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Date post: 23-Mar-2016
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  • The snail and the cheetah

    Once at the Savannah there lived a Cheetah, a snail and many other

    animals. The Cheetah and the snail met for the first time when the

    cheetah was roaring and everyone went to see her at her place.

    One day, the slowest and little animal told to the fastest and

    biggest one, Hey, I dare you to run a race. Do you want to race

    with me? And she started laughing. You will lose said the

    Cheetah, See you tomorrow.

    On the day of the race the Cheetah came running and said to the

    snail, I made you a rap hear it. She started: Im the fastest of the

    Savannah nobody can beat me. The lions always sleeping so he

    never beats me. Im the queen! The snail ignored her. Ready,

    steady, go! shouted the lion feeling furious about the rap.

    Cheetah left her behind with a flash.

    Later the Cheetah saw baby birds and went to chase them,

    meanwhile the Snail was going to cross the line but they saw the

    Cheetah coming to win .But she was already too late the Snail had

    won. She murmured, You were rightand left crying.

    Moral: Slow but sure can win the race.

    By Agus

  • The cheetah and the dog

    Once in Bellasland there lived a lot of animals. Two of them were a

    cheetah and a dog.

    One day in a party, where all the animals were, there the dog went

    to have some lemonade.

    And he saw a cheetah and the cheetah rapped a song that went

    like this: I am the best. You are the worst so thats how I am.

    And he said I will race you tomorrow, from hippos house to the

    river at 6 in the morning.

    Next day at 4 in the morning, the dog started to exercise. So the

    time came all the animals were there. The shark got distracted

    rapping and he so the dog and stared ranging as fast as he could

    but it was too late. So the dog won.

    Slow and sure wins the race

    By Bella

  • The King and the Snake

    Once upon a time there was a jungle called Cates dicots balls. It

    was one of the most beautiful jungles of the world. There lived a

    fox who was a king. The King was ugly, bossy and proud.

    One day a snake who was an experienced traveler came to the

    jungle. She was gentle, pretty, bright and good person.

    Snake went to visit palace. She came in and bowed at the king and

    said, Hello dear king, could you show me your kingdom please? The

    king answered, Of Corse I will. Come here by my side and I will

    show you.

    Then in the patio, the king told her to talk rudely with the others

    people. He said, They will be your friend first, but then they will

    take you to a no end rode and they will kill you. So snake did what

    king told her to do.

    Later she heard the King laughing. Snake went to see and said:

    Why are you laughing?. Because I tricked you, he replied. Oh!

    said Snake so angry that she could explode from anger. She was

    so very angry she thought a plan to give him a good scare.

    When fox was doing something else, snake said: An experienced

    traveler wants an interview with the King Ok said the King. Lets

    get started. Fine said the King.What are you scared of? I am

    scared of the clowns who sit on my thrown said the Fox.

    So the next day King went to his thrown and there was a clown

    sitting on his thrown. King shouted everywhere A clown! A clown!

    And the clown was snake dressed up. And she said I tricked you

    now. And the King said, I am very sorry for tricking you. And

    they all lived happily ever after.


  • Moral: Treat to others the way you want to be treat.

    By Cata

  • The beetle and the spider

    Oncether lived a huge beetle and a tiny spider in an enormous dark

    forest that one day they met by the woods. The beetle said You

    must work for me because I dont like your colours.

    Very unhappily the spider started to treat the beetle as if he was

    a king. She made food for the beetle, she made a castle for the

    beetle. She even made a leaf throne for him. Obviously, the beetle

    was felt very glad because he was having a perfect time.

    One day, the spider became tired and decided not to work

    anymore. But when the beetle realized that the spider was not

    working any more, he got angry and said ,You have to keep on

    working. But the spider didnt work and left that place for ever.

    So the beetle lived alone without friends. And all his things were

    destroyed by the rain and the hail.Then the beetle added Oh, if I

    hadnt treated the spider like that, I would be playing and having

    fun with the spider instead of suffering a lot.

    MORAL: Its best to plan ahead.

    By Feli L

  • The police and the rat

    Once upon a time in a big and colorful city there was a group of

    badgers and one bad and ugly rat, they stole the gold from the


    Once they stole the gold from a very rich person, at night. The

    person had insomnia so he went downstairs and saw the badgers

    stealing the gold and exclaimed come thieves. The rat and the

    badgers saw the person and rushed away.

