o harvest a sustaina ble croppapaya and coconut, can be harvested to ducks, pigs and goats they can then sell that wi ll prov ide for the ir famil ies and helpraise funds for the community. Lets see for an income. them earn an income .soap on a rope do that. Two ducks, a pig and a goat- UWBO Farmer education- UW88Fru it trees- UW02GIVE THE GIFTOF GOATA hoofed animal of any sort is a highlyunexpected gift. And Oxfams goats have fourmagnificent hooves . Som e even come wit hudde rs. Not on ly doe s a goat make a great ca rd,but a goat ca n save a fa mi ly from pove rty. Theycan breed to create more goats, provide milkfor the f am ilys nutrition, and they can even besold to pay for schoo l fees or too ls.Goat- UWOl ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED.COM.AU 5
  • 5. GEniNGIT EDU N STRAIGHT Th is card is he lp ing to raise the voices and increase the political know-how of Abor igina l and Tor res Strait Islander women to bring about lasting social cha nge . Stra ight Talk is th e most exciting thing to happe n in Canbe rra fo r years, huh? WOMENS GUITAR LESSONS Straight Talk- UW93 LITERACY. Do you hav e a frien d who thinks they are great at guitar an d wou l d be in sulted by the thought lEAD ALL of lessons? Then this card cou ld be perfect. AIOUT IT! Youll both get a laugh out of it, plus it will pay f or underprivilege d kids in Vanuatu to atte nd a Literacy enlightens, empowe rs, youth centre and learn the guitar. inspires and significantly in creases a womans ab ilit y to ea rn a living. By supporting adult literacy teachers and trainers in Papua New Guinea, you really will be providing wome n there with the "Ext ra I Extra I" they sore ly need. Literacy classes- UW30 . SCHOOLS IN! Some people loved high school, others did not. And the n there are the othe rs that sim ply didnt get the chance to TOYS go. This card helps provide note pads and pens for vocational training Some gifts are more meaning fu l th an classes for people in East Tim or. So as others. This is one of those . Buy this card they le arn to farm and fish, they are and some ref ugee kids in South Africa will also learning to read and writel receive toys and educational mater ials that will help them get a better start in life. Note pads and pens- UW91 Toys- UW746
  • 6. SOLAR LIGHT Whe n the powe r has go ne out after a disaste r, how many tim es have yo u and yo ur f rien ds uttered, "I wish I had a square, hand- he ld, durable, no n-battery-p owe red solar light so th at I could sim ply see wh at is t wo feet in front of mel" Probably never. Ma ke sure no body ha s to say this again by buyingAN EEAWESOME A MOSSIE NET? th is card. Well make sure the lights get toGIFT Everyone has a friend or loved one who comp lains about being ter ro rised by mosquitoes. This is the t he right peop le soon after disaster strikes. Solar light- UW92Want to giv e an unforgettable present perfect gift card for them. The ir card will pay for athis year? Yeah you do! I kn ow what mosquito net to be give n t o a family threaten ed byyoure sayin g: "My f ri en ds alread y mala ri a. And su rely your fri en d will app rec iate thatgot donkeys. Tonnes actually." gesture more than most.We ll, neve r fe ar, th is donkey is be in gused to help peo ple who have lost Massie net- UW19eve ryt hing in an emergency. Donkeysca n carry large loads of sup pli es forpeo ple getting back on th ei r fee t.A kick-ass gift for those who wantto make a rea l difference.Donkey- UW62 SMALL GRACES Thi s card is providing families who have lost almost everythin g in an emergency with small gra ces like so ap, sham poo an d FLOAT YOUR IOAT sarongs that help the m keep the ir heads up in the fac e of ad versity. Its a much better Most people get socks as gifts. Not many get canoes . gift than the furry toilet seat cover you Which is su rpr ising because canoes are so practical. bought and tucked away six months ago. Espec ially in the Pacific, where they are used to Before you even begin to try and argue, quickly get supplies to people after a natural disaster. sto p. Thi s kit is better. Thi s can oe will make sure everyone stays safe and that commu nities can begin reb uild ing their lives. Emergency hygiene kit- UW87 Canoe - UWSB ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED.COM.AU 7
  • 7. HE LTH WELL WELL WELL An unforgettable gift card needs two things- the first is a mud brick well on the front, and the second is the ability to keep a community in Sri Lanka alive . This card delivers both of these big time. Well- UW16 NOWWElE MAKE IT lAIN COOKING Depe nding on the situation, a si mple glass of water may or may not be well received. Do you know someone who consta ntly When gr il led by your boss? Yes, definitely. lamen ts how t he ir life would change if they At the pub? Probab ly not. Rest assured bothered applying for MasterChef? Well buy this one will go down a treat as it is in fact this card and together you can change the protecting remote commun ities in Sri life of someone living in East Timo r with an Lanka f rom life-threatening water-borne environmentally-friendly stove that heats diseases. Cheers! up using recyc led paper briquettesl lt burns cleaner than open fires so it mea ns they Clean water- UWll cook without harming themselves or the env ironment, and they will have time fo r othe r act ivit ies now that they dont have to collect firewood . Cooking stove- UW86 SOMEONE TO TALK TO Th is gift card will help establish female support se rvices for Aboriginal women in rural Australia . The creation of these all- female networks has worked wonde rs in other reg ions, providing a safe, pos itive and healing env ironment with in Aboriginal commun iti es . Aboriginal womens circle- UW758 "
