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  • 1.A partnership owned and operated by Jack Tubiello and Tyler Morio Serving the BEST food for the BEST teams! Part One: Executive Summary

2. Partnership organization owned by Jack Tubiello and Tyler Morio We meet needs by Providing quality food Buying local Preparing food fast Making quick change Being located where people can sit down Located at Philadelphia Points of Interest We are trying to satisfy People enjoying sporting events Families People taking a stroll Philadelphia citizens Tourists trying to experience Philadelphia foods Our business has an advantage against other businesses who are also selling Philadelphia classics because we have the mobility that a restaurant simply does not. We can bring our business to a highly populated area, and therefore draw more attention to ourselves. Our floor plan is effectively designed so that we can spend a long amount of time inside the food truck. We have a toilet, air conditioning, and other things that can help us not have to leave. We have plenty of storage so that we can easily carry all of the food and other things, like supplies, that we need for each game. We also have a number of different appliances that allow us to prepare food, so we can have a wide variety. Also, we have two flat screen televisions on the outside of the truck, near the ordering windows. This is so that people can watch television while they are waiting in line, and they dont have to miss any of the pregame, postgame, or game itself. Part Two: Market Analysis Competition Direct Competition(All food trucks) Kung Fu Hoagie 3. South & West Philadelphia Spot Burgers Eastern Philadelphia U Got Munchies South Philadelphia The Spot Food Truck Travels to several locations Street Food Philly Central Philadelphia Indirect Competition(All food trucks) Ranch Road Taco Shop Northwest Philadelphia Pitruco Pizza Travels to several locations Mucho Bueno Western Philadelphia Fire Eaters Southwestern Philadelphia Poi Dog Snack Shop Northeastern Philadelphia Part 3: Company Description Our mission statement is that we would like to bring the classic foods of Philadelphia to the people as they are watching their team play or enjoying the parks around the area. Our business, Philly Classics, serves a variety of foods that Philadelphia is known for. We serve the proud classics of Philadelphia: cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, water ice, and hoagies, along with some other things, such as soft drinks, chips, hot dogs, and cheeseburgers. Philly Classics is stationed in many convenient locations. For example, whenever a Philadelphia team is playing, were there to help take tailgating up a 4. notch. Our goal is to bring the foods that should be at a Philadelphia game to the Philadelphia game. We would love if we could expand our franchise, so if you would like to invest in our business, you can submit checks made out to Philly Classics. In the future, we plan to expand our business so that we can deliver our food to all areas of Philadelphia. We plan to have as many food trucks as we can afford so that we can serve the people of Philadelphia with greater ease. (See Appendix H for the floor plan) Our Slogan: Providing you the BEST food for the BEST teams!! Our Information: Location*: At the corner of Pattison Ave. and S Darien ST (Citizens Bank Park parking lot) (See appendix A for our a satellite picture for our location.) (See Appendices A, D, E & F for our other locations) *We are also located at different locations for each stadium, and we occasionally move around to attract more customers. Part 4: Organization and Management Employment Because Philly Classics is a brand new business, the only two employees are the co owners, Jack Tubiello and Tyler Morio. We plan to expand when we have the funding, but for now we only possess one food truck. For our salaries, we take what we earn and use it to pay expenses first, and then split our net earnings 50/50. We both are the managers and work out what to do as a group. We work in the food truck the whole time we are open. Job Descriptions Cook/Supplies Manager: This position has a number of duties. Their main task, during working hours, is cooking the food that the customers order. The cook is expected to fill orders in a timely manner so that the customer can enjoy their food as soon as possible. The 5. cook is also responsible for maintaining and cleaning the cooking equipment and storage areas, like the cabinets. The cook is also responsible for ordering and managing all of the necessary supplies that the food truck needs to operate smoothly. It is their responsibility to drive the food truck as well. Cashier/Financial Manager/Truck Upkeeper This position, like the cook, has many duties. Their main task during working hours is taking the customers order, telling the cook, making change, and delivering the food to the right customer. This person is also expected to keep financial records of the truck, and make sure that the business is not in any trouble. They are also expected to maintain the food truck. This means