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Peoples Post Lansdowne 20150203

Date post: 07-Apr-2016
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Peoples Post Lansdowne 20150203
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TUESDAY 3 February 2015 | 0021 910 6500 | Fax: 021 910 6501/06 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.peoplespost.co.za TELLING IT AS IT IS LANSDOWNE 41 Induland Cres. Lansdowne Ind. Supplier of a wide range of disposable packaging Tel: 021 691 8811 E-mail: [email protected] Free delivery Conditions apply Since 1998 • All types of Paper, Plastic bags • Cake, Pizza, Party boxes • Serviettes, Garage, Toilet rolls • Cling, Bubble, Lunch wrap • Cutlery, Straws, Heatsealers • Cups, Tubs, Lids • Fomo Trays, Plates • Foil Trays, Rolls • Platters, Domes • Detergents, etc Valid till end of Feb’ 2015 WhatsApp, Zello, Facebook and Twitter are some of the social media applications modern crimefighters are using to curb the crime scourge. This is an illustration. PHOTO: SAMANTHA LEE SOCIAL MEDIA War on crime is online SAMANTHA LEE @Samantha_Lee121 A pplications and social media sites have modernised and simplified the way people communicate with one another. And with easy access, thanks to the smart phone revolution, it has also been an effec- tive crime fighting tool, say locals. With the success of many chatrooms and groups, neighbourhood watches, subfo- rums, sector committees and the communi- ty police forum are using the platform to spread the word. Two groups with successful sites are the Groenvlei Community Watch in Lansdowne and the Lanroe Neighbourhood Watch. Last year, Groenvlei Community Watch chairperson Riyaahd Kearns said they start- ed the watch to assist police in fighting crime (“We name and shame”, People’s Post, 9 September). “We know there is a shortage of manpower at the station and because of the increase in crime we felt it was time to set up a neigh- bourhood watch in our area as well,” said Kearns. With their closed Facebook group gaining much popularity in the community, the group name and shame criminals who are caught in the act. “We are aware we cannot legally release any images to the media or police until the suspects have been found guilty of a crime and although we can’t distribute the pic- tures we take them as a record. “Also we shame them in that they know we caught them and their pictures are on record somewhere. Most importantly, we use it as a platform to inform residents what to look out for and who to keep an eye on,” he said. Another successful social media group is the Lanroe Neighbourhood Watch What- sApp group. The group includes all residents from the area and is used as a tip-off line to alert watch members of suspicious activity and crime in the area. Group administrator Hylton Mitchell says the group has made a positive impact on crime in the area thus far and hopes to grow the network in neighbouring areas. Watch chairperson Adam Fisher could not be reached for comment at the time of going to print. Lansdowne Community Police Forum (CPF) chairperson Mike Kabat says he sup- ports the use of these platforms but warns residents to be careful of whom they trust. “We do get information a lot quicker with the use of social media but there is a down side to that as well. We have many groups putting out information without verifying it. When unsubstantiated information is put out there, it causes unnecessary paranoia in the community. There are many social me- dia groups which use unreliable informa- tion. This is not a good idea. These groups must also not accept everyone into their groups because they could be using the in- formation for the wrong reasons,” Kabat points out. Kenwyn Ratepayers’ Association chair- person and former provincial CPF board chairperson Hanif Loonat agrees. “It is a good idea to use social media to fight crime. However, this should not be used to discuss crime combating routines. Criminals also use social media and they can see your plans and use this information against you,” he says. Kabat says the CPF has been in discussion about their use of social media. “We support the neighbourhood watches and street committees making use of these platforms. But the information that is dis- tributed must come from a reliable source,” Kabat reiterates. “I am included in 12 of these social media groups and I would like to see these adminis- trations exercise more control over what is shared. When residents get involved in dis- cussing crimes in detail, especially when they are not mandated to do so, they can jeopardise investigations. This is especially true in the distribution of pictures of some- one in custody. Defence lawyers can use this against the police,” he says. Loonat suggests these groups use the chat- rooms more thoughtfully. “These groups can be used to better the lives of your neighbours by discussing trends and tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. This platform should be used to educate residents but should not be abused and used to create fear,” he says. Last year, 12 new neighbourhood watches have been formed with the majority of them making use of social media.
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TUESDAY 3 February 2015 | 0021 910 6500 | Fax: 021 910 6501/06 | Email: [email protected] | Website: www.peoplespost.co.zaTELLING IT AS IT IS

LANSDOWNE 41 Induland Cres.

Lansdowne Ind.

Supplier of a wide rangeof disposable packaging

Tel: 021 691 8811

E-mail: [email protected] deliveryConditions apply

Since 1998

• All types of Paper, Plastic bags• Cake, Pizza, Party boxes• Serviettes, Garage, Toilet rolls• Cling, Bubble, Lunch wrap• Cutlery, Straws, Heatsealers

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Valid till end of Feb’ 2015

WhatsApp, Zello, Facebook and Twitter are some of the social media applications moderncrimefighters are using to curb the crime scourge. This is an illustration. PHOTO: SAMANTHA LEE


War on crime is onlineSAMANTHA LEE


Applications and socialmedia sites havemodernised and simplified the waypeople communicatewith one another.

And with easy access, thanks to the smartphone revolution, it has also been an effec-tive crime fighting tool, say locals.With the success of many chatrooms and

groups, neighbourhood watches, subfo-rums, sector committees and the communi-ty police forum are using the platform tospread the word.Two groups with successful sites are the

Groenvlei CommunityWatch in Lansdowneand the Lanroe Neighbourhood Watch.Last year, Groenvlei Community Watch

chairpersonRiyaahdKearns said they start-ed the watch to assist police in fightingcrime (“We name and shame”, People’s Post,9 September).“Weknow there is a shortage ofmanpower

at the station and because of the increase incrime we felt it was time to set up a neigh-bourhood watch in our area as well,” saidKearns.With their closed Facebook group gaining

much popularity in the community, thegroup name and shame criminals who arecaught in the act.“We are aware we cannot legally release

any images to the media or police until thesuspects have been found guilty of a crimeand although we can’t distribute the pic-tures we take them as a record.“Also we shame them in that they know

we caught them and their pictures are onrecord somewhere. Most importantly, weuse it as a platform to inform residents whatto look out for and who to keep an eye on,”he said.Another successful social media group is

the Lanroe Neighbourhood Watch What-sApp group.The group includes all residents from the

area and is used as a tip-off line to alertwatch members of suspicious activity andcrime in the area.GroupadministratorHyltonMitchell says

the group has made a positive impact oncrime in the area thus far and hopes to growthe network in neighbouring areas.Watch chairpersonAdamFisher couldnot

be reached for comment at the time of going

to print.Lansdowne Community Police Forum

(CPF) chairperson Mike Kabat says he sup-ports the use of these platforms but warnsresidents to be careful of whom they trust.“We do get information a lot quicker with

the use of social media but there is a downside to that as well. We have many groupsputting out information without verifyingit. When unsubstantiated information is putout there, it causes unnecessary paranoia inthe community. There are many social me-dia groups which use unreliable informa-tion. This is not a good idea. These groupsmust also not accept everyone into theirgroups because they could be using the in-formation for the wrong reasons,” Kabatpoints out.Kenwyn Ratepayers’ Association chair-

person and former provincial CPF boardchairperson Hanif Loonat agrees.“It is a good idea to use social media to

fight crime. However, this should not beused to discuss crime combating routines.Criminals alsouse socialmediaand theycansee your plans and use this informationagainst you,” he says.Kabat says the CPFhas been in discussion

about their use of social media.“We support the neighbourhood watches

and street committees making use of theseplatforms. But the information that is dis-tributed must come from a reliable source,”Kabat reiterates.“I am included in 12 of these social media

groups and Iwould like to see these adminis-trations exercise more control over what isshared. When residents get involved in dis-cussing crimes in detail, especially whenthey are not mandated to do so, they canjeopardise investigations. This is especiallytrue in the distribution of pictures of some-one in custody. Defence lawyers can use thisagainst the police,” he says.Loonat suggests these groups use the chat-

rooms more thoughtfully.“These groups can be used to better the

lives of your neighbours by discussingtrends and tips on how to avoid becominga victim of crime. This platform should beused to educate residents but should not beabused and used to create fear,” he says.Last year, 12 new neighbourhood watches

have been formed with the majority of themmaking use of social media.

