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Peace Peace When There Is No Peace - Jan-Feb 2001

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E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com January/February 2001 Volume 10/Number 6 WORLD EVENTS FROM A BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE $3.00 Prophetic Fulfillments of the Year 2000 What to Expect in 2001 Prophetic Fulfillments of the Year 2000 What to Expect in 2001
Page 1: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

January/February 2001Volume 10/Number 6



Prophetic Fulfillmentsof the Year 2000

What to Expect in 2001

Prophetic Fulfillmentsof the Year 2000

What to Expect in 2001

Page 2: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

Many have stated that it is impossible to know whether ornot we are living in the last days before the second comingof Jesus Christ. However, below you will find dramaticproof that this is the last times. All of the proofs belowtaken together defy coincidence.

1. EUPHRATES RIVER TO BE DRIED UP: InRevelation 16:12,the Bible predictsthat the EuphratesRiver will be driedup to prepare theway for the kingsof the east to in-vade Israel. Thiswill happen at thetime of the battleof Armageddonaccording to verse16 of the same

chapter. The battle of Armageddon will be the final battle atwhich time Jesus Christ will return and fight on the side ofthe nation of Israel. Immediately thereafter He will estab-lish His kingdom and usher in His 1000-year reign ofpeace.On January 13th, 1990, the Indianapolis Star carried theheadline “Turkey will cut off flow of Euphrates for 1month.” The article stated that a huge reservoir had beenbuilt by Turkey. While filling up the reservoir, the flow ofthe Euphrates would be stopped for one month and a con-crete plug for a diversion channel built. These things havenow been done. With this newly built dam, Turkey has theability to stop the Euphrates River at will. The conditionsfor fulfilling this 1900 year old prophecy are now in place!

2. CHINA GOES TO WAR: In Revelation 9:15-16, the Bible prophesies that an army of 200 million

soldiers will launch awar which will kill“the third part ofmen”. Never in thehistory of the world,until our present gen-eration, has therebeen a power onearth that could field200 million soldiers.However, the lateruler of China, MaoTsetung boasted inhis diary that he

could field an army of 200 million. We see that thisprophecy pertaining to the very last times could not everhave been fulfilled until now.

3. WORLDWIDE NUMBERING SYSTEM PRE-DICTED: In Revelation chapter 13, the Bible prophesiesthat a world dictator will soon rule over a world govern-ment. He will cause all people on the earth to receive anumber without which they will be unable to buy or sell.We are seeing this prophecy fulfilled before our eyes in amost astonishing way. Nearly every human being in theworld now has been assigned a number. In America it is oursocial security number. In the last few years we have seenthis number extended to small children. A child without asocial security number cannot be declared as a dependent onan income tax return. We have seen the emergence of elec-tronic money, shopping with credit cards, and many peopleare urging the abolishment of cash. All of these things couldnot possibly have been fulfilled until this present time. Onlyafter the invention of the computer could such a worldwidenumbering system be administered.

4. THE EMERGENCE OF A NEW WORLDORDER: Revelation 13:7 and Daniel 7:23 prophesy the establishment of aworld government.We recently haveseen the term “newworld order” beingused by the leadingpolitical people of ourworld. MikhailGorbachev has madethe term famous, andPope John Paul II hasreferred to it repeat-edly. Finally ourformer President,George Bush, in theChicago Tribune, September 12, 1990, said “Iraq is thefirst test for the new world order.” He stated emphaticallythat the Iraq War is Saddam Hussein against the world. TheUnited Nations troops are continually referred to as themulti-national forces. The decision has been made to estab-lish an interdependent community of nations that will rulethe world under United Nations authority. The Bible saysthat this will lead us into a great world government. We cansee this happening right before our eyes.

COINCIDENCE OR DIVINE PROVIDENCE? TheEuphrates River can be dried up, the necessary 200 millionman army is available, a worldwide numbering system ispossible because of the computer, and now the new worldorder is appearing.

Is it coincidental that all of these major prophecies pertain-ing to the last times are being fulfilled simultaneously?



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Page 3: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001


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C O V E R S T O R Y8 Prophetic Fulfillments of the Year 2000

While the world slept, Year 2000 was packed full of events with major prophetic implications. Irvin Baxter Jr. analyzes the most important of these events in this article, his annual year-in-review.

F E AT U R E A R T I C L E S12 What to Expect in 2001

Endtime editor Irvin Baxter Jr. gives us a glimpse at prophecy fulfillments likely to occur this coming year: Events that might trigger the final seven years, Revelation's 6th Trumpet, cashless society, global religious unity and UN empowerment.

14 UN Adopts Plan for World GovernmentWhen the World Community adopted the Millennium Declaration, they adopted the principles of the Earth Charter, authored by Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong. The Millennium Declaration is being hailed as one of the most important documentsof our time. It calls for World Government.

20 Chernobyl Shuts DownWhen Russia closed the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant on December 15, 2000, the secular world was reminded of the ominous Third Trumpet prophecy in Revelation. Did Chernobyl fulfill this prophecy? When does coincidence become fact? And what are we to do with this information?

30 Prophecy Retreat 2001Join Irvin Baxter for an exclusive 4-day prophecy retreat.

D E PA R T M E N T S4 Editorial6 Letters

15 Whetstone24 World Review26 Mideast Update29 Crossword31 Seek & Find and Answers

Page 4: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

Exploit Time!

4 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

The question is not… “Willthe looming endtimeprophecies happen?” Theonly question is… “When?”How can anyone deny that

we are watching the establishment of aworld government when our world is onthe verge of implementing anInternational Court system that can tryindividuals from every nation on earthwithout the approval of their homecountry?

How can we possibly doubt that we areon the brink of beginning the final sevenyears when the status of Jerusalem andthe Temple Mount are the most hotlycontested issues on earth today?

Since the year 2000 is the first yearthat China’s population of military-agemen reached the 200 million mark, canwe ignore a prophecy that declares thatan army of 200 million will destroy one-third of the world’s population?

When on June 26, 2000, Buddhists,Muslims, Christians, Jews, Indigenouspeoples and Wiccans signed a charter toestablish the United Religions, can weignore the prophecies of a coming globalreligion?

When 1,000 religious leaders convergeon the UN to adopt a plan for global gov-ernance and one week later the largestever gathering of heads-of-state conveneat the UN to approve the same docu-ment, dare we ignore the prophecy of aunion of politics and religion in theendtime?

The simple truth is this—the endtimereferred to throughout scripture has nowarrived. We are that generation that shall

not pass until all things be fulfilled. If weare ever going to carry out the great com-mission, we must do it now! The time fortalking about total commitment is over.Now is the time to act!

We are the people that Daniel proph-esied about when he said, “they thatknow their God shall be strong and doexploits!” Ladies and gentlemen, it’s ex-ploit time! Let’s go for it! ❏






E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

Irvin Baxter Jr., Endtime Editor
















What is Endtime Magazine?In 1968, Irvin Baxter Jr. discovered the United States and other modern nations in the Bible. He also

found the Berlin Wall in the Bible and that one day it was to be torn down, reuniting Germany, and that eventwould be the catalyst to spark an international movement called the "New World Order." These things havenow come to pass.

Irvin Baxter Jr., a Pentecostal minister, began Endtime Ministries in 1986 when he wrote A Message ForThe President, a book explaining the major prophecies of the Bible which he had been teaching since 1968.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, prophetic fulfillment accelerated rapidly. The decision was made tolaunch Endtime. The purpose of the magazine is to explain the prophecies of the Bible and to show thatthey are now being fulfilled in intricate detail.

Articles focus on the soon return of Jesus Christ, the truth of the Bible, and the need for salvation.Endtime does not deal with doctrinal controversies, as valid as they may be. This will be left to other pub-lications.

STATEMENT OF FAITH: We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that Jesus Christ is theSavior of the world, and that He will come again to establish a kingdom that shall never be destroyed (Daniel2:44). Those who are born again (John 3:3-5) will have eternal life and rule as kings and priests with Christforever.


Page 5: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

Call 1-800-ENDTIME for more information. (Ask for Christi at extension 226 or Debbie.)

Moses grimaced when he saw the whip of the Egyptian taskmaster snake across the back of theIsraeli slave. Anger welled up in him when he saw the angry stripe that was left across the Jewishback. At that moment, he made up in his mind that he and his people were leaving that place! Ittook forty years, but leave they did.

The excitement was high as they headed north toward the long-dreamed-of “Promised Land.”Little did Moses know that it would be forty years before he would stand on Mount Nebo, gazinglongingly into the land of Israel. That was as close as he would ever get.

In Egypt:The overseas portion of Prophecy Tour 2001 will begin by walking in the footsteps of Moses and

the children of Israel in the land of Egypt. We will visit Goshen where they lived while in Egypt andsee the brickyards where they toiled. Believe it or not, bricks are still being made there till this day!

While in Egypt, we will also see the Great Pyramid, the Great Sphinx, the Cairo Museum andvisit Old Cairo. We will then travel north through the Sinai desert, across the Suez Canal, finallyarriving in the land of Israel.

In Israel:Stand on the Mount of Olives where Jesus will stand when He returns—Visit the Temple Mount

itself where the Third Temple will soon be built—See the cornerstone intended for the rebuildingof the Third Temple—At the Temple Institute we will see the vessels and the garments already pre-pared for resumption of temple worship—Visit the Garden Tomb and the Garden ofGethsemane—See the site of the coming Battle of Armageddon—We will visit Judean settlementswhere Jesus prophesied great tribulation will come in the near future (Matthew 24:15-16)—Boatacross the Sea of Galilee where Jesus walked on the water. And much, much more!

At the United Nations:Prophecy Tour 2001 will begin in New York City at the United Nations—the seat of world gov-

ernment. A guided tour will take us through the chambers of the UN where decisions are made thatchange the course of the world. A one-hour briefing by a UN official has been arranged especiallyfor the members of our Endtime Prophecy Tour.

We have just scratched the surface concerning the things you will experience in the land of theBible. There is no doubt that Prophecy Tour 2001 will be the trip of a lifetime! I hope that you canjoin my wife, Judy, and me as we experience the UN, Egypt, and the Holy Land together. Eddie Sax,co-host for “Politics & Religion,” and his wife Charlotte will be with us on the tour. It will be a greattime. Don’t miss it!

The cost for the entire 12-day United Nations, Egypt, and Israel tour will be $2195 plus tips andtaxes. You can insure your place on the tour by sending your deposit of $250 to Endtime, PO Box2066, Richmond, IN 47375. Total payment will need to be made by February 16. If you have furtherquestions, you may call us here at 1-800-endtime.

Irvin Baxter Jr. — Tour Host

Prophecy Tour 2001United Nations-Egypt-Israel

March 27-April 7 (12 days)

Sign-Up Deadline


Page 6: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

6 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

Good seriesMy husband and I have seen your “Understanding the

Endtime” series twice. It is excellent. We are viewing the lastlesson tomorrow night with another couple. We are not surewhat to see next, but we are deciding on it tomorrow. Wethink you are an excellent teacher and have incredible in-sight.

Coreen A.

Reply: Thanks for your kind words. If you intend to continueon with prophetic studies, I would suggest that your next series oflessons could be Understanding the Endtime—Level 2 and thenLevel 3. If you feel you should move to a study of more generalBible themes, I recommend our course, “Your Bible—A WholeNew World.”

Where does it say…I want to find out where it says there will be a one-world

currency and a one-world religion. Love your show.

Joe W.

Reply: The Bible doesn’t actually say that there will be a one-world currency. It would probably be more accurate to say that theeconomic system of the Antichrist will be a cashless society.Revelation 13 says that everyone will have to have a number with-out which a person will be unable to buy or sell. I think using anumber for buying and selling refers to the cashless society that isnow coming into being. Of course, a personal identification num-ber, a credit card number or a social security number is required inorder for the emerging electronic economic system to function.

Concerning a one-world religion, Revelation 13:8 tells us,“And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him (the beastor the Antichrist), whose names are not written in the book of lifeof the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.” We knowthat there will be two leaders in the endtime world government—the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The Antichrist will head theone-world government, and the False Prophet will head the one-world religious system.

Who’s in charge here?I love your radio program. You are the only person I have

ever heard make sense of Daniel and Revelation. My questionis this: Satan claims that the kingdoms of the world have beenhanded over to him, and he can give them to whomever hewants. The Lord did not dispute this claim. How does thissquare with Paul’s teaching that all authorities are descendedfrom God and their authority is a symbol of God’s authority?My common sense tells me these two ideas do not square up.