    There was a bit of gold left. After, the man thought I will put

    traps. The next day the he prepared them. At night the badgers

    whispered Come with us then the rat murmured Alright. Only

    because I dont want to be alone.

    Finally, the badgers and the rat were caught in a net. So the police

    came and the rat squeaked I didnt steal the diamonds. The police

    officer didnt believe the rat and took them all to jail.

    Moral: You are company you keep.

    By Gero

  • The dog and the parrot

    In a country there lives a dog. The dog was brown and furry. One

    day the dog went raining to play to the park. When he got at the

    park he met a parrot. The parrot was fat and fast.

    The cute dog told him, Hello parrot and he replied, Hello dog.

    And the dog murmured, Do you want to play with me ? .The parrot

    urged him ,Okay but fast. I have to go to my sisters party. The

    dog barked, We cant play, no game is fast. So the big bird told

    him, I think that you have think better.

    The dog thought and thought. After a while he shouted, I know

    we can play a race. And the parrot said he would win and the

    others are going to lose. I am the fastest of the park, he said.

    The smart dog told the parrot, You can be the fastest of the park

    but you dont have to be the fastest of the park to win.

    Right that the two animals went to the start line and one bird

    shouted, Ready, steady, go! The parrot left the dog behind but

    the parrot saw a tree that had many apples. Parrot thought to

    himself I can eat some apples, the dog is behind me . So he ate

    some apples .When he ate all the apples he fell asleep. Then the

    dog passed him and won the race. And when the parrot heard the

    noise of all the celebrations, he woke up and flew to win the race

    but when he got at the finish line its was to late the dog say slow

    but steady wins the race.

    Moral: slow but steady wins the race.


  • The boy who cried storm

    Once upon a time there was a boy who lived in a town the town was

    fun happy until one day a boy was sitting boring in in the farm until

    he decided to go to the big city to play a trick.

    When he was in town he went to a high mountain and started to

    shouted A thunder storm is coming and is going to destroy the

    city. All the people in the town were very scared. He teased the

    town saying you fell for the trick. Ha ha. And the boy went back

    to the farm.

    Days after that, the boy said Im going to play a trick. When he

    was back in the high mountain he shouted A big thunder storm is

    coming. Everyone was scared. At night all the people went to the

    house of the oldest man in the town there they discussed why the

    boy of the farm was saying that a thunder storm was coming they

    discussed and chatted until they realized that the boy was lying

    and they made a plan.

    The next day, in the farm the boy saw that a big cloud. Suddenly it

    began to rain very hard and his house started to destroy and all

    the farm was ruined quickly. The boy ran to the city he climbed up

    the mountain and shouted My farm has been destroyed because of

    a thunder storm. All the people in the city started laughing and

    they didnt believe him. Until the oldest man replied in a loud voice

    You have tricked us and you will pay us back. And the boy went to


  • Moral: If you lie no one will believe you when you tell the


    The end

    By Jaime

  • The Hippo and the Crab

    One morning the Crab got a letter. It was an invitation to a party

    at 6 of the morning at rivers land signature Crocodile. The Crab

    went runing to get something to use on the party.

    The magic day came the Crab was excited. When he got to the

    party and in there, there was an enormous grey stage. It was too

    big for the Crab. He stepped on it and put his claws on the floor,

    pinching it. And then he realized that it wasnt a stage, it was a


    Crab said, Im sorry. I didnt mean to do that! The hippo

    answered, I know that it wasnt on purpose but I am going to eat

    you! The Crab shouted I am going to save your life when you need

    help. I promise. The hippo let him go.

    Some days later at midday, the crab was eating and he heard a

    noise. He realized that it was the hippo so he run and run to the

    place where the hippo was. The hippo was stuck on some seaweed

    and the crab cut with his claws all the weed.The hippo said, I

    didnt thought that you would rescue me. And the crab said, I

    kept my promise.

    The moral is: Little friends can be big friends.

    By Jaz

  • My personal fable :The shark and the turtle

    Once there was a shark and a turtle that lived in an ocean. The

    shark was fast shark but always is saying I am the fastest. The

    turtle was slow, friendly and good.

    When she was with her friends the shark mocked him. The turtle

    was furious so one day decided to swim a race with the shark.

    After saying that, the turtle went to ask the shark if he wanted to

    swim a race the shark thought that was so easy and said, Yes, I

    am going to swim a race.

