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Paola Mazzucchi, mEDRA Project Manager, Converging metadata for converging media @ Converging Media 2014
  • 1. Converging metadata for convergingmediaGood metadata help selling more books.But thats not the end of the storyPaola MazzucchiWith the support ofConverging Media Conference, Gent, 24th September 2014

2. Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing TISP is the platform for the publishing industry and the ICT industry to discuss2about innovation, collaboration and partnerships, within an international network. TISP helps publishing and ICT converging on specific business needs and on thestrategic view for the future. TISP is an EU funded Thematic NetworkOver TISP:Twitter: @tispnetworkLinkedin group: TISP - Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishingwww.smartbook-tisp.eu 3. Scenario setting: convergence3 What is a product in the digital environment? Granularity and Complexity Beyond the product: works and abstractions Relations among stuffPeople make Stuff.People use Stuff.People do deals about Stuff. Same people, multiple names and identities Same people multiple roles in multipleproducts Relations among people Events Actions people do with stuff Relations among people and stuff 4. 4These basic principleshelp us to further elaborateon the challenges in today digital environment 5. Scenario setting: convergence5People make Stuff.People use Stuff.People do deals about Stuff.Identify unambiguouslythe relevant entitiesDescribe relevantfeatures of the relevantentities (rich metadata)Create semantic relationshipsamong different entities(products, works, people,parties, etc.)Respond to the demandby users to re-usecontentEnrich the experienceof the end userProvide information abouthow end users can getappropriate permission toIncrease discoverability re-use contentof content (SEO)Optimise supply chainsoperations, from royaltiesdistribution to and salesmanagement 6. 6Its all about metadata! The possibility to create and maintain relationships among entities relies on anetwork of metadata records and persistent identifiers, ensuring interoperabilityacross market-segments This applies to each of the media sectors as a self-contained domain This applies more and more to a cross-media environment 7. Our tool kit: Identifiers & Metadata7ISBNDOIISTCONIX4BONIX4DOIMarcDublin CoreGTINGRid & ISRCISWCDDEXISANEIDREIDRPLUS IDIPTCPLUSXMP & Exif 8. 8So far so good, as far as the theory goesbutLets come back to our daily job 9. Metadata in everyday life in the publishing industry/19PublishersDistributorsE-bookplatformsBIPLibrariesSearchenginesSocialnetworkssOnlineretailersWholesalersPublishersQuality check and data Quality checkenrichmentQuality check e dataenrichmentRROBookshopsMetadata creation Metadata managementand supplyISBN assignmentMetadata orbookMetadataor bookMetadataMetadata consumption 10. Metadata in everyday life in the publishing industry/210Good metadata help selling more bookshope you all know by nowBasic metadata Enhanced metadata 11. 11But thats not the end of the storyLets have a look at some initiatives and services thatmake use of the good metadata that help selling more booksin a different context to enable a different range of servicesPublishingindustryConvergingmetadataConvergingmedia sectors 12. Rights information management services12ARROW is a system to streamlinerights information discovery in abook or collection of books tolawfully digitise and make availablethe European cultural heritageARROW operations and algorithmsare powered by metadata:- national bibliographies (stuff)- authors authority files (people)- book supply chain data (BIP) (stuff)- rights management data (RRO andCMO) (events)Media sector: books and audio-visualFORWARD will build a rightsdiscovery service for the audio-visualsector through an automatedsystem that will search, harvest andprocess metadata from film archivesand producers.FORWARD and the ARROW systemwill be fully interoperable andaccessible to queries from all usersacross the EU. 13. Accessibility for the visually impaired servicesLIA (Accessible Italian Books) is a dedicatedservice to increase the number of accessiblee-books available on the Italian market forblind and visually impaired readers.LIA operations are powered by metadata:- Title metadata from publishers (stuff)- Supply chain metadata (BIP) (stuff)- Accessibility metadata created in thecertification service (stuff and event)Media sector: books13PRODUCTION CATALOGUING DISTRIBUTION USESemanticMark-upMetadatamanagementMetadatasupplyMark-up andMetadata useIn LIA accessibility metadata are mergedwith title information from E-Kitab (theBIP of Italian e-books)The resulting ONIX 3.0 metadata conveyinformation on ebook accessibility allalong the publishing supply chain:stores, libraries, aggregators. 