cleaning the inside and out, making sure everything is working, refilling the gas tank, maintaining the generator, etc. They are also responsible for putting down the awning when the food truck is in motion. Part 5: Marketing and Sales Strategies Marketing Plan Our customers are typically groups of people who are attending sports games together. They are usually looking for any kind of food if they didnt pack any, and when they see other people with food that are tailgating, they will naturally become hungry. At this point, they want some food, and so will gravitate towards our food truck, where we will happily serve them. Advertising and Public Relations Since we are a food business that is involved with Philadelphia sports, we advertise on the Philadelphia sports radio station, 94WIP. (see Appendix I for thier logo.) We also can park our truck at other events that any Philadelphia teams would like to host. Along with that,, we are available for hire at other events hosted by different organizations, and have sales occasionally to attract more customers. 6. Part Six: Service or Product Line Products & Services Philly Classics is a very casual food truck with a fast food type atmosphere. We are designed to get customers in and out as quickly as possible. We also provide prices that fit the kind of restaurant we are. We are not a very fancy place, so therefore our prices are pretty cheap. We still provide consistent, quality food, though. It is our mission to provide Philadelphia with the foods that it is known for.(See Appendix G for the menu.) We used snack stands and previous experiences at food trucks to find what we believe to be fair and affordable. We feel we are the best food truck business to eat at in Philadelphia because we cook fast, were located where all the action is, are located near sitting areas, buy local, and provide good quality food. Part Seven: Funding Request We cant afford to start the business from the money we are each bringing to the table, which is $8,000 each. It is therefore necessary for us to take out a loan. We have chosen a program called the Microloan Program. It is designed to give starting companies small loans that have a maximum of $50,000. Since our business will cost $54559.15, and combined we are bringing $16,000, The loan will easily cover exactly what we need. This is good because we will not be taking out a very large amount of money that we dont need. We dont want to have to 7. deal with paying it back later when we are in full swing and are still being burdened with debts. Part Eight: Financial Through our research, we have tried to buy as simple as we can because we are still new. We found a reasonable food truck for sale for $42,978.47 We also bought truck insurance for a reasonable cost also. Instead of electric bills we decided to use a slight generator for $580.00. We also needed utensils, plates, and cups. Also we have still have some remaining money to use on accessories in our business, so we bought two televisions so the fans can watch the pregame, postgame, shows, and any of the game they may be missing. We calculated that opening the business, without buying food, is $54559.15. This will be enough for everything we need to operate the business. The food for our opening weekend will cost $172.34. This includes the cost of all of the materials that we will need to make our food, such as rolls, raw meat, and other materials. We will be using a cash register to help us make transactions easily. The cash register will allow credit cards, which can make a customers visit much more convenient. Another technology we use regularly are things like silent generators, water tanks, etc. to help us be self sufficient and not need to leave when everyone wants food so that we can refill gas. We also have televisions so that our customers dont need to miss anything when they are buying food from us. 8. Part Nine: Appendix Appendix A: Citizens Bank Park Parking Lot Appendix B: Future Location of Philly Classics Appendix C: Logo of Philly Classics 9. Appendix D: Citizens Bank Park Ground View Appendix E: Lincoln Financial Field & Parking Lots Appendix F: Wells Fargo Center & Parking Lots 10. Appendix G: Philly Classics Menu Appendix H: Philly Classics Floor Plan 11. Appendix I: Philadelphia Sports Radio Station 94 WIP Appendix J: Silent Generator Appendix K: Radio Advertisement 1: This game is really heating up, wouldnt you say? 2: Yes it is! This is a classic Philadelphia game, and its making me hungry for a nice Philadelphia classic! 1: Have you heard of that new food truck that just opened up, Philly Classics? I 12. heard that they sell all sorts of things that Philadelphia is known for. 2: Really? Where are they, and how are their prices? 1: Theyre out patrolling the streets around the stadium before the game, and during the game theyre parked outside the front entrance. They stay there until everyone has left. They have some really good prices! 2: Thanks! If youll excuse me, Im gonna go grab a bite right now! 1: Grab me something while youre there!

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