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PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNETuesday, 3 February 20152 ISSUES

1. Notice is hereby given that the Social Democratic Party (name of party) is

applying for registration in terms of the Electoral Commission act, 1996

(Act no. 51 of 1996.

2. Date on which the application will be or has been submitted to the Chief

Electoral officer 09 February 2015.

3. The abbreviation of the name of the party is SDP.

4. The distinguishing mark or symbol of the party is printed underneath

5. Anyone wishing to raise an objection against the intended registration

must do so by written notice in which are set out the grounds for the

objections and which must be delivered at the office of the Chief Electoral

Officer within fourteen days after the publication of this notice.000000-QK030215

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Regulation ‘is ridiculous’CHEVON BOOYSEN


Proposed regulations to clamp down on“illegalmodifications and illegal rac-

ers” seem to have had a false start.The new regulation, made public two

weeks ago and which are to be added to theTraffic Regulations Act, caused an uproaramong the motoring fraternity. The pro-posed regulation seeks to “impose stricterfines on illegal racers and cars that aremodi-fied”, says a media release.Enthusiasts are now banding together to

take a stand against the proposed regula-tion.Meanwhile City of Cape Town safety and

security mayco member JP Smith said histeam will impose stricter fines on driversfound guilty of taking part in illegal races.He saidmedia reports that he andhis team

“plan to target drivers of modified vehicles”are “worryingly inaccurate”.“For the record, the City’s Traffic Service

is mandated to enforce the provisions of theNational Road Traffic Act No. 93 of 1996.[This is] a national piece of legislationwhichstates that anymodification of or tamperingwith a vehicle’s safety design renders the ve-hicle unroadworthy unless it is done by themanufacturer or a registered body builder,”Smith says.But car enthusiasts and the after-market

industry wants clarity on what this regula-tion will mean in practical terms.Cape TownCar Enthusiasts (CTCE) repre-

sentative Kersten Greybe says confusionhas many motorists driving in fear.“People are scared to even just drive their

cars to the corner shops since the announce-

ment. Nobody knowswhat is happening andno answers have been given and we need toknow exactly what this means for the CapeTown car culture,” she says.Greybe says more people in the modified

car circle are selling their cars. “People areopting to sell their cars because they don’twant criminal records or to pay steep finesthat may land them in court eventually. Theproposed [regulation] is ridiculous and willnever work.”She agrees it is good to clamp down on ille-

gal racing as it “endangers the car culturein the province”. “Clamping down on illegalracers I can understand as they are a hazardon the road. But to paint everybody with thesame brush is horribly unfair.”She adds that manymotorists take part in

events at Killarney Raceway, but immedi-ately after events “we find ourselves in aroadblock, just outside the venue. What isthe point of practising your sport legally butyou’re victimised anyway?”She started an online petition to prevent

the proposed regulation being passed. At thetime of the interview she represented 20 000motorists. “We want our voices to be heard.For too longwe have been underdogs andwehave now decided to educate ourselves withregard to the proposed [regulation]. We ar-en’t artists with canvasses so ourmasterpie-ces are our cars,” she says.Interpretation of and enforcing the letter

of the law is also at issue. Online posts havebeen buzzing with incidents of clampdowns.Ghost Squad officers have, meanwhile,

been fining drivers of modified vehicles andeven confiscating their car licence discs.Two drivers, in a post on Facebook, were

en route to Killarneywhen theywere arrest-

ed for allegedly speeding. The officers alsotook their car licence discs. One driverwasfined R4000 for “inconsiderate driving andwheelspinning”.He posted that an officer said he would

“make an example of us because we are thepeople talking bad [sic] of them on socialmedia”.He posted: “We spent our legal race night

with real criminals. The Ghost Squad offi-cer did everything in his ability to lock usup although the police at the police stationdid not want him to do so because of thepetty offence.”But Smith maintains the City’s law en-

forcement agencies “enforce the provi-sions of these nationally mandated regula-tions”.Another motorist, who does not want to

be named, says the proposed regulation isdoomed.“It will never work,” he says. “They ha-

ven’t thought this through. The motoringindustry is huge and understandably peo-ple are in uproar. We feel victimised andhave no clarity as Smith changes his storyevery other day.”He says he is afraid to drive his car any-

where because the Ghost Squad is instill-ing fear in drivers.“I had lots of modifications done to my

car, so it may perform better. I spent a lotof time and money on it only to now not besure if I can drive around with it as theGhost Squad has been targeting modifiedcars since the release of the article a weekago.”Registered tuner shops say they fear the

after-market industry will be under threatshould the bylaw impose stricter laws onanybody with a modified vehicle.Yaseen Abrahams, of CPi Performance

Innovation Cape Town, says they are“highly concerned” with the outlawing ofcar modifications.“CPi only engages in legal modification

of cars and our work is of the highest stan-dard. Outlawing modifications will have ahuge impact on the industry. Surely if indi-viduals abide by the law it is their right tomodify their cars as they wish,” Abrahamssays.The regulations are to be in effect in

April, but Smith adds the enactment of theregulations is the responsibility of the pro-vincial transport division.“The City has lobbied for the inclusion

of impoundment of vehicles where ownersare caught participating in illegal street ra-ces, steep vehicle release fees to act as a fur-ther deterrent, stricter penalties formotor-ists (including prison terms) especiallythose who try to evade the law when con-fronted and suitable penalties for specta-tors at illegal street races to be included inthe Act,” says Smith, who adds fitments byregistered after-market tuners are legal ifthe proper process has been followed.V What do you think the City should do to clampdown on illegal racers? Starting with the word “Post”SMS your views to 32516. SMSes cost R1.

Proposed new regulations to stamp out illegal racing have been met with disbelief by the modified motoring fraternity. Many claim it will be difficultto enforce and say they’re being victimised because of the assumption that modified cars are used in illegal races. PHOTO: CHEVON BOOYSEN

A special salutation service in memory ofMarawaan “Cleo” Jumah and other local ac-tivistswill be held at theChurch of Reconcil-iation, Thames Avenue, Manenberg tomor-row, Wednesday 4 February, at 18:30.Manenberg residents are asked to take

memorabilia and photographs to help createa community collage of remembrance of allthe local heroeswhohave died and inmemo-ry of the many lives lost on the Cape Flatsdue to gang violence.Call Larenzo Morris on 076 472 2502.

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PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNETuesday, 3 February 2015 NEWS 3

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Baby left at shebeenA three-month-old baby was foundabandoned at a Manenberg shebeenshortly after midnight on Mondaymorning.Manenberg police spokesperson

Lieutenant Ian Bennett says police wasable to get hold of the mother, but, ac-cording to an initial interview with asocial worker, officers were informedthemother intends to relinquishparen-tal rights to the child.“We have opened an inquiry docket,

but the mother has said she does notwant the child. The child has beenplaced in a place of safety until the so-cial worker has completed her investi-gation,” he says.Bennett says, depending on the find-

ings of the social worker, a case of childabandonment will be opened.Anyone with information regarding

the child is urged to contactManenbergpolice on (021) 699 9471.