It’s either one or the other. The idea that people like Hitler,Stalin and Mao are given authority from God is hard to rec-oncile. I do not believe that God would have us cooperatewith men such as these, but rather resist them and the evilthey would perpetrate on the weak and helpless.

M. Dougherty

Reply: The conflict between Satan being the god of this age andGod ruling in the affairs of men has caused many of us to wonder.The fact is, both statements are right. Satan is the god of this age,but he can only operate within the parameters that God sets for him.

An example of this is when Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalemand the Jewish temple in 586 BC. It wasn’t really God’s will thatJerusalem be destroyed, but it was allowed to occur for the purposeof judging the people of Judah for their sin. Those people in Judah,who lived godly lives, were commanded by the prophet Jeremiah tonot fight against Nebuchadnezzar, but to willingly go into Babylon.God told them that he would bless them during the prophesied sev-enty years of captivity if they would do this. Daniel, Ezra,Nehemiah, the Three Hebrew Children and many others obeyedthis instruction; consequently, they rose to positions of great re-sponsibility in the government of Babylon and later ofMedia-Persia.

On the other hand, Judah’s King Zedekiah resisted the invasion ofNebuchadnezzar and was destroyed.

The conclusion is this: We must understand the times so thatwe can pray according to God’s will and act according to God’splan. The prophecy of Daniel 11:32-33 speaks of the times inwhich we now live; “And such as do wickedly against thecovenant shall he (the Antichrist) corrupt by flatteries: but thepeople that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.And they that understand among the people shall instructmany…” By understanding the times we can avoid the evil andalign ourselves with the good. We also know from this prophecyexactly what we should be doing. This endtime prophecy saysthat we who understand shall instruct many. This scripture is thereason we published the course “Understanding the Endtime.”

Daniel 7: Modern nations vs. historicI just received your Understanding the Endtime manual and

have been pouring over it. Daniel 7 describes four beasts. Youinterpret these as being of modern (our) time, yet other peo-ple’s interpretations describe them as the lion being Babylon,the bear as Media-Persia, the leopard as being Greece and thefourth beast as Rome. Can you give me scripture that supportsyour view versus the others?

Thanks so much for your program and literature.

In Christ,D. Sorenson

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

Letters to Endtime

Page 7: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001


Reply: Daniel 8:20-21 explicitly says that the ram is the symbolof Media-Persia and that the goat is the symbol of Greece. Whywould God symbolize Media-Persia with a bear in chapter 7 andswitch to a ram in chapter 8? Why would he use a leopard to sym-bolize Greece in chapter 7 and then use a goat to symbolize Greecein chapter 8. This would simply not be consistent. Furthermore,there is no proof whatsoever that Media-Persia was ever symbolizedby a bear nor was Greece ever symbolized by a leopard.

Daniel 7:11-12 tells us that the fourth beast (the Antichrist) willbe destroyed and given to the burning flame. It goes on to say thatthe rest of the beasts (nations) prophesied in Daniel 7 will, at thissame time, have their dominion taken away, but their lives will beprolonged for a season and a time.

This simply teaches us that all of the nations of Daniel 7 willbe on the earth at the time of the Antichrist. The powers sym-bolized by the first three beasts will be allowed to live into themillennium. They will be the mortals over which the church ofJesus Christ will rule during His 1,000-year reign.

AppreciationI have listened to the program for two months. I am so

moved by what was heard on my short-wave. I am enclosing ayearly Faith Offering of $300.

Bro. WaisaleWestern Province, Papua New Guinea

Thankful for opened eyesThank you for all that you do. Endtime Ministries has truly

opened my eyes and changed my life. Keep up the good work!

Tonya H.

Seven thundersI am a new subscriber to your magazine. I have very much

enjoyed my first few issues. I listen to the archived broadcastsof “Politics & Religion” whenever I can from your website.

I have a question about the seven thunders that utter theirvoices in Revelation chapter 10. What are the voices, andwhy is John told not to write their words?

Thank you for the work that you are doing.

D. Calhoun

Reply: I wish that I could answer your question. For manyyears I have puzzled over the seven thunders and the fact thatJohn was commanded to not write what they said. At this time,God has not seen fit to allow me to know this, and perhaps wewon’t know until we meet Him in the rapture.

Networks not keeping up with it?I would like to take the chance to tell you guys what your

ministry is worth to me. The Understanding the Endtimecourse has literally changed my life. Your lessons and daily

broadcasts keep me so up-to-date on world events and howthey relate to Almighty God’s plan for our world. I knowwhen I listen to your show and read your magazines that I’mgetting a true interpretation of what is going on throughoutthe world.

The information you give is never reported by the networksand frankly missed by most of the religious community, be-cause they have not understood the scriptures like you have. Iam praising and thanking God every day more and more be-cause of the blessing I receive from your ministry. One cannever take for granted the value of correct information.

Thank you and may God keep blessing you.

Your Brother in Christ,Craig W.Quinlan, TX

Trusting MaoI have a Chinese Christian friend who I am introducing to

your ministry. In fact, last night he went to his firstUnderstanding the Endtime Bible study. However, he saysthat the Chinese Army is less than two million in number. Itold him about Mao Tsetung’s claim that he could field 200million soldiers, but he said Mao was not someone to put anycredence in. So, this morning I researched this on the inter-net. I found that he is correct. Every number I found was lessthan 2 million. In fact, China is in the process of reducing itsmanpower in favor of high-tech weapons. What do I say tohim?

T. HershGranbury, Texas

Reply: You are correct concerning the number presently active inthe Chinese armed forces. However, the 1999 CIA Fact Book dis-closed that China had 198 million men of military age (15-49), andthat this number was increasing at the rate of 10 million per year.This illustrates that China has the potential, if there were a full mil-itary mobilization, of fielding an army of 200 million, the exactnumber of the prophesied army in Revelation 9:15-16.

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

Endtime thanks you for your letters.The letters we use in Endtime do notnecessarily reflect the views of Endtimeand/or its staff.

Endtime reserves the right to edit let-ters according to space and editorialstyle.

Page 8: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

8 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

The year 2000 was supposedto be the year the world’scomputer systems camecrashing down, throwing usback into the dark ages.

Some loudly proclaimed that the world’seconomic system would crash, usheringin a cashless system that would featurethe dreaded mark of the beast.

It didn’t happen. Y2K only evokesmemories of stored canned-goods, bot-tled water and perhaps an electricgenerator that we don’t know what to dowith.

So why did the prognosticators miss itso badly? Simply because their predic-tions were not founded on scripture.There was no biblical basis for contend-ing that Y2K would be the “mother of alldisasters.”

So does the failure of the Y2K predic-tions diminish in any way the criticallyimportant prophecies presently on theverge of fulfillment? Not in the least!

This long-anticipated year of 2000 wasactually packed full of events with majorprophetic fulfilling implications. Eventsactually transpired this year that directlyaffect the most important propheciespertaining to the endtime.

The prophesied global religionFor 2,000 years the prophecy of a

global religious system has lain dormantin the book of Revelation—seeming to

be little more than an impossible fairytale. It just didn’t seem plausible that thediverse religions of the world could everfind common ground. Yet the prophecyof Revelation 13 boldly declared a timewhen the whole world would merge to-gether politically and religiously.

As I sat in Carnegie Music Hall inPittsburgh on June 26, 2000, theprophecy suddenly was all too real, asthough written in Technicolor. Iwatched as Episcopalians, Catholics,Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and evenWiccans, to name a few, joined them-


E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com




ld P







U.S. President Bill Clinton after he was presented with the International Charlemagne Prize. Theaward goes to world leaders each year who promoted European unity as a safeguard against fu-ture world wars. President Clinton recently signed the charter of the International Criminal Court,which is the first permanent system for the prosecution of war criminals.

PropheticFulfillments oftheYear 2000by Irvin Baxter Jr.

Page 9: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001


selves together in a great Interfaith cele-bration of the constitution signing forthe United Religions.

The hope that had been nurtured forseveral years was that the UnitedReligions could bring unity to the reli-gious world with the same success thatthe United Nations had brought unity tothe political world. It seemed like the im-possible dream. However, I saw with myown eyes the merging of Indigenous peo-ple and Wiccans (witches) with Jewishrabbis and Roman Catholic priests.

I watched in unbelief as a Hindu ladyled the Interfaith conclave in prayer. Asshe warmed to her prayer, she fell intothe earth-worshipping refrain…Ahm.My hair stood on the back of my neck asChristian, Jew and Wiccan all joinedwith the Hindu worshipper in the eco-logical obeisance…Ahm.

“So this is how a global religion willwork,” I thought. Correct that…is work-ing!

Clinton’s Charlemagne prizeI admit being startled when I saw the

article, “Clinton Wins CharlemagnePrize.” Why in the world would our U.S.president be bestowed with the“Charlemagne Prize?”

I immediately understood what it wasall about. Charlemagne was the first em-peror of the Holy Roman Empire. It wasin 800 AD when Pope Leo III placed thecrown on Charlemagne’s head with thedeclaration, “I hereby crown you em-peror of the Holy Roman Empire.” That’show the prophesied Holy Roman Empirewas born—that infamous, but prophesiedunion between church and state.

But how did the Charlemagne Awardsuddenly re-emerge here in the year2000? The article explained. Every yearthe Charlemagne Award is given to theindividual who does the most to promotethe unification of Europe. Because ofClinton’s leadership in the Bosnian con-flict and then in Kosovo, he was deemedthe most deserving of the year’sCharlemagne Prize, given in Aachen,Germany.

But what does this have to do withprophetic fulfillments in the year 2000?Simply this—the Bible prophesies the re-vival of the Holy Roman Empire duringthe time of the Antichrist and the FalseProphet. The Antichrist will fill the roleof Charlemagne. Whoever is pope at the

time will occupy the position of the FalseProphet. This recently begun practice ofawarding the Charlemagne Prize lets usknow that the prophesied revival of theHoly Roman Empire is underway.

Solving the Jerusalem questionZechariah 14:2 prophesies that

Jerusalem will be the issue that brings allthe nations of the world into the land ofIsrael for the final Battle of Armageddon.Since 70 AD, the city of Jerusalem hadbeen out from under the control of thenation of Israel. Not until the 1967 Six-

Day War did the entire city of Jerusalemcome back under Israeli control.

When the Oslo Accords were signedin 1993, dealing with the status ofJerusalem was put off until later. ThePalestinian and Israeli positions onJerusalem were simply not reconcilable.But everyone knew that the Jerusalemissue would have to be resolved beforethere was finally peace in the MiddleEast.

With the deadline of September 13,2000, which Arafat had set for the decla-ration of Palestinian statehood, looming

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

An Israeli border police officer calls for an ambulance as an unidentified body lies on the streetmoments after a car bomb exploded in a Jerusalem marketplace. Two people were killed and 21were injured. As a result of Arafat's recent terror campaign against the civilian population of Israel,Jewish support for Barak's peace initiatives has plummeted.








Page 10: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

10 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

just ahead, President Clinton, EhudBarak and Yasser Arafat made their wayto Camp David. The summit began onJuly 11th. For two weeks Arafat andBarak struggled to forge a peace agree-ment that would bring 3,000 years ofArab-Israeli animosity to a close. But onJuly 25th, the talks broke down. Soon itwas revealed that the status of Jerusalem,and more specifically, the status of theTemple Mount could not be resolved.

Temple Mount will be sharedAfter the Camp David talks broke

down, Barak disclosed that the onlything they had not been able to resolvewas the Temple Mount. When thePalestinians and the Israelis reached thisimpasse, President Clinton offered abridging proposal. He proposed a sharingarrangement for the Temple Mount.Muslims would worship at the Al AqsaMosque and the Dome of the Rock, andIsraelis would be allowed to pray on theTemple Mount, presumably north of theDome of the Rock. Barak was apparentlyprepared to accept this compromise, butArafat said, “We just can’t.”

The amazing thing about these devel-opments is that Revelation 11:1-2prophesies that the Temple Mount willbe shared in the times just ahead. Johnwas told to measure the temple, but tonot measure the outer court of the tem-ple because it would be trodden down ofthe Gentiles.

Clinton’s bridging proposal providedfor the exact arrangement prophesied inscripture. Although Clinton’s solutionwas not accepted at this time, it soon willbe in one form or another.

