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Passport Patrika | July - December 2013

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A Bulletin of Passport services in India. Published by Central Passport Organisation, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  • Innovation Citizen Convenience Extended Reach Process Transformation e-Governance Growth Passport Patrika | July - December 2013 Passport Patr kaA bulletin of Passport services in India - Year 2013 at a glance - Passport Seva Camp at Farrukhabad - Reach of mPassport Seva app extended - SMS Service launched Passport Services Growth Path(in lakh) (Projected)
  • In this Issue 04 05 20 22 27 28 15 19 Events - Passport Seva Camp at Farrukhabad - Foreign Secretary visits Herald House PSK, Delhi - Parliamentary Standing Committee visits Passport Seva Kendras Public Notice & Advisory Achievements & Recognition Media & Public Outreach Voice of People Employees Corner Snippets - Reach of mPassport Seva app extended - Status Tracking of passport applications via SMS - More user friendly Passport Seva Website Passport Patrika | July December 201302 Cover Story - Year 2013 at a Glance 9.4 8.5 8.2 7.8 6.4 5.8 4.6 4.6 4.1 3.5 2.1 1.9 1.1 0.9 0.8 0.6 0.6 0.5 0.5 0.3 0.3 9.5 8.3 8.1 7.8 6.1 5.7 4.6 4.4 4.0 3.4 2.0 1.7 1.0 0.9 0.8 0.6 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.3 0.3-1.0 1.0 3.0 5.0 7.0 9.0 11.0 Kerala TamilNadu Maharashtra AndhraPradesh UttarPradesh Punjab Gujarat Karnataka Delhi WestBengal Rajasthan Bihar MadhyaPradesh Jammu&Kashmir Orissa Jharkhand Assam Uttarakhand Goa Chattisgarh HimachalPradesh # of Applications processed & services rendered # of applications received # of servicesrendered
  • Address: CPV Division, Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House Annexe, Tilak Marg, New Delhi-110 001 Tel: +91-11-23387013 Fax:+91-11-23071370 Passport Patrika is edited and published by Shri Muktesh Pardeshi, Joint Secretary (PSP) & Chief Passport Officer on behalf of Central Passport Organisation, Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi Editorial Team: Muktesh Pardeshi Sanjiv Aggarwal Website: http://passportindia.gov.in E-mail: [email protected] Editorial Note Passport Patrika | July - December 2013 03 Muktesh Pardeshi Joint Secretary (PSP) & Chief Passport Officer Creative Team: Shalini Manchanda Vipul Popli Design and Publishing Partner : TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES How many passports are issued globally in a year? Though there are no official figures, some estimates suggest that around 60 million passports (and other travel documents) are issued annually by Governments all over the world. China, the United States and India are currently the top three issuing countries. Since 2000, the number of Indian passports being issued every year has risen more than threefold. This is indicative of the growing rate of international travel undertaken by Indian people. In 2013, the Ministry of External Affairs issued 8.5 million passports and related travel documents, which amount to about 14% of the global issuance. There is an approximately 15% increase over 2012 in passport services rendered. It is only a matter of short time that India will be achieving the milestone of issuing 10million(1crore)passports ayear. The current issue contains plenty of information and data analysis on the Indian passport. For instance, as on 31 December 2013, some 52 million Indian citizens held valid passports. Five States, namely Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, account for 55% of the total applications. And outside India, Saudi Arabia and the UAE top the chart, contributing to more than 40% of overseas issuance. In terms of age profile, 56% of applicants in 2013 were below the age of 30. Gender-wise, 67% applicants were male. 41% of passport seekers had received education below 10th grade (only 6 illiterates), signifying that large number of applicants were seeking blue collar jobs abroad. 63% oftheapplicantsacquiredpassports for thefirsttimeintheirlives. The second half of the year saw the implementation of many innovative and citizen-centric initiatives such as the online facility for payment of passport fees, a premium SMS service, the extension in the reach of mobile app - mPassport Seva and the introduction of a new concept called Passport Seva Camp whichwas flaggedoffbytheHon'bleExternalAffairsMinisterinFarrukhabad inDecember2013. The Passport Patrika is available online. Its content was among the top 5% of the most viewed one on Slideshare,a documentsharing site,in2013.