Captain Gurtrude Zinase cradles a baby who wasfound at a Manenberg shebeen early on Mondaymorning. PHOTO: SUPPLIED


New hospital to be builtTARREN-LEE HABELGAARN


Vandalised to the core, GF Jooste Hospi-tal will have to be rebuilt. The facilityhas been vacant since last July in prep-

aration for a multimillion rand upgrade.But extensive vandalism has resulted in

a health department decision to build a newfacility from scratch, following enquiries.The current infrastructure will be demol-

ished. A date has not yet been set for this tohappen.Meanwhile, patients will have to take re-

course to medical services elsewhere.Emergency medical services previously

rendered at GF Jooste have been temporari-ly relocated toHeideveldCommunityHealthCareCentre,while Mitchell’s PlainHospitalwill provide emergencies and other healthservices.This is, until the new GF Jooste Hospital

is constructed.The provincial health department has

confirmed a replacement hospital is beingplanned and the existing hospital will there-fore not be upgraded as a previously indicat-ed (“Hospital stripped as thieves, vandalshit”, People’s Post, 18 November).The initial upgrade, at a cost ofR785m,was

scheduled to take place this year.Over the past fewmonths the hospital has

been stripped to the bone and buildingmate-rials were stolen from the premises.Healthdepartment spokespersonEmeran-

tia Cupido says new premises have yet to bedecided upon for the new hospital.

“GF Jooste Hospital will be rebuilt in thesame vicinity,” she confirms.Custodianship of the infrastructure is,

meanwhile, relinquished to the provincial

transport and public works department.In the interim measures are being taken

to prevent further vandalismand theft at the

facility.“The custodian has secured the premises

as far as possible and security is on site,”

says Cupido.Approval has already been given to re-

build the hospital, but a date has yet to beset for commencement of the project.Glenda Arendse, of Manenberg, says resi-

dents do not want to travel outside the areafor medical care.“I don’t want to travel far from home to

go to ahospital. I think it is completelyunac-ceptable that a high crime area like Manen-berg is currently operating without a hospi-tal. People have to travel far to get to anotherhospital and those hospitals are already toofull,” she says.“Many of the people are seniors who don’t

have transport and walk to the hospital. Iworry about how they will get to Mitchell’sPlain and I’m also concerned about theirsafety in those high risk and unfamiliar are-as.”Resident Kashiefa Richards says it is not

the first time residents are being sent out ofthe neighbourhood for medical services.“Every few years something like this hap-

pens where changes are made to people’sroutines and then it is the elderlywho suffer.It is not fair.”Klipfontein sub-district health forum

chairperson Isgaak Kamaar says movinghealth services such as emergency servicesfrom certain areas is a step backwards.“The point of having multiple dispensing

points is tomake theworkload at healthcarefacilities more equal.“By taking away one facility you cause an

overload at another.“The point of these facilities is also to cre-

ate a convenient and quick service for pa-tients so that they don’t have to wait in longqueues,” he says.“This just defeats the purpose.”

Only the shell remains of GF Jooste Hospital, which will now no longer be upgraded. A newhospital is to be built. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

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PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNETuesday, 3 February 20154 NEWS


A look aheadSAMANTHA LEE


Greater focus on youth development.Improved assistance for the disen-franchised. Tackling crime and social

ills. Teamwork with roleplayers.These are some of the New Year’s resolu-

tions community leaders aim to address in2015.

And while others may have given up ontheir resolutions, leaders in various com-munity structures polled were happy toshare their ideals for this year. Read on tosee which challenges feature prominentlyon their agendas.

Lansdowne Ratepayers’ Association secretaryand spokesperson Ebrahiem Hull says hewould like to see promises fulfilled. “Thisyear I want to see the full integration of theFlamingo Crescent informal settlement. Wehave had meetings about having themintegrated into the community and promiseswere made. I want to see it fulfilled andalso for us to dig deeper than just the crimeissues. Another problem area is dealing withprostitution and putting pressure on oursecurity fraternity.”

Hanover Park community worker Elsie Debruynsays she wants things to go back to the waythey were. “Hanover Park is not what it usedto be. Daily shootings need to stop. Parentsalso need to start taking responsibility fortheir children. We are having meetings to dosomething about this but for this year, I justwant to see the killings end. We need to goto the schools to address these issues. Thegovernment must step in to start programmesto get the youngsters off the streets.”

RIGHT: Kenwyn Ratepayers’ Associationchairperson Hanif Loonat says communitiesneed to focus on the youth. “I would like tosee more focus put on youth developmentand as communities we must remind theyouth that there are alternatives to drugabuse and gangsterism. If we don’t dosomething we will lose a generation of youth.If this happens we will also lose a generationof leaders. Focusing on the youth will ensurewe tackle crime, oppression, suppression andmarginalisation.”

Manenberg community worker Soraya Samsonsays she wants to see residents takingownership of their community. “I want to seeno children on the streets, no gangsters and Iwant the community centres to be availablefor the children. Nothing is in place to help usachieve these goals yet, but we look forwardto having others come on board. We need tosee local councillors, police and governmentoffering programmes to children from six yearsto breed the next generation of leaders.”

Lanroe Neighbourhood Watch and Ratepay-ers’ Association spokesperson Hylton Mitchellsays in 2015 he wants to see progress. “Iwould like to see the establishment of theSpecial Ratings Area in our community. Weneed to address key issues such as safetyand security, aid vagrants and job creation. Iwould also like to see the increase of oursocial media platforms to branch out tomore residents. I would also like to see usincrease our neighbourhood watch networkto become a better and tighter unit.”

Omar Peters has beenvoted the winner in thePeople’s Post First Day ofSchool Photo Competi-tion. The Grade R pupilat Liesbeeck PrimarySchool, Mitchell’s Plain,garnered 2415 votes fromreaders, with RebeccaHendricks from RosebankJunior School takingsecond place with 1929votes. Omar has won astationery hamper filledwith goodies includingpaints, clay, colour-inbooks and sweet treats.


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Dirt issues surface againTARREN-LEE HABELGAARN


Illegal dumping and theft along Duinefon-tein Road have residents demanding bet-ter service delivery.Committee worker Rashieda Abrahams

says the street is linedwith rubbish and shefears the broken fencing along the railwayline is an accident waiting to happen.

“Dumping and the theft of bricks and fen-cing along roads have been raised in morethan one community meeting. Not only is ita health hazard but a safety hazard too,” shesays.

“If the fencing isn’t replaced it is easy forchildren to cross the railway tracks as ashortcut.”

Resident AshleyWilliams says the contin-uous dumping attracts rats and flies to thearea and she worries about potential diseas-es.

“It is unhygienic, I know that residentsare to blame for a lot of the dirt, but thatdoesn’t mean it should be left there forweeks.”

Mayoral Committee Member for UtilityServices Ernest Sonnenberg says illegaldumping is a problem along DuinefonteinRoad and the Department of Solid WasteManagement’s CleansingBranch is aware ofit.

“The area is cleaned as frequently as re-sources allow, but it has been establishedthat the majority of the dumping is per-formed by the local community,” he says.

“The City appeals to residents to use com-munity forums and other platforms of en-gagement available to them to rally theirmembers to stop dumping and to use theCity’s drop-off sites.”

Dumping is an ongoing challenge in thecity, for which there is “little good reason”,says Sonnenberg.

“All residents receiveweekly door-to-doorrefuse collection services and, in addition tothis, the City offers all residents the use of25 drop-off facilities across the city.”

Residents are encouraged to use these fa-cilities, free of charge, for the disposal of ex-cess waste.

Residents can contact the City’s call cen-tre on 0860 103 089 to report illegal dumpingor sewer blockages.

The area borders a railway line.Acting regional manager for Metrorail,

Louis Beukes, says the regional head of pro-tection services and the commander of therailway police take note of concerns raised

of fencing left along Duinefontein Road, inaddition to the illegal dumping.

He explained that the region does its ut-most to expedite the replacement of fencingand walling.

