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Parish More Intentions Formation - St. Francis of Assisi · Formation Ladies Night Out (Tues. July...

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  • Parish Directory: Fr. Juan: [email protected] Mary: [email protected] Michele & Francine: [email protected], Joan: [email protected] Joe: [email protected], Colleen: [email protected] Marianne: [email protected]

    SAT/SUN, JULY 15/16 4:30 PM - Sat Mimi McCleary (Ginny Badach) 8:30 AM - Sun

    Forrest Damon (Chas/Maureen Schramm) 11 AM - Sun

    People of St. Francis 1:00 PM - Sun

    Susan Parmiter

    MONDAY, JUL17 9:00 AM

    Dick & Joan Gaeta (Theresa Gaeta) TUESDAY, JUL 18 9:00 AM

    Kay Sawyer (Georgia Moorhouse) WEDNESDAY, JUL 19 9:00 AM

    Fran & Jim Huntress (Frances Mason)

    THURSDAY, JUL 20 9:00 AM

    Arnette Hinderland (Cathy Frosini/Lisa St. James) FRIDAY, JULY 21 9:00 AM

    Deceased Ward & Ryan Family (Bill & Dorothy Calise) SATURDAY, JULY 22 9:00 AM

    Warren & Barbara Parmiter

    Eucharistic Adoration Mon-Friday 9:45- 12pm

    More Faith


    Ladies Night Out

    (Tues. July 18, 6:30-8:00 pm)

    The Womens Guild is hosting a

    Girls Night Out on Tuesday,

    July 18th. Were having the

    meeting in the evening to also

    make the guild available to

    women who cannot attend

    during the day. Our prime focus

    of the evening will be

    to socialize, meet new people

    and introduce the guild to

    women who are not familiar

    with our purpose. Well meet in

    Marion Hall at 6:30 PM. The

    event will be over by 8:00 so

    everyone can be home before


    Remember: God uses us every

    day in ways we dont always

    understand. Sometimes, all we

    have to do is show up!

    If you have any questions or

    need child care, please call

    Joanne at 770-377-2280. See

    you Tuesday!

    Fall Festival Update (Sept 29- Oct 1)

    Trailer Tuesdays continue.

    Bring items to the lower parking

    lot from 10 1 pm. There is lots

    of help available. No excuse for

    not cleaning out the garage.

    Wednesdays with the Fathers

    (Fr. Juan & Fr. Wise) (Jul 19, 26, Au 2 @ 6 pm)

    Marian Hall was full for the

    first class on the Catechism of

    the Catholic Church. Fr. Juan

    introduced the Catechism and

    gave an overview of Section

    One The Creed. Come July

    19th @ 6 pm, (bring your

    dinner) as Father Juan

    discusses Section 2 Liturgy

    and Sacraments. Week 3 and

    4 are turned over to Fr. Wise

    Life in Christ and Prayer. A

    good summer series for all!

    Bible Study for Moms (Tues Aug. 8, 10 am/ 8 wks)

    Join other moms in the parish

    for an eight-week bible study

    that focuses on strengths

    through motherhood. Finding

    peace, balance and joy as a

    mom brings happiness to the

    home. Class is called

    Momnipotent. Registration

    fee is $30.Childcare provided

    if requested. Sign up in the

    vestibule of the church. Go


    Widening of Hwy 515 With the widening of Hwy

    515 soon to begin, how will

    it affect the St. Francis of

    Assisi Church property?

    We have the answer.

    Fr. Juan and leaders of the

    Parish Council and Finance

    Council met with the Dept.

    of Transportation recently

    and were advised that there

    will only be one minor

    change to the church

    property. The area of the

    lower parking lot where the

    dumpster is located (which

    is state property already)

    may be taken. It would

    result in the loss of a few

    parking spaces. Nothing


    We can thank God and the

    heavens for this good news.

    Nowif we could get some

    heavenly help with how to

    multiply parking spaces,

    that would be another


    Feast of St. Mary Magdalene

    Saturday, July 22 is the

    feast day of St. Mary

    Magdalene. She is one of

    the most misunderstood

    women of the Bible. She

    was conflated with several

    other figures by medieval

    commentators, including

    Mary of Bethany (sister of

    Martha and Lazarus) and

    the sinful woman who

    washes Jesuss feet with her

    hair in Lukes account.

    What we know about her is

    that Jesus healed her, and

    that she was the first

    witness of his Resurrection.

    Catholic News Websites Want some real news for

    Catholics? Here are top-rated

    and informative websites:

    Official Vatican News:


    National Catholic Register


    Catholic News Service


    Expo Marker Count

    We need 185 more erasable

    markers to reach our goal of

    400 for local school children.

