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PERSONAL BRANDING MARIA KANGASNIEMI. 1. What’s a BRAND ? 2. “Personal Branding” 3....

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  • 1. Whats a BRAND ? 2. Personal Branding 3. Building up your own Personal Brand Identity Identity Competencies / Communication Competencies / Communication Image Image
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  • logo image personality company identity name prestige product service Whats a BRAND ?
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  • Whats a Brand ? ... mixture of tangible and intangible attributes, symbolized in a trade mark that create, influence and generate value
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  • * A distinct Concept / Idea * A distinct Concept / Idea * Related to a Word * Related to a Word * A well told Story * A well told Story * Consistent * Consistent A Successful Brand is... A well told Story Lively, Energetic With clear Purpose Exciting Worth telling
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  • PROMISE TRUST that the promise will be kept Whats a BRAND ?
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  • A personal identity that stimulates precise, meaningful perceptions in its audience about the values and qualities that person stands for Whats a PERSONAL BRAND ? Montoya
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  • is the public projection of certain aspects of a persons personality, skills or values; its not the entire human being Whats a PERSONAL BRAND ? Montoya
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  • Your brand is a perception or emotion,... that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you Whats a PERSONAL BRAND ? McNally&Speak
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  • ... the thoughts, feelings and behaviours contained within a group of people that can be called upon to create value. Whats a PERSONAL BRAND ? Cope
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  • Personal Branding Defined Personal branding is a revolution in the way we manage our careers or businesses. It's a way of clarifying and communicating what makes you different and special and using those qualities to separate yourself from your peers so that you can greatly expand your success Personal branding is the strategy behind the world's most successful people
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  • Those who mean the most to you, are those who offer you the most value throughout your life. Whats a PERSONAL BRAND ? Graham The individuals who stand out in the world around us are those who offer the greatest value to the most people...
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  • Personal Brands Colleague / FriendColleague / Friend RelativeRelative Airline PilotAirline Pilot Surgeon / Dentist...Surgeon / Dentist... BusinessmanBusinessman ScientistScientist JournalistJournalist Showbiz / TVShowbiz / TV AuthorAuthor Top modelTop model BankerBanker Movie StarMovie Star SportsmanSportsman PoliticianPolitician
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  • Internal FactorsInternal Factors Personal Branding External FactorsExternal Factors
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  • Personal Branding Identity Image Competencies Communication
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  • Personal Branding Strategy Identity Who you are (Values, Roles, Goals)? What makes you unique & distinct? Competencies What is your distinct specialization/area of leadership? Be passionate, focused & persistent Communication Who is your target domain? Does your idendity comply with your domain? Do your competencies contribute to your domain? Are you visibile, distinct? Integrated communication (including body language) Is your communication consistent?
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  • Image This is the OUTCOME Is it in line with your Identity and Competencies? Does it fully comply with your communication strategy? Be Distinct, Unique, Consistent with your symbols & behaviour Image: Behaviour Symbols Etiquette Symbols Etiquette WardropBody & Soul WardropBody & Soul Car & Office Alumni & Clubs Cosmetics Associations Cosmetics AssociationsAccessories Other Toys Other Toys
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  • Rowling It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities. Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
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  • Goals in Life What do you want? Mean GoalsEnd Goals
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  • Goal Setting: Focus on END GOALS not on the mean goals WHAT DO YOU WANT? (excercise) Have your goals SMART+: SSpecific MMeasurable AAttractive RRelevant TTimely +Positive Personal Branding Strategy:
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  • Personal Brand Maintenance: Know yourself (Values, Roles, Goals)Know yourself (Values, Roles, Goals) Find out what makes you distinctFind out what makes you distinct Invest in yourselfInvest in yourself Be comfortable in your own skinBe comfortable in your own skin Discover your competencies; improve & maintainDiscover your competencies; improve & maintainthem Smile Be positive / Address people with theirSmile Be positive / Address people with theirnames Be the best/most appropriately dressed person youBe the best/most appropriately dressed person you meet everyday Express yourself in the most clear and concice wayExpress yourself in the most clear and concice way
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  • Personal Brand Maintenance: Develop positive relationships with allDevelop positive relationships with all your counterparties Become member of appropriate clubs /Become member of appropriate clubs /associations Focus: Read, write, deliver speeches,Focus: Read, write, deliver speeches, give seminars in your field: Get to be known Be careful & selective with the media:Be careful & selective with the media: But use it to be known Be persistent, dont crash & burnBe persistent, dont crash & burn Invest in your physical and mental health,Invest in your physical and mental health, stay fit
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  • Appendices & Road Ahead...