“We continue to motivate for additionalfunding but we are also acutely aware thatwe are competing for finite resources,” saysBeukes.

He says this is within the context that thepurpose of railway fencing is to primarilydemarcate boundaries. In many instancesthe fencing is still serviceable in the contextof this purpose. Fencing replacement and re-pairs are planned and prioritised annually

in terms of urgency and implemented ac-cording to available funding.

“Due to the vastness of the region and re-sources available, replacement and repairhas to be prioritised against other fencingprojects. Theprioritisation is basedona riskassessment comprising a number of crite-ria,” he says.

Beukes explained that the region’s horti-cultural requirements far exceed the resour-ces available to it and the clearance of rubbleis directed at keeping the railway tracksclear and safe for rail operations.V Starting with the word “Post”, SMS your thoughtsto 32516. SMSes cost R1.

Dumping and stolen fencing along Duinefontein Road has residents demanding better service delivery. PHOTO: TARREN-LEE HABELGAARN

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PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNETuesday, 3 February 20156 LEADER

WRITE TO US |email | fax | [email protected] | fax: 021 910 6501/06Third Floor, Bloemhof Building, 112 Edward Street,Tyger Valley, BellvillePreference will be given to letters of fewer than 350words. The deadline is Thursday at 13:00. Please give yourfull name, address and phone number (for our records, notfor publishing).

People’s Post is published by WP Media, asubsidiary of Media24.

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Beach outings soured by ‘double standards’We visited four beaches during our15-day stay in Cape Town: Camps Bay,Seaforth, Fish Hoek and Mnandi. Whatbothered me the most was the doublestandards applied when it comes to howyou get treated at these beaches.Camps Bay was our first stop for a dip

in the ocean. With our cooler box, towelsand sunscreen lotion we were lucky toget one of those beautiful blue umbrellas.The day was world class in terms ofamenities.New Year’s Day we went with the

extended family to Mnandi Beach, as wewere assured it had been “upgraded”. Iwas amazed that the place had noparking for disabled persons near thepool.Imagine my horror when a law en-

forcement officer decides that the samecooler box [used at] Camps Bay must besearched. I refused as it contained myfood and I was not sure how clean hishands were.On what did he base the decision to

search my cooler box? It did not happenonce at Camps Bay.I informed him if he can come with

clean hands and food safety gloves, mycooler box is all his.I am back in Johannesburg, and I’m

still waiting for him.The straw that broke the camel’s back

was having to witness elderly people,including my dad, stripped of theirdignity when they had to relieve them-selves behind cars and dunes as someonehad decided there was no urgency toopen the public toilets.After several requests, it was finally

opened at 11:30.It made sense why it was kept locked.

It was filthy and vandalised. This wasthe site that greeted everyone who didnot want to be fined for relieving them-selves behind cars and dunes.I am not for one moment crying racism

or any similar overused words, as thecleanliness of Cape Town is what weshould strive for.Why are the same world class stan-

dards at Camps Bay, Fish Hoek andSeaforth beaches not applied at MnandiBeach? Why search people and theirproperty at Mnandi, and not at CampsBay or Fish Hoek beaches?


Belinda Walker, Mayoral CommitteeMember for Community Services andSpecial Projects, responds: The Citydoes not wish to apply double standardsin terms of how any of our facilities arerun; rather, we aim to ensure that allour facilities are welcoming, inclusiveand safe spaces for the public to enjoy.The writer’s concerns were fully

investigated by both the manager forCoastal Coordination and the director ofSport, Recreation and Amenities (SRA).Given that 31 December is New Year’s

Eve and with peak season there is likelyto be a swathe of beach-goers accessingour facilities, the City makes every effortto ensure our facilities are well-preparedand in a clean, tidy condition. Ablutionsat beaches are open from 09:00 to 18:00and these amenities are serviced daily bydedicated cleaning staff throughout the

day. During the Christmas and New Yearperiod, staff gave assurance the ablutionsat Mnandi beach were open on time.The Coastal Coordination manager did

not receive any complaints about theablutions being closed nor any com-plaints about their condition. In suchinstances, updates and reports areprovided by the Disaster Risk Manage-ment Centre straight away and giventhat SRA did not receive any complaints,this letter came as a surprise. Neverthe-less, we sincerely apologise for anynegative experience that the writer mayhave had.

. Richard Bosman, of the City’s safetyand security directorate, responds:With regard to searches done on beaches,the City’s bylaws prohibit the introduc-tion, possession and consumption ofalcohol on beaches. In spite of this, manypeople contravene regulations – oftenwith devastating consequences. Over thepast festive season, staff confiscated11 570 bottles of alcohol from the beaches– an increase of 3200 bottles comparedwith the previous year. We also reporteda dramatic drop in the number ofdrowning incidents over the same period.Law enforcement staff conduct searches

at all beaches. It is easier to do this atsome beaches where access control iseasier to manage, compared with CampsBay which is an open access beach. Atthe latter, officers have to rely onroaming patrols to spot infringements,instead of searching vehicles and confis-cating alcohol as people enter the beacharea.

Locals should learn from foreignersWhenever there are xenophobic outburstsit would seem the looting is an act ofenvy of the foreigners opening up smallbusinesses in our communities.These businesses are set up in homes,

garages or containers and they sell foodand other basic necessities cheaply tolocal communities.Although they are mostly small busi-

nesses, it can be an antidote to unemploy-ment. Those who operate these shopsemploy people from the local communityand they make a decent living.Our fellow South Africans should learn

from our foreign neighbours and beencouraged to take that bold step andopen their own spaza shops.South Africans should perhaps source

partnerships with the poorer communi-ties and finance a few residents to openup shops.If there is a low-cost housing communi-

ty or informal settlements in my area,choose a few homeowners and becomelegal business partners with them.If you have a car, go to the big whole-

salers and buy and deliver stock to thepartners. Have a meeting every Friday onprofits, stocktaking and expansion.


The streets of Cape Town can be a cold and hard placefor the homeless.Probably the city’smost vulnerable group, street people

are old friends with hunger, addiction, abuse and illness.Yet we are told not to encourage homelessness.We are advised to report street people, refrain from giv-

ing directly to them and leave their fates in the hands ofthe municipality and night shelters.Because to not do this is to be “irresponsible”.This would make for an admirable plan, if those very

authorities were capable of assisting street people in linewith the promises they make.The City of Cape Town recently stated its Early Child-

hood Development Directorate had assisted 150 homelesspeople off the street over a three-month period, endingin December.At this rate, the City is assisting less homeless people

each month than it has fieldworkers.There are about 9000 people living on the street.If even a third of these street people wanted assistance,

it would take the City’s 64 fieldworkers and 13 reintegra-tion officers five years to relocate them from the city’sstreets.Nevermind the scores of peoplemigrating to the streets

daily.This is despite the City receiving assistance from a

number city improvement districts across the metrowhich have incorporated fieldworkers and rehabilitationprogrammes into their mandate.This service is borne out of care for one’s fellow man,

not legislation.One could by all means ‘give responsibly’ and leave as-

sisting street people to the municipality – if only one feltthose very authorities cared for their residents, bothhoused and living on the street.Real action is needed.


Act now

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PEOPLE'S POST | LANSDOWNETuesday, 3 February 2015 PHOTOS 7

The City of Cape Town is in the process of finalising its sport and recreation policy frameworkand programmes policy.

In terms of section 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000,the public and interested parties or groups are given the opportunity to submit comments,recommendations or input to the municipality from 1 February to 2 March 2015.