    When the race started the shark swam so fast. The turtle was

    slow so he was trying to swim fast. The shark was so fast that he

    thought something. The shark went to drink something. So the

    turtle walked and walked so much that passed the shark. When the

    shark finis drinking he saw that turtle win. And the turtle said,

    Who is slow one now?

    Moral: slow and steady win the race.

    By Josefina A

  • The tiny travelers and the wolf

    Once there was to tiny travelers in a forest with tall trees and a

    lot of laves they were doing a picnic in the middle of the forest the

    selfish traveler told to his brother This sandwich is great. Eat it.

    And the witty one replied, Oh, thank you. The youngest asked

    Am I selfish? and the other replied Yes, because you never help


    In the bushes there was a big, bad and fat wolf and he looked

    hungry. The witty traveler tried to escape from it and the

    youngest was selfish because he never helped anyone. So the wolf

    ate one of the travelers. The one that died was the youngest.

    Later a dog that lived in a box appeared and the witty traveler told

    him Do you want to be my puppy and the dog replied No, because

    you are not a god brother. One hour later, the wolf appeared and

    the older traveler said: You again, and he killed the wolf.

    Moral: fair-weather friends are not worth having.

    By Juan G.V

  • The policeman, the thief and his friend

    Once in the cold city of Minneapolis there was a silent thieve. One

    day he called his friend and told him Do you want to come

    Intercontinental hotel with me?. Obviously, exclaimed his


    At midnight they went to the20 floor apartment c. His excited

    friend stood at the door and the thief went inside where a child

    was sleeping. Meanwhile the thief stole his teddy bear and an alarm

    began to ring. The child woke up and called the guard who took the

    two, the thieve and his friend, to lobby level.

    Half an hour later of talking with the serious guard they were

    arrested and the nervous thieve friend told I didnt do anything,

    but the police told him, You are the company you keep.

    By: Juan Pedro

  • The eagle and the parrot

    Once upon a time, in a forest there was an eagle and a parrot that

    was pretty, colorful and nice. The eagle was flying and he stopped

    on a tree because he was tired, and the parrot too then the two


    Then the eagle pushed the parrot and the parrot asked Why did

    you push me?. Because I was bored, he said. And the parrot was

    very angry with the eagle.

    But later the eagle was sorry and he thought he should treat

    others the way he wanted to be treated. So he would make more

    friends, and friends are very good to have.

    Moral: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

    By Juanchi

  • The fox and the crocodile

    Once upon a time there lived a fox and a crocodile. The fox lived in

    a hole under the ground and the other animal in the cost of the


    One day, the fox wanted to take a bath and the crocodile was

    sunbathing and that was the first time they met. That day, the fox

    invited the beast to play and the fox said Bring your trophy, and

    when the crocodile saw the fox playing, he got closer to play with

    him. Then the fox pushed the trophy and the crocodile understood

    that it was a trick. The crocodile was very sad about that but he

    thought Ill do the same.

    After few days, the crocodile said, Come to my home, fox. And

    come with your jar of glass. Then the animal pushed the jar of

    glass and the fox understood that it was a trick.

    Moral: treat others the way you want to be treated


  • The monkey and the cheetah

    One hot afternoon in a beautiful, bright and nature jungle the lion

    had a party. He promised a big surprise that was being the king of

    the party, so all the animals started to prepare for that special


    The monkey was exercising when the cheetah appeared. He said

    You dont have chance. I am the fastest one and no one can beat

    me. Nobody? Oh, no! I will beat you he replied.

    The great day came and all the animals were excited. The

    cheetah went dashing to the party and said He will not beat me.

    Yes, I will beat you going slow but sure said the other.

    And accidently he knocks with a rock and broke his leg. When the

    monkey went slowly but sure the monkey shouted Cheetah, you are

    going slow but sure. Hes faster. But please help me, the cheetah


    The monkey arrived to the party first and got to be the king of the

    party and said slow but sure can win the race.

    By Lucas C.

  • The cheetah and the koala

    Once upon a time in a big forest they were a cheetah who was

    sometimes nice but also bad. There was also a koala who was nice

    and friendly. The cheetah always said, I am the best in the


    One they the cheetah so a koala bay the tree and he asked you

    have a rese and the koala answered Yes . The cheetah said I am

    the best. The koala said the one who wins is the best .

    The race started and the cheetah was wining, but then the cheetah

    got tired and he lay to sleep. The koala walked and walked and he

    past the cheetah. And now the koala was wining the race.

