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Date post:20-Sep-2014
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  • Nobody wants to hire the real youusing social media to build a personal brand that can help you bogdanabutnar.rotwitter.com/Bogdanahttp://ro.linkedin.com/pub/bogdana-butnar/22/764/959

  • Why do you need a brand ?To get attentionTo get a dateTo get money/a job

  • Why do you need a brand?Because its easierwith a brand

  • A personal brand puts you in the right TribeA personal brands put you in the right industryA personal brand puts you in the right entourageA personal brand puts you in the right job

    Even if your real self does not

  • The essential rules of personal branding through SMPersonal brands are build, they seldom happen.Pick your social medium.Create a badge.Share right and like usefully.Friends are your worst enemies.6. Be careful.

  • Personal brands are build, they seldom happenSet a target what do you want to become?Create a game plan what are your deadlines, who is your audience?Start preparing tools, schedule, peopleImplement

  • Pick your social mediumThe right network sends the right message do you want dates or job opps?The right instrument generates the correct feedback do you want likes, or comments?Be the best profile you can beIdentify the opinion leaders and your specific targets whats your industry? Whos who in that industry? What do they do on SM?Dont stalk! Network.Be everywhere but with moderation

  • Create a badge/personal footprintImagery is essential what pictures are there of you online?Quality design is essential do you use the standard WP template?Design speaks about who you are did your GF pick the color of your page?Invest in your image have a decent photographer friend take some pics of you; treat him to a beerPLEASE: stop using vacation pics as your desktop backgrounds if you use your computer for presentations

  • Share right and like usefullyContent makes your brand what do you write about? How often? How? Spelling is essential cant write properly? TweetContent makes your list people follow you based on what you writeDont be afraid to sacrifice volume to quality so what if your GFs BF does not like your profile?Your likes tell me who you areLike usefully

  • Friends are your worst enemiesSeparate SM based on intention tell your friends what you use the profiles forMonitor what your friends tag you in DM with explanations when you erase somethingRemove all stupid quizzes from your wall, comments from your blog and chat usefully on Twitter (chat frivolously on chat)Stay strong GFs and BFFs can ruin a good profile forever

  • Be carefulIdentify trolls and defend yourselfDont give in to late night depressions and Monday bluesNEVER complain about your professional situation specificallyThink before you ENTER

  • Thanks!

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