Comments, recommendations or input may be submitted by:

• Fax: 021 425 4705• E-mail: [email protected]• Written submission:City of Cape Town, Private Bag X298, Cape Town 8000 (for the

attention of the Director: Sport, Recreation and Amenities)• Delivery to any subcouncil office• Internet: ‘Have your say’ page at www.capetown.gov.za/haveyoursay

The City’s Public Participation Unit will assist people who cannot read or write, people livingwith disabilities and people from disadvantaged groups who are unable to submit writtencomments to have their comments, recommendations or input recorded and submitted tothe City. Contact the following persons:

For general public participation:Ruché Daniels, tel. 021 400 1766 or e-mail [email protected]

For disadvantaged groups:Anele Viti, tel. 021 400 1652 or e-mail [email protected]

The draft sport and recreation policy framework and programmes policy will be available forviewing at www.capetown.gov.za/haveyoursay, at subcouncil offices and at libraries.

Direct enquiries to Donny Jurgens at [email protected].




Notice is hereby given in terms of regulation 26 of the Municipal Budget and ReportingRegulations, 2008, read with the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act, Act 32 of 2000,and the Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act, Act 56 of 2003, that thedocuments relating to the City’s 2014/15 adjustment budget, approved at Council on28 January 2015 are available for perusal on the City of Cape Town’s website atwww.capetown.gov.za/en/Budget.



Vuyokazi Msalela, Lilo Sokatsha, Haley Stuart, Shaun Pharoah, Kalum Sonn, Paul Stuart, OdetStuart and Mason Faro from Ottery had a fun time.

Keanan (9), Jermaine (12) Danté (8), Noleen and Christopher Johnson celebrated part ofDante’s birthday at the carnival.

Malika (9), Jihaad (2), Malik and Zulaigha Williams from Grassy Park.

Lameez van Zyl, Summer Carolus (nine months), Crystal Mesias, Reagan Marco and three-year-old Zeah Carolus from Retreat.


Mardi Gras fun forthe whole familyFamilies with their little ones came out

in their droves to the annual MardiGras Carnival.

The eventwas held at theWilliamHerbertSports Ground over the weekend.

Carnival-goers were treated to live enter-tainment while tantalising smells of sweetand savoury foods hung in the air from thecarnival stalls.People’s Post was at the event.

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Enter online:www.topevents.co.za

Market ToyotaATHLONE

59CollegeRd, RylandsEstateTel :021 637-9130


Fantastic prizes!Airlines tickets for two to an

overseas destination.Educational Study Course.

Tekkies, LCD TV,Mountain bikes

and manymore ...

For race updates follow and like us@BigWalk10km Facebook.com/BigWalk10km

Entry forms available from most of our sponsors’ outlets: For more information contactthe BIG WALK OFFICE at Mavis Road, Rylands: Tel. 021 637 1607 or fax: 021 633 6239*

Sunday 1March 2015


Cape Town Stadium

V ‘80s Rewind ­ The Total ‘80s Partyis on at Barnyard Theatre Willowbridge untilSaturday 8 March. Ticket prices vary. Visitwww.barnyardtheatre.co.za to book.

V Paul Snodgrass (comic), Miss Kiki (MC),Dalin Oliver (comic), Maurice Turk(poet) and Simone Tommy (singer/song-writer) will be at Mercury Live on Tuesday 3February for The Swing Café VarietyShow. Entrance is free from 19:30 to 20:00and R40 thereafter. Visit www.facebook.com/TheSwingCafe for more.

V Chris Taylor, Kilopascal DJ, Sircula,Sumo Jac and Euthenics will be atAssembly on Wednesday 4 February for SeeYou Next Wednesday. Entrance, payable atthe door, is free for ladies and R20 for menbefore 22:00 and R40 thereafter.

V Macbeth.slapeloos met Anna­Martvan der Merwe, Jana Cilliers, Antoi­nette Kellermann en Dawid Minnaar isvan Woensdag 4 tot Saterdag 21 Februarie indie Baxter-teater te sien. Bespreek byComputicket.

V The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra willperform with violinist Yi­Jia Susanne Houunder the baton of Martin Panteleevat Cape Town City Hall on Thursday 5

February. Tickets are available throughComputicket.

V The Taros, Michael Lowman and ChrisWerge will be at Assembly on Thursday 5February. R30 before 22:00 and R40 thereaf-ter at the door.

V Blotchy, Dunn Kidda, SLEWDADA,JYD and Growl will be at Assembly onFriday 6 February. Entrance is free before22:30 and R30 thereafter.

V Jitsenic (with Jitsvinger and Arsenic),Ruthy Pearl, Andy Mkosi, Ben Caesar,The Jukebox, Lord Boolz, Part Phunk,EmileYX with Mixed Mense, ChrisGaudy and ADI will be at Mercury Live onFriday 6 February for Check Your Neck 2.Tickets cost R50 at the door.

V Rhythm India will be on stage atArtscape Theatre on Friday 6 and Saturday 7February. Tickets are available at Computic-ket.

V Grandslam, a dance theatre productionperformed by Condors, a male Japaneseperformance company, will be on stage atthe Oude Libertas Amphitheatre on Friday 6and Saturday 7 February. Tickets are availableat Computicket.

V Bieber and Buddies will be on stage atBarnyard Theatre Willowbridge on Saturday 7,14 and 28 February at 14:00. Visit www.bar-nyardtheatre.co.za to book.

V BlackByrd will be at the Oude LibertasAmphitheatre from 18:30 on Sunday 8February. Tickets are available at Computic-ket.

V The Barleycorn Music Club meets onMondays at 20:00 at Villager Football Club,11 Lansdowne Road, Claremont. Entrance is(usually) R20 for members and R30 fornon-members. Visit www.barleycorn.org.za formore.

V The Capetonians will be at AlexanderUpstairs Theatre in the CBD on Monday 9and 16 February in An ExtraordinarilyOrdinary Life. Visit shows.alexanderbar.co.zafor tickets and more information.

V Crimson House Duo (blues/rock duo),Conrad Koch (ventriloquist), Kyle Louw(poet) and Nur Felix (singer/songwriter)will be at Mercury Live on Tuesday 10February for The Swing Café VarietyShow. Entrance is free from 19:30 to 20:00and R40 thereafter. Visit www.facebook.com/TheSwingCafe for more.

V Albert Frost, Toya Delazy and LeeThomson will be at Straight No Chaser inthe CBD on Wednesday 11 February for twosets at 20:00 and 22:00. R100 per session.Call 076 679 2697 or email [email protected] to book.

V Amanda Strydom will be at the OudeLibertas Amphitheatre on Wednesday 11 andThursday 12 February in Scattered Thunder.Tickets are available at Computicket.

Centre Stage

Hip-hop for a causeAfter an overwhelming positive response tothe first Check Your Neck last year, theevent is back on Friday 6 February.Check Your Neck uses hip-hop as a plat-

form to raise awareness of thyroid cancer.The show was initiated and is hosted by lo-cal artist and poet, Carol-Lynn Ford, whowas diagnosed with the illness last year.With this in mind, a portion of the ticket

price for Check Your Neck will be donatedto the Cancer Association of South Africa

(Cansa).The next instalment of Check your Neck

will take place at Mercury Live (43 De Vil-liers Street, Cape Town) and features a line-up including Jitsenic (with Jitsvinger andArsenic), Ruthy Pearl, Andy Mkosi, BenCaesar, The Jukebox, Lord Boolz, PartPhunk, EmileYX with Mixed Mense, ChrisGaudy and ADI.V The show starts at 21:00 and tickets cost R50 atthe door.

