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Photoshoot Recce

Date post: 13-Feb-2018
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  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce



  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    1. Are there any potential hazards thatcould pose a health and safety risk

    where your photo shoot will take place(trailing cables/trac/other obects !"

    # don$t think that there will be anyhazards in the photography studio%howe&er there 'ay be things liketrailing cables or perhaps props that

    could beco'e a health and safetyhazard as people could trip o&erthe'.

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    . )hat will you do toensure these risks are'ini'ized"

    *o o&erco'e this # will 'ake sure

    that # check the roo' to see if thereare any trailing cables and # will'o&e the' out of the way if there

    are # will also 'ake sure that all props

    are safely out of the way when theyaren+t being used.

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    ,. )ill the ti'e of day/weather a-ect the outco'eof the photos" a&e you allowed for this"

    As # a' using the photography studio forthe 'ain i'ages that # a' going to beusing both in 'y 'agazine and for 'yancillary tasks the weather and ti'e of

    day wont a-ect the outco'e of the photosbecause they are going to be takenindoors.

    owe&er # a' considering using other

    photos of 'usic &enues within the northeast to show regionality% so weather andti'e of day will a-ect this. # will preparefor this by checking the weather reportsfor the day that # plan on going to take the

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    . a&e you considered the background toyour photos% particularly if taken outside"ow will you ensure you will get the

    background you want" As # a' using the photography studio to take 'y

    photos the background of the photos will bewhite. *his will be really helpful for 'e when it

    co'es to 'aking 'y 0nal products as it will beeasy to edit out the background if # need to asthere wont be any shadows or anythingobstructing the background.

    )hen it co'es to taking the pictures of the

    &enues # will be taking the' fro' the eterior ofthe building so there wont be 'uch in thebackgrounds. owe&er if there are things thatcould possibly obstruct the i'age in the

    background # could change the angle of the photo

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    2. a&e you considered lighting" )hat about the3proble's$ of natural lighting% either outside% orstrea'ing through a window" )ill you need to use a4ash" a&e you considered re4ecti&e obects that

    'ight spoil the e-ect"

    #n the photography studio # ha&e asked for low key lightingas # think it will suit the genre of 'y 'agazine 'ore and the'usic genres that # a' going to be featuring within it.

    owe&er # 'ight use the 4ash in so'e photos to try ande'phasize colours within the i'age. As the i'ages will betaken in the photography studio there wont be anyre4ecti&e surfaces within the shot to pick up on the 4ashand perhaps ruin the i'age.

    5epending on the weather on the day that # do go take thepictures of the &enues in the north east # will be relying onnatural lighting% so that is why # a' going to try and go on aday where it isn+t o&ercast or raining as # want the i'agesto be high 6uality and the &enues to be easily &isible within

    the photos.

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    7. 5o you need per'ission to takephotos in the place/&enue you

    ha&e in 'ind" # do need per'ission to take photos at the

    photography studio. So # e'ailed thelecturer at the uni&ersity that is in chargeof that particular section.

    # had to 'ake sure that the &enue was freefor the ti'e that # wanted it and whether

    he would let 'e use it when it was free. Also when it co'es to 'y &enue shots if #

    do want to take photos of the interior ofso'e of the &enues # 'ight ha&e to ask

    sta- per'ission.

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    8. 5o you need to book ti'e in aroo' (eg the photography studio

    at Shiney!" # did need to book a ti'e to use the

    photography studio.

    # a' going to be using the Sunderlanduni&ersity% St. Peters ca'pus% photographystudio as it is closer to 'y college so it willbe easier and 6uicker for 'e to get there.

    # e'ailed the lecturer in charge of thephotography studio asking when it wasfree on the day that # a' going to betaking 'y photos and # chose a ti'e that #

    knew both 'e and 'y 'odel were free.

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    9. Are other people/crowds likely to be anissue for you" )hat ha&e you done toensure that it will not spoil the e-ect"

    As 'y 'ain i'ages for 'y 'agazine andancillary tasks are going to be taken in thephotography studio crowds and other people

    wont be an issue for 'e and 'y i'ages.

    owe&er when it co'es to 'y other i'agespeople and crowds 'ight be an issue as theyare going to be taken in a public area. # willeither ha&e to wait for the people to 'o&e outof the way of the shot or 'o&e the ca'era orchange the angle so it doesn$t spoil the shotand # get the i'ages that # want.

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce


    :. Are you reliant on lifts/props/friends$e6uip'ent/'odels" ow ha&e you plannedthat these things will co'e together at the

    appointed ti'e" Plan ;" # ha&e 'y own props ready and a&ailable so # know

    that they wont be and issue for 'e.

    # a' reliant on 'y 'odel for 'y i'ages% but # ha&e

    chose a ti'e that # know 'y 'odel is a&ailable andwill be there% # also checked with the 'odel todouble check that she would be there.

    #f so'ething happens to 'y 'odel 'eaning she

    wont be able to 'ake it to the photo shoot last'inute # ha&e got other people in 'id that # couldask to 'odel for 'e and hopefully they will bewilling and a&ailable if # do need to use the' as aplan ;.

  • 7/23/2019 Photoshoot Recce



    # think # a' well prepared for taking 'y photos.

    # ha&e 'ade sure that the people # need to take'y photos are also prepared and aware of when

    # a' going to be taking the'. # also ha&e all of 'y props and costu'e sorted

    and prepared for the photo shoot so # know that #will ha&e e&erything with 'e on the day that #

    'ight need. # will also be aware of any possible health and

    safety risks that # 'ight co'e across when # a'taking 'y photos.