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  • No unique reality No unique reality No best No best Perception is reality Perception is reality Assumptions About Branding: You can only see with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes Antoine de Saint-Exupery (The Little Prince)
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  • Values (i): - Exercise 1: Identify what makes your life compelling fulfilling - Exercise 2: Finding your Lifes passion (by using role models) - Exercise 3: Discovering and Determining your deepest values Personal Branding Strategy:
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  • Values (ii): Values (ii): A Short list of Values: Personal Branding Strategy: Accomplishment Accuracy Adventure Aesthetics Aliveness Authenticity Autonomy Beauty Caring ChallengeCollaborationCommunityComradshipConnectednessContributionCourageCreativityDignityDirectness Elegance Empowerment Excellence Excitement Fairness Focus Freedom Freedom to Choose Free Spirit Fun Grace Growth Happiness Harmony Helping Honesty Humor Independence Innovation Integrity Joy Justice Lack of Pretense Learning Lightness Love Mastery Nurturing Orderliness Participation Partnership Peace Performance Perseverance Playfulness Personal Power Productivity Recognition Revolution Risk Taking Romance Safety Security Self-Expression Self-Reliance Service Simplicity Stimulating Change Spirituality Success To Be Known TraditionTrustUniquenessVitalityZest...
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  • Values (iii): Values (iii): How to find out your Value System? How to rank your most important values? Personal Branding Strategy: Exercise 1: Meeting your Future-Self (an internal journey to visualize yourself in the future (10 or 20 years) Meet with that person, and find out whats important then This is not about a road map, but to find out the desired state in the future... Exercise 2: Peak Performance analysis Choose a great experience you had, or a hobby, something you really enjoy... Talk about it... How was/is it? What makes this unique, thrilling, exciting for you? Try to find out which values are honoured? thrilling, exciting for you? Try to find out which values are honoured? Which values are associated with that experience? Exercise 3: Worst Experience analysis Choose a bad experience you had, or some events/activities/thing that really disturb you... Talk about it... How was/is it? What makes you feel bad about it? Try to find out which values are not honoured?
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  • Personal Branding Strategy: Most desired/appreciated Values/Principles Anglo-Saxon Business World Credibility & Professionalism Integrity Authority & Leadership Empathy Friendliness & Approachability Trustworthiness Sophistication and being up-to-date Creativity Energy & Enthusiasm Influence
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  • Useful Identity Related Questions: Personal Branding Strategy: What am I tolerating? What is to be powerful? What is it to choose? Am I being nice or am I being real? What do I do to avoid feelings? Where is my attention? What keeps me going? Whats out? When am I unable to laugh at myself? What motivates me? Whats fun? What is pleasure? Where do I limit myself? What does it cost me? What thrills me? What is it to be passionate? WHAT DO I WANT? WHO DO I WANT TO BE? WHAT MAKES ME UNIQUE? WHAT MAKES ME DISTINCT?
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  • Roles in Life Professional RolesProfessional Roles Family RolesFamily Roles Individual RolesIndividual Roles Social/Citizen RolesSocial/Citizen Roles Daughter / Son Brother / Sister Parents... Boyfriend /Girlfriend Friend of oneself MentorExplorer... Entrepreneur BartenderSalesman Local Bank Manager Butcher, Plumber... EnvironmentalistVolunteer...
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  • Roles in Life: Would you like to have a Role Model? If one person can do something, anyone can learn to do it... What different pers
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