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  • Pipe solutions

    set.is | setpipes.de

    Rigid and flexible solutions for the district heating market

    Set ehf Set Pipes GmbH

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    Set Pipes initial production

    activity can be traced back

    to the year 1968. Ten years later the

    company started the manufactur-

    ing of pre-insulated steel pipes with

    plastic protective casing. Today, Set

    Pipes is the only manufacturer of

    insulated pipes and plastic pipes in


    The company is a privately run family

    business and not on the stock market,

    despite the huge success on the

    domestic market and export in recent

    years. Set Pipes has invested continu-

    ously towards internal technology,

    worked on numerous development

    projects, and placed great emphasis

    on staff training and education.

    Ensuring a very strong team of quali-

    fied staff is by far the most important

    resource of the company within the

    competition that prevails in the

    manufacturing of pre-insulated pipes

    for district heating thermal utilities.

    Iceland was among the first countries

    in the world to use geothermal water

    for house heating. Situated in in the

    middle of the North Atlantic ocean

    on the plate boundary of the North

    American plate and the European

    plate. Geothermal energy lays very

    high in the earths crust and widely

    accessible throughout the country.

    Set has participated in projects relat-

    ed to the acquisition of geothermal

    and commercial use. These projects

    have been technically challenging

    and provide strong demands for Set


    Approximately 96% of all build-

    ings in Iceland are heated with

    geothermal energy, and it is thought

    that the Icelandic piping system is

    about 5,000 km long. It is estimated

    that between 15% and 20% of the

    nations standard of living can be

    attributed to the resource that has

    been called the white gold.

    Set Pipe has taken part in activities

    outside Iceland, related to insulated

    material. Producing for numer-

    ous specialty projects, oil and gas

    pipelines, cooling systems, insulated

    and heated piping systems for water

    and sewer systems in Northern

    countries as well as working with

    many reputable manufacturers of

    products required for district heating

    pipes, joint material, fittings, valves,

    expansion pieces, pumps and other

    necessary accessories.

    Decades of experience

    Initial production activity can be traced back to the year 1968.

    Our services

    Set Pipes has over 30 years experience producing pre insulated steel pipes for district heating net-works. Pipes are insulated with polyurethane insu- lation foaming technic with excellent insulating quality to meet the customers demand of minimum heatloss and aging effect. Pipes are covered with polyethelyne casing and can be covered with other material upon special request

    The pre-insulated pipes are also used for district cooling, insulated water and sewer systems.

    Pipes are produced to meet the requirements of Euronorm EN253 and EN448.

    Pre-insulated steel pipes

    Set Pipes offers a wide range of flexible pipes. Pipes are insulated with flexible Polyurethan foam and cov-ered with PEL casing to give the pipe better flexibil-ity. The carrier pipes can be manufactured as single or dual pipe. Carrier pipes that we offer are PEX A sdr 7.4 and 11, steelflex, copper and Alupex. Flexible pipes from SET and joint connectors are produced in accordance with characteristics, meas-urements, strength and quality required by European standards: EN 15632 for pre-insulated flexible pipes.

    Flexible pipe systems

    Set Pipes offer a wide range of solutions for connect-ing pipes and are continuously aiming to produce new and better solutions for jointing. Set Pipes offer all standard insulated connectors for insulated steel networks along with insulated tees, bends and forks for insulated flex systems, both single and dual.

    Standard jointing material, shrink tubes, foam bags, pur shells and copper couplers are also available.

    Jointing and connections

    Set Pipes produce pipes for all areas of piping solut-ions. PVC pipes for sewage, waste water, PE pipes for pressure water and conduit pipes for electrical wiring, PP pipes for pressure water and sewage, large dia-meter spiral wound PE pipes for sewage, waste water and building ventilation systems. Sticks for electrical and cable marking, road sticks, manholes and cham-bers for waste water. Set Pipes are also capable of producing to customers specific needs and have experience with a number of special projects such as liquid gas lines, asphalt pipes, oil pipes and cooling tanks.

    Other products

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    We work with you

    Set Pipes constantly works on various in-novative projects and improvements in pro-duction technology.

