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Painter Version Comparison - SW. · PDF filePainter Version Comparison Markers Photo Painting...

Date post:04-Sep-2018
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  • Features

    Painter Version Comparison


    Photo Painting

    Enhanced RealBristle

    Enhanced Acrylics

    Enhanced Blenders

    Enhanced Cloners

    Enhanced Digital Watercolor

    Enhanced Erasers

    Universal Jitter

    Crosshair Cloning with Embedded Source

    Artist Inspired Color Mixers

    Painter X3

    Painter 12

    Painter 2016 Painter 2015

    Reference Image Panel

    Enhanced Real Water Color

    Enhanced Airbrushes

    Particle Gravity Brushes

    NEW Dynamic Speckles

    NEW Particles + Dynamic Speckles

    NEW Enhanced Layer Blending

    NEW Audio Expression

    NEW Particles + Impasto

    NEW Particles + Liquid Ink

    NEW Particles + Water Color

    NEW Particles + Real Water Color

    Particle Spring Brushes

    Particle Flow Brushes

    Universal Jitter Smoothing

    Perspective Guides

    Simple Brushes

    Drawing & painting tools

    Corel Painter 2016 is the ultimate digital art studio. Its inventive drawing tools, realistic brushes, cloning capabilities, and customizable features let you expand your creative output in exciting new ways. The pressure-sensitive brushes of Corel Painter produce brushstrokes that are unrivaled in texture and precision. Whats more, features such as the ability to build your own Natural-Media brushes and customize how brushes interact with the canvas give you countless ways to develop your artistic ideas. Corel Painter takes you far beyond whats possible in a traditional art environment.

    Enhanced Impasto

    Enhanced Oils

    Enhanced Sumi-e

    Enhanced Watercolor

  • Features

    High-Quality Display Rendering

    Clone Source Palette

    Image Navigator

    Enhanced Library Management

    Recent Brush List

    Customizable User Interface

    UI color options

    Brush Hints

    Visual Tooltips

    Visual Tooltips

    Enhanced Document Views

    Content Sharing

    Brush Search Engine

    Smart Brush Controls

    Real-Time Brush Preview


    Enhanced Paper Textures




    Enhanced Content


    Simplied Tool Box

    Command Bar

    Temporal Brush Controls

    Paper Rotation

    Flow Map Rotation

    New Brush Palette Arrangement

    Touch Friendly Icons


    User interface

    Brush Stroke Preview

    Painter X3

    Painter 12

    Painter 2016 Painter 2015

    Image Navigator


    Layout Grid Tool

    Divine Proportion

    Dodge and Burn

    Rotate Canvas

    Perspective Guides

    Masking Tools

    Transformation Tool

  • Features

    Corel Corporation1600 Carling Ave.Ottawa, ONCanada K1Z 8R7

    2015 Corel Corporation. All rights reserved. 08/15

    64-Bit Support (Windows only)

    Multi-core Support

    ColorSync Support

    PNG Support

    X3 Improved Brush Speed

    RTS Support

    2n1 or Duel Personality

    64-Bit for Mac

    32-Bit for Mac

    32-Bit for Windows

    64-Bit for Windows

    CPU Enhancements

    Windows Touch Support

    Photoshop Brush Import


    Painter X3

    Painter 12

    Painter 2016 Painter 2015

    Wacom Multi-touch Support

    Wacom Tablet Support

    Adobe Photoshop Support (PSD)

    Microsoft ICM Support

    Microsoft Windows 8 (64-Bit only)

    Microsoft Windows 7 (32-Bit and 64-Bit)

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