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PASS IVE SOLAR Dehydrators 2020. 9. 23.آ  Standard Dehydrators Agricycle Passive Solar Dehydrator...

Date post:21-Mar-2021
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  • P A S S I V E S O L A R

    Dehydrators Transforming waste into opportunity.

  • Make up to 5x more than fresh fruit would.

    We connect you to global markets.

  • Introducing an easy way to dry your wasted fruit. INCREASE YOUR INCOME • Helps you dry fruit for our purchase and make up to five times more than your fresh fruit would. • Connects you to the global market with consistent buyers. • Twenty times cheaper than other dehydrators.

    GOOD CAPACITY • Can dry up to three batches per week (each 3kg) making you $5 per kg. • Designed to maximize solar energy for efficient drying and minimizes poorly dried products. • Occupies small space. FOOD SAFE FOR INTERNATIONAL EXPORT • Made from food safe material, High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), and lab tested. • Easy to disassemble and clean and is dust free.

    EASY TO USE • Durable and easy cleaning (simply wash). • Portable: can be moved when the sunlight shifts and can be taken to where the fruits are.

  • Dry 3-5kgs with 10-12 hours of sunlight.

    Parts Includes 24 pieces — 12 Tops and 12 Bottoms

    Assembly Required Easily stackable, no additional pieces needed.

    Capacity Dries 3-5kg with 10-12 hours of sunlight

    Maintenance Portable and easy to clean daily

    Measurement 61 cm x 50.5 cm x 2.8 cm (24” x 20” x 26”)

    Material HDPE plastic (FDA approved food safety)

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    Standard Dehydrators Agricycle Passive Solar Dehydrator

    • Difficult to wash • Electrical parts cannot get wet

    • Big, bulky, takes up large areas of space. • Unsuitable for small family outdoor space

    • Stationary • Unable to move to optimize sunlight, cannot move to shelter when a big storm comes in and causes damage

    • Large greenhouse plastic sheets can rip during wear and abrasions • Solar panels can malfunction or become damaged • Wires and electrical components can break on electric dehydrators • Self-made dehydrators will have a shorter life-cycle and be much more susceptible to environmental damages

    • Can be a very high learning curve • Many components and working parts • Difficult, complicated operations • Requires groups of people to operate

    • Can have large capacities

    • Can have very high cost of use in the forms of electricity • High cost of repair and part replacements • Can have high maintenance costs

    • Can be $10,000+

    • No if build your own, which results in hundreds up front instead of affordable payments over time

    • Compact • Made for single person use

    • Completely mobile • Optimize drying conditions by easily placing the trays in the sunniest spots and avoiding shade • Avoid excess damage by fetching the dehydrator before a storm hits

    • Very durable plastic, can take large amount of wear and tear • Streamlined, fortified design prevents vulnerable breaking points commonly seen on other dehydrators

    • Incredibly simplistic, effective design • Simply place the fruit in the tray and walk away • No wires, cords, solar panels, outlets doors, windows or air vents to worry about proper placement of

    • 100% waterproof and immersible easy to clean washable trays • Keeps the dehydrator clean and free of contaminants

    • 3-5 kg/10-12 hrs. of drying

    • $0 • No electricity inputs, no technical parts to purchase, very low maintenance • Need simple screen material to cover top/bottom trays for insects

    • $350

    • Own a financeable asset • Payment plans to increase affordability

  • Agricycle is proud of its innovative value chain connecting farmers to global markets. As a social enterprise, our purpose is to eradicate extreme poverty with real solutions.

    TECHNOLOGY We design appropriate and extremely scalable technologies and systems.

    NETWORKS We bring our network of smallholders and rural communities into an inclusive value chain.

    MARKET We build brands in global markets and sell members’ products through ecommerce, wholesale and ingredient supply channels.


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