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Plan Ahead for the Top 2015 Email Trends

Date post:23-Feb-2017
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    Ryan Phelan, VP Global Shared Services, Acxiom Len Shneyder, Director of Industry Relations, Message Systems

    Plan Ahead for the Top 2015 Trends in Email

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    Len Shneyder

    2015 Through the Lens of 2014

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    Everything Old Is New Again

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    The mobile tipping point came and went

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    Mobile device usage exceeds desktops

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    2013 was the year of responsive design

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    Innovation did happen in 2014, but it was limited

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    mobile sms

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    Things to consider in 2015

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    Worldwide data growth One

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    Leveraging big data insights requires real-time access

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    Inbox 83%

    Spam 6%

    Missing 11%

    Companies continue to struggle with deliverability

    Return Path Inbox Placement Benchmark Report 2014


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    There are over 12,000 ISPs Globally with millions of domains

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    The future is personalized Three

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    A segment of one

  • 2014 Recap and Predic0ons for Focus in 2015

    What have we learned and what are the investments we can start to meet

    the challenges of digital media

  • Prior Industry Experience Vice President, Strategy at BlueHornet Director, Email Marke0ng & Acquisi0on at Sears

    Holdings Responsible for East Coast Opera0ons at Responsys 15 years in the email/online marke0ng space Client engagements have included: Porsche USA,

    deviantART.com, Zazzle.com, Xerox, snagajob.com, KFC, Kodak, Match.com, Netgear, PAC-SUN, TOM-TOM, EnMasse Entertainment and Perry Ellis, Skype, HP Worldwide, General Motors, American Cancer Society, FedEx, U.S Bank, FNBO, Capital One, Wells Fargo, CenturyLink and more

    Thought Leadership DM News: Email Gets Personal (Cover Story) Mashable 10/2014: Googles Inbox and What It Means

    for Email Marketers Keynote address March 2012, EEC12 Ranked as one of the top 40 Digital Marke0ng

    Strategists in the country by OMI Chair of the EEC, Board Member of the ESPC

    Ryan Phelan Vice President, Global Shared Services Acxiom Digital Imapct @ryanpphelan

  • Mobile adoption continued to increase, but as a whole, email marketing continued to try to climb uphill toward a goal of hyper-relevant marketing. The challenge continues to be organizations willingness to invest in the channel outside of basic 1:many email segmentation.

    Email Moved Slowly

  • This makes the picture look good, but when you dip into the numbers, its about what marketers believe is personalization and what is advanced tactics.

    You (or Your Clients) Undertake Any Form of Personalization In Your (or Their) Marketing Activity?

  • I'd venture a guess that respondents' definition of email personalization is fairly basic. Many marketers are still using batch and blast tactics for their emails and are often limited in their personalization efforts to merging data fields, such as name and company that are available in their CRM systems.

    - Mike Harris Monetate

    Through Which Channels do You Personalize?

  • Many believe that personalization is a way to appeal to the consumer. The challenge is that the presence of mere personalization in an email communication does not fully resonate with the consumer. Segmentation must be used to personalize data driven content.

    Balancing Personalization With Segmentation

  • Were encouraged by companies using advanced data outside of email response data (RFM) and would see this behavior continuing as Big Data applications propagate the marketplace.

    Segmentation Is Making Some Strides

  • The Age of the Consumer

  • Email continues to be at the center of marketing efforts for companies in communicating with their customers.

    Email Continues Its Reign

  • Deliverability Changes Were Moderate

  • Law is based upon a strict idea of consent between implied and express consent with consent being the primary rule of law

    Pre-Checked boxes are no longer consent

    It affects not only email, but program downloads

    Limited term to gain permission

    Canadian Anti-Spam Law

  • These are consistent with prior years, we would like to see more action associated with this even in a alpha/beta testing stage to start small instead of sacrificing the now for the perfect.

    Here Comes 2015priorities

  • 2015 is going to be around the discussion of the 1:1 addressable customer

    Customer Insights 1:1 Marke0ng Future of Digital Media

  • Relevant Content is at the core of all our marketing efforts

  • The struggle that companies face is that customer data is in disparate places with inconsistent unifying information because email is moving from a channel to an identify (Pii)

  • How do you address a consumer...

    when they have 3 addresses

  • This must change and must be tested

  • Not starting with an addressable customer

    means you end up spending a lot of money on a small group of people

  • Our own internal customer insights dont really know the customer

  • Consumers look at you through the window, but they have a life outside of you

  • Knowing your customer is understanding the other 359

  • Leading Fashion Brand Uses Data Driven Personas for Success

    Result 6 personas & 4 category interests

    Long Term Value (LTV)

    Cluster Lift %

    Loyals 42%

    Dye Hards 77%

    Young Starters 141%

    iSuburbans 68%

    Mature Metros 126%

    Techie Cosmetics 108%

    Total 147%

  • What Does All This Allow You To Do Your Job

  • Score your program on how good you can address your subscribers

    Look at your current acquisition strategy

    Participate in the one view of the customer conversations

    Look toward progressive profiling and gathering information

    Onboard your customers

  • 1. Develop a clear goal that you want to accomplish in 12 months Post this goal in a prominent location to remind you. Make it something

    youve never tried but suspected could increase response

    2. Pick one email a month to test something besides an effective subject line Have a different creative or element within the email that matches the

    audience for this testother than an effective subject line

    3. Segment one email a month by a profile attribute Target by gender, past purchase, repeat purchase, new to file, age of records

    4. Read 20 minutes a day Theres a lot of material out there from noted authors on email marketing and

    digital marketing. Email me if you want a list of authors or sites Educating yourself on current trends gives you more ideas for expanding your


    5. Attend one webinar a month There is a wealth of information on the internet and the thought leaders in the

    space are talking all the time. Subscribe to popular websites and sit in on a webinar. It will expand your ability to create new visionary ideas

    Our Goals for Email Marketers in 2015

  • Ryan Phelan Vice President, Global Shared Services ryan.phelan@acxiom.com 402-630-5836 @ryanpphelan

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