Jitsenicwillperform atCheck yourNeck.PHOTO:SUPPLIED

Izobell aims to pleaseVeteran entertainer AlistairIzobell brings his latest one-man production, Let’s MakeMusic, to the Roxy RevueBar atGrandWest inFebrua-ry.Expertly weaving toge-

ther songs such as the Com-modores’ She’s a Brick Hou-se, Eric Clapton’s Leila andAir Supply’s Two Less Lone-ly People in the World withhis own material, Alistairplans to have his audiencessinging along from start tofinish.Alistair has traveled the

world with the musical, Katand the Kings, for which hereceived a Sir Laurence Oli-vier Award for his role asMagoo on the West End andOn Broadway in New York.During his music career,

which stems back to the early 1980s, he hasworked with some of the most talented andsuccessful recording artists in SouthAfricaincluding the late Brenda Fassie, PJ Po-

wers, DrVictor and theRas-ta Rebels, Walk This Wayand Ringo Madlingozi.Alistair was also one of

the lead vocalists of the re-nowned group, The Rock-ets, before embarking on anew journey when he ope-ned his own productioncompany, Alistair IzobellProductions.One of his first major

achievements in this newventure was securing theexclusive African rights toa wonderful and acclaimedNew York musical, ThreeMo Tenors.V Let’s make Music will run at theRoxy Revue Bar from 6 February2015 to 4 April 2015, with fourshows per week. Tickets cost R90and are available from Computic-ket.

WIN! WIN! WIN!V 10 readers can each win double tickets to see theshow. Visit www.peoplespost.co.za to enter.

Alistair Izobell is set to getfeet tapping at the RoxyRevue Bar. PHOTO: JESSEKRAMER

Blues-rock guitarist Albert Frost teamsup with Toya Delazy (pictured) onvocals and piano and the funky LeeThomson on trumpet at Straight NoChaser, 79 Buitenkant Street, CapeTown on Wednesday 11 February. Thetrio will play two sets at 20:00 and22:00. Tickets cost R100 per session.Call 076 679 2697 or [email protected] tobook. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The Sounds of the Nations School ofWorshipfor 2015 is starting this February.The School of Worship is designed to help

students acquire a deeper understanding ofhow to find their unique God-given sound inworship, as well as developing existing skillsto a new level.The School of Worship will run on Satur-

day mornings from 7 February until 25 Aprilin Parow.Classes cost R200 a month.Sounds of the Nations will also be hosting

masterclasses that focus on different aspectsof the music industry.V Visit www.sotncapetown.com for more informationabout the course and masterclasses on offer.

Finding your unique worship sound

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d in






• Blackheath, Kuilsriver• Free standing houses from R 435,000• Affordable from R 4,200 per month• Must have combined income of R 14,500• 93 Houses in secured development• Remote controlled entrance gate• Wall with electric fence and armed response• Safe playing areas for children• Taxi stop at the development• Blackheath train station very close• Close to Zevenwacht Mall and Shoprite• All houses completed and ready to move in• Phase 2 and 3 sold out, few left in Phase 3• Beautiful finishes• Good schools and hospitals in area

Contact Jenetta 083 651 1167 or Corena 073 604 6454


Athlone | Goodwood | Belhar021 591 [email protected]

If you are looking to join our dynamic team call RIEFQAH JACOBS 083 738 7901 / office 021 591 1109

Riefqah Jacobs (Manager)083 738 7901

Shibnam Shaboodien083 357 3924

Baboo Jeewa083 786 4713

Masnoenah Syster081 484 2902

Kamroonisa Saldulker072 370 2323

Ferial Van Deventer082 990 7764


Seeking properties in the Athlone region - Sellers, call us today to get your property listed



Homecoming of noteLOUISA STEYL


Music should move listeners anduplift the spirit.

This is the opinion of local dou-ble and electric bass player and compo-ser Benjamin Jephta, who aims to doexactly that with the Benjamin JephtaQuintet’s debut album, Homecoming.

Benjamin recorded the 12-track albumat Sumo Sound Studios in Johannes-burg, where he now lives, but says hetried to hold on to stories from “home”,which for him is Mandalay inMitchell’sPlain where he grew up.

Although he’s only 22, Benjamin hasalready shared the stage with big nameslike Alvin Dyers, Jimmy Dludlu, Camil-lo Lombard, Simphiwe Dana, MelanieScholtz andMi Casa. ButHomecoming isa way for the bassist to reconnect withwhyhe chose to be amusician in the firstplace.

TrendyAfter completing his school career at

Muizenberg High School, Benjamin mo-ved on to study jazz at the South AfricanCollege of Music at UCT.

He explains that musicians are oftentaught about musical concepts and gen-re along with what’s “trendy”. For him, thismeant taking on whatever current genrewas considered “hip” and imitating the mu-sicians he looks up to, but in the process,Benjamin says he lost track of the spirit ofhis own music and the essence of what firstinspired him to play.

Homecomingwas born out of the idea thatBenjamin felt he has something to “say”mu-

sically. “I also felt that what I was doing wasuniqueand that it had tobedocumented, andan album is a great way of doing that,” hesays.

In order to capture the spark that madehim fall in love with music, Benjamin wan-ted to explore his own history and incorpo-rate it into the sound of the album.

“Having been raised on the Cape Flats in

Mitchell’s Plain and coming through thechurch, I want to give the listener a mu-sical biography of my life by using theharmonies and melodies associatedwith that upbringing.”

In fact, one of his favourite songs onthe album is One for the Plein, which hewrote for his home suburb. “The bandalways enjoys playing this live, becauseit has the ability to go anywhere.”

The band Benjamin is referring to in-cludes Kyle Shepherd (2014 StandardBankYoungArtistAwardwinner) onpi-ano, Sphelelo Mazibuko on drums, Mar-cusWyatt on trumpet and SisonkeXontion sax.

Another favourite is Hymn for Ada, asong Benjamin wrote for Ada Loff fromhis local church who passed away fromcancer. He says the song celebrates herlife, and like One for the Plein, keeps de-veloping.

Ultimately, Benjamin says, the com-positions on Homecoming are “quitesimple and lyrical”.

“For me the beauty lies in the wayeach musician interpreted the music al-lowing it to speak into your spirit.”

Keep writingWhile he’s currently promoting the al-

bum, Benjamin hopes to play moreshowswith the quintet to develop the band’ssound as a collective and, of course, keepwriting new music.Homecoming will be available at African

Music Store and Up Beat Music in CapeTown from mid-February. Fans can alsokeep an eye on www.benjaminjephta.comfor information on when the album will beavailable online and his Cape Town shows.

Benjamin Jephta hopes to uplift and move peoplewith his new album. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A boost forlocal talentThe Richard Wagner Society is laun-ching its new series, On the stage, atCape Town City Hall on Sunday 15 Fe-bruary.The concert features three singers

whom they assisted in getting to theBelvedere In-ternationalSinging Com-petition inGer-many last year.Linda Ntele-

za (soprano),KhanyisoGwenxane (te-nor) and OwenMetsileng (ba-ritone) will bejoined by mez-zoBongiweNa-kani in a pro-gramme of arias, songs and ensemblesby Verdi, Wagner, Rossini, Schumannand other composers. They will be ac-companied by Kamal Khan.The recital aims to raise funds in

support of other UCT singers to followin their footsteps and compete overse-as.Tickets for seats on the stage cost

R275 for Wagner Society and Friendsof Cape Town Opera members andR295 for non-members. There are alsoseats available in four boxes overloo-king the stage.Sparkling wine will be served from

18:00, with the recital starting at 18:30,followed by a buffet and a chance tomeet the singers.V Call Jilly Cohen on 082 459 6225 or email [email protected] to book.

Kamal Khan

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* 14 years experience* All areas. Dual control cars* Pre test evaluation* Free lesson with car hire

5hrs – R6501½hrs – R1805hrs – R6501½hrs – R180


071 770 9446






Al-MieftaagMontessori Pre-school is a home-based pre-school opening on 2 February 2015

• Caters for ages 2½toPre-Gr. R• A small group hence encouraging individualattention• Offers a child-centered and safe environment• Focuses on development of the child’s holisticeducation• Nurtures love, confidence, respect andindependence

Contact us at 082 786 1907 [email protected] information or enrolment.