14. Improve discoverability and SEOThe implementation of Schema.org mark-up on LIA website was tested, mappingproduct and accessibility metadata from ONIX 3.0 records to the schema Book microdata RDFa JSON-LDUnfortunately the STANCA act that regulates the accessible web in Italy excludes the useof HTML5 to develop accessible websites.14 microdata RDFa JSON-LD14 15. Streamline online rights transaction servicesRDI is a project, EU-funded under the CIPframework, aimed at demonstrating how toefficiently manage and trade intellectual propertyrights online for any and all types of usage, acrossany and all types of content, in any and all media.RDI operations are powered by metadataprovided by different sources:- Content metadata (stuff)- Rightsholders metadata: authors/creators and15publishers/producers (people)- Rights and licensing metadata (RRO/CMO)(events)At the core of RDI is the creation of aninteroperable communication layerbetween data sources and users, forexample consumers looking for a license touse a piece of content, or B2B userslooking for permission to re-sell or re-purposeexisting content to create newcontent.RDI implements the principles of the LinkedContent Coalition to facilitate and expandthe legitimate use of content in the digitalnetwork through the effective use ofinteroperable identifiers and metadataMedia sector: books and journals; film and audio-visual; music; images 16. Use case in the books and journal sector16Users, other aggregators, other services 17. DOIDOI (Digital Object identifier) is persistent, cross-media and resolvable identifier.Resolution is the process of going from an identifier to information about theidentified entity (metadata) and in some cases the entity itself. DOI has beenmade interoperable with other identifiers (ex. the ISBN), therefore can supportthe use online of other identifiers, to access metadata and services associated tothe content identified.One of the most well-known DOI-based services is in the in the academic and researchenvironment where the DOI makes resolvable the semantic relations among different contenttypes.Crosslinking and citation services between journals, datasets, researchers and funders arepowered by DOI resolution and DOI metadata.17Media sector: books and journals; film and audio-visual; datasets; PSIMedia sector: books and journals; datasets 18. DOI Context-aware multiple resolution18MetadataservicesDOIRegistrationandbibliographicmetadataRightsinformationmetadataAccessibilitymetadataDOI kernelmetadataContentservicesReuse(licensing/permission)BuyAccessOtherresolutionsAlternative versionabout the contentabout the contributorsGet metadatain RDF xmlGet metadatain citation formatGet metadatain TurtleGet metadatain xmlMedia sector: books and journals; film and audio-visual; datasets; PSI 19. Content negotiation of DOI metadata19Content Negotiation is an application to make available and disseminate DOImetadata in different formats regardless the Registration Agency where the DOIhas been registered and where associated metadata are stored.Media sector: books and journals; datasets 20. Formatting service of content negotiated DOI metadataMedia sector: books and journals; datasets20 21. Conclusions21Sooner or later in a converging future 22. 22The four GospelsWhat dothese have incommon?Columbo(aka Peter Falk)Harry Potterand the Deathly HallowsPart 1EinsturzendeNeubautenWhatelse? 23. 23The four GospelsISBN9781847678355Nick Cave and theBad SeedsISNI 0000 00011958 9618Columbo(aka Peter Falk)ISNI 0000 00007823 8642Harry Potterand the DeathlyHallowsPart 1ISAN 0000-0002-C755-0000-D-0000-0002-V(DVD)EinsturzendeNeubautenISNI 0000 00012291 0804Related productsISBN 9780862417963Related workISTC A02-2012-000013F3-7Related productISBN 9781408835029Related workISTC A02-2013-000003E3-0Related workISAN 0000-0000-32FE-0000-T-0000-0000-O(Der Himmel ber Berlin)Related Party0000 0000 7839 5824(Blixa Bargeld)Related versionISAN 0000-0002-C755-0000-D-0000-0001-X (Blue Ray)Related workISAN 0000-0002-C755-0000-D-0000-0000-ZEIDR 10.5240/FE76-07CC-CACA-7BE7-C49E-K 24. My metadata With the support ofName: PaolaSurname: MazzucchiProfessional Affiliation: AIE/mEDRARole: Project ManagerEmail: [email protected]: @MetalGoddessLinkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paolamazzucchi

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