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Physics books catalogue 2016

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    edited by Herwig Schopper (University of Hamburg, Germany & CERN) &

    Luigi Di Lella (University of Pisa, Italy & CERN)

    edited by Oliver Brning & Lucio Rossi (CERN)

    by Ethan Siegel (Lewis & Clark College, USA)

    edited by Kirk W Madison (University of British Columbia,

    Canada), Kai Bongs (University of Birmingham, UK), Lincoln D Carr (Colorado School of Mines, USA), Ana Maria Rey (JILA, University of

    Colorado, USA) & Hui Zhai (Tsinghua University, China)

    edited by Mary D Archer (Imperial College, UK) &

    Martin A Green (University of New South Wales, Australia)

    by Kenneth W Ford by Freeman J Dyson (IAS, Princeton)

    by Dan Green (Fermilab)

    edited by Toshihide Maskawa (Nagoya University, Japan)

    by Mary K Gaillard (UC Berkeley) edited by Harald Fritzsch (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany) & Murray Gell-Mann

    (Santa Fe Institute, USA)

    by Fabien Bretenaker (Laboratoire Aim Cotton, France) & Nicolas Treps (University Pierre

    and Marie Curie, France)

    by C Wendell Horton, Jr (University of Texas at Austin, USA)

    & Sadruddin Benkadda (Aix Marseille University-CNRS, France)

    by Crispin Gardiner (University of Otago, New Zealand) & Peter Zoller

    (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

    by Reinhard Honegger & Alfred Rieckers (University of

    Tbingen, Germany)

    edited by Belal E Baaquie (NUS, Singapore), Kerson Huang (MIT),

    Michael E Peskin (Stanford) & K K Phua (NTU, Singapore)

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    c o n t e n t s

    Accelerator Physics / Experimental Physics 4

    Applied Physics 5

    Astrophysics / Astronomy / Cosmology 5

    Atomic Physics 9

    Classical Mechanics / Electrodynamics 10

    Computational Physics 11

    Condensed Matter Physics / Solid State Physics 12

    General Physics 13

    High Energy Physics / Particle Physics 15

    High Temperature Superconductivity 18

    Laser Physics 18

    Liquid Crystal 18

    Nuclear Physics18

    Optics 19

    Plasma Physics 20

    Quantum Physics / Quantum Mechanics / Quantum Information 20

    Semiconductors 24

    Statistical Physics 24

    Theoretical Physics 25

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  • 4Physics Catalogue 2016

    Challenges and Goals for Accelerators in the XXI Centuryedited by Oliver Brning & Stephen Myers (CERN)

    The past 100 years of accelerator-based research have led the field from first insights into the structure of atoms to the development and confirmation of the Standard Model of physics. Accelerators have been a key tool in developing our understanding of the elementary particles and the forces that govern their interactions. This book describes the past 100 years of accelerator development with a special focus on the technological advancements in the field, the connection of the various accelerator projects to key developments and discoveries in the Standard Model, how accelerator technologies open the door to other applications in medicine and industry, and finally presents an outlook of future accelerator projects for the coming decades.

    Readership: Undergraduate students and professionals in accelerator physics.

    600pp Feb 2016978-981-4436-39-7 US$158 104978-981-4436-40-3(ebook) US$205 135

    Reviews of Accelerator Science and TechnologyVolume 7: Collidersedited by Alexander W Chao (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA) & Weiren Chou (Fermilab)

    Over the past decades, colliders defined the energy frontier in particle physics. Different types of colliers protonproton, protonantiproton, electronpositron, electronproton, electron-ion and ion-ion colliders have played complementary roles in fully mapping out the constituents and forces in the Standard Model (SM). We are now at a point where all predicted SM constituents of matter and forces have been found, and all the latest ones were found at colliders. Colliders also play a critical role in advancing beam physics, accelerator research and technology development. It is timely that RAST Volume 7 is dedicated to Colliders.

    Readership: Physicists and engineers in accelerator science and industry.

    248pp Apr 2015978-981-4651-48-6 US$108 71978-981-4651-49-3(ebook) US$140 92

    :: BestsellerEngines of DiscoveryA Century of Particle AcceleratorsRevised and Expanded Editionby Andrew Sessler (LBNL) & Edmund Wilson (CERN)

    This book will stand as part of Andrew Sesslers legacy to future generations. The hope is that it will inspire budding young scientists and engineers today, for they are the future of the field.


    Readership: Scientists, research physicists, engineers and administrators at accelerator laboratories; general readers; undergraduates and graduates in physics, electrical engineering and the history of science.

    280pp Apr 2014978-981-4417-18-1 US$88 58978-981-4417-19-8(pbk) US$48 32978-981-4417-20-4(ebook) US$114 75

    Advanced Series on Directions in High Energy Physics Vol.23

    60 Years of CERN Experiments and Discoveriesedited by Herwig Schopper (University of Hamburg, Germany & CERN) & Luigi Di Lella (University of Pisa, Italy & CERN)

    The book is a compilation of the most important experimental results achieved during the past 60 years at CERN - from the mid-1950s to the latest discovery of the Higgs particle. Covering the results from the early accelerators at CERN to those most recent at the LHC, the contents provide an excellent review of the achievements of this outstanding laboratory. Not only presented is the impressive scientific progress achieved during the past six decades, but also demonstrated is the special way in which successful international collaboration exists at CERN.

    Readership: Graduate students and researchers in elementary particle physics, and historians of science.

    420pp Sep 2015978-981-4644-14-3 US$98 65978-981-4663-18-2(pbk) US$48 32978-981-4644-15-0(ebook) US$127 85

    Advanced Series on Directions in High Energy Physics

    The High Luminosity Large Hadron ColliderThe New Machine for Illuminating the Mysteries of Universeedited by Oliver Brning & Lucio Rossi (CERN)

    The book consists of a series of chapters touching on all issues of technology and design, and each chapter can be read independently. The first few chapters give a summary of the whole project, of the physics motivation and of the accelerator challenges. The subsequent chapters cover the novel technologies, the new configurations of LHC and of its injectors as well as the expected operational implications. Altogether, the book brings the reader to the heart of technologies for the leading edge accelerator and gives insights into next generation hadron colliders.

    Readership: Researchers and graduates in accelerator physics and engineering.

    300pp Aug 2015978-981-4675-46-8 US$98 65978-981-4678-14-8(pbk) US$48 32978-981-4675-47-5(ebook) US$127 85

    Notable Backlist

    Statistical Methods in Experimental Physics (2nd Edition) Frederick James (CERN, Switzerland)

    Handbook of Accelerator Physics and Engineering (2nd Edition) Alexander Wu Chao (SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA) etal.

    Beam Dynamics in High Energy Particle Accelerators A

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