™ R150 per hour™ 5 lesson R700 ™ 10 lesson R1400™ 5 lessons + car hire for test R1 200

Qualified Patient Reliable Professional Service™ K53 code 8 driving lessons


Be Aware of fly-by-night Driving SchoolsFree pick up & drop off all areasLEARNERS CLASSES all codes

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TORQUEDRIVINGACADEMYFREE car hire with every 10hrs package ! (t&c apply)Manual / Auto All areas with free pick up & drop off.

TRUCKERS! Now offering Code 10 too!Rose 073 451 4853 / 021 827 1300

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Special herbs for all Life/Marriage problems• Bring back lost lover • Clear bad luck

Palm reading/fortune teller/Magic wallet/stick• Financial problems/Lucky charms for money

•Natural healing of health issues/GRASSY PARK

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Under the auspices of CAPE YOUTH CAREWe are inviting prospective learners (14 – 18yrs)who sincerely would like to achieve a GETC(General Education & Training Certificate, Grade 9)

to apply. A GETC is the minimum requirement to studyfurther in a more career orientated direction at a FETCollege. We follow the ABET Curriculum offering

Levels 1 – 4. The school is registered with the WCEDand work in liaison with the ABET Directorate.

NB: We are NOT equipped to deal with learnerswith remedial discipline problems or

who require rehabilitation.

B.E.S.T. Centre School, Old Wesley College,20 Durham Avenue, Salt River 7925.

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Blinds, curtains, rods, all weather awnings.Upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning.All blinds less 20%. Phone Moosa021-371 8917 / 083 493 1495

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Dstv packages for R599HD PVR installationsR1999. CCTV & HomeTheatre. Service callrepair charge of R150

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.24/7 FRIDGE REGASSINGPh 073 4808 444

.ALL HOME appliances repaired.I also do Fridge/freezer regassing. %Angelo 073 664 3532


FRIDGE RE-GASSING(Labour + gas incl. R180)

Call: 073 500 1806*All jobs done at home!!!


All Installations & Maintenanceby Ronald George Electrical

Tel: 021-705 5922Cell: 083 311 7195


We buy in Fridges.Chest freezers

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WE DO REPAIRSOn all appliancesRegassing done on

all types of fridges @ R180Tel: 078 212 8078

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.BAKKIE HIRE pickups, movingdeliveries. Shan 074 137 3388





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RC BLINDSWe supply vertical,venetian, woodenvenetian blinds

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For all your plumbing needsas well as

Certificates of Compliance,Call Frank - 082 354 4076Qualified & Registered

All workmanship guaranteed!!




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.POOL SERVICE and maintenance.Ph Michael 073 104 3575 or021-705 8851










.GORDONS Bay S/catering holidayaccomodation, 6 & 8 sleeper fromR1 000 p/night % 079 522 4309





29 May - 6 June 2015.Contact Uncle Ike:083 459 5863




CELL 083 786 5405TEL 021 638 4565

















A well-established 5 star establishmentwithin the Cape Town area

are recruiting the following positions:RoomAttendants x6

Houseman x1Stewards x2

Public Area Cleaners x1Purpose of the Job:•To ensure cleanliness, safety and maintenance ofrooms and public areas as per Standard OperatingProcedures.Candidate Requirements:• Minimum Grade 12 with English fluency• Ability to handle heavy duty activities as peroperational requirements

• Previous experience within a hospitalityenvironment would be an advantage

Please Note:Preference will be given to employees from the

designated groups in line with the provisions of theEmployment Equity Act, No. 55 of 1998 (and any

amendments thereto), the relevant internalrecruitment policy as well as units’ employment equity

plans and Gaming Board License conditions.

Interested candidates to submita letter of application and detailed CV to:

Kristen BuysFax: 021 406 5910

e-mail: [email protected] Date: 10 February 2015

•Please clearly indicate on your cover letterwhich position you are applying for

•Please attach a certified copy of your matriccertificate with your application








Wanted for Butchery inBonteheuwel.

Ph 021-694 7161



Reg No 2012/223199/07Hotel staff urgently

needed:-250 waiters180 Barstaff

175 Housekeepers /kitchen staffFor interview

074 414 2795 Jamiewhatsapp

073 082 3096 Quincywhatsapp

071 836 5790whatsapp only


Looking for a careerinMarketing ?

HORIZONS (a marketingcompany based in

Claremont, Cape Town)has limited seats

available. This opportunitywill only be available toserious candidates who

will be participating in fulltraining session. You areable to apply by callingZoe 076 157 7040


Uluntu Training AcademyCourses offered :

Security training : All gradesReceptionist course :

Computer course : Microsoft WordExcel Powerpoint

Welding arc, tig, migBasic Electrician

Cabinet making / ShopfittingPlumbing

Basic handyman's courseCellular Technician course

Fire arm trainingContact : 021 828 2685

021 828 2739 073 422 5271Register now !!

Job assistance offered


Seamstress Positionsavailable in Portlands,Mitchell’s Plain.Must be a versatile

machinist – preferably inhandbags. To start ASAPContact Tanya on082 469 5279


We urgently requireexperienced machinistsfor ladies outerwear

factory.Apply in person atBernadotte, 5 GreenStreet Maitland (closeto Koeberg Station).






No Sales ExperienceFREE training is provided

We offer:• Basic Salary• Commission

• Travelling Allowance• Incentives

T's & C's applyFor appointmentZanele 021 201 002266 Plein St, Cape Town





Short Course+ Job Placement in:

• Call Centre• Data Capturing• Office Admin• Bookkeeping

Phone : 021 424 1230021 424 1231072 381 6878072 918 2000

Visit : 68 Bree Street,Bree Castle house,

Office 2014,Cape Town








Contact Zubeida Rawootat telephone number

021-637 4407 for furtherdetails if interested. Allbusiness proposals mustbe in by 13 February 2015



LANSDOWNER2.1M A newly renovated commercial

property comprising of two shops, 2 store-rooms, proposed cold room, ablution facilities

and parking.. Zoning LB2.

HEATHFIELDR825000. F/fitted spacious 2 bed

Townhouse, with o/plan lounge/ kitch,garden. Parking with remote access

RONDEBOSCHEASTR2.950M incl. No transfer duty payable!

5 rooms + large balcony & entertainment area.Excellent location!

HANOVERPARKR295000. 2 bedroom semi-detached home +

parking.Great Value!

GONA–082926 2371www.pillayproperties.co.za



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Heideveld Yankees player Casey Foure missed the ball as Lavender Hillsoftball club’s Erin Peters rounds second base during a top-of-the-tableclash in the second division at the Turfhall Sport Complex on Saturday.The Yankees won 10-6. PHOTO: RASHIED ISAACS


V RUGBY: The Altius Collegians RFCwill be hosting their annual juniorregistration on Sunday 15 Februaryfrom 09:30 to 12:00 at the Lente-geur Sports Complex. Bring along anID size photo, ID or birth certificateand school’s semis number. CallMarawaan Abrahams on083 543 4683.

V RUGBY: Retreat RFC invitesplayers to pre-season training onTuesdays and Thursdays from 18:00at Allenby Drive Sports Complex.

V KLAWERJAS: Mitchell’s Plainklawerjas Union (MPKU) will hold itsAGM on Sunday, 15 February from11:45 to 16: 00 at the Weltevreden

hall, Rocklands. All existing clubsand any new clubs must be present.Call Joy Courie on 076 754 4964.

V SOCCER: Bluebells AFC invitesmembers, parents and supporters toits AGM on Monday 9 February at20h15 at the clubhouse. Officialjunior training starts on Friday 20February at 17:30 at Bonnytoun.

V SOCCER: Tramway Football clubinvites all current and prospectivejunior players (under-7 to under-17)to join its pre-season training everyWednesday from 17:00 – 18:30. Theyalso need any potential juniorcoaches to join their coaching family.Training is at the Groenewald Sportscomplex in Southfield (oppositeSouthfield station). Call DudleyLewis on 082–797–2677.