  • SNIPPETS ReachofmPassportSevaappextended In order to keep pace with the current technology, the Passport Seva Project had launched the mPassport st Seva mobile app on Android platform, as a pilot, on 21 March 2013. Encouraged by positive public response, PSP team has now launched this app on Windows and AppleiOSplatformsaswell. The app provides passport-related information onsmartphones.Thisapplicationprovidesawidevariety of services such as status tracking, locating a Passport Officeandothergeneralinformation. The application provides information on various steps involved to obtain a passport related service and relatedphonenumbersincaseofqueriesorconcerns. The users are able to search for a Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) or District Passport Cell (DPC) where a passport application can be submitted. This can also be searched based on PIN code. For certain States and Districts,theuserscansearchforPoliceStationsaswell. Citizens residing overseas who apply for a passport service at Indian Missions/Posts abroad can also utilize this facility for searching address and other relevant information. The Fee Calculator feature of the application enables users to find out the applicable fee based on the service and mode of submission. Users can track the s t a t u s o f t h e i r p a s s p o r t applications by providing File Number and Date of Birth. In case the passport has been dispatched, Delivery Status can alsobetracked. StatusTrackingofpassportapplicationsviaSMS st From 1 Nov 2013, the Ministry of External Affairs with its technology partner Tata Consultancy Services introduced a new and optional value-added SMS service to keep passport applicants updated on the status of theirapplications. Under this service, Passport applicants are able to get SMS alerts on their cell phones about the latest updates and pending actions from the time of submission of their applicationsuntiltheserviceisrendered. The SMS services can be availed by paying a one-time enrolment charge of Rs 30, payable in cash at the PassportSevaKendra. Applicants may receive up to nine SMSs as alerts and updatesduringtheprocess.However,theapplicantswho choose not to enroll for the SMS assistance will continue toreceivethestandardcommunications. The service also facilitates applicants to send their queries via SMSs at any time to get the current status of theirapplications. In order to enhance the usability of passport Seva th website, MEA on 6 Sept 2013 launched the new face of the portal. The new portal is very well structured and provides an interactive platform enabling the applicants tofindinformationeasily. 04 Passport Patrika | July December 2013 Link Downloads 227974 165611 84052 Rating 4.2 4.0 www.play.google.com/ store/apps/ www.windowsphone.com/ en-in/store www.apple.com/itunes 3.5 More User Friendly Passport Seva Website
  • In recent years, the issuance of passports has emerged as one of the major and visible statutory/publicservicesrenderedbytheGovernmentofIndia. Indian passports (together with other travel documents such as Identity Cards for Tibetan refugees, Emergency Certificates for return to India, Police Clearance Certificates and Line of Control TravelPermitsinJammuandKashmir)areissuedbytheMinistry ofExternalAffairsthroughanetwork of 37 Passport Offices, CPV Division (only Diplomatic and Official passports) and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands Administration. This network has been expanded byadding 77 Passport Seva Kendras and functional/upcoming 16 Passport Seva Laghu Kendras as extended arms of Passport Offices. For Indians living abroad, issuance of passport and other related documents is done by 180 Indian Missions/Posts. Year 2013 at a Glance Passport Patrika | July December 2013 05 States with more than 3 lakh Applications processed Do You Know ? Do You Know ? 51929132 Total No. of Valid Passport Holders COVER STORY 85.17 Lakh Passport services rendered in 2013
  • COVER STORY During January-December 2013, the Ministry processed an astounding number of approximately 97lakhpassportandrelatedservicesapplications.37 Passport Offices, Headquarters and the Office of the Chief Secretary of Andaman and Nicobar Islands received 73 lakh passport service related applications including Police Clearance Certificates, against which 71.33 lakh passports and related documents were issued compared to 62.5 lakh in 2012, thereby registering an increase of approximately 15%. Moreover, 180 Indian Missions/Posts abroad issued 13.83 lakh passports, EC and other passport related miscellaneousservices.Thus, the Government of India, in total, rendered 85.17 lakh passport services in a year. This is an all time high and amounts to over threefold increase since 2000. At this rate, India is likely to be reaching a milestone of issuing one crore passports a year by 2014-15. The total revenue expected to be accrued from all passport services in 2013-14 is Rs 1800 crore (exceeding BE figures of Rs 1600 crore). An amount of Rs. 429.47 was allocated to Central PassportOrganizationinthefinancialyear2013-14. The Central Passport Organization was created in 1959 as a Subordinate Office of the Ministry and is headed by Joint Secretary and Chief Passport Officer, who also acts as Appellate Authority under the Passports Act 1967 and the Head of Department under the Delegation of Financial Powers Rules 1978. The total strength
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