    But then the cheetah woke up but the koala won the race.

    Moral: Dont do things you dont like do to you

    By Lucas S

  • The cat and the dog

    Once upon a time there was a cat and a dog, the cat is bad, he likes

    food, he is very angry and the dog is nice, he likes to help others,

    cute and they live in MartuLand. The cat invited the dog to eat and

    they ate very well.

    On the second meeting there was a fight. The cat got a very little

    bowl for a baby, so now she couldnt eat. And now the dog knew

    that the cat do a trap to the dog.

    Then she said, If he sets me a trap now I will have to set him a

    trap . The dog saw the cat walking so she put a wooden log on the

    floor so the cat fell and he was full of mud. But now the cat and

    the dog learnt that if they fight they will know that it is something

    rude people do.

    In the end, they were best friends forever and they spent all the

    time together like twins.

    Treat others the way you want to be treated

    By Martu

  • The crocodile and the snail

    In a beautiful meadow, there lived a crocodile in a pond and a snail

    in an underground house many more animals.

    Once a parrot invited the snail and the crocodile, he introduced

    them. They started to talk and the crocodile told the snail I am

    the fastest of all, youll never beat me. I always win! I am the

    queen of the pond. So the snail challenged her to a race from the

    pond to the big fir tree. And the crocodile added, At 8:00 am!

    The next day at 8, the snail rubbed her pink shell and the crocodile

    warmed up for the challenge. And then the parrot shouted Ready,

    Steady, Go, and the snail was left behind.

    At some point of the challenge, the crocodiles ribbon got loose, so

    she had to tie her ribbon. But she couldnt t tie it.And she felt

    stressed so she went to buy a soda. Right then, the snail won the

    race and went to help the crocodile to tie her ribbon and called-out

    Slow and steady wins the race.

    By: Mora

  • The tiger and the farmer

    In an enormous and green farm in Uruguay there were some lions

    that ate the farmers cow. One day the king invited his cousin the

    tiger to come over.

    That night they had a feast and ate all the cows they could but

    after midnight they felt something under their paws. Three hours

    later they realized that they had fallen into a dears trap that the

    farmer had set.

    When the sun rose the old man came and found the lions and the

    tiger caught in the trap, but for his surprise the tiger cried, Oh,

    please, good man, let me out of this trap! As you see Im just an

    innocent tiger. I didnt eat any of your cows! Please, please, please

    let me out. Oh, please let me out!

    So the farmer replied Maybe you didnt eat any of my cows but

    you were caught with thieves so youll have to suffer with them.

    And those were the last words the tiger heard because that

    evening she was killed with the lions.

    MORAL: You are the company you keep

    By Olivia


    One day there was a family that was poor and lived in a mountain.

    Every day one little kid from the poor family went to a mine to find


    The poor kid was bored so he tricked his family. The trick was to

    call everyone to see that there was gold in the mine. But it was a

    joke and the little kid laughed, and all the family went back to

    work. But then the child was bored again, so he played the same

    joke as before. He yelled, There is gold in the mine! So all the

    family went again to see the gold but it was a lie. And everyone

    went back to work.

    Later that day, the kid saw a little shiny thing on the floor, he

    started to dig and when he finished he saw a big rock of gold. He

    yelled very loud, but his family didnt believe him specially the big

    brother. The father said, The kid is yelling a lot. Im going to with

    him. So he went to see the kid and the gold. When the father got

    into the mine he saw a big rock of gold.

    Now the father shouted with the kid so everyone went to see the

    gold. When the family saw the big rock of gold they took it. Later

    the kid thought to himself I lied twice and then they didnt

    believe me so if you lie many times, when its the truth they wont

    believe you.

    MORAL: if you lie many times, when its the truth they

    wont believe you.

    By: Pipe

  • The mouse who cried snake

    Once in the Amazon jungle there lived a little mouse and his

    mother. The little mouse liked to lie and get in trouble. He had

    friends some of them were like him and some were not.

    One day they went to a bad snake house. In there the mice were

    going to trick their mothers and laugh about it.

    At first their moms came and told them to go away. But when the

    mothers came again their sons were laughing at them and giggled,

    Ha ha! You fell for our trick.

    Their moms were furious because of that. The second time they

    also came, but third time there was the real snake that told them,

    You are going to die And that was what really happened to these

    little mice.

    MORAL: If you are friends with thieves too bad for you

    By: Santi