V WORKSHOP: The Healthy Weightprogramme at the Sports ScienceInstitute of South Africa (SSISA),presents an evening workshop withSarah Chantler, registered dietitian atSSISA on Monday 9 February at

17:30. Entrance is free, but you mustRSVP before Friday 6 February [email protected] to secure yourplace.

V SOCCER: Mr Price Parkhurst AFCwiil start training this week at thePortland Sports Complex fromunder-7 to over-40’s on Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays from 16:30- 19:30. All old, new and interestedmembers are all welcome. ContactMatt Booysen on 021 371 9189 or076 014 3138.

V SOCCER: Santos FC will behosting their under-19 (born 1996-1997) trials on Monday 9 Februaryfrom 15:00 at the Santos Academy(330 Imam Haroun Road, Lans-downe). Players need to bring alonga certified copy of their ID or birthcertificate as proof of identification,soccer boots, shinguards, training kit(shorts, T-shirt, socks) and gloves forgoalkeepers (goalkeepers only). Forfurther details contact the office on021 696 8193 or email [email protected].

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Tel: Office Hours 021 591 2877ASHLEY: 083 261 9745 THABISO: 078 8499 194

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R139 995R139 9952007 Toyota Avanza

1.5 TXR/CD, A/C, P/S,C/L, A/L, E/W

2007 Toyota Avanza1.5 TX

R/CD, A/C, P/S,C/L, A/L, E/W



Mark Brickles072 742 6963

CEA: MIEABroker/Owner.

RE MAX/ Ultra Select

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To Sell Your Home …We GUARANTEE it

Call Mark For More Info ORSMS “G3”, Your Name, Email

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GRANT078 735 9882


R109 995

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Dep: R57 000 & R2 178 x 36R135 408

2006 BMW 320D(Fantastic Economy)2006 BMW 320D

(Fantastic Economy)

R59 995

1998 Opel Corsa LiteDep: R16 000 & R983 x 30

R45 490

R36 995

2008 Toyota Yaris T3+Dep: R45 000 & R1 697 x 36

R106 092

R84 995

2007 Opel Corsa 1.4iDep: R40 000 & R1 512 x 36

R94 432

R74 995R75 995R29 995

2005 VW Polo Classic 1.9 TdiDep: R28 000 & R1420 x 36

R79 120

1998 Ford Courier 2500TD D/CabDep: R41 000 x R1 531 x 36

R96 116

1994 Toyota Camry 200iDep: R14 000 & R900 x 24

R36 800


2004 MERCEDES BENZ C230 COUPÉDep: R51 000 & R1 882 x 36

Total: R118 752

R95 995R74 995 R39 995 R124 995R34 995

1997 OPEL CORSA LITEDep: R15 800 & R940 x 30

Total: R44 000

2006 VW POLO 1.4Dep: R40 000 & R1 460 x 36

Total: R92 560

R74 995

2003 VW CITI GOLFDep: R18 500 & R1 033 x 30

Total: R49 640



2003 BMW 318iDep: R40 000 & R1 512 x 36

Total: R94 432


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Install it yourself or Let us install for you


Boost for the gentlemen’s gameSAMANTHA LEE


Local sports stars are giving back to pri-mary schools in the Western Cape in abig way.

At the official launch of the JP21 projectin Mitchell’s Plain, Proteas cricketer JP Du-miny expressed his excitement and passionfor the game and giving back to his commu-nity.

Established in 2014, the project is based ona real commitment in re-igniting the passion

and drive for the game of cricket in under-privileged communities and schools.

With the focus on the 54 primary schoolsin Mitchell’s Plain, 30 schools are alreadyparticipating in the programme.

“This project and what it stands for issomething very close to my heart,” Duminysaid.

“Being someone who has come from thecommunity and having lived in the commu-nity, I understand the need for role modelsin this community and that is why I startedthis project.”

Duminy has funded the project in conjunc-tion with numerous sponsors and also hasbacking from Western Province Cricket.

Nabiel Dien, Amateur Cricket Managerfor Western Province Cricket, thanked andcongratulated Duminy on the official launchof the project.

“Thank you JP for bringing back to thecommunity,” Dien said in his speech.

“I’ve known JP since he was 11-years-old and I am not surprised at allthat at the values he has grown upwith and he realises how importantit is for us to bring back to the com-munity so that out of Mitchell’sPlain another Protea cricketercan be born in the distant fu-ture.”

Dien also made mention thatDuminy has pledged to sponsorone or two pupils from theproject to attend the NewlandsCricket School which waslaunched two weeks ago.

President of Western Province Cricket,Beresford Williams, says he isequally excited about the initia-tive.

“Congratulations on thisproject and this great initiative. It is a trueprivilege to be part of this and be involvedwith you. Everyone knows JP as the iconand on the world stage he is among the verybest in the world, but one thing I have cometo know about JP is that he is a humbleyoung man and today he is putting his workinto action, making a contribution, makingan investment and giving back and creatingopportunities for other young people,” hesaid. The project will be aimed at both boysand girls and schools have already come onboard.

Jamaine Cloete, Natheer Wagner, MarkWille and Amien Kader will run the initia-tive as project coordinators while Duminyis away for work.

Cloete says this will not influence the chil-dren’s results.

“We want this project to serve as a reward

for hard work,” he says.Protea cricketers Robin Petersen and Faf

du Plesiss have also pledged their supportin becoming ambassadors for the project.

The core purpose of the project is to im-prove the state of cricket in schools and theyhope to roll the project out to high schoolswithin a few years.

The team aims to start by empoweringteachers, revitalising cricket facilities atschools, establish recognised and formal lea-gues, to provide schools with equipment, im-prove social interaction with learners usingexternal service providers, building part-nerships with various stakeholders, fun-draising programs, holiday programs andwinter nets. The project will also be rolledout to other areas in the future.V For more information visit their websitewww.jp21project.co.za.

Amien Kader, Natheer Wagner, JP Duminy, Jamaine Cloete and Mark Wille from part of theteam who will drive project JP21. They aim to start with an assessment of the area for thenext six months to get more schools involved. PHOTOS: SAMANTHA LEE

JP Duminy thanked his sponsors and his mentors for theirinvolvement with the initiative. They aim to take theproject to high school’s within the next few years.

TouchlineTopicsV RUGBY: The Altius Collegians RFC will behosting their annual junior registration onSunday 15 February from 09:30 to 12:00 at theLentegeur Sports Complex. Bring along an IDsize photo, ID or birth certificate and school’ssemis number. Call Marawaan Abrahams on083 543 4683.

V RUGBY: Retreat RFC invites players topre-season training on Tuesdays and Thursdaysfrom 18:00 at Allenby Drive Sports Complex.

V KLAWERJAS: Mitchell’s Plain klawerjas Union(MPKU) will hold its AGM on Sunday, 15February from 11:45 to 16: 00 at the Weltevre-den hall, Rocklands. All existing clubs and anynew clubs must be present. Call Joy Courie on076 754 4964.

V SOCCER: Bluebells AFC invites members,parents and supporters to its AGM on Monday9 February at 20h15 at the clubhouse. Officialjunior training starts on Friday 20 February at

17:30 at Bonnytoun.

V SOCCER: Tramway Football club invites allcurrent and prospective junior players (under-7to under-17) to join its pre-season trainingevery Wednesday from 17:00 – 18:30. They alsoneed any potential junior coaches to join theircoaching family. Training is at the GroenewaldSports complex in Southfield (oppositeSouthfield station). Call Dudley Lewis on082–797–2677.

V SOCCER: Mr Price Parkhurst AFC wiil starttraining this week at the Portland SportsComplex from under-7 to over-40’s on Mondays,

Wednesdays and Fridays from 16:30 - 19:30.Contact Matt Booysen on 076 014 3138.