    Technical strengthSet produces numerous types of plastic pipes for other uses

    than hot water such as for portable water, sewage systems, floor heating, and protective conduit pipes for elec-trical wiring and optical fiber cables. Set Pipes technological expertise lies in several key areas.

    Extrusions of thermoplas-tics where the number

    of different types of raw materials are formulated into various types of pipes for various applications. Pipes made of polyethylene, polypropyl-ene, polybuthylene, and polyvinyl-chloride plastic materials.

    Foam technology to produce insulation foam

    around different media pipe. Polyurethane materials, from two components, Polyol and Isosianate. Set Pipes use different tools and methods, depending on product.

    Steel and plastic construc-tion of numerous types of

    fittings adapters are produced in the high tech equipped fittings construct-ion departments of Set Pipes with the latest technology for cutting, bending, shaping, welding and PU foaming.

    In all production departments within Set Pipe companies, production methods, approved raw material, trained personnel, internal and exter-nal quality control ensure good and uniform product quality. Set Pipes has strict guidelines that allow no price competition or savings in material usage to compromise the quality of the product in any way. Positive customer feedback and type test results confirm safe and equal quality.

    Set Pipes constantly works on various innovative projects and improve-

    ments in production technology, receiving feedback, advice and requests from the market especially within the rapidly growing central house heating market, primarily in Europe.

    Continuous development in the search for environmentally friendly energy solutions and greater empha-sis on protecting and utilizing heat energy as much as possible, allows Set Pipes the opportunity to partici-pate in the protection of nature and its resources.

    Set Pipes , with four decades of expe-rience provides a stable background for dealing with projects in the field of energy and environmental issues in the coming years, focusing on manufacturing and servicing for the international market.




    Conatct us

    Our staff is ready to answer any

    requests or questions.

    Product information and technical

    data can be obtained upon request.


    Set Pipes technicians provide ad-

    vice regarding designing, construct-

    ing, and operating heat supply



    Process methods and secure quali-

    ty-control, ensure that the company

    delivers excellent products that

    meet all requirements.

    Set Pipes have a specialized technical team to advise customers in material choice for small or large pro-jects and can, in cooperation with the client, design specialized items to accommodate customers needs in all fields of piping.

    Set Pipes offers technical support for quality inspec-tion and analyzing pipelines and projects.

    Technical data sheets for all production categories are available as well as 3D drawings for all insulated fittings.

    Technical support

    Set Pipes quote delivery time as accurately as possible and maintains a positive customer review regarding project delivery deadlines.

    Having a large standard stock ensures quick response to customers demands.


    Customer support

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    Set Pipes operates its main

    company in Selfoss Iceland,

    with a strong manufacturing division

    that handles the production of

    numerous of products.

    A second modernly equipped fac-

    tory is owned in Germany, where the

    main focus is on the production of

    pre-insulated district heating pipes.

    Set Pipes GmbH is located in Haltern

    am See in Nord Rhein Westphalia.

    The location of the factory in Europe

    was not chosen by coincidence

    but with the efficiency of logistics

    in mind. Located in the center of

    Western Europe in close proximity

    to all major raw materials suppliers

    and markets in EU for the companys

    customers and transportation routes

    to more distant destinations.

    The factory in Iceland serves the

    domestic market but are well located

    for projects on the US and Canadian

    markets. Icelands geographic loca-

    tion has enabled Set Pipes to serve

    both markets to the east and west.

    Iceland is between North America

    and Europe geographically, economi-

    cally and culturally. The nation has

    a long democratic tradition and rich

    history in natural resources including

    thermal and electrical energy.

    Production in Iceland and Germany

    Set pipes GmbH has a modernly equipped factory in Germany.

    Icelands geographic location has enabled Set Pipes to serve both

    markets to the east and west.



  • Contact us

    Set Pipes GmbHZum Ikenkamp 8D-45721 Haltern am See Germany

    Phone +49 (0) 2364 508894Fax +49 (0) 2364 508894-9

    E-mail [email protected]

    set.is | setpipes.de

    Set ehfEyravegur 41800 SelfossIceland

    Phone +354 480 2700Fax +354 0482 2099

    E-mail [email protected]

    Set ehf Set Pipes GmbH


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