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  • 1. Pacific Islander Culture
    By: Rosiland Scobey

2. Pacific Islanders and Native Hawaiians (PI & NA)
Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander refers to persons with ancestry in any of the original peoples of the islands of Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia
0.3% of American population
Asian & Pacific Islander Health Forum. (2010)
3. An American of Japanese and European Ancestry Born in Hawaii
Raised in 1950s Hawaii
Moo-moos on Fridays and Leis on King Day
Its not all just beaches and surfing
Franks, 2010
4. Attitude Toward Health Care
Family of 11
Franks, 2010
5. Access to Health Care
Language barriers
Chronic Illnesses
Franks, 2010
Ro, 2010
6. Communication Patterns
Verbal praise and disappointment
An accent
Franks, 2010
7. Relationships Among People
Not touchy feely
Franks, 2010
Hintz, 1999
8. Similarities Between Our Cultures
Importance of education
Respect for elders
Taro and yams
9. Differences Between Our Cultures
Aquatic recreation
-heenalu-Sliding on a wave
We are touchy feely
How we view biculturalism
10. Implications for Therapeutic Intervention
Brain damage from hypoxia caused by drowning
Celebrating 1st birthdays and valuing elders
American Samoans and football
Franks, 2010
Hintz, 1999
11. Out of the ShadowsHealth Care Disparity Solutions
Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR)
Increased research
Ro, 2010
12. Hawaiian Tutor
Dakine grinds Hawaii mo bettah.
Welcome, goodbye, I love you
Thank you
The food in Hawaii is really good.
Thomas, 2007
13. Old Hawaiian saying:
Thomas, 2007
If you plan for one year, plant taro.
If you plan for ten years, plant koa.
But if you plan for a hundred years, teach your children.
14. References
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Pacific Islander Culture By: Rosiland Scobey
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