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Date post:25-May-2015
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  • 1. PEER MENTORINGCierra BordwineMonday, May 13, 13

2. Who am I?SophomoreMonday, May 13, 13 3. Who am I?Monday, May 13, 13 4. Peer Mentor- StudentQualitiesInvolved with the schoolCondent when given a responsibilityWork diligentlyMonday, May 13, 13 5. Gets along well with othersWorks well with peers, voicing theiropinionWilling to socialize with peersPeer Mentor- PeerQualitiesMonday, May 13, 13 6. Sympathizes with others problemsTrustworthyGood role modelPeer Mentor- MentorQualitiesMonday, May 13, 13 7. Fundraisers and EventsRollerblade DanceTeachers CompetitionGuest DayMonday, May 13, 13 8. Rollerblade DanceStudents will rollerblade/skateHeld at the lunch area, hay around the tablesDj and lights in the center of the tablesCal Skate can set up a table where students canrent skatesMonday, May 13, 13 9. Teachers CompetitionParticipating teachers will be separated into twoteamsMinimum of 1 math, 1 english, 1 history, and 1science teacher per teamTeams will go through a series of questions, rstone to buzz in answers questionStudents vote on losing teams punishmentMonday, May 13, 13 10. Students can either all gather in the gym or smallgroups can meet in the media loungeGuests who have survived any type of trauma talkabout how they got through itInspire students to get motivated and changetheir lifeGuest DayMonday, May 13, 13

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