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Date post:24-Feb-2016
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Parking & Transportation Services. Boldly Planning for Greatness . Vision:. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parking & Transportation ServicesParking and Transportation Services will be a respected industry leader responsible for creating a campus wide parking and transportation system that is responsive to customer needs, self-sustaining, efficient, environmentally responsible and equitable in the management of its resources.Boldly Planning for Greatness Vision:ProfessionalismCommunicationIntegrityAccountabilityInnovationTeamworkEnvironmental SustainabilityFinancial Responsibility

Values:Mission:Parking & Transportation Services supports the Universitys mission by maximizing campus access through financially and environmentally sustainable practices, superior customer service, innovation and professional management of parking facilities and transportation resources.

Approximately 300 D spaces were lost in 2010 with the construction of the Business Leadership Building and Highland Street Garage. 104 additional D spaces will be lost in the next six weeks.

UNT will could lose approximately 1,000+ additional spaces from inventory in the next 18months

The changing campus footprint necessitates review and reallocation of parking inventory for equitable management and to maximize this limited resource.

The Changing Face of CampusHighland St. will close from Ave. C to Welch for water line repairs. Parking will be removed andnot returned.Fleet of 18 new,larger shuttle buses will be arriving to ourcampus

Two immediate events compounding the need to make changes to the parking operation:1. Highland Street Repairs84 Ds 17 Visitor5 Disability 22 Meters5 Service 4 CDL1 15 minute/unloadingTotal Losses: 138

Lot 24Resident parking will be removed from Lot 24 This row of parking will be zoned:VisitorDisabilityA spaces will be added to accommodate changes from other areas of campusResident parking can easily shift to Lots 27 and 7.

Lot 24Champion Buses begin arriving in May 2012The buses are longer, wider and taller than the buses they are replacing Routes must be adjusted to accommodate the decreased maneuverabilityAll routes utilizing Highland St. must change20 D spaces on Mulberry (South side only), between Ave. D and Ave. C must be removed

Goal: Maximize Resources/Improve Customer ServiceObjective: Consolidate, group and reduce reserved A parking spaces to maximize resources and improve customer serviceWe can manage our parking inventory much better than we do now!Why?Total Number F/S Members3,549Total Number F/S D&A Spaces2,525Total Number F/S Ds1,829Total Number F/S As 6962,853 Employees are left sharing1,829 D parking spaces28% of our Parking is allotted to 20% of our F/S72% of our Parking is allotted to 80% of our F/SSoReserved, single occupant designation isthe most inefficient use of parking inventory. We MUST replace/increase D parkingWe MUST reduce the total number of single occupant A spacesCurrent A space permit holders will be accommodated in a reserved lot/area

Permits, initially, will not be oversold. Occupancy rates taken during peak demand will determine if additional permits can be issued

If a minimum of 10 spaces are available at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, etc. five additional permits can be offered. Then the process begins again until the overall occupancy rate for the lot is 85 to 90%

A spaces in these three lots will be combined into lot 4 Permits will not be space specific D spaces will be added to 5 and 26Health and Career Services spaces will remain in lot 5Visitor spaces will remain in lot 26Visitor spaces in lot 4 will be moved to Chestnut StreetPilot program for lots 4, 5 and 26

Lot 4Lot 26Lot 5D Spaces: 271A Spaces: 130Number of Patient/Career Center Spaces, Disability Spaces and Visitor Spaces will not change. Visitor spaces in Lot 4 will be relocated to the Ave. D.Current Configuration:Proposed Configuration withCustomer Service Improvements: Visitor spaces will be visible from the information boothVisitors are much less likely to inadvertently park in anA space for a $125 parking fine.D Spaces: 283A Spaces: 118Mixed use lots are confusing, frustrating and a great source for customer service issues. i.e. Clients to Career Services miss the parking set aside for them and park in a reserved space. That citation is $125. In addition to frustrating the individual who parked improperly, you have a reserved permit holder who has no place to park.

This is a practice PTS would like to avoid whenever possible.

We can provide better Customer Service.Lot 6 Finally Reverts back to Lot 8 Lot 8/9 will become Lot 9 and will be zoned for D parking. Four Hall Director spaces will not be affected. Net gain of D parking spaces: 65Current A space holders will be accommodated in Lot 8 (Lot 6),Lot 4 or Lot 24. Unsold spaces are removed.

Lot 8Lot 9This change will also help alleviate concerns regarding A permit holders parking in D spaces

Lot 50A spaces in Lot 50 will be consolidated andRenumbered with the unsold spaces being removed.All current A permit holders will be accommodated. Three spaces in this lot will be the site of 2 EV Charging StationsNet gain of D Spaces is 50!Total number of D spaces gained: 23(Much better than losing 104)Current A permit holders will be accommodatedprior to any additional A permits being sold D permit holders will not be the sole groupto absorb parking lossesParking distribution will be more equitableParking Resources will be more efficiently utilizedTotal number of A spaces eliminated 108Summary:Questions?


Thank you, very muchUNTParking & Transportation Services

Presented by: Ginny Griffin Interim Director

Spring 2012

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