Temple Mount under UN sovereignty

In the weeks after Camp David, effortscontinued to reach a final agreement.Barak floated the idea of placing theTemple Mount under the control of theUnited Nations.

This proposal has incredible propheticimplications. II Thessalonians 2:3-4states that the man of sin (theAntichrist) will sit in the temple of God,claiming to be God. Since the Antichristwill become an international figure, it iseasy to see how he could stand on theTemple Mount claiming to be sovereignthere, if the Temple Mount were placedunder UN sovereignty. We can only wait

to see how these events turn out!

Middle East conflict becomes internationalized

Once Yasser Arafat saw that he hadgotten all he could from Ehud Barakthrough negotiations, he decided it wastime to play the violence card again.However, he needed an excuse forlaunching a new Intifada. Events inIsrael soon offered the excuse that he waslooking for.

Much of Israel was shocked by howmuch Barak had offered to surrender atCamp David. Every Israeli prime minis-ter had held that Jerusalem could neverbe surrendered or divided. Yet Barak of-fered to make considerable areas ofJerusalem Palestinian territory.

The straw that really broke the camel’sback happened after Camp David. It wasreported that Barak was now willing topermanently surrender all of the TempleMount to the Palestinians. Most Israelis,even though they desperately wantpeace, couldn’t believe that PrimeMinister Barak was willing to give awaythe site of Israel’s First Temple, theSecond Temple and the place where Godchose to place His name.

Ariel Sharon, the leader of Israel’sLikud Party, felt that a line had to bedrawn. He paid a visit to the TempleMount, while declaring that Israel’s holi-est places must remain under Israeli

sovereignty forever.Even though Israelis are permitted to

visit the Temple Mount, and eventhough Sharon had been there severaltimes before, Arafat saw the perfect ex-cuse for launching a new round ofterrorism. The word was given and theattacks began. This new Intifada hasbeen named the Al Aqsa Intifada.

As the death toll began to mount, anurgent summit was called in an attemptto stop the violence. Arafat, Barak,Egyptian President Mubarak, along withrepresentatives from the U.S. and theEuropean Union gathered at Sharm elSheik for the meeting. Most significantly,UN Secretary General Kofi Annan wasin attendance.

The UN has a terrible track record ofanti-Israeli bias. Consequently, Israel hadnever before allowed the United Nationsto become a player in the Middle Eastpeace process. Now, thanks to Barak, theUN has become a participant in thepeace negotiations and is being consid-ered as an administrator of the TempleMount.

A few weeks later, the Palestinians ap-peared before the UN Security Councilrequesting that a UN force intervene inthe Palestinian-Israeli dispute. Only thethreat of a U.S. veto stood between Israeland the threat of invasion by the WorldCommunity.

Events of the year 2000 certainly have

Prophetic fulfillments of the year 2000

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Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, left, talks with United Nations General Assembly President HarriHolkeri of Finland at the United Nations Millennium Summit Friday, September 8, 2000 at the UN.




ld P



id K


Page 11: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

11JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtime

set the stage for the prophesied timewhen all nations, under the UN banner,will come against Israel for the Battle ofArmageddon!

Prophetic role of Turkey and Russia

The first sentence of the article burstupon my brain with the force of an ex-ploding bombshell! It read, “Slowly,almost imperceptibly, Turkey and Russiahave emerged over the last few days asnew players in our violent drama”(Jerusalem Post, 11/26/00).

Why should this seemingly innocuousstatement hit me with such impactingforce? Simply this—the article an-nounced that Turkey and Russia are nowbecoming key players in the Middle Eastconflict. The prophecies of the Bible tellus that Turkey and Russia will be centralparticipants in the Battle ofArmageddon.

Ezekiel 38 clearly states that Russiawill be the dominant force that will leada coalition of nations against Israel forthe final battle of this age. Verse threespeaks of Gog, the chief prince ofMeshech and Tubal. Webster’s ThirdInternational Dictionary definesMeshech as Moscoe (or Moscow, thecapital of Russia).

Ezekiel 38:6 prophesies that the houseof Togarmah will accompany Russia inthe invasion of Israel. Togarmah is theancient name for the land of Turkey.

Revelation 16:12 states that theEuphrates River will be dried up to makeway for the kings of the east to comedown against Israel for the Battle ofArmageddon. On January 13, 1990, TheIndianapolis Star carried an article on itsfront page headlined “Turkey Will CutOff Flow of Euphrates for 1 Month.” Thearticle explained that Turkey had justcompleted construction on a huge damcalled the Ataturk Dam. They then pro-ceeded to cut off the flow of theEuphrates for thirty days, allowing thenewly-built reservoir to fill up.

The implications of this report arenothing short of amazing. The ability todry up the Euphrates River is now inplace. At the mere touch of a button, thedam can be raised, and the flow of theEuphrates will stop. Turkey is the nationwith its hands on the controls.

A prophecy, that has seemed impossi-ble for 2,000 years, suddenly can be

fulfilled at any time. It appears thatTurkey’s Ataturk Dam is the mechanismthat God will use for this fulfillment.

The Bible prophesied the role ofRussia and Turkey in the Battle ofArmageddon over 2,000 years ago. TheJerusalem Post now reports that Russiaand Turkey have emerged as new playersin the Middle East. The stage for thecoming Battle of Armageddon is alreadybeing set.

This development is yet anotherprophetic fulfillment of the year 2000,which lets us know that we are living inthe endtime!

U.S. and Israel sign International Court Statute

It was announced on the last day ofthe year 2000 that President Clintonsigned the International Criminal CourtStatute of Rome. The U.S. had originallyrefused to sign the statute when it was fi-nalized in Rome on July 17, 1998.Clinton states that he will seek alter-ations to the treaty before he asks theU.S. Congress to ratify it.

The adoption of the InternationalCriminal Court is one of the most omi-nous developments ever! Once in force,every person on earth would be subjectto arrest and trial before this world courtsystem. A person tried at the WorldCourt would not have the protection ofthe U.S. Constitution and the Bill ofRights.

The establishment of theInternational Criminal Court is one ofthe biggest and most fearful steps towardworld government that has ever beentaken!

Plan is adopted forworld government

Believers in world government havecontended for a long time that thereneeded to be a document that wouldserve as the charter of the new globalorder. Mikhail Gorbachev and MauriceStrong authored such a document inMarch of 2000. They called it the EarthCharter.

Certain leaders felt that the EarthCharter needed to be adopted to thestructure of the United Nations.Consequently, they incorporated theprinciples of the Earth Charter into anew document called the MillenniumDeclaration.

In order for this Magna Carta of theNew World Order to be effective, it wasfelt that it should command the supportof both the religious leaders and the po-litical leaders of the world.Consequently, plans were laid to con-vene a meeting of 1,000 religious leadersfrom around the world at the UnitedNations on August 28-31, 2000. The re-ligious leaders, representing virtuallyevery major religion on earth, did meetat the UN, and the MillenniumDeclaration was adopted.

One week later, September 6-8, 2000,the largest ever meeting of heads-of-statemet at the UN for the MillenniumSummit. They too adopted this docu-ment called the MillenniumDeclaration, which some have called theworld’s Declaration of Interdependence.

Thus the plan for culminating the longmarch into one-world government wascompleted and adopted just in time forthe dawning of the new millennium.

Oh, by the way, the Bible specificallyprophesies the emerging of a world gov-ernment for the immediate future.

(For more information on theMillennium Declaration, see the article,“UN Adopts Plan for WorldGovernment” in this issue of Endtime.)

No, Y2K did not develop as somethought, but you can see that the fulfill-ment of endtime prophecy has been infull gallop during the year 2000. Weshould certainly not make the mistakethat the Bible prophesies some wouldmake in the endtime.

II Peter 3:3-4 tells us that “…thereshall come in the last days scoffers, walk-ing after their own lusts, And saying,Where is the promise of his coming? forsince the fathers fell asleep, all thingscontinue as they were from the begin-ning of the creation.”

It is obvious that not all things are re-maining the same. As a matter of fact,everything is not the same as it was oneshort year ago in 1999. Our world is on afast track to Armageddon. The prophe-cies are sure, and Jesus Christ is soon toreturn to this earth! Are you ready forHis return?

(Jesus said that we must be born again inorder to be ready. Request Endtime’s freebrochure, “What Do You Mean—BornAgain?” Simply call 1-800-endtime.) ❏

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What to expectin 2001by Irvin Baxter Jr.

12 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

In order for us to understand whatevents are likely to occur in 2001,we need to know what the Bibleprophesies for the times ahead. Wewill focus on five major prophecies

that are in the process of being fulfilled:1. The confirmation of a covenantconcerning Jerusalem and the TempleMount, 2. A massive war that will killone-third of the world’s population,3. Establishment of a cashless society,4. Emergence of global religious unity,5. Formation of a world government.

The confirmation of the covenantDaniel 9:27 foretells an event called

the confirming of the covenant.Through study of the prophecy, we knowthat this covenant will have to do withthe status of Jerusalem and the TempleMount. We also know that this eventwill take place seven years before theBattle of Armageddon. So why shouldwe think it is very possible that this con-firmation of the covenant will take placein 2001?

Until the rebirth of the nation of Israelin 1948, there had been no Jewish au-thority in Jerusalem since the time of theJewish exile in 70 AD. There has onlybeen Jewish access to the Temple Mountsince Jerusalem was reunited in 1967.Negotiations concerning the status ofJerusalem and the Temple Mount wereheld for the first time at Camp David in

July of 2000. President Clinton, EhudBarak and Yasser Arafat are desperatelywrestling with these issues as this issue ofEndtime goes to press.

So the central issues that will be in-volved in the confirmation of thecovenant are the burning issues dominat-ing the Mideast negotiations at thispresent time. It appears quite possiblethat when some kind of agreement isreached concerning Jerusalem and theTemple Mount, we will have witnessedthe confirmation of the covenant. Late-

breaking news is reporting that an agree-ment concerning Jerusalem and theTemple Mount could be reached withindays. It is totally possible that the finalseven years could have begun by the timeyou are reading this magazine.

Revelation 11:1-2 prophesies the shar-ing of the Temple Mount. According tothe passage, Jews will control the area ofthe temple itself, but the “outer court”will be under Gentile control. This is theexact solution to the Temple Mount dis-pute that President Clinton proposed at


Opposition Likud party leader Ariel Sharon gestures toward a stretch of the Jordan Valley, whichlies in the West Bank, during a campaign stop at the Israeli army Tuvlan outpost, January 3.Sharon, the leading contender for prime minister of Israel in the upcoming elections, put a kinder,gentler spin on his tough talk, saying that in the name of peace he would not speak of territorialconcessions to the Palestinians.




yal W




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Page 13: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

13JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtime

Camp David, and this is what will soonhappen. We don’t know whether thisarrangement will be arrived at by agree-ment, by unilateral action, by war or byUnited Nations intervention. But we doknow from the prophecy that the TempleMount will be shared.

One-third of mankind will dieRevelation 9:15-16 prophesies, “And

the four angels were loosed, which wereprepared for an hour, and a day, and amonth, and a year, for to slay the thirdpart of men. And the number of thearmy of the horsemen was two hundredthousand thousand: and I heard thenumber of them.”

This passage gives us the most omi-nous prophecy of the entire Bible. Itstates that an army of 200 million willtrigger a war that will kill one-third ofthe world’s population. There is one na-tion at this present time that can field anarmy of 200 million—China. The 1999CIA Fact Book stated that China had198 million men of military age (15-49).That figure topped 200 million in theyear 2000.

Zhang Wannian, the most powerfulmilitary leader in China next toPresident Ziang Zemin, stated inNovember of 2000 that war over theTaiwan issue was certain within the nextfive years. We know for certain fromscripture that this war has to happen be-fore the last three and one-half years ofthe final seven year period. Since we areobviously on the brink of the final sevenyears beginning, the China War couldhappen at any time. There is nothing inthe prophecies that preclude this warfrom occurring before the final sevenyears begin.

A cashless societyRevelation 13:16-18 speaks of a time

when every person on earth will have tohave a number, without which he will beunable to buy anything or sell anything.This 2,000-year-old prophecy of an eco-nomic system controlled by numbersseemed to be an impossibility until theinvention of the computer and then theInternet.

The fulfillment of this prophecy couldhappen so easily now. Each year themove toward electronic banking and e-commerce escalates. It is obvious thatthe fulfillment of the prophecy of a com-

ing cashless society is only a matter oftime. Progress toward this electronic eco-nomic system will continue in the year2001.

