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One of the Most Popular Tarot of the Most Popular Tarot Resources Online Biddy Tarot is one of the...

Date post: 08-Mar-2018
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  • One of the Most Popular Tarot Resources Online

    Biddy Tarot is one of the most popular Tarot resources online attracting thousands of Tarot enthusiasts, professionals and experts every day.

    It has grown significantly since its inception in July 2001, and now attracts over 175,000 unique visitors per month, all seeking insight from the Tarot.

    Biddy Tarot provides advertisers the opportunity to access highly targeted visitors with an interest in Tarot and other spiritual pursuits, driving more traffic and sales to your business.

  • Snapshot of our Readers







    Female 69%

    Male 31%






    < 1818-2425-3435-4445-5455-64






    New Age





    Seeking Deck reviews

    Tarot courses Webinars

    Psychic services

    Tarot card meanings

    Book reviews

    Tarot apps

    Membership sites

    Self-development products &


    Tarot study



  • Why you will love Biddy Tarot Brigit, the face of Biddy Tarot, is a well-regarded professional Tarot reader and is passionate about teaching others how to read the Tarot cards. Biddy Tarot stands out from the crowd. The modern website layout, high quality content and usability makes Biddy Tarot one of the best online Tarot resources. What you will get with Biddy Tarot is: Exposure to a niche market of Tarot

    enthusiasts who are willing to spend money online

    Cost effective advertising and maximum exposure

    Professional and personal advertising management

  • Biddy Tarot is seen in

  • Testimonial Im delighted with the advertising package I have with Brigit. What I like is the variety a combination of standard advertising plus the option to promote specific events or products through Facebook and in her weekly newsletter. From the moment I started advertising, I saw results. People are always clicking through from the Global Spiritual Studies ad on biddytarot.com and responses come thick and fast whenever a special class or product gets a mention in the newsletter. Thanks Brigit, for being so willing to share your extensive network!

    Linda Marson, Director, Global Spiritual Studies

  • The numbers Website (www.biddytarot.com) Over the past two years our website traffic has grown by 100% and continues to growth every month. In May 2014, there were over 175,000 unique visitors.

    Readers spend an average 4 minute and 40 seconds on Biddy Tarot (well above the industry average) and visit an average of 5 pages per visit.

  • The numbers

    8,000 Likes 15,000+ weekly reach Vibrant community with lots

    of interaction between followers with comments, sharing and update likes.

    Weekly newsletter delivered via aweber

    10,500 subscribers 30% open rate and 5-10%

    click rate

    2,000+ followers All Facebook updates are

    tweeted via Twitter profile

  • Rate Card at a glance Monthly Sidebar ad on www.biddytarot.com $149

    Monthly In-page ad on www.biddytarot.com $199

    Sponsored blog post (long) $259

    Sponsored blog post (short) $199

    Sponsored Facebook Update with image and/or link $49

    eNewsletter ad starts at $49

    Hourly Ad Design (as required) $89

    Hourly consultancy (via Skype) $197

  • Advertising options Website (www.biddytarot.com) Sidebar adPlacement: In the sidebar on 95% of pages (excludes all sales pages), underneath Biddy Tarot ads (see example)Rotation: Yes with up to 3 adsSize: 290 x 124 pixelsFee: $149 per month (min. 3 months)

    In-Page adPlacement: Within page content on Tarot card meanings pages only (/tarot-card-meaning/...) which attract 90%+ of trafficRotation: Yes with up to 3 adsSize: 600 x 140 pixelsFee: $199 for 1 month (min. 3 months)

  • Advertising options contd Website (www.biddytarot.com)

    Sponsored blog post A sponsored blog post is the perfect way to showcase your product or services, including book and/or Tarot deck reviews. Brigit will write a blog post on your product or service (a sample of which must be provided free of charge).As the advertiser, you may provide key messages you would like included. Biddy Tarot retains full editorial rights. The post may be reviewed prior to publishing for factual accuracy only.

    Your sponsored blog post will remain live indefinitely and will be promoted via Facebook, Twitter and the e-newsletter.Fee: $259 for a long post (up to 1000 words); $199 for a short post (up to 500 words)Kill Fee: Should the advertiser choose not to proceed with the post after the first draft has been written, there will be a kill fee of 50%

  • Advertising options contd Weekly eNewsletter Fees quoted for 1 eNewsletter only Full Section - $99Up to 200 words, including links and an imageLarge Banner in Main Content - $79Small Banner in Sidebar - $49 Text Ad - $49Up to 30 words, including links

    Facebook (www.facebook.com/biddytarot) Sponsored Status Update - $49Status update of up to 50 words plus an image and a link.

  • Advertising options contd Other Services Ad design and copywriting - $89 per hourWe can provide a professional ad design and copywriting service. Anthony has extensive experience developing ads that convert for www.biddytarot.com, and Brigit has experience writing copy that converts.

    Hourly consultancy (via Skype) - $197 per hourBrigit has limited availability to help you improve your Tarot business and to build a presence on the internet. Let Brigit inspire you and coach you to maximise your talents and your passions by making a difference. Rates are $197 per hour, with the minimum booking of 30 minutes. A longer term discount may be available.

  • FAQ Who supplies the banner advertisement graphics?The advertiser supplies the graphics of the appropriate size. The graphic does not need to be ready to make a purchase. How long will the advertisements show for?When you purchase advertising from us, you can select the length of time youd like to have the ad shown. Will my ad position be shared?For website ads, there will be up to three ads rotating in any ad zone.What can I do to increase my click-through rates?If you find youre getting a lot of impressions, but very little click-throughs, its probably because of the design of your specific advertisement. If you need to change your ad at any time, you can notify BiddyTarot.com. How are payments made?All payments are made via PayPal. There are no refunds on packages already paid for and delivered regardless of performance. Of course if there are technical problems or in exceptional circumstances a refund may be considered at our discretion.

  • Terms & Conditions BiddyTarot.com reserves the right to decline displaying an ad if it not to

    the standard required. BiddyTarot.com maintains all editorial rights. BiddyTarot.com is not responsible for website downtime. Advertising commences once text and images are live on

    BiddyTarot.com. Advertising cannot be paused during an advertising campaign.

    Advertising will be for the term agreed upon by BiddyTarot.com and the advertiser.

    BiddyTarot.com takes no responsibility for any errors in the copy submitted by you but will however endeavour to pick up any errors and notify the advertiser.

    BiddyTarot.com reserves the right to modify pricing, policies or these terms and conditions at any time. For any current advertiser, changes may occur at the end of the agreed advertising period.

    It is the responsibility of the advertiser to notify BiddyTarot.com of any modifications to the advertisers listing.

  • Contact

    Let us know if you would like to pursue any of these advertising opportunities to put your products and service in front of the Biddy Tarot audience.

    Please contact us by e-mail at:[email protected]