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Panasonic HD Video Conferencing

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Changing the Meaning of Video Conference

For an IT Led OrganizationPresented by :Laser Telesystems , Mumbai1. Panasonic AVC Networks India (TV)2. Panasonic Home Appliances India 3. Panasonic Energy India (Dry Battery)4. Panasonic Carbon India5. Anchor Electricals11,000 employee (Jun/2011)

ChandigarhPanasonic India Pvt. LtdPanasonic AVC Networks India Co. Ltd.Panasonic Energy India Co. Ltd. Anchor Electricals Panasonic Home Appliances India Co. Ltd. Panasonic Carbon India Ltd. JaharjarFactorySanyo IndiaPvt.Ltd.

Panasonic Experience CentreB2B Showroom(Mumbai)Panasonic India HQ, GurgaonEstablishmentOct 2008HQGurgaon, HaryanaBranches25 branches28 warehouseEmployee1200 employees(Mar/2013)10,0007.5005,0002,50010,0002008200920102011Unit: INR Corer, JPY2.0/RS )1903905,5001,8503,20020122013

Sales History & TargetAffiliated CompaniesCompany ProfilePanasonic India Overview2As you may know Panasonic India is a sister company of Panasonic Japan, and it established in Oct. Y2008.

As you can see the slide left hand side, we are having a steady growth and we are targeting 10,000 corer sales in this fiscal year.

Our headquarters is located in Gurgaon, and we have showroom in Delhi and Mumbai.When you need to demonstration for the customer please utilize our showroom.

HouseBuildingProjectCorporateMain city to Rural ) /


Anchorby Panasonic

Home ApplianceProductsAudio VisualProductsProfessionalProductsSubsidiary CompaniesProducts4 Key CategoriesProduct Categories3As you know well Panasonic is well known company in consumer products.However, as you can see here, we have a wide range of product portfolio in system solution segment as well.

Video Conference Solution

End PointsInfrastrutureMCU, Conference Manager etc.

Video Conference End PointOthers VC End PointPanasonic VC End Point VC Infrastructure ComparisonNetwork InfrastructureIT InfrastructureBLACK BOX (MCU)BLACK BOX ( Conf. Manager)BLACK BOX ( Gatekeeper)

BLACK BOX ( Video Firewall)

Network Infrastructure

IT InfrastructureExisting Industry SolutionPanasonic High Definition Visual Communication SolutionSaving Up To 80% VC Infrastructure Sample Installation

SDHD(720p)Full HD(1080p)

Evolution of Video Resolution in VC IndustryPanasonic Offering

GP-VD100E Equipped with a 12x optical zoom lens offering visibility in a range of lighting levels (3 lux). Preset function (up to 100 positions), enables one-touch adjustment of camera direction and zoom. A dedicated camera made specifically for the HD Visual Communications System. Connection by a single HDMI cable controls pan, tilt and zoom.

Zoom out (blue)TiltPanZoom in (red)Note: This works effectively for Large rooms (like classroom)where Projectors are used as Display devices with Low lightening levels in the room.Panasonic HDVC Camera CapabilitiesReliable Connection for both Intranet/the Internet Maintains Audio and Video QualityRate Control depending on the effective bandwidthPanasonics advanced packet loss recovery technologyStable conferencing via the InternetHeavy trafficHeavy trafficAutomatic rate control depending on the effective bandwidthUsable BandwidthPacket LossWithout controlBandwidth is exceeded at peak communication.With controlTransfer rate is adjusted to match traffic condition.Rate ControlUnique Panasonic AV-QoSStable Connection over InternetBroadbandWIMAXWiFi

Key Features of Panasonic HDVC Solution

Type of IndustryModel/QuantityManufacturing5Education7Type of IndustryModel/QuantityCorporate7Medical9Type of IndustryModel/QuantityFinance6Education11Corporate9Construction4Developer2Medical9Manufacturing13Distribution7Type of IndustryModel/QuantityGarment manufacturing5Education7Type of IndustryModel/QuantityHospitality3Type of IndustryModel/Quantitycorporate4Type of IndustryModel/QuantityHospitality3Type of IndustryModel/QuantityFMCG5Medical2Bank9Industry7Manufacturing5Type of IndustryModel/QuantityEducation8Customers in IndiaThank You !

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