A global religious systemThe greatest strides ever were made to-

ward the prophesied one-world religionin the year 2000. The signing of the con-stitution of the United Religions and theholding of the Millennium PeaceSummit at the United Nations were thetwo most important advances intoInterfaithism to date. We can expect thiscampaign to promote Interfaithism andthe acceptance of all religions as validforms of worship to continue.

The Vatican has just admitted for thefirst time that the present pope, JohnPaul II, suffers from Parkinson’s disease.Many in the Roman Catholic Churchexpect this illness to force John Paul’sresignation. If this should happen, thenext pope will certainly play a criticalrole in the fulfilling of endtime prophecy.It is totally within the realm of possibil-ity that the new pope could be the FalseProphet himself—and he could take of-fice in 2001.

One-world governmentThe year 2000 witnessed the two most

significant steps into world governmentsince the United Nations was born in1945.

The Millennium Declaration wasadopted by 1,000 religious leaders whogathered at the UN on August 28-31,2000. One week later on September 6-8,

2000, 160 heads-of-state came togetherat the UN for the Millennium Summit.They also unanimously adopted theMillennium Declaration.

The Millennium Declaration sets for-ward the vision, the philosophy and theplan of action for the New World Order.We will hear much about theMillennium Declaration and its princi-ples in 2001 as the United Nationspushes to make its one-world govern-ment vision a reality.

On December 31, 2000, PresidentClinton ordered the signing of theInternational Criminal Court Statute ofRome. This statute provides for theestablishment of a permanentInternational Criminal Court that willenforce the edicts of the global govern-ment of the UN. The ICC statute mustbe ratified by 60 nations before it can ac-tually begin to operate. Twenty-sevennations have now given ratification. It isvery likely, given President Clinton’ssigning order, that the remaining ratifica-tions will occur in 2001.

The establishment of an internationalcourt system is the most horrendous de-velopment since the world governmentstructure of the UN was launched in1945. It will have the power to arrest andplace on trial citizens from anywhere inthe world, whether that citizen’s govern-ment approves or not. This court systemwill undoubtedly be the mechanism usedby the Antichrist to perpetrate the GreatTribulation upon mankind. Thank God,this time of great persecution is prophe-sied to only last for three and one-halfyears!

What should we do?The year 2001 could very well be the

most important year of prophetic fulfill-ment since the year that Jesus Christ wascrucified. So what should we be doing?

I Timothy 4:16 tells us that we mustsave ourselves and then save those thatwill hear us. Jesus said that this gospel ofthe kingdom must be preached in all theworld, and then the end would come.World evangelism must be accelerated atan unprecedented rate!

If you are not a partner with EndtimeMinistries, please consider joining us inthis final thrust to “teach all nations.” Ifyou would like to do this, call us rightnow at 1-800-endtime.

Together, we are racing the rapture! ❏

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“The year 2001could very well bethe most importantyear of propheticfulfillment since

the year that Jesus Christ was

crucified. So whatshould we be


Page 14: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

UN Adopts PlanFor

World GovernmentIs Mikhail Gorbachev the Guiding Hand

behind the New World Order?by Irvin Baxter Jr.

14 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

On August 28-31, 2000,one-thousand religiousleaders converged uponUnited Nations’ worldgovernment headquarters

in New York for what was called theMillennium Peace Summit. This was thefirst religious meeting ever held at theUnited Nations.

The stated goal of this religious con-clave was for the world’s religious leadersto demonstrate solidarity with the politi-cal leaders of the world by signing adocument called the MillenniumDeclaration. The religious leadersadopted the Declaration, and the pur-pose of the meeting’s initiator, TedTurner, was accomplished.

The following week on September 6-8,history’s largest meeting of heads-of-statewas convened at the UN. World leaderscame to open the fifty-fifth session of theUN General Assembly, to usher in the21st Century and to join the world’s reli-gious leaders in signing the MillenniumDeclaration.

So what is the big deal about this doc-ument called the MillenniumDeclaration? Why would religious lead-ers and political leaders spend millions ofdollars just to gather for the signing of adocument that most people have never

even heard of? Is there something goingon that we need to know about?

United Nations Secretary GeneralKofi Annan stated that the MillenniumDeclaration is one of the most importantdocuments of all history. Is he overstatingthe fact, or is there something of tremen-dous importance transpiring here?

The Millennium DeclarationFor many years those people who be-

lieve that world government is the

answer to peace on earth have yearnedfor a statement of purpose, a unifying be-lief system, and a plan of action. Theglobalists believed that a defining docu-ment was needed in order to rally thepeoples of the world toward taking theneeded remaining steps into the envi-sioned promised land of globalgovernance.

The turn of the millennium, with all ofits symbolism, seemed to be the perfecttime to produce and adopt the desired



Former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev delivers a speech in front of Pope John Paul II andGovernment leaders and members of Parliaments of the World gathered in Paul VI Hall at theVatican in occasion of their Jubilee, November 4, 2000.





d P








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Page 15: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

15JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtimeE-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

1. Who challenged Jesus with: “If thou be …”? A. Pilate B. Satan C. King Agrippa D. Caesar

2. He was angry when God spared Nineveh. A. Jonah B. Haggai C. Zechariah D. Saul

3. To replace Saul as king of Israel, who did God choose?A. Solomon B. Ahab C. David D. Joseph

4. What percentage of Pharaoh’s army was destroyed in the Red Sea? A. 25% B. 50% C. 75% D. 100% (all of them)

5. Encompassed seven days, by faith, the walls of this city fell down. A. Jericho B. Sodom C. Jerusalem D. Athens

6. “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ,” was spoken by whom? A. Peter B. James C. John D. Thomas

7. What did Joseph want to do when he first saw Benjamin in Egypt? A. Hide B. Weep C. Arrest him D. Shout

8. What will not be forgiven? A. Theft B. Blasphemy C. Murder D. Gossiping

9. Who said “If thou wilt, thou canst make me clean”? A. A thief B. A murderer C. A leper D. A liar

10. Reportedly, who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament? A. Abraham B. Moses C. Noah D. Adam

11. In what river did John the Baptist baptize Jesus? A. Euphrates B. Nile C. Abana D. Jordan

12. Who’s son was sick at Capernaum? A. Peter’s B. Paul’s C. Nobleman’s D. Century’s

13. He wrote two books of the Bible that have only one chapter each. A. John B. Peter C. Jude D. Timothy

14. Which one of the judges was very strong? A. Samson B. Samuel C. Jephthah D. Boaz

15. What does the word Gospel mean? A. Good-bye B. Good weather C. Good news D. Good Lord

16. In the Christian armor, what is the shield? A. Salvation B. Faith C. Truth D. Patience

17. A captive in Babylon, this prophet interprets dreams and handwriting. A. Shadrach B. Meshach C. Abednego D. Daniel

18. What is the fourth book in the New Testament? A. John B. Mark C. Matthew D. Luke

19. What is the fourth book in the Old Testament? A. Leviticus B. Genesis C. Exodus D. Numbers

20. Hezekiah sent to this prophet for advice when Assyriacame against Jerusalem. A. Nathan B. Isaiah C. Ahijah D. Samuel

Whetstoneby John L. Bryant

Answers on page 31

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Page 16: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

16 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

global agenda. Thus the world plannersproduced the unifying document and ap-propriately called it the MillenniumDeclaration.

The Gorbachev factorIn April of 2000, Endtime interviewed

the head of the Earth Council, Mr.Maurice Strong. Mr. Strong was also thechairperson for the Earth Summit at Riode Janeiro in 1992 and, more recently,was enlisted by Kofi Annan to head theSecretariat for UN Reform.

During the interview, Mr. Strong hap-pened to mention that he and MikhailGorbachev had authored a new docu-ment called the Earth Charter. TheEarth Charter was designed to be a state-ment of basic values, which wouldprovide an ethical foundation for theemerging World Community. It was tobe an expression of interdependent prin-ciples for a sustainable way of life and asetting of common standards by whichthe conduct of all individuals, organiza-tions, businesses, governments, andtransnational institutions would beguided and assessed.

Strong mentioned during the inter-view that he and Gorbachev had hopesthat the Earth Charter would be adoptedas the mission statement and the plan ofaction for the World Community at itsMillennium Summit in September.

When I heard that a document calledthe Millennium Declaration would besigned at the Millennium Summit, I nat-urally wondered if this could, in fact, beGorbachev and Strong’s Earth Charterunder another name.

Earth Charter vs. MillenniumDeclaration

Once I was able to get my hands on acopy of the Earth Charter and theMillennium Declaration, I anxiouslycompared these two documents. What Idiscovered did not surprise me. Theywere basically the same document.

The bottom line is simply this…whenthe religious leaders and political leadersof the world adopted the MillenniumDeclaration, they adopted MikhailGorbachev’s plan for one-world govern-ment.

So that each of you can see this foryourself, we have listed below several ofthe major principles included in eachdocument and have provided quotes

concerning the principle from the EarthCharter (EC) and then the MillenniumDeclaration (MD). From this compari-son we can see that Mikhail Gorbachevis exerting powerful influence on thecourse of our world from behind thescenes.

Principle 1: All nations and people are interdependent

EC—“We stand at a critical momentin Earth’s history, a time when humanitymust choose its future. As the world be-comes increasingly interdependent andfragile, the future at once holds greatperil and great promise.”

MD—“We reaffirm our commitmentto the purposes and principles of theCharter of the United Nations, whichhave proved timeless and universal.Indeed, their relevance and capacity toinspire have increased, as nations andpeoples have become increasingly inter-connected and interdependent.”

Principle 2: Wealth redistribution

EC—“Promote the equitable distribu-tion of wealth within nations and amongnations.”

MD—“Global challenges must bemanaged in a way that distributes thecosts and burdens fairly in accordance

with basic principles of equity and socialjustice. Those who suffer, or who benefitleast, deserve help from those who bene-fit most.”

Principle 3: Respect for natureEC—“Protect and restore the integrity

of Earth’s ecological systems, with specialconcern for biological diversity and thenatural processes that sustain life.”

MD—“Prudence must be shown in themanagement of all living species andnatural resources.”

Principle 4: Free Market system must be replaced

EC—“Fundamental changes areneeded in our values, institutions, andways of living. We must realize thatwhen basic needs have been met, humandevelopment is primarily about beingmore, not having more.”

“Promote the equitable distribution ofwealth within nations and among na-tions.”

MD—“The current unsustainable pat-terns of production and consumptionmust be changed.”

Principle 5: Sustainable development

EC—“Adopt at all levels sustainabledevelopment plans and regulations.”

un adopts plan for world government

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

In spite of the UN's anti-Israeli bias, Barak, left, invited UN head Kofi Annan, right, to join theMiddle East peace talks at Sharm el Sheik. UN involvement in Middle East affairs was nil for 55years, but now, in this new era of UN empowerment, Annan has his foot in the door.




ld P



el V



Page 17: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

17JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtime

MD—“Prudence must be shown inthe management of all living species andnatural resources, in accordance with theprecepts of sustainable development.”

Principle 6: Eradicate povertyEC—“Eradicate poverty as an ethical,

social, and environmental imperative.”MD—“We resolve, therefore, to create

an environment—at the national andglobal levels alike—which is conduciveto development and to the eliminationof poverty.”

Principle 7: World governmentEC—“The choice is ours: form a

global partnership to care for Earth andone another or risk the destruction ofourselves and the diversity of life.”

“We are at once citizens of differentnations and of one world in which thelocal and global are linked.”

MD—“Responsibility for managingworldwide economic and social develop-ment, as well as threats to internationalpeace and security, must be sharedamong the nations of the world andshould be exercised multilaterally. As themost universal and most representativeorganization in the world, the UnitedNations must play the central role.”

Principle 8: DisarmamentEC—“Demilitarize national security

systems to the level of a non-provocativedefense posture, and convert military re-sources to peaceful purposes, includingecological restoration.”

“Eliminate nuclear, biological, andtoxic weapons and other weapons ofmass destruction.”

MD—“To ensure the implementation,by States Parties, of treaties in areas suchas arms control and disarmament.”

Principle 9: The United Nations is the answer

EC—“In order to build a sustainableglobal community, the nations of theworld must renew their commitment tothe United Nations.”