  • 8. AIORIGINAL MIDWIFEHEALTH ESSENTIALSWant this years gift to come as a total Th is card helps the midwives of Laossurpr ise? What about a gift that supports im prove their child delivery knowledgecommunity- led solut ions to health care and techniques, as well as neo-nataldelivery in remote Queensland, ensuring advice that they can then pass on toAborig inal and Torres Stra it Islander pregnant women . They also receive specialcommunities are gettin g the health care midwifery equ ip ment that can help takethey need? Its sure to please r the hard labour out of labour.Aboriginal health- UW83 Midwife essentials- UW79WOMENS A VERY IIGCRISIS CENTRE IREAKFAST This really is a gift where those of us withThis card will help pay for a womens crisiscentre in Papua New Guinea . This centre a lot can he lp those with a little . Across MIRACLE FOOTYgives vulnerable women a safe place to southern Africa, AIDS is robbing millions of Everyone loves to get a ball, especially one like thisgo, a safe place to learn and a safe place child ren of their parents . This gift will pay that has the power to bring communities together,to bring their children . And thats what for servings of food for these orphans, and get young men back to schoo l and lower mortalitymakes this card such a valuable gift. help fund the creches that look after these rates. When you buy this card, your donation will kids . What an incredible gift that is. go towards the Fitzroy Stars Mens EducationSafe refuge for women- UW12 Breakfast for a child- UW56 Program that uses footy as a way of helping young Aboriginal and Torres Stra it Islande r men. Aussie Rules footy- UW72 ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED.COM.AU -----.:J m 9
  • 9. LE A small loan can he lp Sr i Lankan women sta rt a sma ll business such as brick- making or tailorin g.lts a way to get people back on th ei r feet after the civil war and OODS tsunami. This card will help do that. Start a small business- UW26 I p Yo u know what t hey say happens These th ree little pi gs need a new home when you teach a ma n to f ish . We ll, after t heirs was blown away by a big bad wolf l t his card is help in g show me n and So were givin g them t o a househo ld in Laos, women in Laos how to set up fishin g where they can be bred and so ld fo r much- pon ds, so that they ca n pro vide food needed income. You didn t believe that and income for their famil ies . Now t hing abo ut the wolf did you? As if a wolf thats good fis hi ngl co uld blow down anything. lts ju st a wolf. Fishing pond s - UW77 Th ree little pigs- UW94 THE GIFT No-one expects to get a chicken. And thats what makes this such a great gift. The fact that it also provides families in Laos w ith an income and th e ability t o st art breed ing more chi ckens just makes it even bette r. Its a little gift that wi ll change a lot. Chicken- UW2410
  • 10. CALVES Q Lets face it this one is not a hard sell. s A pig is a better gift th an a mousepad and MAKE GREAT After baby penguin s, ducks are without doubt t he cutest of birds. Whats mo re, much more productive. Because a pig will he lp fer tilise crops, breed with other pigs this duck is help in g a fam ily in Bangladesh t o make baby pi gs an d get rid of sc raps wit h by prov iding them with nutriti ous eggs that gusto. Do nt wo rr y if yo ur fr iend doesnt Ye p, it mi ght look expensive but th ey can eat or sell at the market for cash have th e space; the ir pi g will be given to a this gift is actually amazin g value. that can be spent on an ed ucati on . Youre pig-loving fam ily in Laos . You not only get to give someone1 a cute card, but you also get to tra nsform the life of a family living already on li ne buying one, arent you ? Duck- UW06 Piglet- UW27 in poverty. Cows provide manure,li milk, transportation and th e ab ility to create a herd. This humble calf is one of the wo rl ds biggest weap ons in the fight against povert y. Calf- UW57 lAP Eve ryone knows someone who wi ll ap preciate getting poo in the post. So give them this card, then we can buy loads of man ure for famil ies in Sri Lanka and he lp grow the ir crop s wit hout the need for chem ica l fe rt iliser. Cattle manure- UW03 ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED.COM.AU 11