    We have one week to reach our

    goal. Markers can be left in the

    parish office or in the church

    vestibule. Thank you!


    Life Mass


    mailto:[email protected]:(770)%20377-2280http://www.news.va/enhttp://www.ncregister.com/
  • Parish Directory: Fr. Juan: [email protected] Mary: [email protected] Michele & Francine: [email protected], Joan: [email protected] Joe: [email protected], Colleen: [email protected] Marianne: [email protected]

    The Work of Our Hands The Triple Cross

    During much of the Liturgy of

    the Word, our hands rest quietly

    on our laps. Some people fold

    them in an attentive position.

    Others place their hand palms

    down, as if emptying themselves

    to make room for the words of

    Holy Scripture. Still others keep

    them open, in an attitude of


    Before the Gospel, the priest or

    deacon processes to the ambo,

    and announces A reading from

    the holy Gospel according to

    He then makes a triple Sign of

    the Cross. We do this along with

    him, each of us tracing, with the

    right thumb, a small cross on the

    forehead, the lips, and the heart.

    Many of us have been taught to

    say a silent prayer as we do this,

    perhaps: Jesus, be in my mind,

    on my lips, and in my heart.

    This is our way of asking for the

    grace to listen to the Gospel, and

    to carry its Good News out into

    the world. We could even

    borrow this prayerful gesture

    from the Mass, using it to

    sanctify our waking and our

    work each day.

    Pope Francis July Prayer Intention Lapsed Christians

    That our brothers and sisters

    who have strayed from the

    faith, through our prayer and

    witness to the Gospel, may

    rediscover the merciful

    closeness of the Lord and the

    beauty of the Christian life.

    Parishioner Victor Cascarano

    passed away Friday, July 7

    after a long battle with cancer.

    Victor was an usher at the

    8:30 Mass and a Knight. He is survived by his wife Carolyn

    three grown children and five

    grandchildren. Rest in peace,


    Parish Prayer List* This Month:

    Emily Giannini

    Daniel Thompson

    Kevin Schilling

    Frank Hoffman

    Pat Ackland

    Carrie Lee/Baby Blake

    Adam Chedister

    Charlie Gluodenis

    Karen Eckstein

    Alex Bowen (Military)

    *See monthly calendar for

    those needing continued


    Jess a menudo ensea en parbolas. En este

    Evangelio explica a sus discpulos porque ensea de

    esta manera e incluso cita a Isaas quien tambin

    estaba inquieto por la falta de entendimiento

    profundo de Dios por parte de la gente que

    escuchaban sus predicas. Una parbola ofrece una

    verdad profunda a travs del relato de una historia.

    De esta manera permite que los la que oyen o leen

    puedan juzgar por s mismos como la parbola toca

    sus vidas. Jess es el maestro mayor. El ofrece su

    palabra a cada uno de nosotros para que

    conozcamos ms profundamente el misterio de

    Dios y su plan de salvacin. Cada persona que oye

    la palabra de Dios en las parbolas de Jess puede

    identificarse con las historias que stas contienen.

    Solo cuando entendemos y aceptamos la Palabra de

    Dios, sta tendr un efecto duradero en nuestras

    vidas y nos ayudar a estar ms cerca de l.

    En la Parbola del sembrador estamos llamados a

    identificarnos con la tierra en la cual la semilla cae.

    Qu tipo de tierra soy para recibir la semilla de la

    Palabra de Dios? Jess nos llama a mantener el

    terreno de nuestras almas preparado para que

    cuando la Palabra llegue eche buenas races y pueda

    convertirse en un rbol sano que produzca mucho

    fruto para nuestra salvacin y la de todos los seres

    alrededor nuestro.


    Clase de Biblia: Mircoles a las 7:00pm

    Saln de Conferencias. No habr clases los

    mircoles de Agosto 2, ni el 9.

    Grupo de Oracin: Viernes a las 7:00pm en

    el Templo.

    Emergencia Sacramental: Si usted tiene

    alguna emergencia sacramental en la que se

    necesite la asistencia del sacerdote para la

    extremauncin (peligro de muerte) por favor

    comunquese al

    678 343 7486.

    Dcimo Quinto Domingo del

    Tiempo Ordinario

    Living Flame of Sanctuary Light

    burns this week for the

    repose of the soul of:

    Angel Wasilauskas


    Charlie Gluodenis

    Stewardship Report July 9, 2017

    First Collection: $7070.00

    Second Collection: $1691.00

    (Military Services)

    Next weeks collection: Debt Reduction

    Thank you for your continued support of our parish.

    mailto:[email protected]

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