MD—“We solemnly reaffirm, on thishistoric occasion, that the UnitedNations is the indispensable commonhouse of the entire human family,through which we will seek to realize ouruniversal aspirations for peace, coopera-tion and development…”

“As the most universal and most rep-

resentative organization in the world,the United Nations must play the centralrole.”

The purpose of citing the above quotesis not to comment on the good or bad ofthese principles. We merely want toshow that both the Earth Charter andthe Summit Declaration deal with virtu-ally the same issues. We also want toillustrate that, contrary to the opinion ofsome, ex-Soviet leader MikhailGorbachev is still very much a player onthe world scene.

Furthermore, it is vital that we fullyappreciate the pivotal role that globalplanners see the Millennium Declarationplaying.

Millennium Declaration—theagenda for world government

On December 21, 2000, the UNNewsCentre issued the following release:“Calling last September’s MillenniumDeclaration ‘one of the most importantdocuments of our time,’ the President ofthe United Nations General Assemblytoday, emphasized the importance ofkeeping alive the momentum generatedat the Millennium Summit in New York,where over 150 leaders gathered to de-fine—and find ways to overcome—theproblems facing the world today.

“‘If we can achieve the targets of theSummit Declaration, we will have an

enormous impact on our world,’ GeneralAssembly President Harri Holkeri saidduring his end-of-year press conferenceat UN Headquarters in New York.

“Mr. Holkeri said he was ‘very pleased’that the General Assembly had estab-lished a follow-up mechanism to theMillennium Summit. ‘What theAssembly did was to identify whose re-sponsibility it is to implement theDeclaration and how to monitor thisprocess in a pro-active way,’ he said,adding that the plan he had elaboratedto ‘firmly establish the SummitDeclaration as an integral part of the on-going work of the UN’ had also beenendorsed by the Assembly last week”.

United Nations Secretary GeneralKofi Annan had this to say about the im-portance of the Millennium Declaration:“Indeed, my main hope for 2001 is that itwill be the year when things really startto change and when the world sees theMillennium Declaration not just aswords” (Annan press conference,12/20/00).

Make no mistake. There is no docu-ment in existence today, outside of theUN Charter itself, more important to theestablishment of world government thanthe Millennium Declaration. And don’tforget…Mikhail Gorbachev has his fin-gerprints all over it!

Can the one-world governmentprophesied in the Bible be far behind?! ❏

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

Former Soviet president, communist, Mikhail Gorbachev.










Page 18: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

Understanding theEndtime Level 1by Irvin Baxter Jr.

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20 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001





ld P




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The Chernobyl NuclearPower Plant closed onFriday, December 15, 2000.The event made front-pagenews worldwide, as people

reminisced about the world’s worst nu-clear disaster. There was no champagne.Nobody reveled in the glory of it all. Thenostalgia was dark. So dark, in fact, manyof the news reports filed on the event in-cluded a Bible reference—an ominousprophecy from Revelation.

You see, it so happens that the veryname of the power plant, Chernobyl, ap-pears in the 8th Chapter of the book ofRevelation. And the event described fitswhat happened when the accident oc-curred.

The disaster occurred on April 26,1986, in the Ukraine, part of the then-Soviet Union. Many innocent peopledied that day. More died in the ensuingweeks. And millions, yes millions, morewill be laid to rest long before their nat-ural time—their bones helplesslyinfected with the radioactive materialCesium-137.

The Chernobyl meltdown occurredduring a test of the plant’s safety systems.Human error was involved. Six errors tobe exact. The results were devastating.Many died.

But there were other results. Many

died, but many were saved. This is be-cause many were made aware of theprophecy and came to trust in the truthof God’s Word. After all, what other con-clusion can a person come to uponrealizing the Bible predicted theChernobyl catastrophe 1,900 years in ad-vance?

The prophecyThe thought of Bible prophecy being

quoted by the secular media…well, it justbrings a smile to the face of prophecyteachers and Bible lovers of all types. Astar will fall from heaven, reads theprophecy. It will be a burning star, and itwill fall upon one-third of the rivers.These waters will become poisoned, andmany people will die because of the poi-soned waters. And, oh yes, the star willhave a name. It will be calledWormwood.

Employees of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant watch a large screen in the plant's recreationalhall as a switch is thrown shutting down Chernobyl's third reactor, December 15, 2000. The thirdreactor was the last functioning one at the site of the world's worst nuclear disaster in 1986.Writing on the screen top right reads: “Live”.

Chernobyl ShutsDownProphecy Comes to Lightby Eddie Sax

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21JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtimeE-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

That’s it—the entire Third Trumpetprophecy in a nutshell. That’s what allthe hullabaloo is about.

Did Chernobyl fulfill the ThirdTrumpet? Oddly, the news media seemsto think the evidence demands a secondlook at the very least. We may very wellbe dealing here with something morethan a mere passing coincidence. So let’stake a look for ourselves. Let’s explorewhat happened on that fateful spring dayat Chernobyl. Our first of business, how-ever, will be to look at…The Name.

Does Chernobyl really meanwormwood?

The Chernobyl Disaster, a secular bookby Soviet-born Viktor Haynes, beginsnot with an introduction, but with theprophecy and a quote from The ConciseOxford Dictionary, 6th edition:“Chernobyl is a Russian transliteration ofthe Ukrainian word ‘chornobyl’, whichin English means wormwood, ‘a peren-nial herb of genus Artemisia with bitter,

tonic, and stimulating qualities used inpreparation of vermouth, absinth and inmedicine.” According to the Dictionaryof the Russian Language by S. Ozhegov,the word “chernobylnik” means “a vari-ety of absinthe (wormwood) withred-brown or deep purple stem.” Thebook Chernobyl: A Documentary Story byIurii Shcherbak, translated from theUkrainian language, says, “AncientChernobyl gave its bitter name(Chernobyl is the common wormwood)to the powerful nuclear power stationwhose construction began in 1971.”

Another secular source is a documen-tary about the disaster by the Films forHumanities and Sciences. A team ofJapanese scientists and investigative re-porters went to Europe to examine theeffects of the accident. Its film is called“Chernobyl—The Taste of Wormwood.”It begins with the prophecy. It is nevermentioned again.

Most striking is the testimony of HansBlix, Executive Director of the

International Atomic Energy Agency, ina speech given before the UN GeneralAssembly on October 23, 1990. To thisgreat body he quoted Revelation 8:10-11and said, “In Slavic languages, includingthe Ukrainian and Byelorussian lan-guages, there is a word ‘chernobyl’, whichmeans wormwood, bitter grass. This has astriking relevance to the Chernobyltragedy. I am no fatalist. I do not believein the blind inevitability of fate, but whocan fail to be moved by these tragic andelegiac words from Revelation, whichmust leave their indelible imprint on theheart.”

Any good unabridged dictionary willhave about 500,000 words. Includingtechnical and medical terms, it is esti-mated there are 2.5 million words in theEnglish language. One of those words iswormwood. And it’s the name of the nu-clear power plant that released ten timesthe amount of radiation into the atmos-phere than the atomic bomb atHiroshima released 41 years earlier.

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World GovernmentT925 Eyewitness Report: State of the World ForumT913 Comparing Earth Charter to Millennium DeclarationT1114 Master Plan to Rule the World—Ted Flynn InterviewT1115 Master Plan to Rule the World—Part IIT1116 Master Plan to Rule the World—Part IIIU102 Clinton Signs Int’l Criminal Court Statute!U103 Implications of U.S. Signing ICC Statute

The Vatican in ProphecyT629 Vatican Ties to World GovernmentT1205 Hans Kung Interview: The Global EthicT1206 Hans Kung Interview: Critical Analysis

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Will Gorbachev Be the Antichrist?R511 Live with Globalism Expert, Gary KahS1020 Gorbachev—World Savior or Antichrist?

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Understanding RevelationT228 The Four Horsemen of the ApocalypseT1214 Chernobyl Plant Closes: The 3rd Trumpet Fulfilled?R604 Understanding the 6th Seal, 7th Trumpet & 7th VialR1217 5th Trumpet — Saddam Hussein in the Bible

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How did this happen? Did GodAlmighty reach into His unabridged dic-tionary and select a name for thisprophecy at random? Or did He fore-know this would be the name of the siteof the world’s worst nuclear disaster? Thisis a question every person must answerfor themselves. Coincidence? One in500,000? One in 2.5 million? Or thehand of God?

There’s more.

Many will die from the watersLet’s look at the specific wording of the

prophecy: “And the third angel sounded,and there fell a great star from heaven,burning as it were a lamp, and it fell uponthe third part of the rivers, and upon thefountains of waters; And the name of thestar is called Wormwood: and the thirdpart of the waters became wormwood;and many men died of the waters, be-cause they were made bitter.”(Revelation 8:10-11)

Notice that many would die when theThird Trumpet blows. How the deathswould occur is very specifically stated inverse 10. It would be because of the wa-ters—the waters would be made bitter.They would become “wormwood.”

Relatively speaking, the number ofdeaths that resulted directly from themeltdown itself, about 125,000, were few

compared to the millions who have beenpoisoned with radiation. Over 200 mil-lion are estimated to have experiencedexcess exposure, 3.5 million seriously.But are the deaths linked to the water?

The winds blew, the rains fellThe first explosion came with such a

force it blew the two million pound con-crete lid off of the reactor. It went intothe air, and came down cocked leavingthe atmosphere fully exposed to a nu-clear fire for the next three weeks. Asecond explosion hit just a few secondsafter the first explosion. Radioactive ma-terial was blasted one mile up into the

chernobyl shuts down — Prophecy comes to light

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

Endtime editor Irvin Baxter Jr. relates how he first came to un-derstand the significance of this prophecy:

To conclude that the Third Trumpet prophecy was fulfilledin 1986 was contrary to everything I had been taught in thepast. Like many others I was made to understand all of my lifethat the 7 Trumpets would sound during the Great Tribulation.I started looking in my Bible for proof. To my astonishment Ifound none. There are no scriptures which teach that theTrumpets would all be contained within the final 3 1/2 yearGreat Tribulation, or even within the final seven years.

I have been teaching prophecy for over thirty years, and a lotof wild theories have come across my desk. I receive mail con-stantly telling me why Henry Kissinger is the Antichrist. Someexplain how, if you let this letter equal this letter, and that let-ter equal that, then multiply the sum by nine and turn yourresult upside down, you end up with the number 666. Ofcourse, we all know that Ronald Wilson Reagan was going tobe the Antichrist, because Ronald has six letters, Wilson hassix letters and Reagan has six letters. Yes, there are a lot of wildtheories out there about Bible prophecy. Bible prophecy, how-

ever, is of God. Even though there have been mistaken inter-pretations, there are also true and correct interpretations thatGod intended for someone to understand.

Starting in late 1986, I began to hear rumors that theRussian word for wormwood was Chernobyl. I sloughed it off.Frankly, I was busy, and I thought this was just another one ofthose prophecy rumors. I disregarded it for a number of years.In 1995, however, I was sitting in my office writing ourUnderstanding the Endtime course. We were behind on ourdeadlines, and I was working very hard at my computer thatparticular day. Things were coming together really well, and Iwas excited. I was flying; making tremendous progress! Then,while I was all alone in my office, I felt like the Lord spoke tome and said, “Do you remember that thing you heard about theRussian word for wormwood being Chernobyl? I want you tocheck that out.”

I was all by myself. It was just me and God. I said, “God, youknow I don’t have time to do that right now. I’m very busy. Ihave got to get this course done. I’m three months behind, andI don’t have time to spend three or four weeks in the library

“Ma’am, I’ve Heard a Rumor – Do

ChernobylSaturday April 26










Path of Radiation Cloud

Page 23: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

23JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtime

sky. The wind caught the radiation, andcarried it into Scandinavia, NorthernItaly, Germany, Great Britain and, in adiluted form, to the east coast of theUnited States.

Then the rains came. It rained inces-santly for the next five days. Theradioactivity was transferred from theclouds down into the soil. The mostdeadly thing about the rain was that thewater flowed into the rivers. Thesedeadly rivers then wound their waythroughout all of Europe.

Remember the prophecy. It says thatmany men died because of the waters —because the waters were made bitter. Asthese waters flowed through Europe,everyone who drank of those waters ab-sorbed the nuclide Cesium 137 into theirbody. Cesium 137 has a half-life of thirtyyears. It goes into the bone marrow andcan lay there for thirty years before itcauses cancer.

Doctors and scientists say that theworst is yet to come. Generations will beaffected. They do not even know how topredict the far reaching implications ofthe Chernobyl nuclear accident.

