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Pickleball Game: 5 Reasons Why It's SO Much Fun!

Date post:07-Dec-2014
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http://pickleballhelp.com/articles/a-pickleball-game-is-so-much-fun/ Find out why a pickleball game is SO much fun (and crazily addictive!)
  • 1. Why Pickleball is So Fun A Pickleball game is fast-paced, action-packed and easy-to-learn, but challenging to master. Here are the top 5 reasons its SO much fun!
  • 2. #5: You dont have to go so far to chase a ball.(Usually, unless you are playing on a tennis courtinstead of dedicated pickleball courts)
  • 3. #4: The rallies last longer.You often have more hits in a pickleball rally than intennis, table tennis or badminton and, at leastcompared to tennis, you have many more hits onaverage in a ve-second period.
  • 4. #3: The ball is slower sort of.Because of the holes in the ball, you can smack it reallyhard, but it isnt going to y nearly as far as a tennisball. This effect leads for a lot of zippety-zap, super-fast,back-and-forth volleys at the net, which are one of themost fun parts of a pickleball game.
  • 5. #2: The smaller court makes it easier to talk, laugh(and occasionally trash-talk) with the other players.
  • 6. #1: Winning isnt aboutspeed, power or strength...
  • 7. ... Its about patience, strategy and placement.THIS is the reason the old dudes can beat the heck outof the fast, young athletes. Its also the reason you canhave an 8 year old, an 80 year old, a pregnant womanand a teenage boy all playing a pickleball game on thesame court together, ALL having fun. It is one of the trulyunique things about pickleball, and is denitely the #1reason a pickleball game is SO much fun!
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