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Personal Branding Tips to Explode Your Brand

Date post:26-Aug-2014
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Do you want to stand out in the small business space? Do you want to explode your brand in the niche of your choice? Then get some personal branding secrets from this slide share!
  • A Brand called You!
  • Presentedby... Lorna Barrow
  • Personal Branding Secrets to your brand Explode!
  • You will learn...
  • Personal branding is Packaging & marketing yourself such that you become a brand, an icon or a household name in the niche you want to serve or among the tribe you want to follow you
  • Personal branding is Working on who you are and what makes you different in a way that resonates with people...not just being different for the sake of being different
  • Personal branding is The first impression that you make when you walk into a room and its what people say about you when you leave
  • Personal branding is What you represent to the tribe of people who follow you and buy your services and products
  • What is personal branding? Its a Brand Called YOU!
  • It is if you want to Stand out in a crowded market place Build a long term business from audience perception & loyalty Be the authority vs the expert
  • It is if you want to
  • 5 personal branding mistakes to avoid making
  • Personal Branding Mistake # 1 Believing that whatyou know is more important who you are
  • Personal Branding Mistake # 2 Branding your business but not branding yourself
  • Personal Branding Mistake # 3 Believing that because youre good at what you do, you can behave or show up any old how
  • Personal Branding Mistake # 4 Believing that just being you is all your brand requires you to be
  • Personal Branding Mistake # 5 Trying to change who you are at your core in the name of the brand
  • 3 POWERFUL strategies to set you up for a brand called you!
  • Personal Branding Strategy # 1 Have a strong and meaningful egoic name for you & your business
  • Examples of egoic names Ambassador of Ambition Rapid Scale Expert Disgustologist International Trends Expert Flying Fish Studios Last Minute Bajan
  • Personal Branding Strategy # 2 Determine your personal style and make a personal style statement
  • Personal Branding Strategy # 3 Be congruent across all media
  • So
  • Thank YOU!
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