Coincidence?The prophecy of the Third Trumpet

emphasizes that the waters were madebitter by a star called “Chernobyl.” The

greater the rainfall, the greater was theamount of radioactivity. Much of Europewas affected. To those who write TheName off as coincidence, consider thatthe Bible said many would die. Manydied. But it’s more specific. It foretoldwhat they would die from. Gunshot?Great hailstones? The beast? A blackhorse? No. Many would die because thewaters were made bitter.

Name your own odds. Then multiplythese odds by 500,000 and you will bestaring at your personal level of coinci-dence to overlook.

The prophecy says “the third part” ofthe rivers and fountains of waters would

be affected. It does not specify the thirdpart of what. Europe’s waters? The earth’swaters? The Bible is silent on this issue.Were one-third of Europe’s waters madebitter? Maybe. We don’t know. We’llnever know. But God does. Shall weoverlook the preponderance of otherproof because this one detail cannot benailed down? When is enough enough?Again, this is a decision that everyonewill have to make individually. It is not asalvation issue.

On the tenth anniversary of theChernobyl disaster, Ukrainian writerVictor Lychyk penned an article for theUkrainian Weekly, May 26, 1996 entitled,“Did the Bible Predict the ChornobylNuclear Disaster?” Endtime requestedpermission to reprint the article. The re-quest was denied. You can see it in full ath t t p : / / w w w . u k r w e e k l y . c o m /Archive/1996/219619.shtml.

Chernobyl closes. Secular papers,upon reflection, quote Revelation’sThird Trumpet, but they know not whatto do next. But you do. There are stillmany out there to be saved. ❏

Endtime carries the video, “Chernobyl –The Taste of Wormwood.” Pricey at $30,but it does get the point across. See OrderForm. Irvin Baxter Jr.’s Seven Trumpetsvideo is another outstanding resource.

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

trying to prove whether this is true or not true.” You have tounderstand — it was just me and Him. We were just… sort ofhaving a conversation. To tell you the truth, the thought ofstopping my work on Understanding the Endtime, and launch-ing into what I felt would be a wild goose chase was somewhatannoying. It seemed unreasonable.

But then, it was as though the Lord spoke back to me, andsaid, “Look, it won’t take you any time. Just call the library, andthey will do the research for you.”

Well, seeing Who it was, I was a little afraid to disregardwhat I was hearing. In frustration, I yanked the drawer open tomy desk, pulled out my phone book and dialed the referencedepartment at our public library. I said, “Ma’am, this is PastorIrvin Baxter. I have heard a rumor that the Russian word forwormwood is Chernobyl. Is there is any way that you could re-search that for me and tell me whether or not it is true?”

What she said stunned me. “Yes, that is true. You see, theRussians used to take wormwood for medicinal purposes, andthe wormwood would turn their tongues black. The Russianword for black is ‘chernin.’ This is why they called wormwood

‘chernobyl.’” She then proceeded to rattle off the most horri-ble string of information you have ever heard in your life.

“I don’t doubt that what you are telling me is true,” I replied,“but I am going to write an article on this, and I would like tohave documentation. Is there any way you can help me withthis?”

She called me back twenty minutes later with books andpage numbers proving that Chernobyl was the Ukrainian andRussian word for wormwood.

Just before I hung up the phone, I said, “Ma’am, I have to askyou one more question. It’s not normal that you would haveknown all of these things off of the top of your head. How didyou happen to know this?”

This was her response: “Well, I’m working on my doctoratein Russian right now, and I have just been studying thesethings.”

Needless to say, when I hung up that phone I was in awe. Itmade me reappraise the whole Third Trumpet prophecy. I nowhad proof that the Russian word for wormwood wasChernobyl.

oes Chernobyl Mean Wormwood?”

“The prophecy ofthe Third Trumpet

emphasizes thatthe waters weremade bitter by a

star called‘Chernobyl.’”

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24 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001 E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

Eye on the beast…Kofi Annan chose Palermo, Italy, the

Mafia’s backyard, to hold the UN’s his-toric global crime fighting conference.Delegates from 150 nations seek to ap-prove the new “Convention AgainstTransnational Organized Crime.” Thetreaty will become international lawafter 40 countries ratify it and conform toits guidelines. Allegations have arisenthat the building used for the conferencewas built by the Mafia itself. “The palaceof the anti-mafia was built by the Mafia.All of it, from the foundations to theroof,” said the newspaper LaRepubblica…

Pope John Paul II hosted a conferenceon “Globalization, Economy & theFamily.” The Vatican has been very in-volved in globalization matters fordecades, as the organization itself isglobal in nature. Just economics andwealth redistribution were discussed…

Richard C. Holbrooke, the Clintonadministration’s ambassador to theUnited Nations, leaves his post inJanuary. His next job will keep him inNew York City. He will work for theCouncil on Foreign Relations…

The International Monetary Fund willbe bailing out Argentina to the tune of$39 billion. The aid package is an at-tempt to rescue Latin America’s thirdlargest economy from the severe eco-nomic problems it has been experiencingfor more than two years. It was expectedthat Argentina would be defaulting onforeign debt repayments due in 2001.The IMF is an arm of the UN. The bor-rower is servant to the lender…

The UN War Crimes Tribunal hassummoned United States Army ChiefGeneral Eric Shinseki to provide evi-dence in the 1998 detention of a BosnianSerb suspect. Shinseki at the time com-manded the U.S. “peacekeepers.” TheU.S. is protesting the subpoena and iskeeping Shinseki silent claiming “com-pelling operation security concerns,” andasserting that the tribunal lacked the au-thority to summon Shinseki directly.Some in the U.S. are uncomfortable with

the authority the tribunal may have overAmerican citizens…

Kofi Annan blasted the U.S. and otherwestern nations for not contributingpeacekeeping troops to the UN opera-tion in Sierra Leone. The diplomatic armof the UN is asserting that the entireability of the United Nations to mountfuture peacekeeping operations is at riskbecause of the lukewarm internationalresponse to pleas for troops for SierraLeone…

Ted Turner has offered to make up the$35 million difference between the duesthat the United States owes to theUnited Nations for 2001 and the amountCongress is willing to pay…

The UN Mission in Kosovo is issuingabout 300,000 identification cards toKosovo residents. Many KosovoAlbanian refugees said that their docu-ments were taken by the Serbs during1999’s NATO intervention last year. TheUN registration effort was used for therecent municipal elections in theprovince…

And in the Far East…Many had voiced concern earlier in

2000 when the U.S. paraded highChinese military officials through sensi-tive areas of U.S. military bases. Wouldthe Chinese learn too much? Such “mil-itary exchanges,” however, have beenhappening for years. And now it hasbeen learned, according to China’s mili-tary newspaper, the Beijing JunshiWenzhai, that the concerns werefounded. America’s most up-to-date tac-tics and strategy military have, in fact,been guiding Chinese army training pro-grams. They are well equipped to take onthe U.S. “Know the Enemy and there-fore Defeat the Enemy,” read the report.The enemy referred to is the U.S.…

A new Pentagon report to Congresssays there are three scenarios that couldlead to a major war with China. Thethree are: China launches an amphibiousinvasion of Taiwan, China blockades theisland, or China launches an air attack.“The United States takes its obligation

to assist Taiwan in maintaining a self-de-fense capability very seriously,” stated thereport. “This is not only because it ismandated by U.S. law in the TaiwanRelations Act, but also because it is inour own national interest. Chairman ofthe Joint Chiefs of Staff, General HenryShelton, stated that it was imperative tokeep China from becoming an enemy ofthe U.S. “I’m firmly convinced that weneed to focus all elements of U.S. powerand diplomacy on ensuring that Chinadoes not become the 21st Century ver-sion of the Soviet bear”…

More Pentagon reports: For the firsttime the U.S. military finds itself unableto confidently predict the outcome of amilitary conflict between China andTaiwan because of what it calls “intelli-gence gaps.” They are alsorecommending a new policy toward U.S.arms sales to Taiwan. Beijing is not ex-pected to take the news well. The mostsignificant part of the Pentagon’s findingsreveals China no longer lacks the capa-bility to successfully invade Taiwan…

Within hours after his presidential vic-tory speech, China issued a warning topresident-elect George W. Bush not tocause friction over Taiwan…

American intelligence sources reportthat China just conducted its third inter-continental missile test. The WashingtonTimes reports that more tests are ex-pected in mid-January…

Israel and the Middle East…If Israel does not get far-above-average

winter rains, the nation’s water shortagein 2001 will be “catastrophic,” accordingto Uri Saguy, chairman of Mekorot, thepublic utility that has developed Israel’snational water supply systems since 1937and today supplies 66% of the country’swater needs. Saguy said the decision-makers in the government only react tocatastrophes and will only do somethingwhen the taps run dry. To make mattersworse, Israel has international commit-ments to supply water to the Jordaniansand the Palestinians from sources thatare rapidly drying up…

W o r l d by Eddie Sax

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In an unprecedented move, the WorldBank gave a $12 million emergencygrant to the Palestinian Authority. “Thisis a highly unusual move for the WorldBank since the bank usually providesloans rather than grants,” said JosephSaba, World Bank director for the WestBank and Gaza affairs. “However, the se-vere economic shock affecting thePalestinian economy calls for a rapid re-sponse that should not impose furtherfinancial burdens on the PalestinianAuthority.” The economy has been crip-pled by border closures put in place byIsrael for security reasons. Twenty per-cent of the population has been unableto get to their jobs, which are in Israel. Itis not expected that the grant money willbe spent on weapons…

Bill Clinton officially delayed movingthe U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Avivto Jerusalem for six months. George W.Bush has the authority to move it the dayof his inauguration, and promised to dothis early in his election campaigning.Such a move would be a good propheticmove for the U.S., because it would sig-nal U.S. support for Israel and placefurther distance from the InternationalCommunity. It is possible, however, thatBush has reconsidered the move at thistime in light of the current political situ-ation…

Israel is anticipating a regional warwith the Arab world, including Iraq andIran, if the Hizbullah should attack onthe northern Israeli border. IsraeliNational Security Adviser General UziDayan says they would retaliate againstSyrian military installations in Lebanon.Such a move, it is expected, would resultin Iraqi and Iranian intervention. TheU.S. has urged Syria to back off…

On December 1, the UN GeneralAssembly followed its general customand condemned Israel. It strongly criti-cized its policies toward Palestinians andcalled its presence in Jerusalem and theGolan Heights illegal. The U.S. ab-stained from the vote that claimedIsrael’s sovereignty over Jerusalem illegal,and voted against all Palestinian-related

resolutions, as well as the demand forIsrael to withdraw from the GolanHeights…

A quote from Israel’s peace partner:“The Palestinians are waging a war of in-dependence that will end only when thelast Israeli settler leaves the territories.When Palestinians become a majority inthe Holy Land, they will decide whetherto allow the Jews to have a state.” FaisalHusseini, Palestinian Minister forJerusalem…

On December 20, Faisal Husseiniposed a hypothetical question in an in-terview with the Jerusalem Post. Sayingthat another earthquake is expected atthe Temple Mount any year now, heasked, “What would happen if themosque were destroyed and Israel wasstill the sovereign power? If Israel agreedto let us rebuild the mosque, there wouldbe a civil war within Israel. If she did not,there would be a religious war betweenMoslems and Jews.” It is interesting thatan earthquake is prophesied for this veryarea of Jerusalem in the times just ahead(Revelation 11:13, 16:18, Ezekiel 38:19,Zechariah 14:4)…

Last but not least…Thank you, Toshiba. Its new PC Card

Fingerprint Reader will allow users to logon to their Toshiba laptops by placing afinger in the device. In addition to theconvenience, users will enjoy a higherlevel of security. No passwords, no usernames. Just you…

George W. Bush announced plans tocreate a White House “office of faith-based programs.” He says he will explorethe role religious organizations may playin programs that the government tradi-tionally administers. Bush envisionsfaith-based organizations receiving fed-eral funds in such a way that they are nothindered by government interference…

The Salvation Army may have to sus-pend humanitarian operations inMoscow because of a Moscow city courtruling on November 28. “Since we havethe word ‘army’ in our name,” saidKenneth Baillie, head of the Salvation

Army’s Russian operations, the Moscowcourt held that “we are a militarized or-ganization bent on the violent overthrowof the Russian government and representa security threat to the Russian govern-ment”…

Germany approved gay marriages onDecember 1. Some of the tax benefitswere not approved, but the relationshipswill have legal recognition. Couples cantake the same surname, share householdinsurance and act as the next of kin inkey medical decisions. The right to adoptchildren was excluded. The state ofVermont has already approved laws giv-ing gay marriages the same legal status asheterosexual marriages. Canada is debat-ing similar proposals. The Dutch Senate(Holland) has passed laws allowing gaymarriages the same legal status as hetero-sexual ones, including the right to adoptchildren…

Cuba’s communist dictator FidelCastro hosted both Russian presidentVladimir Putin and a delegation fromChina in mid-December. Putin’s aim wasto reestablish close ties to the communistisland nation, which had been broken offten years ago. He condemned the U.S.economic embargo of Cuba. China’sForeign Trade and EconomicCooperation Minister Shi Guangshengsigned two accords with Castro intendedto boost trade between the two commu-nist countries…

The European Union is assembling anarmy—the EU Rapid Reaction Force,and Russia now wants to be included.The planned 60,000-member EU army isindependent of NATO. Frictionabounds. Recall, NATO was originallyestablished by the U.S. and Europeancountries to stand in opposition to theSoviet Union. We now see possibly de-veloping an army comprised of Europeand Russia, with the U.S. on the outside.In another interesting move, it was an-nounced on December 18 that Russia isplanning a new security alliance. Thisone will include Arab nations such asIran, and nations in the Far East, includ-ing China and India… ❏

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26 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

Barak forced to resignIt’s almost bizarre the way events have

unfolded in Israel since the last issue ofEndtime. When it was made public howmuch Prime Minister Barak had offeredto give away at Camp David, his coali-tion partners began to forsake him likerats leaving a sinking ship. Barak hadout-liberaled the liberals.