  • 12. AMPAIGN FOl CHANGE..;. SUPPORT SAVEAliVEl GlOW A lETTER FUTUREI FAilTlADE Your f riends an d fa mily dont ne ed anot her for gettab le gift from yo u. Although the wor ld produ ces enoug h f ood to feed ev eryo ne, one in seve n people on our planet go to bed When you buy t hi s card it help s What they need is to be part of hung ry each ni ght. Oxfams GROW campaign is about Oxfam support Fairtrade coffee and the campaign to save th e mi ghty grow ing food more sust ainably. Do you ag ree th at t here cocoa fa rmers in poo r areas aro un d Me kong River f rom hydro-dammin g, shou ld always be enough food for eve ryo ne on t he t he world. The mo re people we ca n devasta tin g t he lives of mi ll io ns who planet? Then be a part of a f uture where eve ryo ne has convin ce to buy Fairt rade, the bette r rely on it. Th is card will help do that. enoug h to eat, always . off these villagers wi ll be. Save a river- UW21 GROW- UW78 Fairtrade education- UW59 FARMERS PACK Why giv e just one anima l to fr iends and loved ones th is yea r, GIVE WATER TO A SCHOOL A wa t er tap may not seem ORPHAN CARE The mo re of these cards we sell, th e more we can look after kids in ID when you can give two li ke an obv ious gift fo r South Africa who have plus a stack of seeds? friends or loved ones, been orphaned by AIDS. You w ill look ext reme ly but thi s water t ap is ve ry Th is gift ca rd wi ll help generous and youll be different. This tap helps provide love, security helpi ng a poor farmer prevent di sease and and ed ucation to some provide a better li fe for increas es attendance of th e worlds most their family. Ingenious. at schoo l. Thats becaus e vulne rab le child ren. it comes with a water Can yo u think of a frie nd Farmers pack- UW37 system and will be give n or loved one who wo uld to a schoo l in Cambodia. appreciate th at? Water for a school - UW39 Orphan care- UW38 ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED.COM.AU 13
  • 13. STICK EM UP! Want t o give a little bit extra? Buy one of these fantastic f ridge magnets and su pport wo rkers from Alura Amara, a fairtrade produ cer in Indones ia. Alu ra Ama ra was founded as an altern ative for yo ung Javanese who were f orced to migrate t o the bi g cities in sea rch of wo rk , providin g work in th eir homet own instead. Th e orga nisatio n provides excellen t working conditions, da ily education programs and a rice subs idy. Choose from a goat, pig, ch icken or duck. Chicken- UW66 ~~ Duck- UW67 1 Goat- UW68 Pig- UW69 ON CHICKEN FAMILY Buy t his beaut looking chicken and its ado rable chicks an d you ll be hel pin g fam ili es in Laos produce life-susta inin g eggs an d earn mu ch needed money, which isnt for not hin g. Chicken family- UW4114
  • 14. USING THE OlDElFOlM [OR HOW TO MAKE SURE YOU GET THE RIGHT GIFT] 1. Each gift has a unique code under the gift description to help you match up your purchases. Select your gifts and then enter the quantity you want to order. 2. Total the dollar amount fo r each gift, plus any add itional donations, and then fi ll in the grand tot al at the bottom. 3. Fill in your address and cred it card details and post the coupon back to us. Please allow up to 10 working days to receive your cards for normal delivery. To have you r gift cards delivered via Express Post, you will need to place a phone order on FREECALL 1800 03L! 03L! . L!. And because youre he lping Oxfam Australi a fight poverty, your purchases are also tax-deductible. Once youve purchased your gifts, you wi ll receive a tax receipt SPREADING THE WOlD [OR HOW TO LET OTHERS KNOW YOU DONT WANT A TIE] If you want to help others wrap up their present shopping th e easy way, you can order more catalogues online t o send to fami ly and friends. Alternatively, you can become our friend on Facebook and keep up t o date by following us on Twitter. For more information about Oxfam Australias wo rk,Hll visit www.oxfam.org.auYOU CAN ENTER YOUR OWNMESSAGE HERE AND SENDDIRECTLY TO THE RECIPIENTIF YOU ORDER ONLINE.LOVE OXFAM. ORDER ONLINE AT WWW.OXFAMUNWRAPPED.COM.AU 15 ..
  • 15. OlDER FORM Please fill out your contact details, choose your gifts, total the amount and fill in your credit card details. Then simply detach and send back to us. No stamp is required .Your contact details Payment detailsTitle: First name: Please charge my:Last name: D Visa D MasterCard D Amex D Di ners Ca rd number:Address:Suburb: State: Postcode: D ODD I DOD D I DODD I DODD Expiry date: UW12CatShpPhone: Cardholder na me:Email: Signature:Dat e of birt h [for identificat ion purposes] : Dat e: D Ch eque or money order - Please make payable t o Dxfam Aust ralia ITEM Addition al option Id like to ma ke an addit ional donation of $ GRAND TOTAL $ Magnets only available with Unwrapped card purchases. Magnets are not tax-deductible. ..
  • 16. D.
  • 17. THANK YOU. WE TRUST YOUR GIFT HAS BEEN AS ENJOYABLE TO CHOOSE AND SEND AS IT WILL BE FOR THE PEOPLE YOURE HELPING. SO Jl/ U0:).1J8J 21 :).88J:).S J8:).S8J!8l eneJlSnv We!XQ 19f7f78 P!Bd /1datJ ul 11 111 h1l.......... lllllllull 11 11 11 111 111 1 IIIB!IBJjSn( U! pajSOd J! paJ!nbaJ dWBlS ON B!1BJ:j.Snf WV:IXO Q
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