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Date post:15-May-2015
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Full overview of Premiere Global Services (PGi) Audio & Web Conferencing, including Adobe,Webex Live Meeting, Webcast & Webinar
  • 1.PGi meet Audio & Web Conferencing Gavin Kinnaird PGiAccount Executive

2. Agenda 3. Why Conference? Market Drivers

  • Need to cut operational costs without sacrificing business performance
  • Travel Reductions Reducing Direct & Indirect associated costs.
  • Corporate Environmental Responsibility Co2
  • Growing Adoption of worldwide broadband 300 Million Current Users 600 Million estimated by 2012
  • Next Generation of employees expect and are using this technology already to communicate.
  • SaaS Model No Infrastructure Required Low Adoption Costs.
  • International Trade - Removed Travel Barriers Wider Audience
  • Streamline Communications Product Updates, Low Cost Training, Company Updates, Sales Meetings, Kick Off Events, Remote Staff Better Connected
  • Skill Spread Skilled workers can be utilised more often.

4. Overview of PGi

  • Performance & Stability
  • $624 million revenue
  • 11.5% growth in revenue
  • 13% growth in operating income
  • 18.8% growth in net income
  • NYSE listed (PGi)
  • 25% increase in EPS
  • Our services improve productivity
  • Our services improve profit
  • PGi are growing despite the economic crisis
  • Experience
  • Operations in 26 countries
  • 20+ years conferencing experience
  • 4.2 billion audio conferencing minutes pa
  • 10 billion communication events pa
  • 50,000+ customers
  • 95% of the Fortune 500 are clients
  • 75% of the FTSE 100 are clients
  • Emerging markets experience(China, India, Russia)
  • 20 global data-centers
  • Global sales & service partners
  • Major telecoms/network integration partners

5. Overview of PGi Global Locations Global,Robust, Reliable,Secure 6. Overview of PGi NorthernRegion Key Wins 2009

  • NHS Lothian
  • RBS
  • Cairn Energy
  • HBOS
  • BAM Construction
  • STV Group plc
  • Marathon Oil
  • The Scottish Government
  • University of Glasgow
  • Vion Food Group (GCFG)

7. Overview of PGi Global Partners

  • Orange Business Services
  • TATA Communications
  • IBM
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Symantec
  • Citigroup
  • Goldman Sachs
  • SAP

8. Audio Conferencing 9. Audio Conferencing Solution Offering Fully Automated Attended Conference Size 10. Audio ConferencingAttended Services

  • PremiereCall Auditorium
  • Ease of access
  • Dedicated support
  • Cost-effective

Large Events / Quick Call Entry Large Events / Fully Attended Service Team

  • PremiereCall Connection
  • Personal attention of a live operator before the call
  • Complete confidentiality during the call
  • Sophisticated high-touch conference

Smaller Events /Fully Attended Service

  • PremiereCall Event
  • Dedicated reservations and operations team Event Manager
  • Extensive features and enhanced services
  • Ultimate high-touch event

11. Audio Conferencing Dial In Access 42 Countries have LocalDial In Access Numbers 56 Countries have Freephone Dial In Access Numbers 12. Audio Conference Call Types *0- Reach Private Operator *91- Participant Count *92- Roll Call List *93- Disconnect All Participant Lines *94- Lock /Unlock Conferences *95- Dial Out *96- Mute All Participants *97- Unmute All Participants *21- Activate Sub-Conferencing *22- Initiate Record and Playback *31- Activate/Deactivate Conference Security Code *32 Record Personal Meeting Room Greeting Audio Conferencing Moderator In Call Star Controls 13. Audio Conference Call Types Audio Conferencing Participant In Call Star Controls *0- Reach Private Operator *6- Mute/Unmute Line *4- Increase Conference Volume *7- Decrease Conference Volume *5- Increase Voice Volume *8- Decrease Voice Volume 14. Audio ConferencingOnline Audio Controls Interface 15. Web Conferencing 16. PGiMeet Contingency

  • Choice
    • PGi provides the most comprehensive selection of integrated web conferencing solutions from a single source provider.
        • One bill
        • One contract
        • One dedicated account team
        • One integrated training program for audio and web
        • One single support point for audio and web
        • Flexible pricing options: minute, seats, named user, rooms
  • Service
    • PGi provides an integrated delivery service to support web conferencing includingevaluation ,customisation ,integration ,deployment ,training , andcustomer support
  • Technology Innovation
    • PGi provides the most advanced audio controls across a wide range of solutions includingCisco WebEx, Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro & Microsoft Live Meeting

Web Conferencing PGi Web Strategy 17. Web Conferencing Platforms

  • Market Leader in Web Collaboration
  • Application specific solution options (Meeting Center, Training
  • Center, Support Center, Event Center).
  • Best support for all IT systems: Windows, Mac, Linux, Solaris.
  • One size fits all approach, one multipurpose version.
  • Perfect for Microsoft Shops already have Windows, Office,
  • Exchange/Outlook, Live Communication Server/Communicator.
  • Powered by Flash technology.No client download.
  • Highly flexible and customisable user interface.
  • Set up to specialise in Multi Media applications and custom applications
  • Hosted and On-Premise Server options.

18. Web Conferencing Integrated Audio

  • PGi AutomatedAudio Conferencing accounts integrate with all web conferencing platforms.
  • Audio details are integrated into invitations sent to participants to join web meetings
  • Audio details are displayed on screen when first joining the web meeting.
  • Participants can join by sessions by either dial-in or dial out.
  • Audio Integration enables full recording of web meetings; records both visual and audio on one file.

19. Web Collaboration Integrated Audio

  • Dial-in (All Web Platforms)
  • The dial-in numbers will appear in a pop up window when each individual joins the call
  • Participants will only see the Participant Code
  • The Moderator (Host) will see both codes
  • The Attendee ID can be used to merge the audio and web lines *
  • Dial-out (All Web Platforms)
  • When you join the web meeting a window pops up asking you to enter your phone number
  • The console/bridge dials out and connects you to the audio conference call
  • Dial-out rates apply to use this feature

20. Web Collaboration Web Support Strategy Account Executive ADM CustomerService Product Planning Web Specialists YOU

  • Provide expertise in product
  • evaluation
  • In depth product discussions
  • Integration with existing
  • customer IT systems
  • Site customizations
  • Training
  • Rollout
  • Billing
  • Primary Contact
  • Product Evaluations, Pricing & Contracts
  • Account Management & Support
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated Technical
  • support team for Audio & Web
  • Microsite orders
  • Coordination with web
  • partner support

21. Webcast 22. Webcast What is a Webcast?

  • A Webcast is a broadcast over the Internet
  • Webcast uses streaming media technology.
  • It can be distributed either live or on demand for:
    • Investor relations events
    • Company-wide addresses
    • Town hall meetings
    • Educational programs
    • Training and web seminars
    • Product launches
    • Public Relations
  • It takes a single content source and distributes it to many simultaneous listeners/viewers
  • It allows people to easily and efficiently deliver powerful messages to thousands of people right from their desktop.
  • We
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