The issue that even Barak’s partnerscouldn’t swallow was the offer he madeto permanently place the entire TempleMount under Palestinian sovereignty. Inhis 1999 election campaign, Barak hadpromised that he would never surrenderJerusalem. Yet one short year later he of-fers to do just that.

As the indignation grew against whatBarak was willing to surrender, it finallybecame obvious that the Knesset wouldvote no-confidence in Barak, whichwould force new elections for both PrimeMinister and the entire Knesset.

Slippery as an eelBefore the no-confidence vote could

be completed, Barak stunned the nationand the world by tendering his resigna-tion. Why would he do such a thing? Itturns out that there was a method behindhis madness.

All the polls in Israel were showing

that Benjamin Netanyahu would defeatBarak in an election by 20% or more.However, there is a law in Israel that, incase of a prime minister’s resignation,only members of the Knesset are permit-ted to run for the prime ministership.When Netanyahu was defeated in the1999 elections, he resigned from theKnesset. This made Netanyahu ineligibleto run against Barak. Barak’s resignationhad eliminated his number one rival.

This left only Ariel Sharon to runagainst Barak. At the time of Barak’s res-ignation, polls indicated that Sharon wasonly 3 or 4 percentage points ahead of

Barak. As it turned out, Sharon becamethe opposition party’s nominee. Thatpart of the story turned out just likeBarak planned it. However, the rest didnot.

Who is Ariel Sharon?Ariel Sharon is Israel’s modern warrior

hero. He fought in the 1948 War ofIndependence, in the 1956 SuezCampaign, in the Six-Days War of 1967,and then was the hero of the 1973 YomKippur War. Sharon’s nickname “bull-dozer” pretty much says it all. Whensomething needs to be moved, even if

Sharon Turns theTideIrvin Baxter Jr.


Israeli protesters stand with placards outside the walled Old City of Jerusalem, Monday, January8, 2001. An estimated 300,000 to 400,000 Israelis streamed into Jerusalem in defense of theTemple Mount that they would have to cede under the current U.S. Middle East peace plan. Thewriting projected onto the wall reads “Jerusalem, I pledge my allegiance to you.”




ld P



l War



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27JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtime

the job is not pleasant, Sharon is yourman.

When it became known that Barakhad offered to surrender the TempleMount, Sharon scheduled a visit to thesite of the Holy of Holies to declare,“We will never surrender this site of ourFirst Temple and our Second Temple.Arafat used Sharon’s visit as an excuse tolaunch a new round of terrorism forwhich Sharon has received much of theblame.

Barak thought that Sharon, at 72 yearsof age, would be easy to defeat. But ithasn’t quite turned out that way.

As a matter of fact, the latest reportsare placing Sharon 28 percentage pointsahead in the polls with the election amere four weeks away.

The tide has turnedMany lovers of Israel have watched

with dismay as the Jewish nation seemedpowerless to stop the blasphemous poli-cies of Ehud Barak. It was as though theJewish people were sheep without a shep-herd. When Sharon walked onto theTemple Mount, declaring that Israelmust never surrender the place that Godchose to place His name, the tide inIsrael began to turn.

Over the next two months, a new un-derstanding dawned on the people ofIsrael. They had been shocked that theirleader, Barak, had offered to surrender somuch to the Palestinians. They had beenmore shocked that Arafat had rejectedthis offer, demanding even more. TheIsraeli public finally realized that Arafatwould never be satisfied until they weredriven into the sea.

Suddenly the appeasement policies ofEhud Barak became abhorrent to thevast majority, and the unapologeticIsraeli policies of Ariel Sharon suddenlymade a whole lot of sense.

On Monday, January 8th, a Jerusalemrally was held. This rally was for the solepurpose of demonstrating Israel’s supportfor an undivided Israeli Jerusalem.Between 300,000 and 400,000 Israelislinked hands all the way around the OldCity of Jerusalem.

With the words “Jerusalem, I pledge”projected onto the wall near Jaffa Gateand torches blazing along the ramparts,the crowd sang in unison, “If I forget theeO Jerusalem, let my right hand forget itscunning.”

Formula for ArmageddonMany opponents of Ariel Sharon say

that a vote for Sharon is a vote forArmageddon—and they may be right.We don’t yet know the path that eventswill take. But we do know that Israel hasan unavoidable date with Armageddon.While all the connotations concerningArmageddon have been bad, perhaps weshould be reminded of the positive sideof what will happen there. It is atArmageddon that Israel will fight for her

Promised Land. Even though she willteeter on the brink of defeat and total an-nihilation, Israel’s Messiah will intervenein that last battle and will save her. It isat Armageddon that redemption willcome to Israel. Her enemies will be de-stroyed. And “…the LORD shall be kingover all the earth: in that day shall therebe one LORD, and his name one”(Zechariah 14:9). Furthermore, Israelwill finally know what that one name ofthe LORD is—Jesus! ❏

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Israeli protesters stand with placards at the entrance of the walled Old City of Jerusalem near theJaffa Gate leading to the Christian quarter, January 8. The Temple Mount has now become thesole remaining issue of contention in the Middle East. Not coincidentally, the Bible prophesies thatsuch will be the case.


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28 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

The mere mention of the word Armageddon evokesominous images of apocalyptic slaughter, nuclearholocaust and blood flowing to the horse bridles.We never look at the bright side of the Bible’sprophecies about the world’s final war.

But, believe it or not, there is a bright side, a very bright side.It is at Armageddon that the kingdoms of this world becomethe kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ (Revelation 11:15).This is the time when the failed human governments of thisearth will be abolished, and we will crown Jesus King of kingsand Lord of lords.

The Jewish people will bear the brunt of the Battle ofArmageddon. Scripture indicates that one-third of Israel couldpossibly be destroyed in that battle. On the other hand, it is atArmageddon that the Jewish nation will end its 4,000-yearsearch for the Messiah.

Zechariah 14:3-4 indicates that Jesus will intervene onIsrael’s behalf and that He will actually stand on the Mount ofOlives. It is at that time that Israel will rush to the Mount ofOlives to greet Him! According to Zechariah 13:6, they willnotice the nail scars in His hands and feet and will ask howthey got there. The answer will remove the veil from Israel’seyes, and the entire nation will embrace Jesus as their Messiahand their Lord.

What an incredible turn of events! One minute, Israel will befighting for her very existence. The next minute, she will beglorying in the face-to-face introduction to her Messiah!

It is also at Armageddon that the tyrannical one-world gov-ernment of the Antichrist will be destroyed. At this same time,the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be cast alive into thelake of fire.

Another major event that happens at this time is describedin Matthew 24:30-31, "And then shall appear the sign of theSon of man in heaven: ant then shall all the tribes of the earthmourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the cloudsof heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send Hisangels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather to-gether his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven tothe other."

So, as you can see, not all is doom and gloom when we thinkof Armageddon. Yes, tragic things will occur there. But ab-solutely wonderful things will happen there as well.

The next time you think of Armageddon, look beyond thecatastrophic events that are destined to occur. Know that it isat Armageddon that the Old World Order will be abolishedand the true New World Order of Jesus Christ will be perma-nent ushered in! ❏

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The Good Side of

Armageddonby Irvin Baxter Jr.

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29JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001 endtime


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1. Speak2. Esther, abbr.4. Destroyed

10. Beryllium, symbol11. Jehovah has become my salvation14. Illicit sex17. Physical education, abbr.18. Opposite of stay19. Enan's son22. “...___ thine house...” Ruth 4:1123. Destruction26. Accomplish28. Pigs30. Outfield, abbr.32. People33. Here, Old English36. “...Shallum, and Telem, and ___.”

Ezra 9:137. “Helez the Paltite, ____...”

2 Sam. 23;2639. Reconcile40. Single (Deu 6:4)41. “...____of the house...”

2 Chr. 8:1642. Revelation, abbr43. Royal males44. Total (Num 1:2)45. An altar (Josh. 22)46. Nations47. Range of large hills50. View53. Utilize, Jer. 46:1155. “...___ turn many away...” Mal.2:658. Even (Phile 1:9)60. Fight between countries61. Intoxicated62. “...___, saith the LORD.”

Hag. 2:1763. A tree (Is. 44)65. Bright red

66. Accordingly, Old English67. A son of Bela (1 Chr 7:7)


1. “ ... God created ___ heaven ...” Gen 1:1

3. Prevent5. Ecclesiastes, abbr.6. opposite of in7. Disgusting things8. Shoham's brother9. Induim, symbol

11. “See, ______ field..” 2 Sam. 14:3012. Ghost13. An interval15. “...to fetch ___.” Ex. 2:516. Arsenic, symbol 18. Who Jesus is20. Potipherah was a priest of this

(Gen 41:45)21. Crowds

24. Esteem25. People who live there27. “...either good___bad.”

Gen. 31:2429. Purposed31. Accomplished34. Spoke35. Rule, Old English38. After six48. “...____him in vestures...”

Gen. 14:4249. We51. One of the two things God

created 'in the beginning'52. “... testified to his ___...,”

Ex. 21:2954. Seeing organs (Mal 1:5)56. Possessive pronoun 57. “Sufficient ___the day...”

Matt. 6:3459. Particular64. “...between Bethel and ____;...” Answers on page 31

1 1 3 2 3 6 4 5 6 7 8

10 11 11 9 13 10

11 12 13 14 15 16

17 17 18

19 20 21 22 22

23 24 25 26 27

28 29

30 31 32 33

34 30 32 35 31 36 37 38

39 39 36 40

38 41 42

43 44 41 44 42

45 47

46 47 48

50 51 53 49 54

50 51 52 53 54 57 55 56

57 57 58 59 60 58

60 61 62 62 63 64


66 66 67 69 67



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30 endtime JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

Endtime Ministries is holding itsfirst Prophecy RetreatThursday, May 31 throughSunday June 3, 2001 inRichmond, Indiana. Join Irvin

Baxter Jr., Politics & Religion co-hostEddie Sax and the staff of Endtime at thebeautiful and secluded Quaker HillConference Center.

Participation will be limited to 50 peo-ple.

In this exclusive four-day retreat, par-ticipants will study prophecy, as well asreceive other valuable insights from theBible. They will also take part in two liveradio broadcasts and two church services.

The intimate 30-acre Quaker HillConference Center provides an idyllicatmosphere for intimacy, focus and fun.Participants enjoy each other’s cama-raderie over the four days while exploring

God’s Word, seeking His face and under-standing the prophecies He gave to us forthe times in which we are living. The es-tate, built in 1855 by the Quakers, isconveniently located two miles fromEndtime headquarters, and very close tothe church where Rev. Baxter pastors.

