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This Presentation include pharmacy types and the their requirments
  • 1. Pharmacy Layout Design Presented by Maham Shafiq M Phil Pharmaceutics(2013-2015_ University College of pharmacy University of the Punjab Lahore

2. What is layout and its importance? An arrangenment or a plan , espicially the schematic arrangement of parts or areas. Importance It plays significant role in the development of the customers perception which have a positive impact on its sale potential. 3. Objective of layout design To attract a large number of customer To increase the sale and decrease the selling expenses To have space for reserve for stock,office and resting place for the employees Proper entrace for goods To minimize the movement of customers with within the premises of the drug store 4. Types of layout design Self selection Self service Clerk Or personal Service 5. Clerk or personal Service Exposure of product is less prescribed drugs Maximum interaction between consumer and the pharmacy personnel Self Selection Consumer may see handle and select items For nutritional supplements cosmetic, contraceptive OTC drugs Self Service Minimum Clerk service Maximum exposure of product to costmers Not 100 % self service 6. Style of layout designs Grid Layout Products are displayed in straight and parallel lines Free Flow layout Fixture are irregularly shaped such as circles arches and triangle 7. Grid Layout Advantages More Product Exposure Possibility of self service Familiarity with product that can be needed in future Simplied,Security,Mini mum pilferage Maximum utilization of available space 8. Free Flow Layout Advantages Allowance for browsing and wandering freely Increased impulse purchases Visual appeal and Flexibility Disadvantages Loitering encouraged Possible confusion Waste of floor space and Costly 9. List of minimum requirements for a pharmacy: Premises: The word Pharmacy shall be displayed in white writing on green coloured sign boared having minimum length of 5 feet and width of 2.5 feet. The premises of a pharmacy shall be separated from room for private use The premises shall be built dry, well lit and ventilated and shall be of sufficient dimensions to allow the goods in stock, especially drugs and poisons to be kept in a clearly visible and appropriate manner. The area of the section to be used at dispensing department should not be less than shall not be less than 6 sq meters for each additional person. 10. The height of the premises shall at least be 2.5 sq Meters. The floor of the pharmacy should be smooth and washable The walls shall be plastered or tiled or oil painted so as to maintain smooth, durable and washable surface devoid of holes, cracks and cervices. The dispensing department shall be separated by a barrier to prevent the entry of the public. 11. Hospital Pharmacy The department of the hospital which deals with procurement, storage, compounding, dispensing, manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution of drugs. 12. Location and layout of the Hospital Pharmacy In hospital premises so that patients and staff can easily approach it. In multi storied building ,on the ground floor especially the dispensing unit. The manufacturing room should be adjacent to the pharmacy. Outpatient pharmacy should give pleasant appearance and must have enough space for seating of patients who have to wait for medicines. Medical stores of a pharmacy should be adjacent to the pharmacy itself or should be directly connected to pharmacy. 13. Layout of hospital pharmacy 14. Community pharmacy A community pharmacy is a pharmacy that deals directly with people in the local area. It has responsibilities including compounding, counseling, checking and dispensing of prescription drugs to the patients with care, accuracy, and legality. 15. According to Sharif Kaf al- Ghazal, the opening of the first drugstores are recorded by Muslim pharm acists in Baghdad in 754 16. Selection of Site Space, Layout and Design for community pharmacy A needy town or city Site of pharmacy in a particular city should be most suitable among those available. Convenient and accessible site to the majority of consumers. Adequate free parking facility. 17. Physical facility Administrative office Bulk storage Narcotic or dangerous drug locker Manufacturing and repackaging Intravenous solution compounding Inpatient dispensing Outpatient dispensing In case of Hospital Pharmacy Medicine information resource centre Emergency medicine storage

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