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Persuasion eats Advertising for Breakfast - an exploration of the future of advertising
Date post:11-Aug-2014
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Lecture by Astrid Groenewegen at the Sanoma Mediaparade 2014 on how thinking on persuasion design could transform the way we think about advertising.
<ul><li>PERSUASION EATS ADVERTISING FOR BREAKFAST! an exploration of the future of advertising </li><li>THE SALES FUNNEL IS DEAD Digital is a revolution in choice and buying behavior not in media CopyrightMcKinsey </li><li>THE TAKE-AWAY The value an agency represents is not creativity or creative communications, but the know-how of inuencing choice and buying behavior. Therefore agencies need to work with all the ingredients of the business model: the way a product feels, the way we fuel consumer excitement and word-of-mouth and the way we improve the conversion path in general. One of the most interesting questions today for agencies will become: can we our creativity have added value in inuencing choice and behavior? </li><li>CREATIVE COMMUNICATION VERSUS BEHAVIORAL DESIGN </li><li>BEHAVIORIAL DESIGN MODEL Persuasion is putting hot triggers in the path of motivated people CopyrightBJFogg </li><li>WE AS ADVERTISING INDUSTRY TEND TO OVERESTIMATE THE ROLE OF MOTIVATION IN CHANGING AND INFLUENCING BEHAVIOUR </li><li>AMAZON VS BEST BUY The winning power of Amazon is not e-commerce as such, but service design on ability </li><li>HIVOS LASER GUN Making behavior more fun instead of convincing on arguments </li><li>TOILET DESIGN Trigger behavior </li><li>ITS NOT ABOUT BIG IDEAS ITS ABOUT SMALL IDEAS SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF ! Rory Sutherland </li><li>DESIGN FOR EXCITEMENT Build conversation into the product to promote sharing </li><li>DESIGN FOR PERSUASION People use shortcuts that directly inuence behavior </li><li>DESIGN FOR VALUE PERCEPTION People can only understand relative value not absolute value </li><li>BUSINESS IDEAS FROM THE LEAST EXPECTED PLAYERS WILL DISRUPT YOUR BUSINESS FASTER THAN ADVERTISING CAN SAVE IT ! Rei Inamoto, AKQA </li><li>DISRUPTIVE START-UPS AirBNB is designed around boosters and barriers </li><li>DISRUPTIVE PRODUCTS Integrating service design into products </li><li>DISRUPTIVE REACH Using lters as the new reach building and customer service as brand building </li><li>DISRUPTIVE BUSINESS MODELS Inventing business models for the connected world www.paybacksweater.com BaconsprinklesonKickstarter </li><li>DISRUPTIVE SERVICE DESIGN The next revolution will be psychological, not technological (Rory Sutherland) </li><li>STRATEGY IS NOTHING MORE BUT AN INTERESTING HYPOTHESIS THAT CAN BE VALIDATED OR REJECTED BY DATA ! </li><li>THE ART OF FAILING FORWARD The lessons we learned from our own start-up Salon Dsir (www.salondesir.com) </li><li>THINK LIKE A START-UP Finding a plan that works before the money runs out </li><li>BECOME A MAKER Creativity and strategy should merge, the best strategy is found through creativity CopyrightHerbKelleher </li><li>WE SHOULD BE OBSESSED BY SMART IDEAS INSTEAD OF ORIGINAL IDEAS CONVERSION DOESNT KILL CREATIVITY ! </li><li>DIGITAL IS NOT A DESTINATION Its not the website, its the social object. 90% of shopping decisions are made outside the website </li><li>DESIGN FOR CONVERSION Develop audiences through content, convert into contact, convert into buyers </li><li>THREE AREAS YOU SHOULD MASTER TODAY ! </li><li>1. BEHAVORIAL DESIGN Learn about persuasion and behavioral economics </li><li>2. LEAN START-UP Executing strategy and achieving failure vs. experimenting, optimizing and discovering a business model </li><li>3. GAME DESIGN Start to understand game design is not about playfulness, but interesting choices http://codingconduct.cc/Don-t-Play-Games-With-Me http://www.slideshare.net/dings/pawned- gamication-and-its-discontents http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=6Hafzkwdwho (Dutch) </li><li>THANK YOU! ! </li><li>ASTRID GROENEWEGEN Co-founder and Creative Director SUE Amsterdam Creative agency for Smart Campaigning ! astrid@sueamsterdam.com @astridgr www.pinterest.com/astridgr LinkedIn: Astrid Groenewegen +31-654743782 ! Columnist for AmsterdamAdblog Jury president SpinAwards Co-founder &amp; Creative Director salondesir.com Co-founder &amp; Creative Director paybacksweater.com ! Ofce: Koestraat 5b, 1012 BW Amsterdam ! The secrets of persuasion and other stuff that fascinates us can be found in SUEs bi-weekly A mail named SUE subscribe via www.sueamsterdam.com ! ! ! </li></ul>
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