The cost is $599 per person, based ondouble occupancy, and includes lodging,meals and ground transportation. QuakerHill is located 35 minutes from the air-port at Dayton, Ohio, and 80 minutesfrom either Indianapolis or Cincinnati.Ground transportation will be providedfrom Dayton only.

The concept for Prophecy Retreat2001 was born out of numerous requeststhrough the years from followers ofEndtime and “Politics & Religion.” Call1-800-Endtime to sign up or for furtherdetails. ❏

E-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

Call 1-800-ENDTIME to schedule your


Pittsburg, CAFebruary 14-16United Pentecostal ChurchPastor Donald O’Keefe925-458-1106Speaker: Dan Barkley

Orlando, FLFebruary 21-22United Pentecostal Church of ApopkaPastor Mike Williams407-889-3802Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr.

Poplar Bluff, MOMarch 2Bluff City UPCPastor Ted Elledge573-785-7631Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr.

Indianapolis, INMarch 9Indiana Convention CenterSagamore BallroomSpeaker: Irvin Baxter Jr.

Dallas, TXMarch 23Arlington Convention CenterGrand HallSpeaker: Irvin Baxter Jr.

Lansing, MIApril 20Life Christian ChurchPastor David Stephens517-394-5433Speaker: Irvin Baxter Jr.



The Quaker Hill Conference Center will be the site of the retreat where you will be able to discussthe latest developments in prophecy with “Politics & Religion” host, Irvin Baxter Jr. and co-host,Eddie Sax. Photo by Stevenson

Join Irvin Baxter Jr. on

Exclusive 4-Day Retreat

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31JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001endtimeE-mail: [email protected], Website: http://www.endtime.com

1. B, The Tempter (Satan), Matt. 4:3,52. A, Jonah, Jo. 3:7, 4:13. C, David, I Sam. 16:1-134. D, 100% (all of them), Ex. 14:285. A, Jericho, Heb. 11:306. A, Peter, Acts 2:307. B, Weep, Gen. 43:29-308. B, Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost9. C, A leper, Mark 1:40

10. B, Moses, Check Bible References

11. D, Jordan, Matt. 3:1312. C, Nobleman’s, Jn. 4:4613. A, John, Check Index14. A, Samson, Jud. 14:5-615. C, Good News, Check Dictionary16. B, Faith, Eph. 6:1617. D, Daniel, Daniel 2:1-45, 5:10-2918. A, John, Check Index19. D, Numbers, Check Index20. B, Isaiah, Isa. 37:1-2

Whetstone Answers



Seek & FindBy N. Teri Grottke

CrosswordBy N. Teri Grottke




1 T E L L 3 E S T 6 D E S O L A T E B10 H 11 T 11 I C U 13 B B EJ E S U S F O R N I C A T I O N S NO P 17 P E P T S M G OA H I R A O M 22 I N T OB R C O N S U M M A T I O N D OS W I N E L D N A D R

T O F T H E M H I T H E RT 30 32 R 31 U R I I R A I T SA G R E E L T 39 R B 36 O N E EL 38 I F O U N D A T I O N R E VK I N G S I 44 D T 41 T S U M 42 EE N L E D I A I 47 ND P E O P L E S M O U N T A I N S

50 T 51 E 53 U 54 N T R EB E H O L D U S E 57 S R D I D

57 A W U Y E T W A Y 58 T60 D R U N K E N M E H Y 62 A S H

T E T S C A R L E T A66 T H E R E F O R E 67 T 69 D I R I



One World Government













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P.O. Box 2066Richmond, IN 47375-2066



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ANALYSIS: Did the Bible predict the Chornobyl nuclear disaster?

by Victor Lychyk

The April 26 anniversary of the world's worst nuclear power plant accident at the Chornobyl powerstation in Ukraine has drawn attention to the massive amount of problems that remain or are evengrowing 10 years after the explosion and fire occurred. At conferences and lectures, as well as in themass media, the catastrophic ecological, medical and economic consequences of the accident have beenexamined.

Some have suggested the accident and its far-reaching and deadly effects could have been predicted and,therefore, avoided. For example, on March 27, 1986, exactly one month before reactor No. 4 exploded,an article appeared in the weekly newspaper Literaturna Ukraina that described in detail numerousproblems that had besieged the plant during the construction, then in progress, of reactor No. 5. Theyincluded errors in planning, shortages and defects in construction materials, and low worker morale.

Author Liubov Kovalevska, then editor of the Prypiat newspaper Trybuna Enerhetykya, did not limitherself to problems surrounding the fifth reactor. Rather, she pointed out that "the problems of the firstenergy block were passed on to the second, the second to the third, and so on. And together with this theyexpanded...and there were a huge number of unsolved problems." While at the time Ms. Kovalevska wasreproached and demoted by local officials for writing this piece, her article came to be cited by manyboth in Ukraine and the West as a warning that should have been heeded in order to avert the disaster thatwould occur just one month later.

Was the accident prophesied?

Is it possible, however, that the Chornobyl disaster could have been predicted or, more precisely,prophesied much earlier, nearly 2,000 years ago in the Bible?

To answer this question, let us first examine what the word "chornobyl," after which the town andnuclear plant are named, means in Ukrainian.

The term "chornobyl" refers to a plant that belongs to the genus Artemisia and the species vulgaris. It isdescribed as a "perennial herbaceous plant with a brownish-black stem used in medicine; a variety ofwormwood." In fact, all plants of the genus Artemisia are commonly referred to as wormwood.Wormwood is noted for its strong fragrance and bitter taste. Its extract is used for making alcoholicbeverages such as wormwood wine or vermouth. Medicinally, it has been used to expel worms from thebody and received its name because of this function.

The Bible contains several references to wormwood. The one that concerns us here occurs in the lastbook of the New Testament, Revelations. In this book the apostle John describes the vision he receivedof the Apocalypse that will occur at the end of the world. In Revelation 8 he writes:

"And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and itfell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of water. And the name of the star is calledWormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the watersbecause they were made bitter."

ANALYSIS: Did the Bible predict the Chornobyl nuclear disaster? (05/26/96)

http://www.ukrweekly.com/Archive/1996/219619.shtml (1 of 4) [1/18/2001 2:06:06 PM]

Page 34: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

The burning star

In this passage, wormwood is clearly a harbinger of great misfortune. If the images presented here areinterpreted in terms of the disaster at Chornobyl, then the great burning star could symbolize theexplosions and fire at the plant. The fire lasted for 10 days and was marked by heroic efforts of numerousclean-up workers, or "liquidators." Ultimately, hundreds of thousands of liquidators were dispatched tothe forbidden zone in the months following the accident. Many of them have since died or have fallen illas a result of the massive doses of radiation that they received.

The rivers and fountains of water

Another aspect of the misfortune described in these verses is the deadly contamination of a great amountof water. If we look at the location of Chornobyl on the map, we find that it is situated on the PrypiatRiver, not far from where it flows into the Dnipro River's Kyiv Reservoir, the third largest reservoir inUkraine, with a surface area of 922 square kilometers. One of the major uses of this reservoir is to storedrinking water.

Immediately after the reactor explosion, researchers noted radioactive contamination of the Dnipro,Prypiat and other rivers. During the past 10 years, the over-all level of radioactive contamination of riverwater itself has fallen, though it should be noted that radionuclides tend to settle on the bottom of theriver.

So the potential for future contamination remains. According to a recent report in The Washington Post,"the immediate hazard" is that the sarcophagus, the structure that houses destroyed reactor No. 4, isdeteriorating and "leaching radiation into the ground water that slowly is making its way to the nearbyDnipro River. Radioactive contamination of the Dnipro would threaten drinking water for Kyiv, justdownstream, and many other Ukrainian cities."

According to Ukrainian physician, medical researcher and Ukraine's current Ambassador to the U.S. YuriShcherbak, it is not only radiation from the decaying sarcophagus, but also from hundreds of hastilymade "burial sites" filled with radioactive waste in the 30-kilometer exclusion zone around Chornobylthat "may account for the substantial contamination of the sediments of the Dnipro River and itstributary, the Prypiat, which supply water for 30 million people." These repositories of radioactivity mustbe removed if further contamination is to be prevented.

Returning to the passage from Revelations, it is possible that the rivers referred to are the Prypiat andDnipro (among others), and that the "fountains of water" are the Kyiv Reservoir and other affectedsources of drinking water.

The source of contamination: wormwood

It is understandable why the apostle John uses wormwood as a symbol for the substance that makes thewater bitter and contaminates it. As noted above, wormwood is proverbial for the bitter taste of itsextract. Yet the bitterness of wormwood is to be understood not only literally, in terms of its flavor, butalso figuratively, in terms of a bitter experience. After all, we see in this passage that the water itpoisoned caused the deaths of many.

This figurative usage of wormwood goes as far back as the Old Testament. In the Book of Amos, forexample, the author-prophet writes "You have turned justice into poison, and righteousness into

ANALYSIS: Did the Bible predict the Chornobyl nuclear disaster? (05/26/96)

http://www.ukrweekly.com/Archive/1996/219619.shtml (2 of 4) [1/18/2001 2:06:06 PM]

Page 35: Peace Peace When There Is No Peace -  Jan-Feb 2001

wormwood" (7:12). The author of Lamentations bemoans the fact that "He hath filled me with bitterness,he hath made me drunken with wormwood" (3:15) and also writes about "Remembering mine afflictionand my misery, the wormwood and the gall" (3:19).

This meaning of the word has survived through the ages up to modern times and is found in manycultures and languages, including English. In the Oxford English Dictionary, for example, the secondmeaning of wormwood is an "emblem or type of what is bitter and grievous to the soul."

This meaning is echoed in other lexicographic references and in literature. In Shakespeare's "Hamlet"(Act III, Scene 2), the title character uses this word in an aside to the audience. In mid-19th centuryAmerica, Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote in "Uncle Tom's Cabin" that "My life is bitter as wormwood."

And the name of the star...

While the connection between wormwood and bitterness may be clear, one can still ask why John choseto name a star after this plant. The answer may lie in taking a closer look at the wormwood plantsthemselves. We already know that wormwoods comprise the genus Artemisia. According to the botanicsystem of classification, Artemisia belongs to the family Asteraceae, which belongs to the orderAsterales which, in turn, belongs to the subclass Asteridae. What the family, order and subclass name allhave in common is their root, namely, aster, which is the Greek and Latin root meaning "star".

The root aster is in all likelihood used to describe the numerous plants in these groups because theirshape in some way resembles that of a star. If we think of plants that belong to the other Asterales, suchas asters, marigolds, daisies and sunflowers, the resemblance to the star shape becomes clear. The veryword sunflower suggests a star-like appearance because the sun is, of course, a star. While the flowers ofthe wormwood may not be as obviously reminiscent of a star as the sunflower or the aster, it may bepossible that something about the wormwood's appearance, in addition to its taste and meaning, causedJohn to choose it as the name for the star in the quoted passage.

Prophecy or coincidence?

It has been suggested that there are numerous similarities between the events described in Rev. 8:10-11and the Chornobyl nuclear power plant disaster. The burning star recalls the explosion and fire, thepoisoned rivers and fountains of water in the Bible bring to mind the contaminated rivers and waterreservoirs affected by the Chornobyl plant's unleashed radioactivity, the name of the Biblical starWormwood has the same meaning as the name of the Ukrainian town where the disaster occurred.

Do the similarities between the tragedy at Chornobyl and Revelations 8:10-11 imply that this Biblicalpassage contains a prophecy that has been fulfilled, or are they merely a coincidence? This is a decisionthat everyone will have to make individually.

However one answers this question on this, the 10th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster, everythingmust be done to ensure that the destroyed but still dangerous reactor is safely sealed, the present situationis contained, those people affected by the explosion receive the care they deserve, and all necessaryprecautions are taken so that no such nuclear catastrophe occurs in the future.

If one accepts Rev. 8:10-11 as prophecy, then at least such measures would ensure that these versesrepresent a prophecy that has already been fulfilled, and do not contain the prophecy of a worse disasteryet to come, a prophecy to be fulfilled if the appropriate measures are not taken.

ANALYSIS: Did the Bible predict the Chornobyl nuclear disaster? (05/26/96)

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Victor Lychyk Ph.D. is a Slavic linguist, who works as a translator and independent researcher. He hascontributed articles to Canadian Slavonic Papers and the Journal of Ukrainian Studies.

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ANALYSIS: Did the Bible predict the Chornobyl nuclear disaster? (05/26/96)

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